18 January 2024

20 Retro Video Games That Can Be Played on iPhone

By Ronald Smith

Hey there! Remember the good old days? Think about your favorite games when you were in school. Maybe it was Tetris, Pac-Man, or Space Invaders? Those classic games hold a special place in our hearts, bringing back memories that stick with us for a lifetime. Some lucky folks had the pleasure of playing these games at home with video game consoles that came before the fancy PS4/5 and Xbox Series X.

But for the rest of us, it meant heading to the arcade, pockets jingling with coins, eagerly waiting for our turn to try and set a new high score. Those days were filled with excitement and anticipation.

These days, when I’m feeling bored or waiting for my coffee or the train, I often find myself playing games on my smartphone. It’s a great way to pass the time, and it can also be a fun way to connect with friends and family. The best part is, all I have to do is go to the app store and hit ‘Download’ to get a new game.

If you’re feeling nostalgic, I’ve got a treat for you. Here are 20 remakes of classic games that you can play on your iPhone. It’s like taking a trip down memory lane, right in the palm of your hand.

30 Awesome iPhone Games That Look Great

If you have a smartphone, chances are you have a game that you love to play. Maybe it’s your go-to when you need a break or just want to relax. Well, here’s a list of some great games that you might want to add to your collection. Trust me, they’re worth checking out.

Experience the Thrill of Pacific Wings

Do you remember the game ‘1941’? It was a classic where you got to be a fighter pilot, dodging bullets and taking down enemy planes. Well, if you loved that game, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a new version called Pacific Wings. It stays true to the original, with the same intense gameplay and retro design. It’s like stepping back in time.

When you play, you’ll guide the plane by simply swiping your finger across the screen. Along the way, you’ll collect power-ups that boost your bullet count or increase your firing speed. It’s all about being quick and strategic!

Now let’s talk about Breakout: Boost. This game is actually based on the original ‘Breakout’ by Atari, which came out in the 1970s. But don’t worry, the iPhone version has some awesome upgrades like better graphics, vibrant colors, and more walls to break. To control the paddle, all you have to do is move your finger left or right. It’s super simple yet entertaining!

In this version, you’ll have a little more to do than just bouncing a ball back and forth like in the classic game Pong. Your main goal is to break all the bricks, and there are different levels to conquer. It’s a unique twist that will keep you engaged and challenged.

Last but not least, let’s talk about Frogger. If you’re up for a real challenge, this is the game for you. In Frogger, you need to be patient, have lightning-fast reflexes to dodge cars, and perfect timing to safely make it to the other side. It’s all about skill, precision, and a bit of luck. Can you navigate the traffic and reach your destination without getting squished? Give it a try and find out!

So, whether you’re piloting a plane, breaking walls, or hopping like a frog, these games offer a mix of excitement and challenge. Get ready to have a blast!

I’ll guide you through the games. First up is Frogger. To control the frog, just swipe up, down, left, or right on the screen. It may take some time and skill, but don’t worry, with a little patience you’ll make it across safely.

Next, let’s dive into Bubble Shooter. This one is a classic and will bring back memories. On the iPhone version, you’ll swipe left and right to aim the arrow. When you’re ready, swipe up to shoot. The goal is to pop colored bubbles in groups of three or more, clearing them off the screen. Any bubbles below where you shoot will fall. Keep going until you’ve cleared all the bubbles. Be careful though, if a bubble reaches the bottom of your screen, it’s game over.

Lastly, we have Tanks! Get ready for some explosive action.

20 Retro Video Games That Can Be Played on iPhone

The gameplay and graphics of this game are based on Atari’s ‘Battlezone,’ which was released in 1980. However, there’s a unique twist added to it. Instead of having only 3 lives for your tank, you now have a health bar. Controlling the tank is done through two joysticks that handle the tank’s tracks.

This method of controlling the tank is quite interesting and enjoyable. Additionally, you have the opportunity to collect power-ups and health points as you play.

Snake ’97

This is the iconic game that was found on Nokia phones all over the place. And now, you can play it on your iPhone too! The best part is that the iPhone version of ‘Snake’ faithfully recreates the old phone’s appearance, without requiring you to use the rubber keypads.

The game itself is simple and fast-paced, providing you with an adrenaline rush or possibly a frustrating experience. Either way, you’ll find yourself compelled to keep playing, all in an effort to create the longest snake possible.

Ping Pong Touch

Let’s take a trip back to the 70s with this game. Just swipe your fingers up and down to move the paddle. Make sure you don’t let the ball pass the edge of your screen.

Some players like to bounce the ball off the walls, but be careful! Bouncing it off the walls might actually help your opponent, since you’re playing against an AI.

Chrono Trigger

Travel through time and save your planet in this RPG created by the same developers as Final Fantasy. You’ll use a joystick to navigate the map and engage in turn-based battles, just like in most RPGs.

But here’s the twist: during battles, you have to control the cursor with the on-screen joystick. You can’t just tap on enemies, which adds an extra challenge to the game.

Mortal Kombat

When I first got my hands on the Mortal Kombat game, it was all the rage. Just like other fighting games on the iPhone, it had a joystick on the left and action buttons on the right. It took a bit of practice to get used to the controls, but it was absolutely amazing to pull off those finishing moves and see them play out.

Let’s talk about Mega Man X now.

Mega Man X is pretty similar to the original game. It also has directional controls and two action buttons; one for shooting and one for jumping. If you hold down the shoot button, you can charge up your shot for some seriously powerful ammo.

The best part? There are so many different types of weapons to choose from, and each level is filled with unique robot enemies and bosses waiting at the end.

And finally, let’s dive into Doom Classic.

Doom was an influential game that introduced multiplayer shooting in a 3D world. The iPhone version of the game is a bit different because aiming can be challenging on the iPhone, so they made it easier for you.

In this game, you control your character as you explore the map, collecting bullets, health, and armor. You also have to defeat enemies that come your way.

Another game to check out is Super Tank Battle. It’s a survival game where you control a tank in a maze. Some walls in the maze can be destroyed, so you have to be careful. To move the tank, just use the onscreen directional pad, and there’s a button to shoot as well.

In each round, you have to destroy a certain number of tanks while collecting power-ups and points from each destroyed tank. It’s a classic game that many people already know and love.

Lastly, there’s Bomberman Touch – The Legend of the Mystic Bomb. This game is a legend for a reason. It’s a blast to play!

Hey there! Are you ready for some explosive action? Strap in and get ready to strategically place bombs to blow through walls and take down enemies who are out for blood. But be warned: don’t ever back yourself into a corner, because that’s a one-way ticket to doom!

The best part? Each round is super quick, only taking a minute or two to finish. But don’t let that fool you – this game will keep you entertained for hours on end!

Metal Slug 3

Have you heard of Metal Slug 3? It’s an awesome side-scrolling shooter game that’s bound to give you a thrill. Take on hordes of monsters and blast them away with your trusty gun. As you progress through each level, you’ll have the chance to grab power-ups, unlock powerful weapons, and even save innocent people – just like in the original game that took the world by storm a decade ago.

Prince of Persia

Have you ever played a game on your smartphone and noticed that the controls weren’t quite as good as they could be? Well, that’s because smartphones don’t have physical buttons like traditional game controllers. But don’t worry, I’ve got a game recommendation for you that still manages to be fun despite this limitation.

In this game, you control a character using a slider to move left or right, as well as three other buttons for climbing, jumping, and picking up objects. It might take a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be navigating your way through obstacles and guards like a pro.

Now, let me tell you about another classic game that will surely bring back some memories – Space Invaders. In this game, you pilot a spaceship and your goal is to shoot down the invaders while avoiding their bullets. The catch is that the invaders descend closer to you with each passing row, so you’ll need quick reflexes to dodge their attacks.

Remember those old arcade machines with their pixelated graphics and retro sounds? Well, this game has that same 8-bit look and sound, giving you a nostalgic flashback to a simpler time. It’s like you’re playing it in an arcade, even if you’re just using your smartphone.

And finally, let’s talk about Duke Nukem 3D. This game is a real blast from the past, with its fast-paced action and intense gameplay. You’ll be running, gunning, and blowing up enemies like there’s no tomorrow.

So, if you’re in the mood for some gaming nostalgia, give these games a try. Don’t let the lack of physical buttons on your smartphone hold you back – with a little practice, you’ll be a master of virtual controls in no time.

Back in the day, Duke Nukem 3D was the epitome of first-person shooter games. I’m telling you, getting back into it feels like a blast from the past. I can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia as I load up the game and start nuking everything in sight.

The remake version of the game keeps the same graphics as the original release in 1996. If you never played it back then, you’re in for a treat. Duke’s tongue-in-cheek, macho, and corny remarks will have you laughing out loud. The only noticeable difference is the smaller gameplay screen.

This poses a challenge for controls, but don’t worry. The new gameplay allows you to customize the buttons for movement, shooting, jumping, or kicking. You can move them around the screen instead of being stuck to one side. Now that’s what I call flexibility! With that sorted out, get ready for some serious action!

Now, let’s talk about Final Fantasy. This game is hands down one of the best role-playing games out there. And guess what? The fourteenth installment is about to be released, and the storytelling is still top-notch. It’s hard not to get immersed in the world of Final Fantasy.

If you’re a fan of the original Final Fantasy game from 1987, you’ll be happy to hear that the story remains largely the same. The great news is that this iPhone remake of the classic game has upgraded graphics! It might be a bit tricky to get the hang of the touchscreen controls compared to the original directional pad, but once you get used to them, you’ll be completely immersed in the game for hours on end.

Are you ready to explore towns and dungeons, level up your character, and defeat some bosses?

Double Dragon

Beat ’em up games, also known as brawlers, were incredibly popular in the 80s and early 90s. The concept is simple: you just beat up everyone in sight! And no game does it better than this treasure.

If you own a handheld device like an iPhone, you’ll love playing condensed games while on the go or waiting for someone. The graphics in this remake of the classic Double Dragon video game from over twenty years ago have been upgraded to give you an even better experience.

Just like in the original game, you can still play with a friend in co-op mode by connecting through Bluetooth. It’s a great way to team up and take down the bad guys together.

Now, you might be wondering how you control your character without a joystick. Well, the game has a virtual controls interface that you can use. The only downside is that it takes up quite a bit of space on the screen, which is already small. But if that doesn’t bother you, go ahead and download the game. Save Marian from the Black Warriors gang and show them who’s boss.

Retro Racing

Hey there! Have you ever played those awesome retro games where you navigate from a top-down view, dodge obstacles, and grab power-ups? Well, this iPhone game app is just like that, and it’s a blast!

Now, I want to clarify that this isn’t an actual remake of a retro game. However, it’s heavily inspired by the classic racing games we used to adore. In fact, the developer behind this app is the same genius who brought us the beloved Amiga racers Nitro (by Psygnosis) and ATR (by Team 17)! Talk about nostalgia!

So, what’s the gameplay like? Well, your goal is to secure at least third place in each race to unlock the next track. You’ll have a total of twelve tracks to conquer, and you can choose from six different cars. (Psst…three of them can be unlocked through in-game purchases!) Each car has its own unique characteristics, so pick wisely!

The controls couldn’t be simpler. Just tap left to steer left, tap right to go right, and tap up to accelerate. Easy peasy! Best of all, each race lasts only a minute or two, making it perfect for quick gaming sessions on the go. No need to commit to long play sessions.


When I think of classic video arcade games, one character instantly comes to mind: Pac-Man. This iconic character defined the golden age of arcade gaming, and even today, it remains a symbol of that era.

Back in 1980, Pac-Man burst onto the scene and became an immediate sensation among gamers. Its simple yet addictive gameplay was irresistible. And now, thanks to the iPhone app, you can experience the same thrills as the original Pac-Man game. Whether you prefer using a virtual joystick or guiding Pac-Man with your finger gestures, you’ll find yourself engrossed in navigating the yellow chomping character through the maze, either chasing or evading the infamous ghosts.

Sonic CD

Hey there! Have you ever played Sonic the Hedgehog? It’s a super fun game where you get to be Sonic and spin your way through different levels. You collect rings and defeat enemies and obstacles along the way. But wait, there’s more! You can also find special items like shields, invincibility, and speed shoes to help you out.

Back in 1993, Sonic CD was a really popular game that came out for the Sega Mega-CD. It was a platform game that people loved. Now, there’s a version of Sonic CD for the iPhone, and it’s just as awesome. The controls are simple – there are two buttons on the corners of the screen. You use the button on the left to move Sonic in different directions, and the button on the right to make him jump or spin (just hold it down).

This remake of Sonic CD is fantastic. The graphics are sharp and the music is awesome. It’s a side-scrolling game that people really love. If you’re looking for a new game to download, you should definitely check this one out. It’s worth it, trust me.


I have to tell you, there’s something about Tetris that just fills my heart with joy. I mean, who would’ve thought that a simple four-block stick could bring so much happiness? If you’re a fellow Tetris enthusiast, you know exactly what I’m talking about. But if you haven’t experienced the addictive world of Tetris yet, let me assure you, once you start playing, you’ll understand why it’s so beloved.

This classic tile-matching puzzle game has been given a modern twist with a vibrant and colorful makeover for the iPhone. Each individual piece now comes in its own unique color, adding an extra layer of visual appeal. It’s quite a departure from the original 1984 version created by the Soviet Union, which had a simpler aesthetic. But hey, change can be a good thing, right?

The creators of this Tetris remake made some smart adjustments to the traditional controls to make it more user-friendly for touchscreen devices with smaller screens. They wanted to ensure that playing Tetris on your iPhone would be a breeze, and they definitely succeeded in doing so.