19 January 2024

Exciting News from Intuit QuickBooks Unveiled at QuickBooks Connect Event

By Ronald Smith

I have some awesome news to share with you! Intuit QuickBooks recently announced some brand-new innovations at their annual QuickBooks Connect event. It’s all about bringing you even more amazing features and improvements to make your experience with QuickBooks even better!

Stay Ahead with the Latest Innovations

At QuickBooks Connect, Intuit QuickBooks showcased their commitment to keeping you ahead in the game by introducing some exciting new innovations. They are determined to bring you cutting-edge tools and features that will make managing your finances a breeze.

Improved User Experience

One of the things that Intuit QuickBooks focused on is making the user experience even better. They have redesigned and enhanced their platform to be more user-friendly and intuitive. This means that navigating through QuickBooks will feel effortless, making your daily tasks quicker and easier to complete.

Boost Your Productivity

By implementing these new innovations, QuickBooks aims to boost your productivity. They have introduced smart automation features that will help you save time and reduce manual data entry. With these improvements, you’ll be able to focus more on growing your business and less on tedious administrative tasks.

What’s Coming Next?

Intuit QuickBooks is committed to continuously improving their software to meet your evolving needs. They are not stopping here! They have exciting plans for the future, with even more innovative features and enhancements on the horizon. So, stay tuned and get ready for even more great things to come!


I’m thrilled to share these amazing news with you! Intuit QuickBooks is constantly striving to bring you the best tools and features to help you succeed in managing your finances. With these innovations announced at QuickBooks Connect, they are taking things to the next level. So, get ready to enjoy an even better QuickBooks experience with enhanced user-friendliness, increased productivity, and more exciting developments on the way!

Exciting News from Intuit QuickBooks Unveiled at QuickBooks Connect Event

I want to tell you about a really cool event I attended called QuickBooks Connect. At this conference, Intuit QuickBooks revealed some exciting new things that are going to make a big impact on accountants and small businesses. Let me tell you all about it!

An Event for Accountants and Small Businesses

QuickBooks Connect took place in Las Vegas and brought together more than 2,500 bookkeepers and accounting professionals. It was a great opportunity for people in the industry to connect with each other, learn from experts, and get a sneak peek at what Intuit QuickBooks has been working on. And can you believe that QuickBooks has over 7 million small and mid-sized businesses using their services worldwide? That’s amazing!

I’m Jeremy Sulzmann, and I want to talk to you about the importance of accountants in helping small businesses succeed. At our event in 2023, we focused on AI-driven innovations that aim to provide you with the necessary tools to make informed business decisions.

Introducing QuickBooks Ledger

Let me introduce you to QuickBooks Ledger, a brand-new product made specifically for accountants like you. Its main goal is to standardize accounting processes for all types of clients. This tool is cost-effective and comes with features such as automated bank feeds, bank reconciliation, and a seamless transition to tax preparation. And the best part? It integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online Accountant, making your workflow management smooth and efficient.

Enhancements to QuickBooks Online Accountant

    Exciting Updates to QuickBooks Features

    I am thrilled to share with you the latest enhancements to QuickBooks that will make managing your firm and client books even more efficient and convenient.

  • Expanded Roles and Permissions: Now, you have the freedom to customize access to your firm and client books, allowing you to efficiently handle sensitive tasks without any hassle.
  • Chart of Accounts Templates: Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of creating and customizing account charts. Our new feature allows you to effortlessly create and personalize account charts, saving you valuable time as an accountant.
  • Improved Add Client Experience: We understand how important it is for you to seamlessly connect with new clients. That’s why we have streamlined the process of adding new clients and integrating QuickBooks Payroll and Time, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Introducing the New QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program

Here’s some exciting news – the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program has been revamped to celebrate over 25 years of exceptional service to our valued members like you. We have listened to the accounting community and made significant improvements to provide you with even more benefits and resources.

As a ProAdvisor, you can now enjoy exclusive discounts, access to powerful tools, comprehensive training, and exciting events. Our program offers a wide range of benefits, including pre-written email campaigns, in-depth training on third-party apps, premium customer support, and beautifully designed certification badges that showcase your expertise.

Thank you for being a part of the QuickBooks community and allowing us to continuously improve our services to meet your needs. We are excited to have you on board as we embark on this new chapter of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program.

Guess what? QuickBooks Online just got an awesome upgrade to better support big and complicated businesses like yours. I’m super excited to tell you about all the cool improvements:

  • QuickBooks Online Advanced: It’s like a super-powered version of QuickBooks Online! With this, you get tools for automating your workflows, super helpful reporting features, and seamless integrations to help your business grow.
  • QuickBooks Payroll: This one’s a game-changer for managing your employees’ pay and all things HR. You now have access to HR tools, the ability to allocate payroll costs, manage payroll items, and even a partnership with Allstate Health Solutions to give your employees even better benefits.

QuickBooks Online E-commerce Innovations

And that’s not all! QuickBooks has also made some awesome improvements to their e-commerce capabilities for QuickBooks Online. This means you can now easily keep track of your inventory across multiple sales channels, making it a breeze to manage your online business.