26 February 2024

25 Websites That Offer Free Open-Source Email Templates

By Ronald Smith

Creating a newsletter or email design from scratch can be a challenging task. Luckily, there are numerous open-source email templates available for free download. You can then modify or edit them to suit your needs.

In this post, I will share some of the best websites where you can find free email templates. Some of these templates can be built upon a basic structure, while others come with pre-made frameworks and components that you can easily combine. So, without further delay, let’s dive into the list!

15 Websites to Send Anonymous Emails

But wait, before we continue, have you ever wondered why someone would want to send an anonymous email when there are so many premium and free email services available? To find out more, read on!


I want to introduce you to “Salted,” an incredible responsive HTML email template that serves as the perfect foundation for your own email design. It’s the same stylish template that’s trusted by Litmus email newsletters. The best part is that the layout is already optimized for displaying content seamlessly. Whether you prefer using percentage tables or media queries, everything stays fluid and perfect.

But wait, there’s more! Let’s talk about “Cerberus.” These responsive email patterns are a game-changer when it comes to transforming a regular email design into a responsive one. With Cerberus, you have two options: templates with media queries and templates without. No matter which you choose, your content will adapt beautifully, even if media query support isn’t available.

And finally, let’s not forget the “Responsive HTML Email Template.” This gem offers flexible responsiveness, making it a great choice for any email design. It’s designed to meet your needs, whether you prefer tables or media queries.

So why wait? Try these amazing templates today and revolutionize your email game!

I have two types of HTML email templates available for you. One is an inlined version, and the other is a non-inlined version that you can use on marketing services like Mailchimp without any changes. I have tested these templates on various email clients, whether on mobile or desktop.

Now, let’s talk about the templates themselves. I have around 25 general templates and 6 responsive templates that are specifically designed for Mailchimp users. These templates cover a wide range of purposes and can be easily customized to fit your needs.

And there’s more! I also have a special template called “Respmail.” This template is designed to work on all major devices and email platforms. It’s based on MailChimp blueprints and has been thoroughly tested and reviewed for compatibility. I’ve made sure it works seamlessly on Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, and other popular email services.

Last but not least, let me introduce you to “Ink.” This template is another great option for your email needs. With Ink, you get a clean and professional design that is compatible with various email platforms. Just like the other templates, it has been tested rigorously to ensure optimal performance.

So, whether you need an inlined template or a non-inlined one, I’ve got you covered. Take your pick from my collection of HTML email templates and start creating stunning emails that will leave a lasting impression.

If you need to build responsive HTML emails that work on any device or email client, try using Ink. It’s a framework that offers a 12-column grid and UI elements for easy prototyping.

When it comes to transactional emails, Ink has you covered with responsive templates. You’ll find three templates for different types of emails: action, alerts, and billing. And don’t worry, these templates have been tested and will look great on popular email clients.

Another option is Antwort. It provides a responsive email template that adjusts from columns on desktop to rows on smaller mobile screens. You can choose from single-column, double-column, or three-column templates, all available for use with open-source-email-templates.

If you’re looking for a solution to create responsive emails, these frameworks are worth considering!

A table-based but adaptable email template, with Mailchimp merge tags already set up. Even though it only has one template, you can add variety by using the various layout options available.

Let’s talk about some email frameworks that can make your life easier.

First, there’s the “Email Framework.” It’s got pre-built components that you can use to create a responsive HTML email template. They also provide a base HTML file called “boilerplate.html” that you can customize to fit your needs.

Then we have “Zenith,” which is an email framework built with SASS. It offers a responsive grid, making it easy to control the layout, typography, color schemes, and more using SASS variables. It’s a great tool for customization.

Next up is Shopify HTML Email Templates. This resource provides 10 different templates for various purposes. Whether you need to welcome new users, notify them of refunds or shipping updates, or help them reset their passwords, you’ll find a template that fits the bill.

Last but not least, there’s “Passion.” This framework focuses on creating captivating emails that evoke emotion. It offers customizable templates that can help you create engaging content for your audience.

So, with these frameworks at your disposal, you can create eye-catching and effective email templates that will impress your readers. Give them a try and see the difference they can make in your email marketing efforts.

I have a template called “Passion” that’s perfect for creating emails. It has a clean and simple design that looks great on any device.

Let me tell you about some other options. We have responsive HTML email templates that work with all major email clients. The code is easy to read and customize. There are three templates to choose from: general, promotional, and explorational. Each one has a different color scheme, so you can pick the one that suits your needs.

If you’re looking for something flat and responsive, check out the “Penrose” newsletter template. It works with almost all email clients, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

For those who prefer a basic template, we have “Responsive Email.” It’s super simple and easy to use. Just follow the three steps to set it up for your own use.

Lastly, we have two templates provided by Web Design Weekly: a weekly update template and a signup template. They’re called “WDW” and they’re ready to use.

Choose the template that fits your needs and start creating beautiful emails today.

Welcome to Gleemail

I’m excited to share with you the amazing features of Gleemail! With Gleemail, you can easily create stunning HTML email templates using Mustache and style them with Stylus. It’s a breeze!

Introducing Mosaico

Let me introduce you to Mosaico, the ultimate open source email template editor. The best part? You can start right away with two free templates to experiment with! Feel free to edit, drag and drop, and explore the different components inside. It’s so much fun!

Check out Postmark Templates

You won’t want to miss the three amazing templates provided by Postmark templates. They have a welcoming email, a password reset email, and even a receipt email! If you’re curious about how they look, they have a blog post dedicated to showcasing them. Go take a look!

Start with EightMedia Boilerplate

Get started on your email template journey with the EightMedia Boilerplate. It’s the perfect foundation for your design. We’ve provided a basic template for you to build on, and it gets even better. You can write your code using Jade, and we’ve included SASS and automatic CSS inlining to make your work easier. Let’s get creative!

Experience Bella

Hey there! Allow me to introduce you to Bella, a fantastic email template that’s free, modern, and super sleek. It’s available in both HTML and PSD formats, so you can customize it to your heart’s content.

Looking for more options? Well, you’re in luck! Rafeca has a bunch of responsive email templates that were actually used for giffgaff marketing emails. You can find them on GitHub and download them right away.

But wait, there’s more! Campaign Monitor has released over 100 free email templates for your enjoyment. You can preview 36 of them on their website, and if you want them all, simply click the “Download All” link at the bottom.

Need something specifically designed for mobile use? Look no further than Rachel Beser’s responsive email template. It’s perfect for reaching your audience on the go.

So, whether you need a clean and bright template like Bella, giffgaff-inspired goodness, a plethora of options from Campaign Monitor, or a mobile-friendly design by Rachel Beser, you’ve got plenty to choose from. Happy emailing!