29 January 2024

102 Super Fit Role Models

By Ronald Smith

Are you ready to meet some seriously awesome fitness influencers? Well, you’re in luck because I’ve rounded up the crème de la crème of the fitness world just for you. These individuals are not just your average gym-goers – they are role models who will inspire you to push your limits and achieve your own health and wellness goals. So without further ado, let’s dive right into the world of these incredible superstars!

1. FitnessGuru23 – Get ready to be blown away by FitnessGuru23’s dedication and hard work. Their intense workout routines and commitment to a healthy lifestyle will leave you motivated and ready to hit the gym.

2. MuscleQueen88 – This influencer knows how to build muscle like a boss. With her expert tips and killer workouts, MuscleQueen88 will help you sculpt your body into the best shape of your life.

3. YogaFanatic101 – If you’re into yoga, you won’t want to miss YogaFanatic101. Their graceful moves and calming energy will have you feeling Zen in no time.

4. MarathonMaster55 – Looking to conquer the world of long-distance running? Look no further than MarathonMaster55. Their advice on training, nutrition, and mental toughness will have you crossing that finish line with confidence.

5. HIITWarrior – High-intensity interval training is no joke, but HIITWarrior makes it look easy. Dive into their world of heart-pumping workouts and get ready to sweat like never before.

6. HealthyEating101 – Eating right is just as important as exercise, and HealthyEating101 knows it. From delicious recipes to meal planning tips, they’ll help you nourish your body from the inside out.

7. IronPumpster – This influencer knows a thing or two about strength training. IronPumpster’s dedication to weightlifting will have you feeling empowered and ready to crush your personal records.

8. FlexibilityPro43 – Say goodbye to stiff muscles with FlexibilityPro43. Their stretching routines and flexibility tips will have you feeling loose and limber in no time.

9. DanceFitDivas – Who says fitness has to be all about the gym? DanceFitDivas will show you how to get fit while having a blast on the dance floor. Get ready to shake it!

10. MindfulMeditator – Fitness isn’t just about the physical – it’s about mental wellbeing too. MindfulMeditator will guide you through the world of meditation and help you find inner peace.

These are just a taste of the incredible fitness influencers out there waiting to inspire you on your health and wellness journey. So go ahead, follow them, learn from them, and let their passion and dedication ignite your own. Remember, you have the power to become the best version of yourself – these role models are here to show you the way. Let’s get fit together!

102 Super Fit Role Models

Today, social media is like our coolest proof. We all hop on social media to find influencers who can guide us, give us product reviews, share their wisdom, and connect us with like-minded people. These influencers have the power to sway us into buying stuff by promoting and recommending it on social platforms. And hey, with everyone becoming more health-conscious, brands are teaming up with fitness influencers to spread their message, sell their goodies, and inspire people to live healthy lives. In this article, I’ll introduce you to some of the top fitness influencers who are rocking social media, and show you how your business can jump on this trend to connect better with customers.


Why Your Brand Should Partner with Fitness Influencers

Did you know that fitness influencers can help brands reach new audiences through non-traditional channels? If you’re in the fitness industry, partnering with fitness influencers can be a great way to capture some market share. But have you ever heard of cameo? It’s a platform that connects celebrities with businesses. You should look into it and see how you can use it for celebrity influencers.

There are several reasons why you should consider teaming up with fitness influencers:

Better connection with customers: Nobody knows their audience better than influencers. They have mastered the art of engaging with their followers and building a large fanbase. By creating content that their audience craves, they become valuable partners for your promotion needs.

Let me tell ya, boosting brand awareness is super important. When influencers show off your products and services, it’s like getting a fancy endorsement and getting your brand out there. At the very least, people will know about your brand and might even look it up to find out more.

So here’s the deal: influencers are considered to be totally reliable authorities by their fans. When they give their unique perspectives on products and services, customers really pay attention. It’s like their opinions carry some serious weight!

And let me tell ya, influencers have seriously mastered the art of selling. They’re constantly dishing out awesome content that people just flock to. They know what their audience wants and craft their messages to be super relatable. It’s like the messages are coming from real people, which makes audiences trust them even more.

Why Influencers are an Affordable Option: Influencers already have a loyal following and often create their own content. Unlike traditional advertising, working with influencers gives you the chance to reach a specific audience and get their full attention without breaking the bank.

Finding the Best Fitness Influencers for Business Collaborations: What We Look For

  1. Size and Characteristics of the Audience: Think about how many people follow the influencer and if those people are similar to your target customers.
    • Importance Rating: 4/5
    • Engagement Level: Look at how much the influencer’s audience interacts with their content, including likes, comments, and shares.
      • Importance Rating: 5/5
      • Content Quality and Relevance: It’s really important to make sure that the content about fitness and health is of great quality, consistent, and relevant. This is what gives it credibility. It’s a 5 out of 5 on the importance scale. Expertise and Credibility in Fitness: I need to look into the influencer’s expertise and credibility in the fitness field. I should consider their certifications, experience, and knowledge. This is another 5 out of 5 on the importance scale. Brand Alignment: When choosing an influencer, it’s crucial that their values and image align well with my brand’s ethos and messaging. This makes sure that we’re on the same page. It’s a 4 out of 5 on the importance scale. Past Collaborations and Professionalism: It’s a good idea to see what kind of history an influencer has with other brands. This can give me an idea of their professionalism and how effective they are in partnerships.

      • Importance Scale: 4/5
      • Innovative and Creative Approach: When influencers bring their own creative flair and innovative ideas to their content, it opens up exciting chances for collaboration.
        • Importance Scale: 3/5
        • Authenticity and Transparency: It’s crucial for influencers to be genuine and transparent when promoting products and disclosing sponsorships. This builds trust with their audience.
          • Importance Scale: 5/5
          • Market Influence and Trends: Take into account the influence an influencer has on market trends and their ability to either set or follow the latest fitness trends.
            • Importance Scale: 3/5
            • I want to reinforce the fact that any collaboration we engage in must comply with legal standards. It’s crucial to ensure that we are following the rules, especially when it comes to advertising and health claims. This aspect is of utmost importance, ranking high on the scale with a 5 out of 5 rating.

              Now, let’s dive into the exciting world of Instagram fitness influencers! I have compiled a list of some of the top fitness influencers on Instagram in 2021 to help you on your fitness journey. Take a look:

              1. Eva Andressa

              Instagram: @eva-andressa (6.1 million followers)

              Eva Andressa is a Brazilian fitness model who shares her fitness journey on YouTube and Instagram. Not only has she participated in various fitness competitions, including the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB), but she has also been recognized for her social fitness contributions. In fact, she was even nominated for the Shorty Award!

              2. Jeff Seid

              Instagram: @_seid (4 million followers)

              Next up, we have Jeff Seid. Jeff has amassed a substantial following of 4 million followers on Instagram. His fitness journey and transformation have inspired many. By sharing his experiences and knowledge, Jeff motivates his followers to achieve their fitness goals.

              These influencers represent just a glimpse of the vibrant fitness community on Instagram. By following their journeys, you can find inspiration and tips to enhance your own fitness endeavors. So, dive in and join the fitness revolution!

              Let me tell you about some amazing fitness influencers. Trust me, they’re super cool!

              1. Jeff Seid

              I gotta tell you, Jeff Seid is a seriously impressive guy. At just 19 years old, he became the youngest-ever professional bodybuilder and fitness pro in the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. Now that’s some major achievement! Jeff spends most of his time working hard to create a stunning physique and inspire everyone to prioritize their health and beauty. He’s all about those healthy aesthetics, you know?

              2. Michelle Lewin (14.3 million)

              Now, let me introduce you to Michelle Lewin. She’s a clinic technician hailing from Venezuela, and let me tell you, she’s a big deal on Instagram. With a whopping 14.3 million followers, Michelle is one of the most popular fitness influencers out there. She’s constantly posting awesome workout videos and sharing valuable health tips for all you fitness enthusiasts. But you know what else? Michelle owns her very own line of supplements and fitness equipment. Talk about being a boss, right? And that’s not all – she even has two mobile apps called Fitplan and Mealplan. Fitplan is for those of you with Android and iOS devices, while Mealplan is specifically designed for Apple smartwatch users. She’s got you covered!

              3. Jennifer Selter @jenselter (12.4 million)

              Last but definitely not least, we have Jennifer Selter, a fabulous influencer based in New York City. Her Instagram account is chock-full of body-building tips and quick workout routines. If you’re looking for some solid fitness advice and inspiration, you definitely need to check her out. She’s got a whopping 12.4 million followers, so she’s clearly doing something right!

              5. Kayla Itsines @kayla_itsines (13.5 million)

              I want to tell you about Kayla Itsines, a super popular author known for her Body-Building Guide book. She’s really awesome on Instagram and shares some amazing post-pregnancy workouts and delicious low-calorie recipes. Oh, and don’t forget to check out her YouTube channel for some awesome videos too. Join her growing community of followers!

              6. Ana Cheri @anacheri (12.5 million)

              Listen up, everyone! I’ve got to introduce you to Ana Cheri, a model, actress, and amazing fitness influencer on Instagram. She’s always sharing her awesome workouts and offering programs to help you lose weight. You definitely don’t want to miss out on following her!

              7. Emily Skye @emilyskyfit (2.5 million)

              Guess what? Emily Skye is not just a fitness model, but also a Reebok global ambassador. She’s all about inspiring women to lead healthier lives through weight training. And that’s not all! She’s also a blogger, online coach, and even a talented make-up artist. This girl does it all!

              8. Sommer Ray @sommerray (26.8 million)

              I’m going to talk about some popular fitness influencers on Instagram. One of them is Sommer Ray, who has a huge following on social media. She used to be a competitive bodybuilder and now shares videos of her workouts on Instagram.

              Number 9 on the list is Hannah Stocking. She’s a fitness influencer and model who appears in advertisements for weight loss and slimming products.

              Next up, we have Anna Victoria. She uses her Instagram account to provide fitness inspiration, workout tips, and sculpting sessions. She also created the @fitbodyapp, which you can find on the iOS and Google Play Stores.

              And finally, we have Bradley Simmonds, who goes by the handle @bradleysimmonds. He has over 400,000 followers on Instagram.

              I’m Bradley Simmonds, a celebrity personal trainer. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with some really cool people like Caroline Flack and Roman Kemp. It’s been a blast helping them stay fit and healthy!

              12. Bella Falconi @bellafalconi (4.1 million)

              I’m not just a personal trainer though. I’m also a fitness model, nutritionist, and a certified personal trainer. I love sharing my knowledge about nutrition, sports, and fitness with you all!

              13. Alexa Jean Hunt @alexajeanfitness (1.5 million)

              Did you know I’m a mom of two? Yup, and I’ve even created my own home-workout app called Bode by Lex. It’s perfect for all you expecting mothers out there! I’ve also put together a wellness guide specifically for moms like me. Oh, and you might see my adorable daughters in some of my workout sessions too!

              14. Ross Dickerson @dickersonross (2.6 million)

              I’m here to tell you about some awesome fitness influencers on Instagram. These people are super successful and have millions of followers!

              15. Massy Arias @massy.arias (2.7 million)

              First up, we have Massy Arias. She’s the CEO of TRU SUPPLEMENTS and a well-known fitness influencer. On her Instagram, you can find amazing yoga and cardio videos. She also shares inspiring before and after pictures from her followers.

              16. Lauren Drain @laurendrainfit (3.7 million)

              Next, we have Lauren Drain. She’s not just a personal trainer but also a registered nurse. Pretty cool, right? On her Instagram page, she shares workout regimens and nutrition guides to help you stay fit and healthy.

              17. Rachel Brathen @yoga_girl (2 million)

              Last but not least, we have Rachel Brathen, also known as @yoga_girl. With 2 million followers, she’s a yoga superstar. Rachel’s Instagram is filled with beautiful pictures and videos of her doing all kinds of amazing yoga poses. It’s all about finding your zen!

              I’m Rachel Brathen, a fitness influencer from Sweden who is deeply passionate about yoga. On my Instagram, I share yoga routines and offer tips to help you maintain your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being through the power of yoga.

              18. Julia Gilas @juliagilas (4.4 million)

              Let me introduce you to Julia Gilas, a fitness model and personal trainer. Her mission is to motivate and inspire her followers to get fit and stay motivated on their fitness journey.

              19. Kelsey Wells (2.8 million)

              Now, it’s time to meet Kelsey Wells, an Instagram influencer who is all about sharing delicious recipes and burn-out sessions. She also posts incredible before-and-after images from her followers, showcasing their transformations. Kelsey’s content is a fantastic mix of recipes, burn-out sessions, behind-the-scenes from events she attends, and personal snapshots.

              20. Simeon Panda @simeonpanda (7.9 million)

              Lastly, we have Simeon Panda, a British fitness influencer who not only motivates and inspires with his fitness journey but also has his own line of sportswear and fitness accessories.

              102 Super Fit Role Models

              21. Bradley Martyn @bradleymartyn (3.9 million)

              I’m Bradley Martyn, an Instagram star, physique competitor, and fitness guru. I’m all about spreading the love for fitness and I even have my own gym in Los Angeles. When you check out my posts, you’ll be blown away by my ripped physique and get a glimpse into my intense workout sessions. Join me on this fitness journey!

              22. Lyzabeth Lopez @lyzabethlopez (1.6 million)

              How’s it going? I’m Lyzabeth Lopez, the founder of Hourglass Workout and a fitness influencer. I wear many hats – holistic nutritionist, personal trainer, and author of awesome eating plan books. My feed is all about content that’s perfect for moms-to-be and new moms. Let’s stay fit and healthy together!

              23. Anllela Sagra @anllela_sagra (13.9 million)

              What’s up, everyone? I’m Anllela Sagra, a Colombian fitness influencer, personal trainer, and Internet celebrity. You may have seen me in partnership with 1UP Nutrition. Want to reach your fitness goals? I’ve got you covered with my killer workout plans. Let’s crush it together!

              24. Ulisses Jr. @ulissesworld (8.5 million)

              Let me tell you about some amazing fitness influencers I follow on Instagram. These individuals are not just fitness enthusiasts, but they’re also experts in their fields, sharing valuable insights to help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

              25. Meet Sandra Prikker @sandraprikker (2.8 million)

              Sandra Prikker, a remarkable athlete and Instagram fitness influencer from the Netherlands, is someone you should definitely check out. She not only inspires us with her fitness routines but also advocates for veganism. Her feed is full of incredible workouts and mouthwatering plant-based meals.

              26. Say hello to Andrei Deiu @andreideiu (4.8 million)

              If you’re looking for some serious fitness motivation, Andrei Deiu is your go-to influencer. With over 4.8 million followers, he regularly shares jaw-dropping workout videos and photos of his gym sessions. But that’s not all! Andrei also provides helpful tips on various supplements that can boost your fitness journey.

              27. Introducing Paige Hathaway @paigehathaway (3.8 million)

              I am Paige Hathaway – a well-known fitness model and Instagram Influencer. On my Instagram account, I share pictures of my toned body and cherished family moments, including adorable snaps of my little daughter. Additionally, I proudly showcase the amazing transformations of clients who have successfully achieved their fitness goals through my programs.

              28. Whitney Simmons @whitneyysimmons (3.2 million)

              Let me introduce you to Whitney Simmons, an absolute sensation on Instagram. She never fails to motivate her followers with inspirational posts and shares photos of her own incredible physique and those of her friends during intense gym sessions. Her energy is contagious!

              29. Karina Elle @karinaelle (1.6 million)

              Now, let’s talk about Karina Elle Lisenbee – a remarkable American fitness model, gym instructor, and former cross-country runner. She utilizes her Instagram account to document her hardcore gym workouts. Not only that, but she also endorses well-known brands like Gymshark and Nike. She is all about fitness and style!

              30. Anna Victoria @annavictoria (1.1 million)

              I’m Anna Victoria, an American fitness trainer and fitness model. My focus is on promoting a healthy body and mind. In addition to fitness modeling, I also create my own fitness training program specifically designed for women.

              31. Valentina Lequeux @valentinalequeux (1.9 million)

              Let me introduce you to Valentina Lequeux. She’s not only a fitness model but also a personal trainer and an Instagram sensation. Valentina started sharing her fitness journey on social media back in 2016. Along the way, she has not only built a strong following but also launched her own sportswear brand. She has even managed to score endorsements with various fitness and modeling brands, including Bang Energy Drinks.

              32. Amanda Lee @amandaeliselee (11.4 million)

              Next up, we have Amanda Lee. She’s not just a fitness model; she’s a certified personal trainer and a Pilates instructor as well. Amanda loves sharing exercise videos to inspire and motivate her followers. On top of that, she has joined forces with EHP labs as a brand ambassador for their health and fitness supplement company.

              33. Tammy Hembrow @tammyhembrow (13.4 million)

              I’m Tammy Hembrow, an awesome fitness mentor from Australia! I’m not just a regular fitness guru though, I also make cool videos on YouTube and have a big following on social media. I even get to post sponsored ads for Protein World and Teami Blends on Instagram!

              34. Nastya Nass @nastya_nass (7.9 million)

              I’m Nastya Nass, a dancer and gym instructor. I love showing off my awesome moves and helping others get fit. If you want to join my fitness program, just check out my personal website at www.nastyanassfitness.com!

              35. Halle Berry @halleberry (7 million)

              Hi, I’m Halle Berry! You might know me as an amazing actor, but did you know I’m also passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle and fitness? I’ve partnered with FitOn, a really cool digital fitness app. Plus, I’ve even created my own clothing line called Sweaty Betty. How awesome is that?

              36. Bret Contreras @bretcontreras1 (1.1 million)

              Yo, I’m Bret Contreras, but you can call me the glute guy! I’ve got a Ph.D. in sports science, and I invented the barbell hip thrust. So if you’re into building strong glutes, I’ve got you covered!

              37. James Smith @jamessmithpt (882,000)

              I’m James Smith, a personal trainer known for my unique approach to fitness. People often compare me to the ‘Gordon Ramsay of the fitness world’ because I’m not afraid to speak my mind.

              38. Kaisa Keranen @kaisafit (1 million)

              Hi there! I’m Kaisa Keranen, a fitness educator, personal trainer, and social media influencer. My mission is to help people get fit and live a healthy lifestyle. I was even involved in Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move digital campaign!

              39. Sergi Constance @sergiconstance (5 million)

              Hey, it’s Sergi Constance here! I’m not just a fitness model and influencer, but also the CEO of 1 Up Nutrition Aesthetix Era. I’m also the proud founder of BeLegend, an awesome online coaching program.

              40. Katie Crewe @katiecrewe (947,000)

              Hey, I’m Katie Crewe! With almost a million followers, I’m here to share my fitness journey and inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle. Join me on this amazing adventure!

              Hi there! I’m Katie Crewe, a nutrition and fitness coach, here to share my passion for helping you achieve your goals and build self-confidence through the power of strength. I love posting workout videos to show you the proper techniques and inspire you to reach your full potential.

              102 Super Fit Role Models

              41. Sia Cooper @diaryofafitmommyofficial (1.1 million)

              I’m Sia Cooper, a personal trainer, fitness expert, and popular figure on Instagram. I’m here to help you out with valuable advice on staying fit and healthy, including tips on nutrition and specially designed workouts for all the amazing moms out there.

              42. Tess Holliday @tessholliday (2.3 million)

              I’m Tess Holliday, a model, and an influential fitness advocate. I’m also the proud creator of the empowering movement #effyourbeautystandards. On my Instagram, I’m dedicated to encouraging women to embrace their bodies just as they are. You’ll find inspiring workouts featuring my trainer, Massy Arias, and heartwarming snapshots of my son, Bowie.

              43. Kim French @kimfrench87 (1.4 million)

              Greetings! I’m Kim French, and I’m all about fitness. I share my journey to inspire others, from losing weight to building muscles. I have some fantastic workout ideas to share, and I love promoting lifting accessories to help you level up your fitness game.

              44. Chontel Duncan @chontelduncan (1 million)

              Do you know Chontel Duncan? She’s a fitness instructor who shares training videos on High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) through her Instagram account. Her goal is to motivate and inspire her followers to reach their fitness goals.

              45. Let’s talk about Melissa Alcantara @fitgurlmel (1.1 million)

              Melissa Alcantara is a trainer who works with celebrities and has created the 8 Week Body Sculptor program. She’s known for posting videos of intense weightlifting workouts and provides various meal plans and exercises for different areas of the body.

              46. Now, meet Mari Llewellyn @marillewellyn (1.6 million)

              Mari Llewellyn is a fitness influencer and entrepreneur who inspires more than 1 million fans on Instagram. In addition to her social media presence, Mari is the owner of bloom supplements and has even developed her own fitness app called the slay app.

              47. Time to learn about Hanna Oberg @hannaoeberg (2.1 million)

              I’m here to tell you about some incredible fitness influencers who are crushing it on social media. These amazing individuals are not only inspiring others to get fit, but they’ve also created their own apps and programs to help people achieve their fitness goals.

              48. Kathryn and Kendra @kk_fit (1.1 million)

              Meet Kathryn and Kendra, two identical twins from Sonoma County, California. These awesome ladies are the founders of KK Fit, and they’re all about spreading positivity and making healthy changes to people’s lives. Their fitness programs are designed to help you transform your lifestyle and become the best version of yourself.

              49. Krissy Cela @krissycela (2.5 million)

              Next up, we have Krissy Cela, a fitness trainer and social media sensation. With a whopping 2.5 million followers, she’s definitely making waves in the fitness world. Krissy has even launched her own fitness app called Tone Sculpt, which is all about helping you tone your body and sculpt those muscles.

              50. Iulia Danilova @fit.with.iulia (690,000)

              Last but not least, let me introduce you to Iulia Danilova. She’s not only a mother of two but also the proud owner of Uppergear fitness. Iulia shares fantastic workout videos that cater to both stay-at-home moms and gym enthusiasts. So, no matter your fitness level or lifestyle, she’s got you covered.

              The Best YouTube Fitness Influencers

              These fitness influencers are making a huge impact on YouTube and beyond. They’re here to motivate, inspire, and help you on your fitness journey. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s join the fitness movement and strive for greatness!

              Did you know that YouTube is one of the coolest places to find some awesome fitness channels? If you’re just starting your fitness journey, I’ve got some great recommendations for you. Check out these amazing YouTube channels and fitness coaches!

              51. Nikki Blackketter (731,000)

              Oh boy, let me tell you about Nikki Blackketter. She’s a fitness model from sunny Los Angeles, California. This incredible lady shares her weight lifting adventures through daily video blogs. Not only will she inspire you to stay fit and eat healthy, but she’s also the brand rep for Cellucor!

              52. Cat Meffan (258,000)

              Ready for some yoga goodness? Cat Meffan is your gal. She’s not just any yoga teacher, she also runs her own amazing yoga retreats. On her YouTube channel, you’ll find awesome videos that teach you the best yoga poses for running and building those strong abs!

              53. Joe Wicks @The Body Coach TV (2.78 million)

              Did you know about Joe Wicks? He’s also known as The Body Coach, and he’s a super popular personal trainer. People love him so much that he has a massive online following. Every week, he shares awesome home workouts to help his fans feel stronger, healthier, and happier. How cool is that?

              54. FitnessBlender (6.6 million)

              Here’s a great fitness duo for you: Daniel and Kelli. They’re a husband and wife team who create full-length workout videos. Their goal is to help you improve your health and quality of life. They cover all sorts of topics like workouts, nutrition, and other health tips. They have tons of subscribers who love their content.

              55. POPSUGAR Fitness (5.84 million)

              Next up on the list is POPSUGAR Fitness. It’s run by an influencer named Anna Renderer. This awesome channel offers fitness tutorials and exercises that you can follow along with. They cover all the popular workout classes and trends, like the Victoria’s Secret workout, Tabata, P90X, Bar Method, and more. So cool, right?

              56. Blogilates (5.6 million)

              My name is Cassey Ho and I’ve been creating POP Pilates videos on YouTube for the past decade. As a certified fitness instructor, I focus on helping you burn fat, tone your abs, and provide clean eating tips and more.

              57. Let’s talk about Kali Muscle (2.48 million)

              Kali Muscle is a YouTuber who shares daily videos on fitness, gaming, cooking, and vlogs. He’s all about staying active and having fun.

              58. Get fit with The Fitness Marshal (3.35 million)

              Join me on The Fitness Marshal YouTube channel for some exciting cardio exercises. I use popular songs and choreography to make your workouts enjoyable. You can even combine different videos for warm-ups, main exercises, and cool-downs.

              59. Meet Pamela Reif (7.97 million)

              I’m gonna tell you about some awesome fitness YouTubers who are super popular and can help you stay healthy and fit.

              60. Matt Does Fitness @MattDoesFitness (2.09 million)

              First up, we’ve got Matt Does Fitness. He’s got over 2 million subscribers and he creates videos about bodybuilding, eating well, and his daily life. Matt even tries out different workouts that aren’t usually his thing, like CrossFit or pole dancing. He’s always up for a challenge!

              61. Chloe Ting (22.2 million)

              Next up, we have Chloe Ting. She’s got a massive following of 22.2 million subscribers! Chloe’s channel is all about making exercise easy and accessible. Her videos are short and simple, and most of them don’t require any special equipment. Plus, her workouts target all the important parts of your body, like your core. So you can stay in shape without too much fuss.

              62. Jeff Cavaliere @Athlean-X (12.1 million)

              When it comes to training tips and workouts, Jeff Cavaliere, also known as Athlean-X, has got you covered. He offers a wide range of advice and exercises tailored to your specific goals. I’m here to help you navigate through the fitness myths and common training mistakes, providing you with the valuable information you need for a successful fitness journey.

              Maddie Lymburner @MadFit (6.4 million)

              If you’re looking for energetic workouts that will tone your muscles while jamming to popular chart songs, then Maddie Lymburner, also known as MadFit, is the perfect fit for you. Her videos offer a variety of workouts that require no equipment, making them perfect for anyone, including those who live in apartments. She also provides low-impact and yoga sessions to keep your fitness routine diverse and balanced.

              XHIT Daily (3.6 million)

              Have you ever wondered how celebrities stay in shape? XHIT Daily has got the answers for you. Their YouTube channel offers celebrity-inspired workouts like the Jennifer Lawrence leg workout and the J. Lo booty workout. If you’re a fan of aerobics, they also have classes that will get your heart pumping and your body moving.

              Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone (3.72 million)

              If you prefer a more low-impact workout that still gets your body moving, Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home is the perfect choice for you. With 3.72 million subscribers, her channel features walking workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Join Leslie as she guides you through various walking routines that will keep you active and help you achieve your fitness goals.

              I’m here to share with you some awesome YouTube channels that will help you in your fitness journey. First up, we have Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home channel. With Leslie’s videos, you can easily do walking workouts right in the comfort of your own home. The best part is, you don’t need any fancy equipment! Her videos cover everything from start to finish, and they even include interval training. Plus, you can choose workouts based on their length, the distance you want to walk, or the specific muscle groups you want to target.

              66. ScottHermanFitness (2.56 million)

              Now let’s move on to Scott Herman, a popular fitness influencer on YouTube. Scott’s channel is all about instructional workout videos. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fitness enthusiast, you’ll find something useful on his channel. He also offers a 12-week program that you can access online. This program is packed with helpful fitness tips, facts, and even nutritional information that you can customize according to your own goals.

              67. Joanna Soh Official (2.63 million)

              I’m here to tell you about some amazing fitness channels on YouTube. These channels are packed with workout videos, nutrition tips, and healthy recipes to help you stay fit and healthy. Let’s dive right in!

              68. Joanna Soh

              If you’re looking for a certified personal trainer and nutritionist coach, Joanna Soh is the go-to person. Her YouTube channel is filled with workout videos, nutrition tips, and advice on healthy eating. She’s a specialist in women’s fitness and has got you covered!

              69. Lucy Wyndham-Read

              Next up we have Lucy Wyndham-Read, a qualified trainer with over 20 years of experience. Her YouTube channel offers over 1000 free home workout videos! Whether you’re looking for quick seven-minute workouts, full-body workouts, or High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts, Lucy has got you covered.

              70. HASFit – Coach Kozak and Claudia

              Heart And Soul Fit (HASFit) is a YouTube channel run by the amazing husband-and-wife duo, Coach Kozak and Claudia. They offer thousands of free workout videos that come with tailored meal plans and workout programs. It’s like having your own personal trainers!

              71. Heather Robertson

              Hi there! My name is Heather Robertson, and I’m not just your average personal trainer and nutrition coach – I’m also a fitness model! But what makes me stand out is that I want to help you reach your fitness goals right from the comfort of your own home. That’s why I post free full-length workout videos and routines on my YouTube channel that require no equipment at all!

              Now let’s move on to the next YouTube fitness sensation!

              Meet Stephanie Buttermore, the amazing cancer research scientist who has a passion for fitness. She’s all about the perfect balance between science and staying fit. Stephanie’s videos are a mix of informative science facts and practical fitness advice. She covers everything from nutrition to exercise, giving you valuable tips on how to lead a healthy and balanced life.

              Ready for more? Here comes Lex Fitness!

              LEX Fitness is the YouTube channel created by the one and only Lex Griffin. He’s your go-to guy for workout techniques and all-around fitness advice. Lex will show you how to stay active, dedicated, and consistent with your training. And hey, he’s even got videos on self-defense for those who are interested!

              Last but not least, say hello to BullyJuice!

              I’m Darryl Williams Junior, and I run a YouTube channel called BullyJuice. On my channel, I offer High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts that will get you moving and sweating! My videos come in different lengths, but most of them are around 30 to 40 minutes long.

              Number 74: Nick’s Strength and Power (1.17 million subscribers)

              Have you heard of Nick Miller’s YouTube channel, Nick’s Strength and Power? It’s all about body-building and getting those muscles pumped! Nick gives great advice on building muscle, and he even shares nutritional information to help you stay healthy. One of the coolest things about his channel is that he interviews famous bodybuilders, and they talk about their daily workouts and what they eat to stay fit.

              Number 75: Tone It Up (790,000 subscribers)

              How about checking out Tone It Up? It’s a YouTube channel run by Karena and Katrina, two fabulous fitness influencers. They have all kinds of amazing videos for you to enjoy, ranging from quick 10-minute workouts to intense marathon sessions. And if you’re looking for meal plans and nutrition tips, they’ve got you covered too!

              Number 76: Carly Rowena (421,000 subscribers)

              I want to tell you about some awesome influencers who are all about fitness and wellness. These influencers provide amazing content on social media that can help you stay in shape and feel great.

              77. Carly Rowena

              Carly Rowena is a popular Instagram and YouTube influencer who focuses on helping new moms and moms-to-be get back to their lean days. She shares workout videos that are perfect for anyone looking to stay fit and strong.

              78. Sarahs Day

              If you’re into holistic living and regular exercise, you’ll love Sarahs Day. This Australian influencer is all about taking care of your body and mind. On her YouTube channel, she shares diet tips, natural healing techniques, active workouts, Pilates, and core cardio exercises.

              79. Natacha Océane

              Natacha Océane is a fitness influencer on YouTube who believes in the power of collaboration. She teams up with other experts to create and sell fitness guides. One of her famous collaborations is with British Olympian Renee McGregor, and together they created the ‘Home. Reload Training Guide.’ Natacha also has her own line of resistance bands and workout gear.

              80. Heidi Somers

              Heidi Somers is another fantastic fitness influencer you should know about. With over 761,000 followers, she’s definitely making a difference. Heidi shares her fitness journey, workout routines, and tips for leading a healthy lifestyle. Her content is inspiring and relatable, making her a favorite among fitness enthusiasts.

              In the world of fitness, there’s a celebrity you’ve got to know: Heidi Somers. She’s a big deal on social media, with loads of fans on Instagram and YouTube. Now, why do people love her? Well, her channels are filled with awesome workout videos. You’ve got ones for your whole body, your upper body, arms—you name it! And the best part? Heidi’s got this cool voiceover thing going on, where she explains all the exercises and sets and reps. It’s like having a personal trainer right there with you.

              The Coolest Fitness Bloggers of 2021

              80. Born Fitness

              Now, if you’re hungry for fitness knowledge, you’ve gotta check out Born Fitness. These guys are experts in health, fitness, and nutrition. They’ve got you covered with all the answers to your burning questions. And hey, they don’t just stop there—they’re generous with their insights on fitness strategies and yummy recipes too. Oh, and if you need a little push to get started on your healthy journey, they’re all about motivating you to make those good choices.

              102 Super Fit Role Models

              81. Love Sweat Fitness

              I’m Katie Dunlop, and I run Love Sweat Fitness. My mission is to help you achieve your fitness goals. Join me on this journey as I share my own story, workout tips, nutrition advice, and daily motivation to keep you going strong.

              82. The Fitnessista

              Welcome to The Fitnessista! I’m Gina Harney, a certified personal trainer and a mom. On my blog, I’ll be sharing quick and effective workouts that fit into your busy schedule, along with tasty and healthy recipes to nourish your body.

              83. Garmin Fitness Blog

              Looking to start your own workout routine? The Garmin Fitness Blog is here to guide you. I’ll be sharing tips, tricks, and advice on how to find the perfect balance in your life through exercise and wellness.

              84. Chuze Fitness

              Whether you’re a beginner or a fitness enthusiast, Chuze Fitness is here to support you. Join us as we provide wellness tips, workout strategies, healthy recipes, and much more to help you on your fitness journey.

              85. Ace Healthy Living Blog

              Welcome to the Ace Healthy Living Blog! I’m excited to be your guide on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Get ready for helpful tips, insightful advice, and inspiration to make positive changes for your well-being.

              My name is Ace and I run the Ace Healthy Living Blog. It’s a blog where I share tips and advice on how to live a healthy life. We cover topics like nutrition, fitness, and the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. I believe that by making small changes to our daily habits, we can all lead happier, healthier lives.

              Now, let me introduce you to some other awesome blogs that you might find interesting. First up, we have Simply Shredded. This blog is all about shaping bodies, toning muscles, and getting fit. They offer resources like interviews with popular bodybuilders, motivational stories, and informative articles about the sport of bodybuilding. It’s a great place to find inspiration and learn more about how to achieve your fitness goals.

              Next on the list is Spot Me Bro. This blog is perfect for all the gym enthusiasts out there. They provide the latest gym news, men’s fitness trends, and expert advice. Whether you’re looking for workout routines or tips on how to stay motivated, Spot Me Bro has got you covered.

              If you’re into bodybuilding and fat-burning workouts, then Breaking Muscle is the blog for you. They offer valuable insights into the world of bodybuilding and provide workout plans, news from the fitness world, and reviews of trending diets. They also emphasize the importance of healthy eating, so you can fuel your body properly for optimal results.

              Last but not least, we have MyFitness Blog. This blog covers a wide range of fitness topics, from workout routines to healthy recipes. They believe in the power of fitness to transform lives, and their articles reflect that. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, MyFitness Blog has something for everyone.

              I hope you find these blogs as helpful and inspiring as I do. Remember, taking care of your health is a lifelong journey, and these blogs are here to support you every step of the way. So go ahead, explore and learn, and let’s embark on this healthy living adventure together!

              Welcome to MyFitness Blog, the place to go for resources on fitness and health. We’ve got everything you need to stay in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle. And don’t forget to check out our very own myfitness app – it’s a great tool for tracking and reaching your nutrition and fitness goals!

              Discover the Top Fitness Influencers on TikTok in 2021

              TikTok isn’t just for dancing and funny videos anymore – fitness influencers have taken over too! Take a look at some of the biggest names on this up-and-coming social media platform.

              90. Demi Bagby @demibagby (14.2 million followers)

              I have to tell you about Demi Bagby, because she is truly a fitness legend and a TikTok sensation. Demi regularly shares jaw-dropping exercise videos, parkour stunts, and other amazing physical feats. Her incredible social media presence has caught the attention of big sponsors like Sony Pictures and Gymshark.

              91. Fitness Freak @imkavy (8.4 million followers)

              Next up, we have the one and only Fitness Freak, also known as Kavy. She’s not just a TikTok star, but also a role model for fitness enthusiasts of all ages. Kavy’s videos are all about building strength and promoting weight loss, and she always keeps it fun and interactive.

              92. Antonie Lokhorst @antonielokhorst (4.3 million followers)

              I wanted to tell you about some amazing fitness influencers I follow on TikTok. They have millions of followers and share awesome videos of their daily lives and workout routines.

              Number 93: Jennifer Tavernier @minneninja (1 million)

              Jennifer Tavernier is an awesome fitness coach and influencer. She makes videos showing different workouts and even trains with her daughter. It’s really inspiring!

              Number 94: Steve Prince @steveprince.fit (860,000)

              Steve Prince is another amazing fitness influencer. He shares his workout videos with his TikTok followers and also helps people with their own workout plans. How cool is that?

              Number 95: Eyal Booker @eyalbooker (278,000)

              Eyal Booker is not only a model but also a fitness influencer on TikTok. He posts videos of his workouts and even includes his adorable pets. It’s really fun to watch!

              Number 96: Rebecca Louise @rebeccalouisefitness (289,000)

              Rebecca Louise is a fitness influencer who focuses on exercise and nutrition. She shares great tips and tricks for staying fit and healthy. I always learn something new from her videos!

              97. Jesse James West @jessejameswest (319,000)

              I’m Jesse James West, and I’ve got quite a following on TikTok. With 319,000 fans, I’m all about sharing my love for dance and fitness through my videos. But hey, I like to have some fun too! You’ll often find me adding a touch of humor to my dance routines and workouts. Come join the party!

              98. Pernilla Soe @pernillastryker (349,000)

              Do you want killer abs? Well, you’re in luck because I’m here to help you achieve just that! I’m Pernilla Soe, and my TikTok account is all about fitness. I’ve got 349,000 awesome followers who trust me to provide them with workout videos and fitness tips. Let’s get those abs rockin’!

              99. Stefana Avara @defining.fitness (754,000)

              Hey, it’s Stefana Avara! I’m a fitness enthusiast and a TikToker with a whopping 754,000 followers. On my profile, you’ll find tons of videos related to health and fitness. But wait, there’s more! I love busting fitness myths and sharing valuable fitness tips. Join me on this journey to a healthier and stronger you!

              100. James Tollefson @jamestollefson (272,000)

              What’s up, folks? I’m James Tollefson, a popular fitness influencer and coach on TikTok. With 272,000 followers, I’m here to inspire you to reach your fitness goals. In my videos, I focus on one exercise to target a specific body part. Let’s work together to get fit and stay motivated!

              102 Super Fit Role Models

              101. Isaac Smith @isaacsmithfit (350,000)

              I’m Isaac Smith, and I’m all about fitness on TikTok. You can find me sharing my workout videos and dishing out helpful fitness tips to my awesome audience.

              102. Kayla @kaylaiutzwig (275,000)

              Welcome to Kayla’s TikTok feed! Here, I share health and wellness tips, inspire others, and provide useful content for everyone.

              The Power of Fitness Influencers: Connecting with You

              • Better Connection with You: Fitness influencers like me understand our followers really well. We’ve built strong relationships and credibility through constant interaction. That’s why we can effectively communicate your brand’s message to an audience that truly connects with your product or service.
              • Boosted Brand Recognition: Collaborating with fitness influencers goes beyond simply getting their seal of approval. When they feature your product or service, you not only increase your visibility, but also earn the trust of their followers. This can pique their interest and motivate potential customers to delve deeper into your brand.
              • Established Authority and Trustworthiness: Fitness influencers are seen as experts in their field. Their expertise and genuine experiences can highlight the advantages of what you offer in a way that resonates with their followers. This genuineness enhances the credibility of your brand and makes it more likely for audiences to consider your products or services.
              • Mastering the Art of Influence: As an influencer, I have a knack for creating exciting content that really connects with my followers. I know how to craft messages that resonate with them and align with their aspirations. This means that when I promote your brand, it feels completely natural and authentic.
              • Cost-Effective Marketing: When you partner with me, a fitness influencer, you’re getting more bang for your buck compared to traditional advertising. I already have a dedicated following, so you won’t have to spend as much time and effort building an audience. Plus, my targeted reach means that you’re likely to see higher engagement rates, giving you a great return on your investment.
              • Mixing it Up with Different Content Formats: Fitness influencers like to switch things up and use all sorts of content formats. They might make videos of their workouts, share stories about their amazing transformations, or post educational information. By offering different types of content, they can communicate with their audience in different ways and appeal to a variety of tastes and interests.