15 February 2024

20+ Get These Awesome Browser Extensions to Upgrade Your Gmail Experience

By Ronald Smith

Hey there! So you know about Gmail, right? It’s this super popular email service that just keeps getting better and better. And you wanna know something cool? Gmail already has a bunch of awesome features. But guess what? There are even more tools out there that can make your Gmail experience even more amazing!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Wait a minute! How can these tools be any different if they all do the same thing?” Well, my friend, you’re in for a surprise. Because some of these extensions are so uniquely awesome that once you start using them, you won’t be able to imagine Gmail without them. So let’s dive right in and check out some of the most useful and amazing extensions for your Gmail service. Trust me, your Gmail experience is about to level up!

Gmail Advanced Search (The Ultimate Guide)

So you think you’re a Gmail search pro, huh? Well, get ready to have your mind blown. This ultimate guide will show you some seriously cool search operators that will take your Gmail searching skills to a whole new level. I’m talking about finding exactly what you need, when you need it. Sounds awesome, right? Well, what are you waiting for? Click that link and let’s get started!

Chrome Extensions

Send from Gmail

With Send from Gmail, you get the incredible convenience of instantly opening a Gmail Mail Compose window whenever you click on an email address on any webpage. That means no more hassle of copying and pasting email addresses or switching back and forth between different email applications. It’s all right there in your browser!

And if you prefer a more streamlined experience without a browser button, you might want to consider using the Send using Gmail extension. It offers the same fantastic functionality but without the need for an extra button.

20+ Get These Awesome Browser Extensions to Upgrade Your Gmail Experience

Minimalist for Everything

With this awesome extension, you can easily hide elements within Gmail. It offers a wide range of customization options to make your Gmail experience truly your own. You can even add custom row highlighting, show attachment icons, and enable desktop notifications. Plus, you have complete control over the graphics, colors, and top menu.

The best part is, you can personalize your Gmail to your heart’s content by removing or altering any element you want. This means you can create a clutter-free and streamlined Gmail interface, just the way you like it.

20+ Get These Awesome Browser Extensions to Upgrade Your Gmail Experience

Experience the Power of Boomerang for Gmail

With Boomerang for Gmail, sending and managing emails has never been easier. This amazing extension gives you the ability to schedule your email messages so that they are sent or returned to your inbox at a later time. Say goodbye to overwhelming inboxes and hello to inbox zero!

One of the best features of Boomerang for Gmail is its ability to help you reach inbox zero quickly. By archiving less important messages and scheduling the important ones to return to the top of your inbox at a more convenient time, you can regain control of your email flow. No more sifting through hundreds of emails trying to find the ones that really matter.

But that’s not all! Boomerang for Gmail also allows you to schedule follow-up reminders, ensuring that important tasks and conversations don’t slip through the cracks. Set a specific time frame for a response, and if you haven’t heard back within that time, the message will automatically return to the top of your inbox, bringing it back to your attention.

Boomerang for Gmail isn’t just limited to your desktop either. It’s available for Firefox and can be accessed on mobile devices as well. This means you can stay on top of your email game no matter where you are or what device you’re using. It’s the perfect tool for busy professionals who are always on the go.

20+ Get These Awesome Browser Extensions to Upgrade Your Gmail Experience

ActiveInbox for Gmail

Let me tell you about one of the greatest tools out there for taking charge of your Gmail and Google Apps email account. ActiveInbox is here to help you wrangle your inbox and give you more time to focus on the important emails, reducing the overwhelming feeling.

With ActiveInbox, you’ll find a host of fantastic features at your fingertips. You can prioritize your emails, keep track of important deadlines, snooze messages for later, organize emails into project folders, add notes to your emails, easily view previous conversations, and even create shortcuts with just one click. This extension is an absolute must if your inbox is running wild. And hey, if you’re a Firefox user, don’t worry! ActiveInbox is available for you too.

20+ Get These Awesome Browser Extensions to Upgrade Your Gmail Experience

Make Gmail Better with Easy Customizations

With Better Gmail, you have the power to customize your Gmail experience. Say goodbye to unwanted features like chat, ads, and web search that just get in the way. Take control and make Gmail work for you.

No more distractions! Remove those pesky ads and focus on what really matters – your emails. If you’re tired of seeing ads within Gmail, consider using the Ad-blocker for Gmail Chrome extension or the Gmail Ad Remover add-on for Firefox.

20+ Get These Awesome Browser Extensions to Upgrade Your Gmail Experience

OmniMail for Gmail

Hey there! I’ve got some exciting news for you. Introducing OmniMail for Gmail, a nifty extension that lets you send emails right from the address bar in Chrome. Cool, right? No need to open up Gmail separately anymore. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Type “mail” in the address bar.
  2. Add the email address of the recipient.
  3. Press enter.

And voila! A brand new Mail Compose window will pop up right within Chrome, ready for you to compose your message. It’s like having a mini Gmail right at your fingertips!

So why waste time opening a separate tab for Gmail? With OmniMail for Gmail, sending emails has never been easier. Give it a try and say goodbye to unnecessary hassle!

20+ Get These Awesome Browser Extensions to Upgrade Your Gmail Experience

Get More Done with Firefox Add-Ons

Introducing the Meeting Scheduler for Gmail

Hey there! Have you ever struggled to find the perfect time for a meeting that works for everyone? Well, worry no more! With the Meeting Scheduler for Gmail, you can kiss scheduling conflicts goodbye and say hello to efficient planning right from your inbox.

Let me tell you how it works. Once you’ve installed this nifty add-on, you can easily create and manage meetings without ever leaving your email. It’s like having a personal assistant right at your fingertips.

But that’s not all! This add-on takes the headache out of coordinating schedules by keeping track of replies from all attendees. No more endless back-and-forth emails trying to find a time that works for everyone. The Meeting Scheduler for Gmail does the heavy lifting for you, automatically analyzing responses and presenting you with the best meeting time that accommodates everyone’s availability.

So, whether you’re scheduling a team meeting, a brainstorming session, or even a virtual happy hour, the Meeting Scheduler for Gmail is here to make your life a whole lot easier. Say goodbye to the hassle of scheduling conflicts and hello to smooth, efficient planning.

20+ Get These Awesome Browser Extensions to Upgrade Your Gmail Experience

Get all your favorite online tools in one place with Integrated Gmail

Hey there! Have you ever thought about how awesome it would be to have all your favorite online tools, like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Reader, right at your fingertips? Well, guess what? Your wish just came true with the amazing Integrated Gmail add-on.

Let me explain how it works. The add-on magically makes your inbox collapsible, so you can keep things neat and tidy. And the best part? You can even add other Google tools or custom URLs directly into your Gmail interface. How cool is that? Now, you can access all your go-to tools in one single place. Isn’t that convenient?

20+ Get These Awesome Browser Extensions to Upgrade Your Gmail Experience

Gmail Watcher

Hey there! I’m here to tell you about Gmail Watcher, a super handy tool that can keep you updated on all your incoming emails. With Gmail Watcher, you don’t have to constantly check your inbox – I’ll do it for you! And the best part is, I’ll let you choose what kind of notifications you want.

Here’s the deal: Gmail Watcher can alert you whenever you have new messages. But wait, there’s more! You can customize your notification settings to be as specific as you want. Want to be alerted only when you have new emails in your inbox? No problem! Or maybe you only want to be notified about emails with specific labels? Gmail Watcher has got your back! You can even choose to be notified only about unread emails or newly arrived ones. The choice is yours!

But that’s not all – with Gmail Watcher, staying on top of your emails is even more effortless. You’ll have a handy toolbar button that shows the number of unread emails you have. That way, you’ll always be aware of your inbox activity with just a quick glance!

20+ Get These Awesome Browser Extensions to Upgrade Your Gmail Experience


Hey there! Have you ever had the problem of forgetting to respond to important emails? Yeah, me too. But guess what? I found a solution that’s going to make our lives so much easier: FollowUpThen!

So here’s how it works: you simply forward your messages to FollowUpThen, and then they’ll remind you to respond later. It’s like having a personal assistant who never forgets!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But what if I’m on my phone and I can’t download any fancy apps?” Don’t worry, my friend. FollowUpThen has got you covered. They have a handy Chrome extension and Firefox add-on that you can use on your mobile device. It’s the next best thing to having the actual app!

So why wait? Give FollowUpThen a try and never miss an important email again. Trust me, you’ll thank me later!

20+ Get These Awesome Browser Extensions to Upgrade Your Gmail Experience

Discover Big Mail

If your Gmail account is packed to the brim, I can lend a hand by helping you identify the messages that are taking up all your precious space. Just let me know your email address, and I’ll take a peek inside your account, sorting and categorizing your messages by size.

Once I’ve sifted through your emails, you’ll have a chance to review them and make the tough decision of deleting the ones (especially the larger ones) that you no longer need. This way, you can create some breathing room in your inbox and keep things running smoothly.

20+ Get These Awesome Browser Extensions to Upgrade Your Gmail Experience

Alright, I’m signing off for now! So, what’s your go-to Gmail feature?