Try the Brand New Pokemon Krispy Kreme in USA!

Krispy Kreme and The Pokémon Company International have teamed up to bring fans a delicious new way to catch ‘em all – with Krispy Kreme’s new Pikachu doughnut!

The new Pikachu doughnut is an original glazed yeast doughnut, decorated with yellow and red icing to resemble Pikachu’s iconic colors. The Pikachu doughnut will be available at participating Krispy Kreme shops in the United States from February 2 – March 31.

In addition to the new Pikachu doughnut, fans can also enjoy two other Pokémon-themed doughnuts: the Poké Ball doughnut and the Great Ball doughnut. The Poké Ball doughnut is an original glazed doughnut, topped with white icing and a red Poké Ball design, while the Great Ball doughnut is an original glazed doughnut, dipped in strawberry icing and decorated with a white ‘Great Ball’ logo.

So, if you’re a fan of both Krispy Kreme and Pokémon, be sure to head to your nearest participating Krispy Kreme shop to enjoy these delicious treats!

Pokemon Krispy Kreme Usa

Pokémon Krispy Kreme USA is the latest craze in the world of doughnuts. Not only do they offer a variety of delicious, freshly made doughnuts, they also feature the beloved Pokémon characters. For Pokémon fans, this is a dream come true! With flavors like Pikachu Punch and Squirtle Swirl, you can satisfy your sweet tooth and your inner Pokémon trainer. Plus, each doughnut is decorated with cute Pokémon decorations, making them perfect for any special occasion. Whether you’re a die-hard Pokémon fan or just looking for a delicious treat, Pokémon Krispy Kreme USA has something for everyone.

Overview of the special edition Pokemon doughnuts

Krispy Kreme USA has just released a special edition Pokemon doughnut that is sure to delight fans of the iconic franchise. The limited-time offer is a whimsical treat that combines the beloved characters with a sweet and delicious treat.

The Pokemon doughnut is a special edition of the classic Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut. It is adorned with a colorful and eye-catching design featuring Pikachu and other characters from the Pokemon universe. The doughnut is then finished off with a generous helping of chocolate icing.

The special edition doughnut is available in select locations throughout the United States. Each purchase comes with a limited-edition Pokemon trading card, making it a perfect treat for young and old fans of the franchise. The Pokemon doughnut can be purchased in a single, four-pack, or a dozen.

The special edition Pokemon doughnut is a delightful way to celebrate the release of the new Pokemon games, as well as a great way to show your love for the franchise. Whether you’re a fan of the original games or the latest releases, this is one treat that will bring a smile to your face.

If you’re looking for a unique and tasty treat, look no further than the special edition Pokemon doughnut from Krispy Kreme USA. With its vibrant design and delicious flavor, it’s sure to be a hit with Pokemon fans of all ages. So don’t miss out – grab yours today!

Benefits of buying Pokemon Krispy Kreme USA

Krispy Kreme USA is the latest trend in the world of Pokémon, and it’s easy to see why. This unique product offers a variety of benefits to both casual and competitive Pokémon fans alike. If you’re looking to take your Pokémon game to the next level, read on to find out why buying Pokemon Krispy Kreme USA is the way to go.

First, the quality of the product is simply unmatched. From the crisp, crunchy texture of the doughnuts to the flavor-packed fillings, the Krispy Kreme USA doughnuts are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Not only do they taste great, but the doughnuts are also made with natural ingredients, so you can feel good about what you’re eating.

Another great benefit of buying Pokemon Krispy Kreme USA is the convenience. You can order them online and have them delivered right to your door, making them the perfect snack or treat when you’re on the go. Plus, with the variety of flavors available, there’s something for everyone.

Finally, the presentation of the product is top-notch. Packaged in adorable pokéball-shaped boxes, the doughnuts are sure to be a hit with any Pokémon fan. Plus, with the wide range of colors and designs available, you can customize your order to fit any theme or occasion.

Whether you’re a casual fan or a competitive trainer, buying Pokemon Krispy Kreme USA is a great way to show your love of the game. With its unbeatable quality, convenience, and presentation, it’s no wonder why these delicious doughnuts have become so popular. So, don’t wait any longer – order some Krispy Kreme USA today and treat yourself to the ultimate Pokémon experience!

Where to find Pokemon Krispy Kreme USA

If you’re a fan of the world-famous Pokémon franchise, then you might be wondering where to find Pokemon Krispy Kreme USA. The good news is that the beloved franchise has made its way to the United States and can be found in a number of different locations. Whether you’re looking for a special treat or just want to fill your Pokédex, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.

For starters, the Krispy Kreme website has a dedicated page featuring all of the Pokemon Krispy Kreme USA products. This page provides plenty of information about the product, from its flavor profile to nutritional facts. It also provides a list of all the stores where the product can be found, making it easy to locate the nearest location. Additionally, the Krispy Kreme website has a store locator feature that will allow you to search for the nearest locations in your area.

In addition to the Krispy Kreme website, there are a number of other retailers that carry the Pokemon Krispy Kreme USA products. Walmart and Target are two of the most popular retailers that carry the product. These stores typically have a wide selection of the product, making it easy to find the flavor you’re looking for. Online retailers like Amazon also carry the product, making it easier than ever to purchase the product without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Finally, if you’re looking for a unique experience, then you should consider visiting a Pokemon Krispy Kreme USA pop-up shop. These pop-up shops are typically located in malls or other public locations and feature a range of Pokemon-themed products. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to get your hands on some exclusive products that can’t be found anywhere else.

No matter where you decide to find Pokemon Krispy Kreme USA, you’ll be sure to enjoy the delicious flavors of the beloved franchise. From the comfort of your own home to the excitement of a pop-up shop, there’s no shortage of places to find the beloved treat.



In conclusion, the launch of Pokemon Krispy Kreme USA has been a great success, as evidenced by the large number of customers who have lined up to purchase the product. The partnership between the two companies has provided an exciting addition to the Krispy Kreme USA menu, as well as a fun and novel way to enjoy the classic doughnuts. The product has been well received by both adults and children alike, and the combination of Krispy Kreme doughnuts with beloved Pokemon characters has been a hit. The partnership between Pokemon and Krispy Kreme USA is sure to be a long-term success.