24 January 2024

J & J Staffing: The Key to Effective Advertising Is a Job Well Done!

By Ronald Smith

I’m Sean E. Malady, and together with my father Jack, the Founder and President, and my brother Mike, the Vice President of Operations, we are the driving force behind J J Staffing Resources.

When it comes to spreading the word about our company, we use various advertising channels like billboards, newspapers, and online ads on platforms like LinkedIn. But let me tell you a little secret: our most powerful form of advertising is actually helping people find incredible job opportunities.

Here’s the thing: when you successfully land someone a job, that person becomes your biggest advocate for years to come. And if they happen to climb the ladder and become managers themselves, they’ll refer back to you whenever they need to hire new talent.

So, instead of relying solely on flashy ads, we believe in the power of creating lasting connections with individuals. When we find the perfect match between a candidate and a job, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved, and that’s how we make a difference!

So let me explain how a staffing company like J J can assist businesses in finding the workers they need.

Imagine this scenario: you have a brand new product or service, or maybe you’re expanding your business. Either way, you require some additional help from employees. But here’s the thing – you’re unsure if the new product or service will be a hit, or maybe you’ve had some unpleasant experiences with hiring in the past. In either case, you want a way to test out an employee first and make sure they’re the right fit for your business.

This is where J J staffing company comes into play, as explained by Malady.

J  J Staffing: The Key to Effective Advertising Is a Job Well Done!

So, let me tell you about this company based in Cherry Hill, NJ. They specialize in providing staff for offices, like receptionists, customer service reps, and office managers. But they don’t stop there! They also supply workers for warehouses, light manufacturing, and pick and pack jobs.

I’m always amazed at how J J is always interviewing people and keeping a database of potential employees. It’s pretty cool! Whenever a company needs workers, they suggest a pay rate to the company and then look through their database for the right job description.

Now, when it comes to temporary employees, things work a little differently. The client pays J J, which means that J J is basically their employer. That’s why they take care of things like drug screening, background checks, and even handling unemployment if the employee has to be let go.

If you ever get to the point where you want to make these positions permanent, you have a choice. You can either keep paying for temporary services until we’ve covered our recruitment costs or you can pay a fee to make the employees permanent right away.

We also hire people directly, but usually they’re already employed and looking for better opportunities. Since they already have a job, they’ll only leave for a really good offer.

Today, our company is thriving. We work with around 600 to 800 companies every week and have a team of 43 employees spread across eight offices in three states. And we’ve built a strong company culture along the way.

In my perspective, true culture encompasses more than just a mere set of customs. It’s about valuing the importance of finding the perfect fit between individuals and their respective roles. And it goes beyond that, extending to a long-standing tradition of making a positive impact on our community. Here, I want to share a special event that captures this essence perfectly – a heartwarming fundraiser for Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania.

J  J Staffing: The Key to Effective Advertising Is a Job Well Done!

So, how did Jack Malady manage to start this company way back in the day?

Well, in 1970, Malady was working as a controller for a manufacturing company, but he had also been on the lookout for a chance to start something of his own.

The bug of entrepreneurship had bit Malady at a young age. Growing up, his father owned a grocery store, and being raised in that environment taught him the fundamentals of running a small business.

He used to go with his father to collect payments, and he learned how crucial it was to choose the right products that customers wanted. (If they made the wrong choices, the Malady family would have to eat whatever couldn’t be sold.)

And then, the perfect opportunity came along in the form of a franchise called American Girl Services. Despite having no experience in the staffing industry, Malady decided to take the plunge and give it a shot.

Two years later, in 1972, American Girl Services went bankrupt, which must have been really tough. But instead of giving up, my dad, Malady, showed his strength and determination. He didn’t let it bring him down. He had his own staffing business, which was doing well, so he decided to break free and go independent. That’s just the kind of person he was.

My dad was incredible. I remember one day he had an American Girl sign in the window. And the very next day, he replaced it with a J J Staffing sign. He never let anything stop him.

Throughout the years, our company has faced its fair share of challenges. We’ve had to make some difficult decisions, like closing two offices and reducing our staff from over 50 people to just a few. It was a tough choice, and it definitely stung, but it was necessary for our survival. My dad, Sean Malady, says it was a decision we had to make, even if it hurt.

Did you know that staffing agencies have a sneaky way of finding out about a struggling economy? It’s true! You see, when companies stop hiring, that’s a sign that things aren’t going so well. But here’s the interesting part: even with all the job cuts, I’ve noticed something. Over the past nine months, I’ve seen growth. That tells me that the economy is bouncing back.

Let me tell you about a company called J J Staffing. They’re doing something special. And guess what? They have a sponsor, iCIMS, that believes in what they’re doing. iCIMS is a provider of talent acquisition solutions for growing businesses, and they’re thrilled to support companies like J J Staffing. They understand the importance of giving clients a positive experience. That’s why iCIMS is proud to be the official sponsor of Small Business Trend’s Small Biz Spotlight featuring J J Staffing. If you want to read more inspiring small business stories, check out the series archives. Stay tuned – there’s more to come!