26 February 2024

Get Inspired: 15 Crafty Planters You Can Create and Sell

By Ronald Smith

Are you ready to dive into the world of DIY planters? Trust me, it’s not only fun but also a great way to make some extra cash. I’ve got 15 amazing upcycled planter ideas that you can create and sell. So, let’s get our hands dirty and get crafty!



Tin Can Marvel

Transform those empty tin cans into unique planters. All you have to do is clean them up, give them a colorful makeover, and add some holes for drainage. These charming planters will be a hit!


Delightful Teacup Planters

Do you have some old teacups lying around? Well, guess what? They make fabulous planters! Just fill them with soil and your favorite plants, and voila! You’ve got a whimsical creation that will catch everyone’s eye.


Rustic Wine Crate Planter

If you happen to have an old wine crate, don’t let it go to waste. Transform it into a rustic planter by adding some soil and your favorite flowers or herbs. It’s not only eco-friendly but also adds a touch of vintage charm.


Charming Mason Jar Planters

Mason jars are incredibly versatile, and they make fantastic planters too! Paint them in vibrant colors, add some soil, and sow your favorite seeds. These adorable planters will be flying off the shelves!


Colorful Shoe Organizer Planter

Who knew an old shoe organizer could be transformed into a stunning planter? Simply hang it up, fill the pockets with soil and your favorite plants, and you have a vertical garden that will make heads turn.


Whimsical Wheelbarrow Planter

Got an old wheelbarrow lying around? Give it a new lease on life by turning it into a charming planter. Fill it up with soil and plant your favorite flowers. This unique creation will be a centerpiece in any garden.


Vintage Suitcase Planter

Don’t toss away that vintage suitcase just yet. Instead, repurpose it into a one-of-a-kind planter. Fill it with soil, plant some succulents or herbs, and you’ve got yourself a quirky garden on the go.


Repurposed Drawer Planter

Give an old drawer a new purpose by transforming it into a stunning planter. Just add some soil and your preferred plants, and you’ve created a stylish centerpiece for your porch or patio.


Refreshing Bath Tub Planter

Who says a bathtub is only for bathing? Turn it into a unique planter by filling it with soil and planting some vibrant flowers or cascading vines. This unexpected garden feature will surely grab attention.


Chic Birdcage Planter

If you have an old birdcage gathering dust, why not repurpose it into a trendy planter? Add a layer of soil, plant some colorful flowers, and watch your garden take flight in style.


Pallet Planter Paradise

With a little creativity, old pallets can become a gardener’s paradise. Stack them together, add some soil, and plant your favorite flowers or herbs. These rustic planters will give your backyard a touch of charm.


Repurposed Chair Planter

Don’t throw away that old chair! Instead, turn it into a stunning planter by removing the seat and replacing it with a container for soil and plants. This unique piece will add a touch of whimsy to any garden.


Artsy Terra Cotta Pot Tower

Take those old terra cotta pots and transform them into an artistic tower of planters. Stack them up, fill each one with soil and plant your favorite blooms. This eye-catching creation will be loved by plant enthusiasts.


Recycled Tire Planter

Say goodbye to old tires and hello to beautiful planters. Paint them in vibrant colors, fill them with soil, and plant bright flowers or even small shrubs. These unique planters will add a pop of color to any space.


Vintage Toolbox Planter

Give that vintage toolbox a new lease on life by converting it into a planter filled with charming flowers or fresh herbs. This clever and nostalgic creation will be a conversation starter for sure.

So there you have it, 15 magical upcycled planters that you can create and sell. Let your creativity flow, enjoy the process, and watch your garden bloom with style and uniqueness. Happy crafting!

Get Inspired: 15 Crafty Planters You Can Create and Sell

Do you love gardening and want to save money on planters? Or maybe you enjoy crafts and the DIY lifestyle, and you’re looking for ways to reuse household items. You might even want to start your own small business making upcycled planters. Have you ever thought about giving it a try?

No matter what kind of old stuff you have lying around, or what you find at a flea market or thrift store, you can turn almost anything into a planter.

What Can You Use as a Planter?

Is there anything you can’t use as a planter? From trash like soda bottles and eggshells to old furniture like chairs and drawers, practically anything can be repurposed as an upcycled planter.

Let me show you how to transform any old container into a beautiful planter. You can make them big or small, for herbs or hanging plants, and they can match any style you want.

That’s right! When it comes to upcycling planters, your imagination and your favorite flowers are all you need. And guess what? You can even turn this into a great business opportunity! I’ll tell you how to start your own upcycling business so you can make the most of your creations.

So, how do you turn a container into a planter?

  • Gather supplies: To get started, you’ll need the containers or household items you want to repurpose. Grab some basic tools, paint, hardware, or any other decorations you want to use. Don’t forget to have small rocks, potting soil, water, and plants or seeds handy too.

So, here’s what you need to do to get started with your DIY planters:

1. First things first, let’s prepare the containers. Some containers might need a few small holes drilled in them for drainage, while others might need holes drilled to turn them into hanging planters.

2. Now, let’s get creative and decorate those containers! You can paint coffee cans or jars, or even add some glitter to an old candle jar. This way, you can make your planters match any indoor or outdoor space. Oh, and don’t forget to grab some rope if you want to make hanging planters.

3. If your containers are porous and can’t be exposed to water, no worries! Just line them with some plastic sheeting or coco liner. This will keep the water from seeping through.

4. Next, we need to ensure proper drainage. To do this, add some small rocks or pebbles to the bottom of the container. This will help the water to drain better and prevent your plants from getting waterlogged.

And there you have it! You’re all set to start creating your own unique and stylish planters. Happy gardening!

  • Fill the upcycled planters – Once the paint is completely dry, you can put soil and plant seeds or flowers. Make sure to place the planters where the plants can get enough sunlight.
  • 15 Upcycled Planters

    You can create planters out of many different things from around your house. Whether it’s repurposing gift baskets or using items that would normally be thrown away, there are plenty of containers just waiting to be upcycled.

    Do you want to repurpose old containers and household items for your garden, as gifts, or even to start a small business? Take a look at these 15 ideas for upcycled planters:

    1. Upcycled Paint Cans

    If you have some colorful paint, you can turn old paint cans into perfect planters. Just take your empty paint cans, paint them with craft paint in designs that match your garden decor, and add images or messages if you want. Then, fill the cans with plants and give them as unique and memorable gifts.

    2. Hanging Planters with Colanders

    Whether they’re old or new, colanders are great for hanging planters because they already have drainage holes. If you’re worried about dirt spilling out, you can line the colander. And if you want to hang it from the ceiling, simply attach some rope to the handles.

    3. Repurposed Tires

    Get Inspired: 15 Crafty Planters You Can Create and Sell

    Do you ever wonder what to do with old tires? Instead of letting them sit in a landfill forever, you can actually turn them into something amazing – a gorgeous planter for your outdoor space! And guess what? It’s really easy! All you need is some paint or rope.

    Imagine this: you can stack multiple tires on top of each other to create raised planters. Or, if you prefer, you can use just one tire to make a unique planter for your patio. Another idea is to line up a bunch of tire planters along your sidewalk or garden path, creating a beautiful display.

    4. Get Creative with Old Rain Boots!

    Get Inspired: 15 Crafty Planters You Can Create and Sell

    Are your kids done with their old rain boots? Looking to give your backyard a little makeover with some cute planters? Well, you’re in luck! Those old boots still have some life left in them and can make for amazing homes for your plants. Whether you have one boot or a whole bunch of colorful ones, they’ll surely make your garden pop!

    5. Gift Baskets Reimagined

    Ever wonder what to do with those baskets you get as gifts filled with flowers, soaps, or snacks? Well, now you have a great idea! Turn them into unique planters. You can even line the baskets and unleash your creativity by painting beautiful designs on the outside. And the best part? These upcycled gift baskets can also be the perfect present for your loved ones!

    6. Say Hello to Old Coffee Tins

    Get Inspired: 15 Crafty Planters You Can Create and Sell

    Did you know that you can turn old coffee tins into awesome planters? It’s true! Not only are they the perfect size and shape, but they also make for a fun art project for kids. You can let your imagination run wild and decorate them however you like. Plus, they make great containers for giving gift bouquets a special touch. Just grab an old coffee tin and paint it with a unique design.

    7. Shell Planters

    Get Inspired: 15 Crafty Planters You Can Create and Sell

    Looking for a cool way to repurpose natural materials? Well, how about making a hanging planter with empty coconut shells? It’s a fantastic idea, especially if you love tropical or nature-themed decorations. All you need are the right tools to open up the top and drill some holes for hanging ropes. It’s super fun and easy! If you prefer something different, you can also create a unique herb garden using empty eggshells or beautiful seashells. The possibilities are endless!

    8. Old Tea Tins

    Are you a tea lover? Then you probably have a bunch of old tea tins lying around. Those little metal containers are so adorable, it’s hard to just throw them away. But guess what? You can actually turn them into beautiful planters for your home! All you need to do is give them a fresh coat of paint or wrap them in decorative fabric to match your style. Oh, and don’t forget to drill some holes in the bottom for proper drainage. Your plants will love it!

    9. Upcycled Wheelbarrow

    Have you ever wondered what to do with that old wheelbarrow that’s just taking up space in your backyard? Well, I’ve got a brilliant idea for you! Why not turn it into a stunning garden? You can even give it a new coat of paint to match your garden’s design, if you want. Once it’s all prettied up, just fill it with some soil, plants, and flowers, and voila! You’ve got yourself a portable, mobile garden!

    Next up, we have the upcycled coffee table. This is a perfect option if you happen to have an old coffee table lying around. You can easily transform it into a raised planter. Take a look at the example above, where the clever person found an old table at a flea market. They even removed the glass top to make it perfect for planting.

    Now, in some cases, you might need to make a few adjustments to turn the coffee table into a container for small plants like herbs and lettuce. But don’t worry, it’s not too complicated!

    Last but not least, let’s talk about used candle jars. Yes, you heard me right! Those empty candle jars can actually be repurposed as planters. Simply clean them out, add some soil, and plant your favorite little green buddies inside. It’s a great way to give those jars a second life while adding some greenery to your space!

    You can paint them or leave them as they are and use them as planters. Fill them with beautiful succulents or small herbs to create a unique and eco-friendly decoration.

    12. Upcycled Troll Dolls

    Do you remember when troll dolls were super popular? Even if you don’t, you’ve probably seen these trendy dolls at yard sales and flea markets. With a little bit of creativity, you can turn them into adorable planters. Just remove their hair and the top of their heads, then fill them with soil and small plants. You can also upcycle the heads of other dolls that are made of similar materials.

    13. Laundry Baskets

    There are many ways to upcycle laundry baskets and hampers into gardening planters. You can use them in their original state or give them a fresh coat of paint to add some color to your garden. Get creative and turn these everyday items into something beautiful!

    Alternatively, you could cover the basket with some pretty fabric, just like in the example above. Using laundry baskets is a cheap and easy way to create a big planter without spending too much money.

    14. Chairs from the Past

    Get Inspired: 15 Crafty Planters You Can Create and Sell

    If you want a unique planter for your backyard or garden, you should try turning old furniture into beautiful flower pots. Even an old chair can be transformed into a planter by removing the seat and putting in a flower pot that fits. Watch your flowers grow and bloom through the chair seat!

    15. Upcycled Soda Bottles

    Instead of throwing away plastic soda bottles, why not turn them into something useful? It’s easy to upcycle soda bottles: just cut off the tops, make some holes in the bottom for drainage, and decorate them however you like. You can get really creative with how you design your old soda bottles.

    Ideas for Upcycled Planters Summary

    Where to Sell Your Upcycled Planters

    Are you good at turning old planters into something new and want to start selling them? There are different places where you can sell your upcycled planters, including online marketplaces.

    To begin with, you can learn how to sell your products on Amazon Handmade. And then, you can also find out how to start a small business on Etsy. Don’t forget to ask around about local places where you can sell handmade items.

    Locally, you have a few options for selling your planters. You can set up your own shop, rent a booth at a flea market, or participate in craft fairs and festivals.

    Turning Your Hobby into a Business

    When you start a business by upcycling planters, you’re not only being creative but also helping the environment. Here’s how you can grow your hobby into a successful business:

    1. Master Your Craft: First and foremost, become an expert in upcycling. Practice and perfect your skills by creating a variety of upcycled planters using different materials and designs. Make sure your planters are strong, visually appealing, and practical for gardening.
    2. Research the Market: Dive deep into market research to understand your competition, pricing strategies, and target customers. Look for gaps in the market that your unique planters can fill, setting them apart from the usual options.
    3. Create a Business Plan: Take the time to develop a detailed business plan that clearly outlines your objectives, strategies, and financial projections. This plan will guide your business and may even help you secure funding or loans.
    4. Choose Where to Sell Your Products:
    5. Sell on Online Marketplaces: Get to know the ins and outs of selling on popular platforms like Amazon Handmade and Etsy. These websites have a big customer base and are easy for small businesses like ours to use.
    6. Look for Local Opportunities: Check out local flea markets, craft fairs, and gardening festivals where we can showcase our planters in person. These events often attract people who care about the environment and appreciate handmade goods like ours.
    7. Create Your Own Online Store: Think about setting up our own e-commerce website. This option gives us the most control over how we present our brand, interact with customers, and make profits.
    8. Preparing Your Stock: First, I want to talk about getting your plants ready. Doing some research and finding the right outlets to sell your plants is a good first step. Once you’ve done that, it’s important to have a variety of plants that would appeal to different people and fit well in different settings. Make sure you have enough plants to meet the demand you expect.
    9. Marketing and Branding: Next, I’ll touch on marketing and branding. It’s important to create a strong brand identity for your plant business. Think about how you want people to see your business and develop a marketing strategy that aligns with that. Using social media platforms can be a great way to showcase your products and reach a wider audience. Consider creating content that shows your plants being used in different ways, and maybe even start a blog where you can share tips about upcycling and gardening. This will help you build an online presence and reach more customers.
    10. Connecting with the Community: Lastly, don’t forget about the power of networking. Reach out to local gardening communities, environmental groups, and even craft circles. Building connections with these groups can lead to collaborations, help you become more visible in the community, and even bring in more customers through word-of-mouth referrals. So don’t be afraid to get out there and make connections!

    How to Make Customer Service Stand Out

    In order to build a great reputation for customer service, it’s important to be responsive, helpful, and professional with every customer interaction. Being there for your customers when they need assistance and going the extra mile can really make a difference. Consider offering loyalty programs or promotions as a way to show your appreciation and keep them coming back for more.

    Using Feedback and Sales Data to Improve

    Feedback from your customers is invaluable. It provides insights into what’s working and what can be improved. By listening to their feedback and analyzing sales data, you can refine your product range and business strategies. Stay open to changing trends in upcycling and gardening to ensure that your products remain desirable and competitive in the market.

    How Can You Reuse Plastic Plant Pots?

    So, you want to know how to reuse plastic plant pots, huh? Well, instead of chucking them in the trash, there are loads of ways to give those old planters a new lease on life. Grab some paint and get creative, because you can turn those tired old pots into amazing floral containers. Whether you want to display them outside or inside, you can use these repurposed plant pots to hold all sorts of flowers, herbs, succulents, or even vegetables.

    But which repurposed planter is the best choice for planting herbs?

    Truth is, there’s no single answer to that question. When it comes to planting herbs, you’ve got plenty of options for repurposed planters. Shells, jars, cans, teacups – you name it, they can all work. Plus, these containers offer a perfect size for creating your own little herb garden. And here’s the best part: you can add a splash of color to them to make them even more stylish. They’re already the right size to plant just a few seeds, so you’ll have your herbs growing in no time.