12 February 2024

20 Ways to Boost Your Creative Inspiration (When You’re Stuck)

By Ronald Smith

Right now, I’m in a funk. My brain feels like it’s stuck in a traffic jam, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t come up with any fresh ideas. It’s frustrating, and I’m sure you’ve experienced this too – those moments when your mind hits a dead end, and you’re left with nothing but a blank page staring back at you. But guess what? I’ve found a solution.

I believe that as freelancers, we all go through these creative droughts at some point. It’s like we’ve entered a room filled with tumbleweeds, and we just can’t find a way out. It’s disheartening, especially when our livelihoods depend on our ability to create something amazing. But here’s the thing – we’re human. And sometimes, that human side of us takes over, leaving us feeling stuck and unable to ignite our creative spark.

When I found myself in that predicament, I discovered several ways to replenish my well of freelancing ideas. Here, I’ll share the 20 things I do when my creativity runs dry.

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1. Take a Moment to Unwind

Give yourself permission to do absolutely nothing. Just sit back and relax. That’s what I did first. In the grand scheme of things, there’s nothing to lose. This downtime allowed me to clear my mind and let go of the half-formed ideas that were lingering. They were hesitant to leave, but through relaxation, I created space for fresh thoughts to emerge.

By intentionally emptying my mind through relaxation, I created a fertile ground for new ideas to take root.

20 Ways to Boost Your Creative Inspiration (When You're Stuck)

2. Discovering a New Client

When I stick to working with my regular clients, I tend to get stuck in the same old routine. However, when I take the time to engage with new clients, it opens up a whole world of possibilities. It introduces me to fresh ideas and new approaches for tackling the familiar problems I encounter. It pushes me to think outside the box and discover something different.

Engaging with new clients not only helps me discover new creative avenues to explore but also forces me to tap into an entirely new thought process. This expands my horizons and allows me to expand my skill set as a designer.

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3. Engage in Blog Commenting

I find that idea exchanges in blogs, especially ones with lots of commentators, can be really beneficial. It’s something you don’t realize until you actually start doing it. When you engage with others online, your brain gets a workout and you naturally come up with better ideas.

Another great way to get inspired is by participating in online forums. These communities are full of people discussing various topics, which means there are endless opportunities for new ideas. The back and forth conversations allow you to stay updated on the latest trends and events, opening up your mind to unique perspectives.

When it comes to finding inspiration, don’t forget to stay informed about current news. Keeping up with the latest headlines can spark your creativity and help you discover fresh angles to explore.

In conclusion, engaging with others online through blogs and forums, as well as staying informed about current news, can all contribute to a richer and more inspired thought process. So, go ahead and jump into these virtual spaces to unlock your full creative potential!

Not into chatting online? Well, why not stay informed by catching up on the latest news? No matter how you prefer to stay connected to what’s happening in your area, offline and online news sources can be your trusty companions during quieter times. And once you’ve had your fill of local news, why not expand your horizons and explore international news?

6. Give yourself a monologue

Talking to yourself might sound strange, but it can actually spark some brilliant ideas. I’ve tried it myself, especially when I’m in the middle of a work crisis. Having a monologue can be motivating because not only do you think about the ideas, but you also hear them being spoken aloud, engaging another part of your brain.

Just be careful not to do it too often, or people might start thinking you’ve lost your marbles!

20 Ways to Boost Your Creative Inspiration (When You're Stuck)

7. Engage in a spirited debate with a strongly opinionated individual

Interacting with others can have a profound impact on our emotions and perspectives, especially when we engage with individuals who fearlessly express their thoughts. The diversity of opinions is a treasure trove for both our writing and artistic endeavors, as these viewpoints can infuse our work with fresh ideas and novel perspectives.

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8. Immerse yourself in a reality show

Reality shows are not only entertaining but also educational. These shows have a way of capturing our attention and lingering in our minds, even after they’ve ended. By watching reality shows, you can gain unique insights into the thoughts and perspectives of individuals from diverse backgrounds and locations.

As I work on my ideas, I may stumble upon fresh insights that could be valuable in shaping my thoughts.

9. Take a shot at fixing something that’s broken

Step away from my workspace and try my hand at fixing something that’s broken. If everything is going smoothly at home, I can tackle some chores like washing the dishes or mowing the lawn. These hands-on tasks awaken different parts of my mind, giving me the opportunity to think more deeply about my problem and come up with creative solutions.

20 Ways to Boost Your Creative Inspiration (When You're Stuck)

10. Create something from scratch

If you enjoy writing, don’t just write what the client wants; write something that you truly want to write. Release your creative side and write a poem, a children’s story, or an opinion piece about a current issue to share on your blog. If you enjoy sketching, take a trip to a place that inspires you and sketch whatever catches your eye.

Immerse yourself in arts and crafts, try your hand at cooking a new dish, or create a DIY accessory. By engaging in activities that bring you joy, you’ll open the floodgates to a flow of new ideas.

11. Make new connections

Have you met someone new in your industry? Take the opportunity to have a drink or a meal with them. Meeting new people stimulates your brain and encourages you to impress them. This interaction also works in reverse; not only does it create excitement, but it also fuels your desire to learn more.

12. Do you participate in any sports?

When I’m outside, playing a group sport with my friends, it really gets my blood pumping and gives me a sense of belonging. There’s just something about a good run or winning a game that really motivates my brain!

13. Take a Break at the Curb for a Cup of Tea

Take a moment to find a nice cafĂ© or restaurant by the side of the road. As you sip your coffee (or tea), just sit and watch the cars and pedestrians go by. Trust me, it really makes you feel better, especially if you can find a quiet street that’s not too busy or crowded.

14. Explore New Places

Even better, why not venture outside of your state or country? Take a trip to a nearby island or go back to your hometown. Meeting new people or reconnecting with old friends can spark your inspiration and open your mind to new ideas from unexpected places.

20 Ways to Boost Your Creative Inspiration (When You're Stuck)

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Hop on and Let the Adventure Begin: Take a Ride Like Never Before

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So, my friend, don’t hesitate. Get out there and let the wind blow through your hair. Let the excitement and freedom of the ride fill your heart. It’s time to embark on a new journey and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Why not leave your car behind and hop on a bus or, even better, take a round trip on a train? While you’re on the move, take the opportunity to observe your fellow travelers and the passing scenery. Imagine yourself on a soul-searching journey (which, in a way, it is) and bring along a notepad to jot down any ideas that come to mind.

17. Immerse Yourself in Nature

Parks aren’t just places for a leisurely stroll. They also provide a connection to the beauty of the natural world. Go fishing, jog through the park, or invite someone to go camping with you. Stepping away from the hectic city life can give your senses a break from the constant bombardment of noise.

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18. Pay a Visit to a Charity Organization

Doing that was probably the best thing I ever did. Besides gaining a newfound appreciation for my own life, I also get a glimpse into other people’s lives and sometimes draw inspiration from their resilience and strength in facing life’s challenges.

19. Try yoga

If you haven’t tried yoga yet, you should definitely give it a go. Yoga has a way of healing the mind, keeping you feeling youthful, and helping you de-stress effortlessly. Another option is meditation. Find a peaceful spot where you can practice yoga or meditate in private.

20 Ways to Boost Your Creative Inspiration (When You're Stuck)

Write a Blog Post!

Hey there! I want you to write a blog post, just like this one, to share your current predicament. Trust me, helpful readers will chime in with their two cents and offer you some new ideas!

Final Thoughts

Before we wrap up, I have one more thing to say: if you’ve tried everything I mentioned above and you’re still not getting any ideas, maybe it’s time to consider finding a day job instead of freelancing. But don’t give up just yet! Give it your best shot and see if inspiration strikes!