13 February 2024

20 Words About Technology You Should Know

By Ronald Smith

Hashtag. Podcast. Emoji. Streaming. These words didn’t exist a few years ago. They weren’t even real. But now they’re part of our everyday lives and our everyday talk.

It’s hard to believe that phrases like “Google it” weren’t always a thing. Looking back, it’s crazy to think that these words weren’t always part of our everyday language. So what’s next?

Here are some new words we think you should know:

1. Digitize

(verb): To turn something into a digital form.

How to use it:

“Turning books into eBooks was a brilliant idea.”

20 Words About Technology You Should Know

2. Fakersation

(noun): A fakersation is when you pretend to have a conversation in order to get out of an uncomfortable or awkward situation. (source)

How to use it:

“Last night, my date was terrible, so I faked a conversation to leave early.”

3. Rankify

(verb): Rankify means making improvements or achieving success in life. (source)

How to use it:

“Awesome, I rankified my job and got promoted!”

4. Buffer

(noun): A buffer is a temporary storage space in a computer’s memory used for transferring a large amount of data.

How to use it:

“I can’t even remember what was on that test. I studied for it using the buffer method.”

5. Moodle

(noun): Moodle is a free, open-source learning platform primarily used for e-learning (source).

How to use it:

“I used Moodle to find the information and I aced my exam!”

6. Breadcrumbs

(noun): Breadcrumbs are a feature on a website that shows you where you are in relation to the site itself. They make navigation easier.

How to use it:

“I’m so lost. Can we use breadcrumbs to find our way back to where we came from?”

7. Videotize

(verb): Videotize means turning your message into a video for convenience and easy access.

How to use it:

“Ever since Tasty started making cooking videos, I can’t stop watching people cook.”

8. Happify

Using positive psychology to make yourself happier? That’s what happify is all about. It’s a verb, a way of infusing your life with joy. Here’s how you can do it: I happify by writing down three great things that happened to me at the end of every day. Yep, it’s that simple. Give it a try and watch how your happiness grows.

20 Words About Technology You Should Know

9. GIFify

When you turn an image into a GIF, that process is called “GIFify”.

How can you use it? Like this:

“Hey, that picture is so funny! Let’s GIFify it!”

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No matter what kind of mood you’re in or what you’re interested in, you can find a GIF online to show it. Want to know more? Keep reading!

10. Loup

If you combine the convenience of a bus route with the comfort of a private cab, you get a new mode of transportation called a “Loup”.

How can you use it? Like this:

“The next bus isn’t coming for another 20 minutes. Let’s just get a Loup instead.”

11. Gigaflops

The term “Gigaflops” is used as a unit of measurement to determine the speed and performance of computers.

How can you use it? Like this:

“The work I did today on my computer wasn’t very fast. I need to concentrate better.”

12. Spendlytics

In simple terms, spendlytics is a way to understand how you spend your money. It helps you keep track of where your hard-earned cash goes.

How can spendlytics benefit you?

Well, think of it like this. Have you ever had your credit card declined while trying to make a purchase? It’s not a great feeling, right? But with spendlytics, you won’t be left in the dark. By monitoring your spendlytics, you can stay on top of your spending habits, making sure you never get caught off guard.

Imagine this: You’re out shopping, excited and ready to buy something you really want. You reach into your pocket, pull out your credit card, and confidently hand it to the cashier. But then, disaster strikes. The cashier shakes their head and tells you that your card has been rejected. You feel your face turn red and embarrassment washes over you.

Well, my friend, that’s where spendlytics comes in. By using this handy tool, you can avoid those awkward moments and stay in control of your money. Spendlytics gives you a clear picture of your spending patterns, helping you understand where your money is going and how much you’re spending on different things.

Maybe you’re splurging a bit too much on fancy coffee drinks or buying way too many video games. With spendlytics, you’ll be able to see these patterns and make informed decisions about where you can cut back.

So, the next time your credit card gets rejected, don’t panic. Just take a deep breath and remember that spendlytics is here to help. By keeping an eye on your spending habits, you’ll be able to stay in control of your finances and avoid those embarrassing moments at the cash register. Give it a try and see for yourself how spendlytics can make a difference in your life!

20 Words About Technology You Should Know

17. Commjacking

How to use it:

“I got commjacked when I connected to public Wi-Fi, and they stole my credit card information.”

18. Uncloud

“Uncloud” means managing, analyzing, and organizing your cloud storage.

How to use it:

“My place is so messy. I should uncloud it and figure out what I actually need.”

19. Whitelist

A “whitelist” is a list that grants access or approval to specific entities that are proven to be valid.

How to use it:

“We made it onto the restaurant’s whitelist for reservations, so now we can have brunch there whenever we want.”

20. Flaming

“Flaming” can be used as a noun or verb. It refers to the act of posting offensive and insulting comments, similar to trolling. This can be done on purpose or by accident.

How to use it:

“Have you seen the fiery arguments happening on the Reddit New York board? It’s insane!”

“All I wanted to do was respond to someone’s question, but they attacked me for my opinion.”

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