11 March 2024

The Art of SMB Marketing: Unleash Your Story

By Ronald Smith

Today, I want to talk to you about something exciting – SMB marketing! Yes, this may sound like a big word, but don’t worry, I’ll break it down for you. SMB stands for Small and Medium-sized Businesses. These are the awesome businesses that make a big impact in our communities.

Now, what does marketing have to do with SMBs? Well, everything! Marketing is a way to tell your story, to share what makes your business special with the world. It’s like crafting a captivating tale that grabs people’s attention and connects with them on a personal level.

Imagine walking into a magical bookstore. There are countless stories waiting to be discovered. Each book entices you with its unique cover, intriguing title, and engaging blurb. That’s what marketing does – it helps your business stand out in a sea of options and piques people’s curiosity.

But how do you weave your own story into a marketing masterpiece? Let’s dive in!

Title Tags: Unleash Your Business’s Essence

Think of your title tag as the opening line of your story. It’s the first thing people see when they come across your website on search engines. With a few words, you have the power to captivate their attention and encourage them to dive deeper into your story.

Instead of a dull title like My Business Website, why not try something more intriguing? For example, if you have a bakery, you could use a title tag like Indulge in Divine Delights at Our Heavenly Bakery. This not only tells people what you do but also evokes a sense of delight and temptation.

Meta Descriptions: Your Story’s Teaser

Now that you’ve caught their attention with the title tag, it’s time to give them a sneak peek into your story. This is where the meta description comes in. It’s like the blurb on the back cover that entices readers to open the book and delve into the adventure within.

Instead of a plain description like We offer a variety of baked goods, why not unleash your creativity? Something like Step into our aromatic wonderland, where fluffy pastries dance with vibrant flavors to transport you into a world of pure joy. That’s sure to make people’s mouths water!

Content: Let Your Story Shine

Now that they’ve entered your website, it’s time for the main event – your content! This is where you get to showcase the heart and soul of your business. Every word, sentence, and image should contribute to your story’s magic.

Think about what makes your business unique. Do you use secret family recipes handed down through generations? Or are you committed to using eco-friendly materials? Whatever it is, make sure to highlight it in your content. Get creative and paint a vivid picture of what sets you apart from the rest.

Imagery: Picture the World You’re Creating

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. And in marketing, this couldn’t be truer. Imagery plays a crucial role in bringing your story to life. Choose captivating photos that reflect the essence of your business and the emotions you want to evoke.

For example, if you run a yoga studio, show images of serene poses in a peaceful setting, with soft lighting and relaxing colors. This allows people to visualize themselves experiencing the tranquility and balance your studio offers.

The Call to Action: Your Story’s Cliffhanger

Now that your audience has journeyed through your story, it’s time for the thrilling conclusion – the call to action. This is where you invite them to take the next step, whether it’s making a purchase, booking a service, or subscribing to your newsletter.

Instead of a generic Click here button, why not inject some excitement? For example, Embark on a Flavorful Adventure! or Unlock the Secret to Blissful Relaxation! These engaging calls to action make people eager to continue their journey with you.

So, my friend, remember, SMB marketing is all about telling your story. Don’t be afraid to be creative, original, and truly showcase what makes your business special. Craft a captivating tale that draws people in and leaves them wanting more. Your story is waiting to be told – go out there and make it shine!

The Art of SMB Marketing: Unleash Your Story

A couple of weeks ago, Network Solutions hosted this awesome webinar called Rock Star Entrepreneurs and Your Business. They talked about this really interesting report called the State of the Small Business report. It’s a study that looked at small businesses in the United States and found some pretty cool stuff.

But here’s the thing, not everything is sunshine and rainbows for small businesses. The report showed that there’s one area where small businesses are still struggling. And I think it’s an area that really matters:

So, American small businesses are known for being creative and go-getters. But here’s the thing: when it comes to marketing and innovation, they only get a ‘C-‘ grade. That means they’re not as good at marketing themselves and growing their businesses as they want to be.

Did you know that only 12 percent of small businesses are using social media? That means 88 percent are missing out on a great, free way to promote their business online. Sound a bit silly, doesn’t it?

Here’s something interesting: Just the other day, 5,000 influential marketers received chocolate-covered grasshoppers as a tasty treat. They were asked to blog about their experience and spread the word. And boy, did it work! The grasshoppers were shared all over the internet, creating a buzz for the company behind it all – Grasshopper.com. In just one day, thousands of people learned about the company’s phone system and the fact that they support entrepreneurs.

You see, marketing is all about storytelling. Grasshopper believes in entrepreneurs and their phone systems help businesses thrive.

Zappos and Dell: Stories of Customer Service and Resources for Small Businesses

  • Zappos is like a magical online store for shoes! They really care about their customers and their employees. That’s what makes them special.
  • Dell is a cool company that provides all sorts of technology stuff for small businesses. They want to help those businesses succeed, which is awesome.

Those are the stories these companies are sharing on social media. But hey, what’s your story? Why did you join the marketplace? Who are you? You can use social media to tell your story too!

If you’re in the landscaping business, what makes you stand out? Are you the company that’s super into being green and using eco-friendly products? Or maybe you’re the company that donates part of your earnings to buy cars for families in need? Or, it could be that you have the most advanced equipment out there! Whatever your story is, spread the word!

Write a blog about how people can help the environment by choosing a green landscaper. Tell them what to look for, what products are good to use, which ones to avoid, and why it all matters. Let them know that you can help them too!

I want to talk to you about using Twitter to promote other initiatives that go hand in hand with what you’re doing. It’s a great way to find like-minded green enthusiasts in your area and build genuine relationships with them. In fact, you can even organize local meetups and encourage these people to help spread your message and become your ambassadors. And I guarantee you, they’ll not only spread your message online but also offline.

Now, let’s switch gears a bit and talk about videos. Have you ever thought about using videos to connect with people on a deeper level? Well, let me tell you, it’s incredibly effective. Take Grasshopper.com, for example. They created a short video with lively background music, expressing their admiration for entrepreneurs and their unwavering support. In doing so, they subtly promoted themselves. This type of marketing is incredibly powerful and can really leave a lasting impression.