28 February 2024

Save Money on Gas with these Apps

By Ronald Smith

I want to share some awesome apps with you that can help you save money on gas. These nifty tools will make sure you don’t spend more than necessary at the pump. Let’s dive in and explore these gas-saving apps together!

First up, we have the GasBuddy app. This little gem lets you find the cheapest gas stations near you. No more driving around aimlessly in search of the best prices! With GasBuddy, you can easily locate the nearest station with the lowest prices, simply by tapping on your phone. Fill up your tank without emptying your wallet!

Next on the list is the Fuelio app. This clever tool helps you keep track of your gas mileage and expenses. It’s like having a personal gas accountant in your pocket! Fuelio allows you to record your fill-ups and calculate how much you’re spending on gas. It even provides useful statistics and charts to help you understand your driving habits. With Fuelio, you can become a master of fuel efficiency!

Now let’s talk about Drivvo. This app goes beyond just keeping track of your gas expenses. Drivvo helps you manage and monitor all your vehicle-related expenses. From maintenance costs to insurance payments, Drivvo keeps everything organized. You can set reminders for oil changes and other important tasks, ensuring your car runs smoothly while saving you money in the long run.

Last but not least, we have the Waze app. Waze is not just a navigation app, it’s also a smart way to save on gas. This app provides real-time traffic updates and suggests the quickest routes, saving you from wasting fuel in traffic jams. Waze also offers information on gas prices along your route, so you can make informed decisions about where to fill up. With Waze, you can make sure you’re getting the most out of every drop of gas.

So there you have it! These gas-saving apps are here to help you keep more money in your pocket. With GasBuddy, Fuelio, Drivvo, and Waze, you’ll become an expert in saving money on gas. Give them a try and start enjoying the benefits today. Happy driving, and happy saving!

Save Money on Gas with these Apps

Gas can be expensive, whether you’re a business or an individual. For businesses with company cars or trucks, it can be tough to budget and keep track of gas costs. With prices constantly changing, it’s hard to manage this expense.

Finding the cheapest gas can save your business a lot of money in the short and long term. That’s why I’ve put together a list of the best smartphone apps to help you save money on gas.

12 Smartphone Apps to Save Money on Gas

1. Gas Buddy

Let me tell you about GasBuddy, one of the coolest smartphone apps out there for finding the best gas prices. It’s like having your own personal gas-saving buddy right in your pocket!

With GasBuddy, you can easily locate the cheapest fuel options near you. All you have to do is open the app, and it’ll show you where to go for the best bargains. Pretty amazing, right?

But that’s not all. GasBuddy also helps you keep track of how much gas you’re using. This is super helpful, especially for businesses. Imagine being able to manage your budget and find affordable fuel quickly when you’re on the road. It’s like having a magical fuel calculator right at your fingertips!

GasBuddy is perfect for road trips and long journeys. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your gas needs. You’ll never have to worry about spending too much on fuel again!

Available on: Android and iOS

2. Gas Guru

When it comes to finding cheap gas, Gas Guru has got you covered. I use a bunch of different sources to make sure I find the most accurate prices out there. One of the sources I rely on is the oil price information service. So you can trust that the prices I show you are as up-to-date as possible.

Gas Guru is not just helpful for finding cheap gas, it’s also great for staying organized. You can save your favorite gas stations and easily access them whenever you need to. This is especially handy for people who are always on the go.

But that’s not all Gas Guru has to offer. I also provide information about the amenities available at gas stations. So you can see what other perks you can enjoy along with the cheap gas.

Gas Guru is available on both Android and iOS

3. Waze

Now, let me tell you about another awesome app called Waze. It’s like a Swiss Army knife for people who are always on the road. With Waze, you get a little bit of everything.

First of all, Waze helps you find gas. Just like Gas Guru, it provides information about gas stations and their prices. So you’ll always know where to fuel up.

But that’s not all. Waze also helps you with navigation, so you never get lost. And it keeps you updated on traffic alerts, so you can avoid any jams on your road trips, whether they’re short or long.

If you’re looking for ways to find the cheapest gas, I’ve got just the app for you – Waze! It’s a super handy app that not only helps you check gas prices, but also gives you traffic updates, all in one place. Perfect for road trips, right?

And guess what? Waze is available on both Android and iOS, so no matter what kind of phone you have, you can take advantage of its awesome features.

4. Receipt Hog

Now, here’s a cool app called Receipt Hog that can actually help you save money on gas. All you need to do is take a picture of your gas station receipt, and you’ll get cash back on your purchases, like groceries and gas. It’s a win-win situation because not only do you save money, but businesses also get to recover some of the cost of gas.

But that’s not all! Receipt Hog also gives you insights into your fuel usage, overall fuel economy, and spending patterns. Plus, you can get your cash back through PayPal or an Amazon gift card – pretty neat, huh? So, the next time you’re filling up your tank, remember to use Receipt Hog and start saving!

Just like Waze, Receipt Hog is available on both Android and iOS, so you can easily download it and start enjoying all its benefits.

5. Get Upside

So here’s the deal, folks. GetUpside is like the talk of the town when it comes to gas apps. And let me tell you, it’s pretty awesome. Why? Well, first things first, it’s completely free. Yep, you heard me right. Zero dollars. But it gets even better. GetUpside is what they call a cash back app. And what does that mean for you? It means you can actually get money back in your pocket while filling up your tank.

This app is a real lifesaver when it comes to saving money on gas. See, it shows you all the gas stations where you can fuel up and get some cash back. And the best part? It works with most of the big gas stations, so finding one that qualifies is a piece of cake.

Oh, and guess what? You can use your credit card or debit card to make those purchases. That way, you can keep track of how much gas you’re using and manage it like a pro.

So bottom line, folks. GetUpside is where it’s at. Saving money on gas has never been easier. And did I mention it’s available on both Android and iOS? That’s right, you can be a gas-saving hero no matter what phone you have.

6. Gas Manager

Gas Manager has got your back when it comes to saving money and time on the road. We’ve got some awesome features that’ll blow your mind!

First things first, with our app, you can create super detailed dashboards. These dashboards give you all the info you need on how your business uses fuel. You can track things like fuel economy, consumption patterns, and spending. It’s like having a secret window into your gas expenses!

But that’s not all. Gas Manager also provides you with traffic updates. And let me tell you, this is a game-changer for businesses. Not only does it help you assess your carbon footprint, but it also gives you valuable insights into your gas mileage and per gallon travel. With this information at hand, you can make smarter spending decisions in the future.

What are you waiting for? Download Gas Manager now and start saving!

Available on: iOS

7. Map Quest

Believe it or not, Mapquest has been paving the way for quite a while now. And guess what? It’s still a real gem that comes in handy for all of us. Whether you’re out on a road trip or just need some good ol’ navigation, directions, or maps, Mapquest has got your back. And that’s not all! It’s one of those nifty apps that can save you both time and money while you’re out and about. Plus, if you ever find yourself in a bind, the mobile app can even hook you up with roadside assistance. Need to find a gas station or some wallet-friendly gas in the area? Mapquest has your tank covered! As you can see, this app is a driver’s best friend, packed with all sorts of useful features to make your road adventures a breeze.

Available on: Android and iOS

8. Route4Me

I’ve got an interesting app to tell you about called Route4Me. It’s not your typical money-saving app, though. It’s more like a super helpful tool for optimizing routes. This app is especially handy if you have a bunch of cars or trucks to manage. What Route4Me does is use its fancy technology to figure out the very best routes for your trips. By doing this, it saves you gas and time in the long run.

The cool thing about Route4Me is that it’s not just for planning routes. It also keeps an eye on things while you’re on the move. With this app, you’ll know you’re on the right track because it uses mobile route planning. That means it can track your journeys and make sure you’re taking the best possible routes. Plus, it keeps an eye on how much fuel you’re using, so you can find ways to improve it based on the routes you’re taking.

So, if you’re looking for a smart way to save money on gas and time, Route4Me is the app for you!

Available on: Android and iOS

9. TruNow

When it comes to finding the best deals on gas prices, restaurants, groceries, and more, TruNow is the go-to app. It’s like having a personal assistant who helps me save money. Plus, I can even get cash back for certain purchases! All I have to do is snap a photo of my gas receipt and upload it to the app. It’s that easy!

With TruNow, I not only save on gas but also on other expenses I might have while on the road. It’s a great value for businesses too, as they can get extra benefits for their business.

Wondering where to get the app? It’s available for both Android and iOS devices, so you can have it on your phone no matter which one you use!

Fuelly: Driving Smarter

If you want to be a smarter driver, Fuelly is the app for you. It’s like having a fuel consumption expert right in your pocket! With Fuelly, businesses can track, share, and compare their vehicle’s data to understand their spending patterns, fuel consumption, and fuel economy. This data helps them improve their operations and make more informed decisions.

Here”s the deal: by knowing more about how much fuel you use and the way you drive, businesses can find ways to save money on gas in the long run. Pretty cool, right? Not only that, Fuel.io can also help you find cheap gas along your routes and drives. No more paying extra when you don”t have to!

But that”s not all – Fuel.io also gives you access to a community of drivers. They share data about the cheapest gas prices around, so you can save even more dough. And on top of that, you”ll get insights into your mileage and fuel consumption. With all this info, you”ll be able to make better decisions about your fuel costs. Genius, right?

Available on: Android and iOS

11. Fuel.io

I’ve got something awesome to tell you about called Fuel.io. It’s a super cool app that’s perfect for businesses who want to manage their vehicles better. With Fuel.io, you and your business can keep track of your fuel usage and costs, so you can understand how everything is working.

By using Fuel.io, you can easily log your fuel purchases and add in your mileage, which helps you see patterns and trends in your fuel consumption. Having all this information in one place makes it really easy to analyze and understand how much gas you’re using and how much it’s costing you.

Once you know all this, you can come up with a great strategy to optimize your routes and make sure you’re not spending too much on fuel. This means more money in your pocket and a more efficient way of doing things for your business.

If you’re looking to save money on gas and get a better idea of how your vehicles are being used, apps like Fuel.io are exactly what you need. It’s a smart choice for businesses who want to stay on top of things!

Available on: Android

12. Gas Station and Fuel Finder

If you’re planning a road trip and want to save some cash on gas, then Gas Station and Fuel Finder is the app for you. As the name suggests, this nifty little app helps me find gas stations and nearby fuel options. It’s not one of those cash back apps, but that’s okay because it serves a different purpose – helping me locate gas based on my location. I can easily search through a list or check out the map to find the cheapest gas near me. The app uses multiple databases to find gas station locations and it works worldwide. Pretty cool, right?

Available on: Android

More Ways for Businesses to Save Money at Gas Stations

When it comes to saving money on gas, businesses like yours can find ways to cut costs aside from just using apps. If we analyze our fuel consumption, driver habits, and routes, we can make smarter decisions that will help us save money on gas in the long run.

  1. Managing our vehicles: We need a comprehensive system that lets us keep track of our vehicles. This way, we can understand the routes they take, identify any issues, and figure out which cars are using more gas. Armed with this knowledge, we can make better choices for the future.
  2. Optimizing our routes: Gas costs can go up if our drivers take longer or more inefficient routes. By optimizing our routes and finding shorter ways to get where we need to be, we can lower our gas expenses. We just need to make sure our drivers are taking the best routes possible.
  3. Join a gas rewards program: Want to save on gas while also getting some extra perks? Well, signing up for a gas rewards program can do just that! With a gas card and other rewards options, businesses like yours can enjoy cash back and other benefits from your purchases.
  4. Take care of your vehicle: Did you know that poorly maintained cars tend to guzzle more gas? It’s true! That’s why regular maintenance and servicing are absolutely essential. By taking good care of your vehicle, you can save money in the long run by keeping your gas consumption in check.
  5. Use a credit card for gas purchases: Here’s a neat idea – why not use a credit card for your gas purchases? Just like the rewards programs we talked about earlier, using a credit card with cash back and other bonuses can help you save money while also making it easier to track your expenses.
  6. Stay updated on prices: Gas prices are always changing, so I need to keep track of them when planning shipping routes and logistics. If prices are expected to be higher in certain areas, I can limit the number of cars or adjust schedules. This way, I can save money by planning routes that are more cost-effective.
  7. Promote careful driving: To make sure we use fuel efficiently, I remind my employees and drivers to be responsible on the road. This means avoiding speeding, using cruise control when it makes sense, and minimizing anything that causes resistance or friction. By driving carefully, we can save money on fuel expenses.
  8. Consider the type of fuel: It’s important to pay attention to the type of fuel being used to fill up your car. This can help you save money in the long run. I recommend using cheaper gasoline whenever possible and being mindful of the price when filling up. By doing this, you can keep your gas costs from getting too high.

Which gas saving app is the best?

Right now, there are many great gas saving apps available for both Android and iOS devices. One of my favorites is Gas Guru. This app gathers information from various sources to help you find the cheapest gas prices. It provides accurate pricing, ensuring that you get the best value whenever you’re at the gas station. If you’re looking for the cheapest gas around, Gas Guru is incredibly useful.

Which app can give you money for gas?

  • Receipt Hog
  • GetUpside
  • TruNow

Is the GetUpside app worth it?

Let’s talk about the GetUpside app and whether it’s worth using, especially if you’re often on the road. You see, GetUpside is a pretty cool cash back app that gives you money back when you make purchases – like up to a whopping 25 cents per gallon! That can really add up and help you save some cash. So, yeah, it can be totally worth it!

Now, before you go downloading the app, let me spill the beans on a couple of cons. First, the purchases you make have to be at specific gas stations that are eligible for cash back. That might be a bit tricky depending on where you are and where you like to gas up. Second, you also need to upload your receipts for each purchase in order to get that sweet cash back. I get it, it can be a hassle.

Is GasBuddy or Upside better?

GasBuddy and Upside are two apps that can help you save money on gas. If you’re trying to find the best prices based on where you are, GasBuddy is your go-to. It’s really handy for comparing gas prices and finding the cheapest options nearby.

On the other hand, Upside is a cash back app. With Upside, you get money back when you buy gas from certain participating stations. So if you’re not as concerned about finding the cheapest gas, but you still want to save some money, Upside is the app for you.

So, are gas apps worth it?