31 January 2024

20 Free Tools to Help You Annotate PDF Documents

By Ronald Smith

Do you wanna be a pro at annotating PDFs? Check out this awesome list of 20 free tools that work on Windows, Mac, and even on mobile devices!

If you’re someone who deals with PDFs a lot, you know how important it is to have good annotation tools. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student marking up textbooks, a professional going through contracts, or just a bookworm who likes taking notes on ebooks – having the right PDF annotation tools can make a big difference. In this blog post, I’m gonna share with you a handpicked selection of 20 free PDF tools that will make your annotation process super smooth and efficient, no matter what you’re working on.

I’ve gathered an assortment of tools that allow you to add comments, highlight text, draw shapes, and even sign your documents electronically. These tools work on various platforms, from Windows to Mac to mobile devices. No matter what kind of device you’re using, you’ll likely find a tool here that suits your needs. Whether you want a full-fledged PDF editor or a simple tool for annotations, I’ve got something for everyone. Let’s dive into the top free PDF annotation tools available today.

These are the 7 must-know tools for web annotation and markup:

– SwifDoo PDF

20 Free Tools to Help You Annotate PDF Documents

Hey there! So, have you ever found yourself struggling with PDF documents? I know I have. But fear not! SwifDoo is here to save the day. It’s a super user-friendly tool that can be your one-stop solution for anything PDF-related. Seriously, it does it all!

Let me break it down for you. With SwifDoo, all it takes is a few simple clicks and you can do things like editing, converting, securing with a password, viewing, shrinking, combining, and even electronically signing your PDF files. I mean, talk about convenience!

Just think about it. Whether you need to tweak some text, turn your PDF into a different format, make sure it’s safe and sound with a password, take a peek at its content, reduce its file size, merge multiple PDFs into one, or add your electronic signature, SwifDoo has got your back.

But wait, there’s more! If you’re using Sejda, you’re in luck because SwifDoo PDF is compatible with it. So you can have the best of both worlds and make your PDF experience even smoother. It’s like a match made in digital heaven!

So go ahead and give SwifDoo a try. Trust me, you won’t regret it. It’s the ultimate PDF companion you’ve been waiting for. Enjoy!

20 Free Tools to Help You Annotate PDF Documents

Sejda gives you everything you need to edit and annotate PDFs in one place. With Sejda, you can highlight text, make strikethroughs, add comments, and even draw free-hand. Plus, you have the freedom to customize the style of your annotations to make them truly your own.

Ready to get started with Sejda? Download it now for PDFsam Basic, a powerful tool that complements Sejda’s capabilities.

20 Free Tools to Help You Annotate PDF Documents

I’ve got just the thing for you! PDFsam Basic is a nifty tool that lets you edit PDFs hassle-free. It’s got all the bells and whistles, including handy annotation tools like text highlighting and underlining. So you can easily mark up your documents and make important points stand out. No more struggling to find the right words or losing track of important details. With PDFsam Basic, you’re in control. And the best part? It’s super simple to use. Just download PDFsam Basic and you’re good to go. It works seamlessly with other tools like LibreOffice Draw, so you can work with your preferred software without any hassle. Time to take your PDF editing game to the next level!

20 Free Tools to Help You Annotate PDF Documents

I want to tell you about a cool program called LibreOffice Draw. It’s a free tool that lets you create and edit vector graphics, which are really detailed and smooth images. You can also use it to annotate PDFs, which means you can write notes and highlight important information right on the PDF itself. It’s a great tool for getting creative and organizing your documents! And the best part? It’s totally free to download and use. So if you’re interested in graphic design or need to work with PDFs, you should definitely check out LibreOffice Draw. Oh, and if you’re looking for another PDF reader and editor, you might want to try Xodo. It’s another great program that offers similar features but with a different interface. Happy creating and organizing!

20 Free Tools to Help You Annotate PDF Documents

I’ve got something exciting to share with you! It’s called Xodo PDF Reader & Editor, and you won’t want to miss it. This awesome tool is not only a PDF viewer but also an editor. That means you can do more than just read PDFs – you can actually make changes to them!

One of the coolest features of Xodo is its annotation tools. With these tools, you can highlight important information, underline key points, and even leave comments to spark discussions. It’s like having a virtual highlighter and pen at your fingertips!

And the best part? Xodo PDF Reader & Editor is absolutely free. Yup, you heard that right – it won’t cost you a dime. So why wait? Download Xodo now and start exploring the world of PDFs like never before.

Ready to take your PDF experience to the next level? Eh, who am I kidding – of course, you are! Go ahead and get Xodo PDF Reader & Editor for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Don’t have a lot of time right now? No worries! Just remember to check out Xodo PDF Reader & Editor when you have a moment. Trust me, it’s worth it.

20 Free Tools to Help You Annotate PDF Documents

Hey there! Have you heard of Skim? It’s a cool PDF reader designed specifically for Mac users like me. And guess what? It’s totally free! One of the things that sets Skim apart is its awesome annotation features. With Skim, I can highlight important stuff in my PDFs and make notes right on the page. How convenient is that?

Now, let’s talk about downloading Skim. If you’re using a different operating system, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered! Have you heard of Okular? It’s another great PDF reader that’s available for free on other platforms. So whether you’re a Mac user like me or not, you can still enjoy all the cool features of Skim or Okular. Gotta love options, right?

20 Free Tools to Help You Annotate PDF Documents

Hey there! Have you heard of Okular? It’s a cool PDF viewer that doesn’t cost a dime, and it has some awesome extra features. You can use it to highlight important info, underline key points, and even take notes right on your PDFs. How neat is that?

Now, let me tell you a bit more. When it comes to PDF viewers, Okular stands out from the crowd. It’s completely free, so you don’t have to worry about spending any money. And the best part? It lets you do things that other viewers don’t.

With Okular, you can make your PDFs even more interactive. Want to emphasize an important sentence or paragraph? Simply grab the highlighter tool and mark it up. Need to draw attention to a crucial detail? Just use the underline feature, and it’ll stand out.

But wait, there’s more! Okular also gives you the power to take notes directly on your PDFs. Think of it like jotting down your thoughts in the margins of a book. You can write down ideas, key takeaways, or any other notes that come to mind. It’s a great way to keep track of your insights.

Are you excited to give Okular a try? Awesome! You can download it easily and get started right away. And don’t worry, it’s compatible with Adobe Reader, so you don’t have to switch from a program you’re used to. Just head on over to the website, grab the download, and install it on your computer. Before you know it, you’ll be exploring the world of PDFs in a whole new way with Okular.

Adobe Reader

20 Free Tools to Help You Annotate PDF Documents

Hey there! Did you know that Adobe Reader is the official app for all you iPhone and iPad users out there? It’s super handy and has loads of cool features to help you out.

With Adobe Reader, you can do all sorts of things. You can fill out forms right from your device, sign electronic documents with ease, and even add your own notes and highlights to PDF files.

There are a bunch of handy tools too – like the ability to underline and strike through text, draw freehand, and add sticky notes. Plus, you can easily type in your own text directly on the page.

If that sounds good to you, go ahead and download Adobe Reader. It’s available for both iPhone and iPad, so you can get all these awesome features on whichever device you prefer.

Download Adobe Reader for:

PDF-Notes free for iPad

20 Free Tools to Help You Annotate PDF Documents

Hey there! I want to tell you about this awesome app called PDF-Notes free for iPad. It’s actually a free version of the premium app, pdf-notes. You can use it to make notes on PDF files using different tools like pens, highlighters, and text notes. And guess what? It even supports AirPrint so you can easily print your notes.

This app is super cool because you can write with your finger and it feels really smooth. Plus, it has a palm rest feature that keeps you from accidentally making marks on your notes.

Now, let’s talk about why you should download PDF-Notes free for iPad:


20 Free Tools to Help You Annotate PDF Documents

When it comes to taking notes, UPAD Lite goes above and beyond. It’s not your ordinary note-taking app – it’s so much more. This app is designed to help you capture your thoughts and ideas in the most convenient and efficient way possible.

With UPAD Lite, you can do more than just write down your notes. You have the power to annotate PDF documents as well. This means you can handwrite notes, highlight important text, and even add sticky notes to keep track of key information. And if that’s not enough, you can also include reference images to enhance your notes.

UPAD Lite truly understands the importance of quality. That’s why it uses smooth retina ink for high-quality handwriting. This ensures that your notes look great and are easy to read. And when you’re done, you can export your documents as PDF or PNG files, so you can easily share them with others.

So, whether you’re a student, a professional, or just someone who loves taking notes, UPAD Lite is the app for you. It’s packed with features that will make your note-taking experience even better. Download UPAD Lite now and see for yourself!

Download UPAD Lite for:


20 Free Tools to Help You Annotate PDF Documents

I have Mendeley on my computer, and it also has a companion app for Windows. This app is like a virtual library where you can read, make notes, and organize different types of files, including PDFs. It has some cool features like generating citations, adding sticky notes, highlighting, and even collaborating with others on team projects.

If you want to check it out, you can download Mendeley for your computer. And if you’re into reading PDFs, there’s also another app called PDF Max that you might find interesting.

20 Free Tools to Help You Annotate PDF Documents

I want to tell you about this fantastic free iOS app called PDF Max. It’s perfect for making notes, filling out forms, and adding comments to PDF documents. One of the great things about PDF Max is that it supports Adobe’s Rich Text Format Typewriters, so you can easily add text wherever you need to. You can also use its annotation tools, like highlighting and underlining, to make important information stand out. Plus, PDF Max allows for threaded conversations, which means you can collaborate with others seamlessly. It’s a must-have app for anyone who works with PDFs. And the best part? It’s completely free! So go ahead and download PDF Max now and see how it can improve your PDF experience.

20 Free Tools to Help You Annotate PDF Documents

Hey there! Have you ever needed to edit or create PDF forms? Well, let me introduce you to PDFescape – an amazing tool that can do just that! With PDFescape, you can easily edit and annotate PDFs, fill out forms, secure your files with passwords, and share them with others. It’s like having a personal assistant for all your PDF needs!

PDFescape has a bunch of cool features to make your PDF experience even better. You can add text comments, shapes, images, sticky notes, and highlights to your PDFs. It’s like having a virtual highlighter and sticky note collection right at your fingertips!

And the best part? PDFescape is super easy to use. All you have to do is download it – it’s completely free! Whether you’re a Foxit user or prefer a different PDF viewer, PDFescape works seamlessly with various PDF programs. So go ahead, give it a try and take your PDF game to the next level with PDFescape!

Download PDFescape for:

20 Free Tools to Help You Annotate PDF Documents

I’ve got a great recommendation for you – Foxit! It’s an amazing PDF reader and editor that lets you do so much more than just read. With Foxit, you can easily share, collaborate, and give feedback on PDFs by adding text markups, comments, highlights, and even drawings. It’s like having a virtual whiteboard at your fingertips!

One of the coolest features of Foxit is its annotation management tool. This handy tool allows you to not only view, but also import, export, and share comments with others via email. So even if you’re working on a PDF with others, you can easily keep track of all the feedback and updates.

But wait, there’s more! Foxit is also compatible with Nitro PDF Reader, so you can easily switch between the two if you prefer Nitro’s interface or features. It’s all about giving you the flexibility and options you need to work with PDFs the way you want.

So go ahead and give Foxit a try. It’s the perfect tool for anyone who wants to take their PDF reading and editing to the next level. Download it now and see for yourself how easy and powerful it is. You won’t be disappointed!

20 Free Tools to Help You Annotate PDF Documents

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Nitro, a top-notch PDF manager that allows you to work wonders with your documents. With Nitro, you get access to a variety of text markup tools that will make your life easier. You can highlight, underline, replace, and even cross out text effortlessly. But that’s not all – Nitro helps you take your annotation game to the next level. You can add comments, tweak annotation details, and give your markup a personal touch. It’s like having your very own virtual assistant for all things PDF! Excited to give it a try? Head over to our website and download Nitro PDF Reader. You won’t be disappointed! And if you’re already using PDF-XChange Editor, you’re in luck – Nitro PDF Reader is just what you need to take your PDF management skills to new heights. So don’t wait any longer – make Nitro your go-to PDF manager today!

20 Free Tools to Help You Annotate PDF Documents

Have you heard of PDF-XChange Editor? It’s a super cool tool that lets you read and edit PDFs. And the best part? It’s totally free!

Imagine being able to add all sorts of cool stuff to your PDFs. With PDF-XChange Editor, you can add 3D comments and measurements. And that’s not all! You can also add audio files, attach other files, make annotations in the cloud, and even add measurements and distances in your PDFs.

So, what are you waiting for? Give PDF-XChange Editor a try! It’s easy to download and use. Just follow the links below to get started.

Download PDF-XChange Editor for:

Preview (Mac)

20 Free Tools to Help You Annotate PDF Documents

Hey there! Did you know that if you’re a Mac user, you already have a handy app called Preview that lets you do some basic things with PDFs? It’s pretty cool! With Preview, you can add highlights to important sections, write and change text in different colors and fonts, and even draw on the document with your own hand.

Now, let me introduce you to Master PDF Editor.

20 Free Tools to Help You Annotate PDF Documents

I’ve got an awesome PDF editor called Master PDF Editor. It’s not just for editing PDFs, but it also has some cool features for adding comments and notes. You can even create your own custom stamps for reviewing PDFs. Download Master PDF Editor for MuPDF.

20 Free Tools to Help You Annotate PDF Documents

Hey there! Let me tell you about MuPDF, a cool PDF viewer that can do a lot of neat things like editing, compressing, and adding notes to your PDFs. It’s super lightweight and easy to use. MuPDF has a special toolbar just for annotations, so you can easily add comments, graphics, highlights, and even doodles to your documents. How cool is that?

And guess what? You can download MuPDF for free! It’s available on Kami PDF Editor, so you can start using all these awesome features right away. Happy PDF-ing!

20 Free Tools to Help You Annotate PDF Documents

Kami gives you a bunch of cool ways to jazz up your PDFs. You can doodle in different colors, drop in math stuff, and make important stuff stand out with highlights. But here’s what really sets Kami apart: you can actually add video and audio comments to your documents! It’s like leaving little notes, but even better. And if you want to keep all your annotations in one place, no worries – Kami’s got your back. You can store them in a feedback bank for whenever you need them.