11 March 2024

Meet Mavely: Your Guide to an Exciting Online Shopping Adventure!

By Ronald Smith

I’m here to tell you all about Mavely, a fantastic platform that will revolutionize the way you shop online. Get ready to embark on a truly unique eCommerce journey!

Mavely is like having your very own shopping companion. With its help, you can say goodbye to ordinary and hello to extraordinary. It’s time to discover new and amazing products that will make your shopping experience unforgettable.

Picture this: You’re browsing your favorite online store, and suddenly, Mavely pops up like a helpful friend. It shows you mind-blowing products you never knew existed. From trendy clothes to innovative gadgets, Mavely has it all. It’s like having a personal shopper who knows your tastes better than anyone.

But here’s the real magic: Mavely goes beyond just showing you cool stuff. It introduces you to brands that align with your values and beliefs. You can shop knowing that the products you buy make a positive impact on the world. Isn’t that amazing?

Now, I know you might be wondering how Mavely does all this. Well, it’s simple. Mavely leverages the power of your online network. By connecting with your friends and family, you can discover products they love and trust. It’s like having a community of expert shoppers at your fingertips.

What’s even cooler is that when you buy something through Mavely, you earn cash back. That’s right! You not only get to enjoy fabulous products, but you also get rewarded for it. It’s a win-win situation!

So, are you ready to change the way you shop online? Join Mavely and get ready for an exciting adventure. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Say goodbye to ordinary shopping and say hello to extraordinary with Mavely!

Meet Mavely: Your Guide to an Exciting Online Shopping Adventure!

The company’s main goal is to support businesses owned by women and responsible retailers through their unique shopping experience.

With the rise of influencer marketing and social media, the way people shop online has completely transformed. However, these shopping experiences are still scattered across different platforms. Mavely, on the other hand, aims to create something innovative and distinct. Discover more about the company’s mission in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What Mavely Does

Mavely provides a one-of-a-kind platform for shopping and influence.

Peggy O’Flaherty, Co-Founder and Chief Community Officer, explained to USamerica.US, Mavely is a fresh way to directly shop from brands that bring a little more happiness to our lives. By focusing on brands founded by women and those that prioritize responsibility, Mavely thoughtfully curates a shopping experience like no other.

When you shop on the Mavely app, you earn money back on every purchase you make. It’s like getting rewarded for shopping! Plus, you can recommend products to your friends and see what they’re buying too. And here’s the best part – when you share the app with your friends and they start shopping, both of you earn money back together. It’s a win-win! The goal is to reward you for your influence and encourage you to recommend awesome products from amazing brands.

The Mavely Difference

At Mavely, we’re all about creating a great shopping experience. We’re not just another cash back or influencer platform. We believe in genuine interactions and making a positive impact. That’s why our community is dedicated to supporting women-owned and responsible brands. We offer unique features to help you give back and make a difference while you shop.

I’m O’Flaherty, and I believe in earning through shopping and sharing in an authentic way. What’s more, I’ve built a community of women who are using their extra earnings to support their favorite charities.

How I Started My Business

My journey began with a desire to uplift women-owned businesses. Over the years, I had started a few small ventures. After spending time at home raising my children, I felt a strong calling to start another venture that would empower female entrepreneurs.

My goal was simple – I wanted to create a genuine shopping and sharing experience to support the women in our community.

My Greatest Achievement

One of my biggest wins was receiving early press coverage. It helped me reach a wider audience and gain recognition for my business.

I want to tell you about something exciting that happened to my business. Twelve new investors became interested in our mission and product, which made me feel curious and eager. Our goal is to help brands find customers at a lower price and introduce women to cool new brands. It’s a marketplace that perfectly matches our vision.

The Risk I Took

One big risk I took was changing our business model. At first, we started with a multi-level marketing distribution model, and that brought us a lot of initial growth. But as time went on, my team and I realized that it didn’t align with our long-term mission. So, even though it meant a period of little progress, we decided to change our model.

During this time, our growth stalled and even went backwards, which was a bit scary. However, when we found a better financial model, improved our brand message, and perfected our product, our growth started moving in a positive direction again.

Meet Mavely: Your Guide to an Exciting Online Shopping Adventure!

How We Ended Up with Our Name

So, let me tell you the story behind our name. We didn’t just come up with it out of thin air; it took a few tries to get it right. First, we were called Million Moms, which sounded pretty cool. But then we thought, Hmm, there must be a better name out there.

Next, we became MyFavorite Things, which was nice and all, but it still wasn’t quite what we were looking for. We wanted something that would truly represent our awesome community of women. That’s when we had our aha moment and decided on Mavely!

Why Mavely, you ask? Well, it’s because our community is made up of amazing women, or as we like to call them, Mavens. These Mavens are known for something unique in their circle of friends and followers. They’re the go-getters, the trendsetters, and the ones who inspire others. So, Mavely seemed like the perfect fit for us.

If We Had an Extra $100,000…

Imagine this: we suddenly found ourselves with a spare $100,000. What would we do with all that money? Well, we have big plans, my friend.

We would create a scholarship/grant program specifically for women business owners. We know how tough it can be to start a business and get it off the ground. So, we want to support these amazing women and help them get the national distribution they deserve through our Mavely platform. It’s all about empowering women and making their dreams come true.

A Quote We Love

There’s a quote that really resonates with us, and we want to share it with you. It goes like this:

Lean teams who listen to their customers and pivot quickly grow the fastest. – Tim Connors