18 January 2024

Unlocking Success for Your Startup with Crowd-Sourced Software Testing and “99Tests”

By Ronald Smith

Today, I want to talk to you about a fantastic way to achieve success for your startup – crowd-sourced software testing through a platform called 99Tests.

Picture this: You’ve just launched your brand-new startup. The excitement and anticipation are palpable as you introduce your innovative software solution to the world. But there’s a nagging concern in the back of your mind. Will your software perform flawlessly? Will it meet the expectations of your users? This is where crowd-sourced software testing comes to the rescue.

With crowd-sourced testing, you tap into a vast community of skilled testers from around the world. These individuals will put your software through its paces, uncovering any bugs or glitches that may impede its functionality. This allows you to identify and rectify issues before your users even encounter them, ensuring a smooth and seamless user experience.

Now, let me introduce you to 99Tests – a leading platform that connects you with an army of talented testers. With their expertise and knowledge, they will rigorously test your software across various devices, platforms, and scenarios. This thorough testing will provide valuable insights and help you fine-tune your software to perfection.

But why 99Tests? Well, apart from the clever name, they have a track record of success. Their vast network of testers ensures that your software receives comprehensive and diverse testing. Additionally, their platform provides detailed feedback and bug reports, giving you a clear understanding of any issues that arise.

By harnessing the power of crowd-sourced testing, you gain a competitive edge. Instead of relying solely on your team’s limited resources, you now have access to a global pool of talent. This not only saves time and effort but also allows your team to focus on other crucial aspects of your startup’s success.

So, whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established startup, crowd-sourced software testing with 99Tests is a game-changer. It empowers you to deliver a top-notch product, ensuring satisfied customers and paving the way for your company’s thriving success.

Don’t leave your software’s performance to chance. Embrace the power of crowd-sourced testing and partner with 99Tests today. Together, we’ll conquer any software obstacles in our path, driving your startup towards unparalleled success.

Unlocking Success for Your Startup with Crowd-Sourced Software Testing and 99Tests

Welcome to the era of instant global communication and online forums where we can all share our knowledge with just a tap of a finger. It’s pretty amazing, right? Well, companies have caught on to this trend and started using crowd-sourcing to get help from people like you and me.

But here’s an interesting thought: could this whole crowd-sourcing thing actually lead to a world where we don’t need managers anymore? A world where we can all contribute when we want to, simply because we’re motivated to do so?

Enter 99Tests for Software Testing

This is the question that Praveen Singh, the CEO and Founder of 99tests, asked himself back in 2010. He decided to take the plunge into the world of crowd-sourcing by starting his own company called 99tests, which focuses on crowd-sourced software testing.

I’m here to tell you about an incredible service called 99tests. This company offers a unique approach to software testing for companies all over the world. How does it work, you ask? Well, let me break it down for you.

Imagine you have a software product that you want to release to the public. You want to make sure it’s perfect, with no bugs or glitches. That’s where 99tests comes in. They have a team of talented software testing professionals who can help you with that.

Here’s how it works. You can hire anywhere from twenty to sixty testers who will put your product through its paces in real world conditions. They’ll test it on different platforms like mobile, web, and tablets. And they’ll cover various types of testing, including functionality, security, and performance.

Why is this so important? Well, by testing your product in real world conditions, these professionals can catch any critical bugs before your customers do. This means you can release a high-quality product that works flawlessly.

And let me tell you, 99tests is not messing around. They have a whopping 4250 testers on their team. That’s a lot of brainpower working to ensure your product is top-notch. And they’re not just limited to one country – they have customers from all over the globe.

Some big-name companies have already seen the benefits of using 99tests. Take Intuit, Flipkart, and Cleartrip, for example. These companies have seen firsthand how 99tests can improve the quality of their software products.

So if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient way to test your software, look no further than 99tests. They have the experience, the expertise, and the global reach to make sure your product is the best it can be.

Whether you’re an established company or just starting out, 99tests has got you covered when it comes to testing. We offer fixed-price packages for each unit, just like other crowd-sourcing companies such as CrowdFlower. The size of the package depends on your specific needs, and we make sure to communicate with you to understand and address those needs. We even have a demo package that’s a steal, just to win you over.

And let me tell you, we will definitely win you over. In just over two years, our amazing 99tests community has found and logged a whopping 22,304 bugs!

The Power of Healthy Competition

Now, here’s the deal. We know that keeping our community dedicated to providing top-notch service is crucial. That’s why we turn each project into an exciting competition. It’s all about motivating our testers and bringing out the best in them.

At 99tests, I make each project a client-sponsored competition. I assign testers to find bugs, and the top testers who discover the most bugs win a cash prize. But we don’t stop there. We also reward these top testers with testing tools that help them improve their skills. This is what sets 99tests apart from other crowd sourcing firms. We don’t just focus on delivering the best service to our clients, but we also strive to strengthen the abilities of each tester. By offering these incentives, we ensure that our network is filled with passionate and exceptionally talented individuals.

Actually, I view 99tests as a place for testers to connect and build their professional network, where they can establish their reputation for being excellent at what they do. I want to make 99tests a platform that testers are proud to be associated with and excited to contribute to.

I was fortunate enough to find a reliable partner in Naveen Kumar, my Co-Founder. Naveen became interested in 99tests after closing down his own venture. He plays a vital role in running the operations of 99tests, taking charge of technology, development, and marketing. This allows me to focus on being the evangelist for software crowd-sourcing that I am.

In just a little over two years, 99tests has managed to find over 20,000 bugs with their team of over 4,000 workers. And they’ve done it all without the hefty $37 million in venture capital that their big American competitor, uTest, has.

My goal for 2013 is to grow 99tests even more. I want to bring on 10,000 testers and find 200 new customers by the end of the year. I also have plans to offer automation services and help companies reduce the risk of releasing software with bugs. It’s a big aim, but with the increasing demand for crowd-sourced services, I’m feeling pretty optimistic.