26 January 2024

Discover 14 Awesome Apps, Sites, and More to Promote Your Amazing Garage or Yard Sale!

By Ronald Smith

Discover 14 Awesome Apps, Sites, and More to Promote Your Amazing Garage or Yard Sale!

Every week, like clockwork, we Americans hop into our cars and scour our neighborhoods in search of all kinds of goodies. Some of us are eBay enthusiasts, on the hunt for items we can sell for a sweet profit. Then there are the treasure seekers and bargain hunters among us.

Online Platforms for Yard Sales and Garage Sale Apps

People have countless reasons for frequenting yard sales, garage sales, and estate sales on a weekly basis. But regardless of their motives, the sheer number of interested folks means there are ample opportunities for making some extra cash. Thanks to modern technology, there are now numerous platforms where you can advertise your garage sale, including apps and websites dedicated to yard sales, both for buying and selling items.

Can a Business Host a Yard Sale?

If you’re a solopreneur like me, and you’re trying to make room in your home office or even create a dedicated workspace at home, a yard sale can be an awesome solution. Not only will it help you declutter, but it can also bring in some extra cash. The same goes for those of you who own a more traditional business and need to get rid of excess inventory or supplies.

But here’s the thing, if you don’t advertise your yard sale or garage sale in the right places, you’ll only have a handful of visitors on a Saturday morning. Thankfully, there are plenty of options available to help spread the word.

If you’re wondering where to let people know about your garage sales, yard sales, or estate sales, I’ve got you covered! There are so many different places you can advertise your sale to reach more people and potential customers. Plus, with these awesome garage sales app and yard sales sites, you can even sell your items online while you’re hosting your sale!

So, without further ado, here’s a list of the best spots to promote your garage sales:

Where to Advertise Garage Sales, Yard Sales, or Estate Sales


Discover 14 Awesome Apps, Sites, and More to Promote Your Amazing Garage or Yard Sale!

This amazing app I’m about to tell you about is perfect for connecting with your local community and selling your stuff. It’s kind of like eBay, but with a unique twist. You can list your items, gather followers, track clicks, and even sell directly within the app. How cool is that?

Introducing My Garage Sale (MGS)

Now, whether you’re on the hunt for a great bargain or you want to clear out some of your own treasures, My Garage Sale (MGS) has got you covered, and the best part? It’s completely free! This awesome app is available for Android and iOS. You can easily browse through garage sales happening in your area, and if you want, you can even get notifications when there are sales close by. It’s like having a virtual map of all the awesome stuff waiting for you right in your neighborhood!

Explore Garage Sales with Ease

Discover 14 Awesome Apps, Sites, and More to Promote Your Amazing Garage or Yard Sale!

I’ve got this awesome iOS app that shows you all the local yard sales, garage sales, and estate sales on a map. It’s super handy if you’re going from sale to sale and want to know where to go next. Best part? It’s free to download from Apple!

Check out EstateSales.org

If you’re thinking about selling an entire estate, you might want to consider placing an ad on EstateSales.org. For just under $30, you can reach a bunch of people who are seriously interested in finding good deals. Putting your ad on this site will make sure that it gets seen by lots of potential buyers.

Discover Gsalr.com

Looking to attract shoppers who are specifically searching for yard sales and garage sales? Look no further than Gsalr.com. According to them, they’re the biggest garage sale and yard sale directory on the Web. All you need to do is create a listing, and interested shoppers can easily find your sale and get directions to it.

Don’t miss out on EstateSales.net

Discover 14 Awesome Apps, Sites, and More to Promote Your Amazing Garage or Yard Sale!

Want an easy way to get the word out about your yard sale? Well, I’ve got just the thing for you. Just post your listing on the Estate Sales app and watch the magic happen!

What’s the Estate Sales app?

It’s an app that helps people find yard sales in their local area. All you have to do is upload some photos of your items, along with your address, and boom! People with the app will be able to find you and your awesome sale.

But wait, there’s more!

Got some items that you want to sell separately from your yard sale? No problem! You can list them on another awesome app called OfferUp. This app lets you connect with local buyers who are interested in what you’re selling.

And that’s not all!

If OfferUp isn’t your thing, there’s another app called LetGo. It allows you to list items individually from your yard sale or garage sale. You can find potential buyers who have the LetGo app and even chat with them privately to negotiate a price. How cool is that?

One last thing

If you want to make it super easy for people to find your yard sale, you can use the Yard Sale Treasure Map app. It’s like a treasure map, but instead of searching for gold, people can find your awesome yard sale! So go ahead and give it a try!

Discover 14 Awesome Apps, Sites, and More to Promote Your Amazing Garage or Yard Sale!

So, I wanted to tell you about this awesome mobile app called Yard Sale Treasure Map. It’s pretty cool because it helps you find garage sales near you by going through Craigslist’s listings. It even puts all the sales on a map for you, making it super easy to find the closest ones.

Let’s Talk About Garage Sales

Oh, and there’s another neat app called Garage Sales, Everywhere. This one gets its information directly from Craigslist too. But here’s the fun part – it includes photos and gives you turn-by-turn directions using Google. How cool is that?

Oh, Craigslist.org!

Discover 14 Awesome Apps, Sites, and More to Promote Your Amazing Garage or Yard Sale!

I can’t talk about garage sale and yard sale mobile apps without mentioning the powerhouse data source behind many of them: Craigslist. You can upload photos of the stuff you’re selling and even communicate directly with potential buyers if you provide your contact information. This site is also perfect for getting rid of any items that didn’t sell during your sale. And if you want to give away the remaining items for free, just take a photo and label it as a Curb Alert – people looking for good deals will swoop in.


Now, let me tell you about Facebook – it’s a big deal! Almost everyone uses it. You can search for Groups and Pages on Facebook that are all about local garage sales and yard sales in your area. These groups are not only great for finding sales, but you can also find buyers there too. Make sure to take lots of pictures of the items you’re selling so people can see what you have. Get ready to answer lots of questions from people who are interested in your things, based on the pictures you post.

Looking in the Newspaper

Discover 14 Awesome Apps, Sites, and More to Promote Your Amazing Garage or Yard Sale!

Hey, have you ever heard the riddle What’s black and white and read all over? Well, if you’re younger than 30, the answer is a newspaper. As for avid yard sale enthusiasts, they usually grab a copy of their local paper on Saturday mornings to check out the classifieds and find these sales.

Newspapers often have special deals for yard sale ads that are listed in their classifieds section. It’s a good idea to find out from your local paper what their deadlines are for submitting your ad before your sale. Some papers even offer packages that include free roadside signs or price tag stickers, among other things.

Road Signs

Now, my next suggestion is not an app or website, but it’s a simple and low-tech way to advertise your yard sale or garage sale.

Have you ever found a really cool app or a great place to promote garage sales? I’m curious to know what marketing tricks you can share with me. Let’s chat about how you found the perfect spots to advertise garage sales in the comments section below!

Image Credits: Yard Sale Sign, Photos from Newspapers via Shutterstock; Other Images: Kolodgie Enterprises, EstateSales.NET, VarageSale.com, Arock Labs, Craigslist.org