16 February 2024

20 Handy Mobile Apps for Saving Money on Energy

By Ronald Smith

Are you tired of those high energy bills eating away at your small business budget? I know I am! According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the average monthly commercial bill in 2015 was a whopping $670 nationwide. Can you believe that? It’s crazy! Some states, like Idaho, had the lowest average bill at $382, while the District of Columbia had the highest at a jaw-dropping $3,233. Yikes!

Luckily for us, Constellation has got our backs with a bunch of nifty options to help us save energy. And the best part? They come in the form of mobile apps – how cool is that?

Did you know that you have the power to reduce your energy costs? By taking action, using energy-efficient devices, and keeping an eye on your energy usage, you can make a difference. I’ve found some great apps, tools, platforms, and websites that can help you keep tabs on your small business’s energy usage and make changes to lower your monthly bill.

Energy Usage Tracker

This nifty app can give you a breakdown of how much energy your home or business uses on a monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly basis. It comes with a handy graph that shows you the history of your power consumption. You can spot unusually high usage periods by color coding, and even make notes in the app for future reference.

Want to know how much energy you’re using? Well, I’ve got just the thing for you! This awesome app calculates the average rates of your energy consumption over different time periods – hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. And you know what’s really cool? It creates a graph that shows how your energy usage changes over time. You can choose to see the amount of energy you’ve used or even the monetary value. Talk about keeping track of your energy! Plus, this app is available on Android platforms at Google Play, so it’s super easy to get your hands on.

Introducing CodeGreen Energy

Did you know that the ENERGY STAR® initiative has saved billions of dollars using energy-efficient technology? And guess what? CodeGreen Energy is an app specifically designed to help you compare the energy efficiency of thousands of buildings. It’s pretty amazing! This app checks to see if these buildings meet new laws by showing their ENERGY STAR® score. Who knew saving energy could be this cool and easy?

20 Handy Mobile Apps for Saving Money on Energy

I want to tell you all about CodeGreen, a super helpful tool for both businesses and consumers. This app gives you all the info you need about a building’s compliance status and when it will be ready, right at your fingertips! And guess what? CodeGreen is available on both Android and iOS platforms, so you can access it wherever you go.

Now, let me explain how this app can make a real difference for you. If you’re planning to move your business to a new location, CodeGreen can save you some serious cash on heating and cooling costs. How does it do that? By helping you find buildings that are already compliant, so you don’t have to spend extra money getting them up to code. That’s pretty cool, right?

Now, let me introduce you to Energy Tracker. It’s another great app that can really help you out. With Energy Tracker, you can easily keep track of your electricity, water, gas, and heat consumption. No more guessing or estimating!

This app is so smart, it automatically detects the dates and meter readings for you. Plus, it takes all that data and turns it into easy-to-understand graphs and charts. You can see your daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly readings at a glance. It’s like having your own personal energy expert right in your pocket!

20 Handy Mobile Apps for Saving Money on Energy

Let me tell you about this amazing tool I found called Energy Cost Calculator. It’s a super handy app that can help you understand how much energy your business or home consumes.

What’s great about Energy Cost Calculator is that it not only calculates the operating cost of your electric equipment and machinery, but it also gives you insights into your energy usage. How cool is that?

Here’s how it works: Energy Cost Calculator analyzes your daily and monthly energy trends throughout the year, going back up to three years. This way, you can see if there are any patterns or trends in your energy consumption. It’s like having a personal energy detective!

Once the app has gathered all the necessary data, it creates a detailed report for you. This report shows you your potential energy savings by comparing your current energy usage to previous periods. It’s a fantastic way to track your progress and identify areas where you can cut down on energy consumption.

Oh, and did I mention that the Energy Cost Calculator app is available for iOS? That means you can easily download it and start managing your energy usage right away.

So, if you’re curious about how much energy you’re using and want to find ways to save, Energy Cost Calculator is the perfect tool for you. Give it a try and see how much you can save!

20 Handy Mobile Apps for Saving Money on Energy

I’ve got some exciting news for you! With this awesome app, you can easily calculate how much your energy bill will be every day, week, month, or even year! This way, you can plan your budget like a pro. Best part? You can grab the app for both Android and iOS.

Meet TED

I’ve got something incredible to share with you! Get ready to meet TED, also known as The Energy Detective. This little powerhouse has been hailed as the ultimate real-time electricity monitor in the whole world by Popular Mechanics magazine. TED works its magic by getting installed inside your breaker panel and communicates over the power lines you already have. And guess what? The readings it gives you are accurate within an impressive +/- 1 percent!

20 Handy Mobile Apps for Saving Money on Energy

Let me tell you about this cool thing called smart thermostats. They’re like magic devices that let you control the temperature in your home or business from anywhere. Seriously, you can be chilling on the couch or out running errands, and you can still tweak the heat or air conditioning with just a few taps on your phone or computer. How awesome is that?

But wait, there’s more! These smart thermostats are super smart (hence the name). They can actually learn your preferences and adjust the temperature accordingly. So, let’s say it’s winter and you like to keep things nice and toasty. The thermostat will learn that and automatically crank up the heat for you. And if the weather suddenly changes, like if it starts snowing or the sun comes out, the thermostat will adapt and keep the temperature just right, all while saving you energy.

And speaking of energy, these bad boys can also help you keep track of how much energy you’re using. They give you real-time updates on how much electricity or gas you’re using to heat or cool your place. It’s like having a handy little energy meter right on your phone. This way, you can see how your energy usage changes throughout the day and make adjustments to save money and be more environmentally friendly.

Okay, so here’s the techy part. The data that these smart thermostats collect is processed in real-time, which means it’s happening right at that very moment. And the cool thing is, you can access all that data on your computer, Android or iOS devices, or even through your trusty Alexa. So no matter where you are or what device you have, you can always stay connected and in control of your temperature.

20 Handy Mobile Apps for Saving Money on Energy

Did you know there are super cool smart thermostats you can find on the market? I’m talking about Nest Mobile, Ecobee Smart Thermostat, and EnergyHub Thermostat. They’re pretty amazing and you can find their apps on iTunes and Google Play stores.

Introducing EnergySaver

Here’s something really neat called EnergySaver. It’s a fantastic app that brings together information about your electricity, water, and natural gas usage. You can even get detailed reports! Plus, it lets you create different profiles for each season, so you can keep track of your spending all year round.

Now here’s the really clever part. If you want to add a new appliance to your home, EnergySaver can actually predict how much it will cost you to run it. That’s right! Isn’t that incredible? And if you’re worried about phantom loads (those sneaky energy-wasting culprits), EnergySaver can help you identify them and give you suggestions on how to lower your energy usage. You can download this awesome app on your Android or iOS device.

Get Ready for Energy Monitor Pro

I’m here to tell you about the awesome Energy Monitor Pro app, straight from Schneider Electric. They’re like the experts in energy management and automation all around the world. This app is like a magic tool that connects us, the consumers, with the utility companies. Together, we can reduce our energy usage when it’s at its highest, helping to make the power grid super efficient. How cool is that?

20 Handy Mobile Apps for Saving Money on Energy

The amazing solution for utilities lets you easily see how much energy you’re using, so you can track your energy usage accurately for all your devices, whether it’s your electric vehicle or solar panels. And guess what? It’s available on both Android and iOS!

Discover the Perfect Light Bulbs

Did you know that keeping the lights on for more than 10 hours every day can use up a ton of energy, especially if you’re not using energy-efficient bulbs? Luckily, we’ve got you covered with the Light Bulb Finder app! It’s your one-stop shop for finding the best lighting technology for your needs. From bulb images to cost, savings, and even the environmental impact, this app has it all. Want to get started? Just visit our website to download it.

Save Energy with ENERGY STAR®

If you want to save on energy costs and help protect the environment, you’ve got to check out the ENERGY STAR® program. It’s part of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) effort to innovate appliances and make them more energy-efficient. With ENERGY STAR®, you can make a difference while also saving money. What’s not to love?

Welcome to our website and mobile app! We’re here to help you make your business more energy efficient. We have all kinds of helpful information, including tips on how to receive tax credits for purchasing and using the most efficient solutions. By following our advice, you can save money on your utility bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, since 2015, we’ve helped people save a whopping $34 billion and prevented as many greenhouse gas emissions as 63 million vehicles!

Introducing Ohm Connect

Have you heard of Ohm Connect? It’s an amazing free service we’ve created just for you. Ohm Connect is designed to help you save energy during specific times, and guess what? You’ll even get rewarded for it! We’re all about offsetting the effects of dirty power plants, so we’ll let you know when it’s a good time to save energy.

20 Handy Mobile Apps for Saving Money on Energy

If you save energy for 30 minutes or more, you can earn between $100 and $300 per year. And guess what? There’s an app that can even help you control your smart devices to use energy more efficiently. The aim is to power your home or business with clean energy.

Introducing Panoramic Power

Want to know how to reduce energy waste? Well, you gotta understand where it’s happening. That’s where Panoramic Power comes in. It gives you a live view of how much electricity you’re using on each circuit in real-time.

20 Handy Mobile Apps for Saving Money on Energy

So, I’ve got some pretty cool technology to tell you about. It’s all about saving energy and money! How does it work? Well, it can detect when you’re using too much energy and it tells you about it. Pretty helpful, right?

Introducing Eyedro

Now, let’s talk about Eyedro. It’s a nifty device that keeps track of how much electricity your business uses. It works in all kinds of places like offices, restaurants, stores, and more! With Eyedro, you’ll get reports that give you valuable insights about your power usage and how much it’s costing you.

And not only that – Eyedro can also help you save money! It helps you find places where energy is being wasted and gives you tips on how to be more efficient. Plus, it can even improve productivity! How awesome is that?

And there’s more!

The Eco-eye business monitor uses a special device to measure the current of the wires it is keeping an eye on. It checks the current multiple times every second and shows the reading on the screen.

You can see how much energy you are using in kilowatt hours, how much CO2 you are producing, and how much money it is costing you. The company claims that using this monitor will help you manage your energy better at work, encourage your colleagues to change their behavior, and save at least 15 percent in energy efficiency.


The Entronix Energy Management Platform has many useful features such as detecting problems, keeping track of costs, managing maintenance, setting budgets, and generating reports automatically. The energy dashboard can be personalized to show different kinds of data using charts, graphs, and gauges.

20 Handy Mobile Apps for Saving Money on Energy

You know, this awesome app can send you reports automatically through email or when cool stuff happens. You can even set alarms and notifications to let you know when things go beyond the limits or if something goes wrong. The app works on Android, iOS, and PCs, so you can use it everywhere!

Hancock Software

Listen up! Hancock Software has a bunch of apps that help you save energy. They recommend upgrades, calculate savings, and even help you get money back for retrofitting! They really know their stuff.

20 Handy Mobile Apps for Saving Money on Energy

The technology our company has created is used by contractors, energy efficiency providers, utility companies, and others. You can use our solution on any mobile device to collect and customize data for a specific program, project, or type of building.

We’re proud to say that we have already processed over 250,000 projects and saved approximately $800 million in energy usage.

Welcome to The Carbon Accounting Company

If you want to accurately track the impact your business has on the environment, we have the perfect solution for you. At The Carbon Accounting Company, we offer a wide range of services including carbon and water footprints, supply chain analysis, life-cycle assessments, carbon offset projects, and more.

I want to talk about an amazing software called Utility InSite that helps with energy and utility management. With this software, you can keep track of how your business uses energy, analyze energy consumption, create reports, and even pay your bills. It’s all in one place and makes it easy to see how your energy usage affects the environment and what changes you can make to improve.

Let’s talk about PowerPlug now.

Almost every business out there has PCs, right? Well, PowerPlug is here to make them more energy-efficient. This company from Israel has come up with a clever solution to save energy when our computers are in standby mode.

They’ve created something called a Wakeup Portal, which allows us to wake up and access our office computers from anywhere, even when they’re completely shut down. Pretty cool, huh?

Did you know that when a PC is in standby mode, it only consumes 5 watts per hour? That may not sound like much, but if you leave your PC idle, it can use up to 90 watts per hour, which is almost 20 times more! Can you imagine the difference that can make in your electricity bill?

Introducing the Gridpoint Energy Management System

The Gridpoint Energy Management System is a fantastic tool that helps you keep track of how much energy you’re using. By monitoring your energy levels during billing periods, it can identify any waste or inefficiencies, helping you lower your utility costs. This system provides detailed information about your energy usage, giving you a complete picture of how you’re using energy in your building.

20 Handy Mobile Apps for Saving Money on Energy

Hey, guess what? I’ve got some super cool news for you! This awesome software is all cloud-based, which means it’s super easy to unleash and you can get your hands on it from anywhere, even on those neat Android and iOS mobile devices. Yep, that’s right! No more limitations! You can optimize, track, and even do some control overrides while you’re at it.

The Energy Watchdog

Who let the watchdog out? Well, it’s here now, and it’s ready to do some serious tracking, analyzing, and reporting. I’m talking about all your utility bills! Yep, it keeps an eye on everything from electric bills to natural gas, fuel oil, steam, propane, water, sewer, and even telephone bills. This watchdog has got you covered!

20 Handy Mobile Apps for Saving Money on Energy

I’ve got an amazing platform that lets you easily keep tabs on your utility bills from any company. It’s super cool because it automatically checks your bills for any mistakes. Plus, you can set goals to find ways to save money, predict your usage, and pinpoint where you might be using too much energy.

And guess what? There’s no limit to the number of people who can use the app. You and your friends can access reports anytime and anywhere using your phones or computers.

So here’s the deal…

Electricity costs are only going up, my friend. According to the EIA, from 2005 to October 2015, commercial electricity prices rose by 18.5%, and residential prices shot up by a whopping 34%! Can you believe it? If any other expense in your business increased by nearly 20% each year, you’d be scrambling to bring it down. Lucky for you, there’s something you can do about your energy bill.

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