17 January 2024

19 Awesome Things You Can Do with Raspberry Pi

By Ronald Smith

Hey there! Did you know that Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer that’s as small as a credit card? It’s crazy, right? But don’t let its size fool you because this little thing is packed with computing power. And guess what? It’s super affordable and portable too!

You won’t believe what people have been able to create with Raspberry Pi. They’ve made all sorts of cool stuff like cheap machines, robots, wireless gadgets, sensors, and even used it as a programming toy for kids. The possibilities are endless!

So, I’ve put together a list of 19 amazing projects that tech enthusiasts have done with Raspberry Pi. And the best part? You can do them too! I’ve included guides and video tutorials to help you along the way. So why not give it a try and see what you can create?

If we missed any other cool projects powered by Raspberry Pi, please let us know in the comments!

Get your game on!

Introducing the Pi Arcade Table, the ultimate retro-gaming experience. This awesome arcade table is fueled by the Raspberry Pi and comes complete with a sleek case and handy controllers. For a wallet-friendly price, you can immerse yourself in classic NES and other beloved old-school games. It’s a gaming wonderland for both kids and kids-at-heart!

Build your own laptop!

Step into the world of DIY with the LapPi project. Create your own personal laptop using a Raspberry Pi, an LCD screen, and a few other materials. Don’t worry, even though there are a lot of steps involved, the instructions are clear and easy to follow. By the end of it, you’ll have a custom netbook that’s way more affordable than a big-name brand and harnesses the power of your Pi.

19 Awesome Things You Can Do with Raspberry Pi

Twitter Bot

Transform your Raspberry Pi into a Twitter powerhouse with Pi Twitterbot! Now you can take full control of your Twitter account and do so much more. From staying informed about the latest tweets to connecting with your followers, Pi Twitterbot has got you covered.

19 Awesome Things You Can Do with Raspberry Pi

Fun On-the-Go with the Pi Portable Game Console

Hey there! Are you a fan of video games? Well, I’ve got some fantastic news for you. Allow me to introduce you to the Pi Portable Game Console. This nifty gadget is designed to bring all your favorite games right to your fingertips, no matter where you are or how much money you have to spare on a PSP. It’s a project that’s sure to pique your curiosity!

Imagine this: you’re sitting on a long bus ride, feeling a bit bored. What better way to pass the time than by immersing yourself in a thrilling video game adventure? With the Pi Portable Game Console, you can transform those dull moments into epic gaming experiences. And the best part? You don’t need any power converters or complicated charging circuits!

The Pi Portable Game Console runs on a Raspberry Pi, a mini computer that’s packed with power and possibilities. But what really sets this console apart is the PiJuice battery module. This incredible device gives your Pi console system all the juice it needs to keep you gaming for hours on end.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How does this all work? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. With the Pi Portable Game Console, all you need to do is load up your favorite games onto an SD card, pop it into the console, and you’re ready to go. It’s that simple! You’ll have a world of gaming excitement right at your fingertips, with no hassle or fuss.

So why wait? Grab your Pi Portable Game Console today and unlock a whole new level of gaming goodness. Whether you’re on a road trip, waiting for a flight, or simply lounging on the couch, this little gadget will be your faithful companion, bringing endless hours of fun and excitement. Get ready to level up!

19 Awesome Things You Can Do with Raspberry Pi

Solar Weather Station

Hey there! My name is the Pi Solar Weather Station, and I’m a cool weather gadget that runs on Raspberry Pi and PiJuice. I’ve got some awesome sensors that help me measure temperature, humidity, and air quality. And guess what? I can even send all those weather stats wirelessly!

Thanks to my waterproof cables, I’m super resilient and can keep going even without the power grid. Pretty impressive, huh?

19 Awesome Things You Can Do with Raspberry Pi

Get Grooving with the Multi-Room Music Player!

Introducing the Pi Multi-room Music Player—a budget-friendly alternative to those pricey branded players. Say goodbye to old-fashioned music systems! With this exciting project, you can breathe new life into your existing setup by seamlessly integrating it with a Raspberry Pi. And the best part? You can control it all wirelessly right from your smartphone, no matter where you are in your house.

19 Awesome Things You Can Do with Raspberry Pi


Pirate Radio is like having your very own radio station that you can make using a radio receiver, SD card, network cable, Raspberry Pi, and some clever coding. With Pirate Radio, you can tune in to all your favorite channels and discover the clearest FM frequency for the best sound quality.

19 Awesome Things You Can Do with Raspberry Pi

The Marvelous Microwave

Have you ever seen a microwave that’s anything but ordinary? Well, let me introduce you to the incredible Magicrowave. Not only does it have all the features of a regular microwave, but it also has a whole lot more!

Imagine having complete control over your microwave, right at your fingertips. With the Magicrowave, you can do just that. Whether you want to heat up your leftovers or cook a gourmet meal, this magical appliance has got you covered. And that’s not all!

What if I told you that you could control your Magicrowave with just your voice? Yes, you heard that right! Simply speak your commands, and this extraordinary device will listen and obey. And if that’s not enough, you can even tweet about your cooking adventures directly from the Magicrowave itself!

But wait, there’s more! With the Magicrowave’s web interface and smartphone app, you can access and control your microwave from anywhere. Forgot to start cooking before you left home? No problem! Just hop on the app and start it up from wherever you are. It’s like magic!

And here’s the icing on the cake – the Magicrowave comes equipped with a barcode scanner. What does that mean for you? Well, it means you can scan the barcode on your food packaging, and the Magicrowave will access an online database to find the perfect cooking instructions for your meal. No more guesswork or burnt dinners!

The Enchanting “Magic Mirror”

Step into the world of mirrors like you’ve never seen before. Welcome to the realm of the Magic Mirror – a mirror that’s not just a reflection of your gorgeous self, but an all-in-one high-tech wonder!

The Magic Mirror takes mirror magic to a whole new level. Sure, it can still show you your reflection, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This extraordinary mirror can do so much more.

Ever wished you could know the time with just a glance while you get ready in the morning? The Magic Mirror has got you covered. Its futuristic display can effortlessly show you the time, making sure you’re never late for that important meeting or school bus.

But the Magic Mirror doesn’t stop there. It’s also a source of inspiration, with abstract texts elegantly displayed on its surface. Each day, you’ll be greeted with a new quote or phrase to kickstart your day on a positive note.

And that’s not all – the Magic Mirror even doubles as a miniature weather station. Say goodbye to opening your phone or checking the news. With just a glance at your magical mirror, you’ll know if you need an umbrella or can bask in the sunshine.

And finally, the Magic Mirror keeps you up to date with the hottest headlines of the day. No need to grab your phone or turn on the TV – just take a look at the mirror and get a quick snapshot of the news that matters to you.

19 Awesome Things You Can Do with Raspberry Pi


Hey there! Have you heard of the amazing Internet-of-Things Printer? It’s a cool little printer that can do a bunch of different things based on what you tell it to do. Let me give you some examples!

Imagine waking up in the morning and instead of checking your phone for the weather, you could have your own personal weather forecast printed out for you. How convenient is that? No need to fumble with your phone, just grab the printout and plan your day.

Or picture this: you’re on the subway, bored out of your mind. But then, you remember your trusty Internet-of-Things Printer! It can print out puzzles for you to solve and keep your brain sharp. Who needs Sudoku books when you have a printer that can generate puzzles on demand?

And here’s another neat trick: the printer can fetch the latest tweets from your favorite tweeters and print them out for you. No more endless scrolling on your phone, trying to catch up with all the tweets. Now you can have them right in front of you, ready to read at your own pace.

So you see, the Internet-of-Things Printer is not your average printer. It’s a little magical device that can make your life easier and more fun. With a little bit of programming, the possibilities are endless. Go ahead, give it a try and let your imagination run wild!

19 Awesome Things You Can Do with Raspberry Pi

Controlling Your Home Lights with Raspberry Pi GPIO

Imagine being able to control your home lights from anywhere in your house. With Raspberry Pi GPIO home automation, this is now possible. Not only can you turn your lights on and off with ease, but you can also do it using a web app on your smartphone.

19 Awesome Things You Can Do with Raspberry Pi

Humidity & Temperature Sensors

Hey there! I’m here to tell you all about the amazing world of humidity and temperature sensors. They’re pretty cool, trust me. With these sensors, you can find out exactly how humid and hot it is in your home, garden, or office. It’s like having your own personal weather station!

But wait, there’s more! These sensors also have a nifty feature called “DHT Humidity Sensing With GDocs Logging”. What does that mean? Well, it means that these sensors can not only tell you the current humidity and temperature, but they can also log that data onto a Google Spreadsheet. Pretty neat, right? This way, you can easily keep track of the temperature and humidity over time, and even use it for future reference or automation.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How can I get my hands on these amazing sensors? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. All you need for this project is a Raspberry Pi and a DHT11 Sensor. With these two things, you’ll be on your way to becoming a humidity and temperature sensing expert!

So, whether you’re a curious homeowner wanting to know the weather inside your house, a gardener looking to create the perfect environment for your plants, or an office worker tired of guessing if it’s too hot or too cold, these humidity and temperature sensors are here to save the day. Get yours today!

19 Awesome Things You Can Do with Raspberry Pi

Welcome to the world of touchscreen cameras!

Imagine having a camera that you can control with just a touch. Well, that’s exactly what the Pi Touchscreen Camera offers. It’s a digital camera that allows you to focus and take pictures simply by touching the screen. How awesome is that?

But that’s not all – this camera also has some truly amazing features. You can easily transfer your pictures directly to your computer using Dropbox and Wi-Fi. This means you can quickly store and edit your photos without any hassle. It’s convenient and efficient.

Now, let’s talk about touchscreen tablets.

Introducing the Pi Tablet Tutorial.

If you’ve ever wanted your own tablet but didn’t want to spend a fortune, this is the solution for you. The Pi Tablet Tutorial is a simple tablet that you can build yourself using a Raspberry Pi and an LCD screen. It’s a cost-effective alternative to expensive branded tablets, and it uses the processing power of your Pi to run smoothly.

One of the best things about this tablet is that you can customize it to fit your needs. You can choose the screen size and storage capacity that works best for you. It’s all about giving you the freedom to create the perfect tablet for yourself.

So, whether you’re a photography enthusiast or a tech-savvy individual looking for an affordable tablet, the Pi Touchscreen Camera and the Pi Tablet Tutorial have got you covered. These innovative devices are here to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

19 Awesome Things You Can Do with Raspberry Pi

Welcome to the World of 3D Scanning

Hey there! Have you ever wondered how you can bring objects and even living beings to life in 3D? Well, I’ve got some exciting news for you! With a Multiple Raspberry PI 3D Scanner, you can capture incredible 3-dimensional images of anything you can imagine.

This amazing device is a homemade alternative to those expensive scanners you’ve heard about. Instead of breaking the bank, all you need are some Raspberry Pis and Pi Cameras. With a little bit of ingenuity and some technological magic, you can create a virtual model of your favorite things.

Bring Your Car to Life with a Touchscreen Car Dashboard

Imagine this: you’re cruising down the open road, wind blowing through your hair, and your favorite tunes blasting from the speakers. Sounds amazing, right? Well, with the Pi Touchscreen Car Computer, you can take your car experience to a whole new level.

This affordable smart car dashboard is built using a Raspberry Pi and an LCD screen. It’s like having your very own personal assistant right in your car. Want to listen to music or watch videos on the go? No problem! With the right code, your dashboard can do all that and so much more.

Unleash Your Inner Engineer with a Raspberry Pi Robot

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of robotics? Then get ready because this project is perfect for you! All you need is a Raspberry Pi, some programming knowledge in Python, and a whole lot of curiosity.

This project is a combination of building a robot and learning to program with Python. It’s like having your very own R2-D2 come to life. With a Python GUI and the power of a Raspberry Pi, you can build your very own Arduino robot and bring your wildest robotic dreams to life.

Kolibre Vadelma is an amazing tool that uses Raspberry Pi to create a fantastic audio book player. It’s perfect for people who are visually impaired and need some assistance while reading.

Security Camera Network

If you’re looking for an affordable way to keep your property secure, you should consider using Pi-powered security cameras. This network can be set up with multiple cameras, both local and remote. It can capture images and videos, and even detect motion and send email notifications with just a few lines of code.

So, which Pi project caught your attention? Which one are you most excited to try? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!