11 January 2024

5 Amazing Ways Small Businesses Use Text Blast Software

By Ronald Smith

I want to share with you how small businesses like yours are taking advantage of text blast software. At TXT180, we’ve been providing affordable text marketing solutions since 2010. But there’s more to SMS marketing than meets the eye. Let me show you some incredible benefits you can enjoy when you start a text marketing campaign. If you’re interested, you can check out our pricing on txt180.com or give us a call at 877-989-8180 to see if SMS marketing is right for your business.

5 Amazing Ways Small Businesses Use Text Blast Software

There are many ways small businesses can benefit from using text blast software. Let’s explore the top five uses of text blast software for small businesses.

So, what exactly is text blast software?

For this article, I’ll be using text blast software synonymously with SMS messaging. SMS, or short message service, allows you to send messages using a short code or shortened phone number. To receive your messages, all recipients must opt-in, meaning they have specifically requested to receive your messages!

With SMS marketing, you won’t waste your marketing budget on people who aren’t interested in your product or service. Now, let’s dive into the top five ways you can utilize text blast software to boost your business revenue.

Uses of Text Blast Software

1) Appointment Reminders

If you have a business that sets up appointments, text blast software is a fantastic choice. Whether it’s a doctor’s office, a med spa, a car dealership’s service department, an auto shop, or a salon, this software can benefit you. With text blast software, you can send a message to a group of people all at once. For example, you can send a message to remind them about their appointments for the day or week. The message could say something like, You have an appointment with Dr. Brown this week. If you can’t remember your appointment time or need to reschedule, please give us a call.

Want to save time and make your life easier? Well, using text blast software is the way to go! It’s way better than an auto-dialer because it not only saves your staff time on making reminder calls, but it’s also more effective.

With text blast software, you can schedule your reminder texts in advance. Just set the day and time, and the software will automatically deliver the message for you. No more worrying about forgetting to make those important calls!

Oh, and here’s a cool feature. If you have a cancellation, you can quickly send out a message to the people on your waiting list. Let them know there’s an opening in the schedule and see if they want to take it. How convenient is that?

Now, you might be wondering, why use text messages instead of phone calls? Well, let me tell you this amazing fact. Did you know that 90 percent of text messages are read within three minutes? That’s right! Most people don’t answer phone calls, but they sure do read their text messages pronto!

2) Alerts

If you have a small business, you can use special software to send out important messages to your clients. This software lets you send a bunch of text messages all at once to let people know about any changes or updates they should know about. For example, if you need to close your business for a day or change your hours, you can use this software to send a text blast to your customers so they’re aware of the changes. This is also helpful for schools or daycares who can use it to send alerts to students and parents about things like early dismissals or weather-related closures. It’s not just for customers either – you can also use this software to keep your own employees in the loop. For example, if the office is closed because of bad weather, you can send a text blast to all your employees to let them know. Or if there’s a change in the weekly meeting time, you can use the software to notify everyone. You can even use it to find someone to cover a shift if there’s an opening.

I am absolutely in awe of the infinite possibilities that await us. You won’t believe what I discovered! Many sports teams actually rely on text blast software to keep their members in the loop about changes in practice times or game cancellations due to bad weather. Isn’t that incredible? But here’s the catch – before you go blasting out SMS messages, you must make sure to get explicit permission from each person, including your amazing employees, of course. It’s all about respect for privacy. Remember that!

Now, let’s move on to something exciting – coupons and deals! They are like magic tricks that can conjure up a crowd of eager subscribers for your text blast campaign. That’s not all – these tricks can also lure your customers in on those slow days, or make them fall in love with your business all over again. You see, with the help of text blast software, you can send out loyalty reward coupons that will keep your customers coming back for more. Oh, did I mention the mind-boggling statistics? Mobile coupon redemption rates are a whopping 10 times higher than that of traditional printed coupons! Incredible, right? By sending a simple text message, you make sure that your customers see your fantastic special offer right away. It’s like giving them a front-row seat to the secret world of exclusive deals.

4) Contests/Vote

Did you know that SMS blast software can be super helpful for collecting information? It’s true! Whether it’s a school wanting to let students vote for their favorite talent show contestant or a company looking for customer input on a new product or service, text blast software is the way to go. And guess what? It’s really easy to use!

Here’s how it works: the text blast software uses a special code and can be customized to meet the unique needs of any business. Just like on shows like American Idol, thousands of votes can be handled at once. And the best part? The votes are captured instantly! You can even stream live results to an audience. How cool is that?

5) Feedback

I want to tell you about this awesome thing called text message software for small businesses. It’s super useful because it helps me stay connected with my customers and share important stuff like information, discounts, and reminders. But here’s the thing: when I use this software, I’m actually sending messages to people’s personal cell phones. So I gotta be careful not to spam them or send messages that don’t really mean anything. Every interaction I have with my customers needs to be valuable to them, you know? That’s why I create groups to send targeted messages that are relevant to specific people. Oh, and I also keep an eye on my opt-out rates. If a lot of people are choosing to unsubscribe from my campaign, it’s a sign that I need to rethink my approach. I gotta make sure I’m making the most out of my test blast campaign, you know what I mean?