16 January 2024

18 Unique Ways Typography Enhances Video Games

By Ronald Smith

Whether or not people see video games as a form of art is up for debate. But one thing is certain – video games seamlessly incorporate various art forms into their narratives, gameplay, and overall design.

One aspect of game design that often goes unnoticed is the use of typography. But typography plays a crucial role in setting the atmosphere, establishing timelines, and enhancing the overall gaming experience. It’s a powerful tool that game developers utilize in many creative ways.

In this article, I want to showcase 18 games that effectively utilize typography to immerse players in their virtual worlds. By exploring these examples, you’ll start to notice and appreciate the impact of typography in your own gaming sessions.

Breathtaking Art: 28 Amazing Typography Portraits

Have you ever seen a picture made entirely out of words? It’s truly remarkable! I’m excited to show you these incredible examples of typography portraits that will leave you in awe.

Intense Gaming: Splinter Cell: Convictions

Do you love action-packed video games? Well, get ready for an immersive experience like no other! In this game, you won’t find a boring mission menu. Instead, the game takes it to the next level by projecting your mission objectives directly on the wall. This ensures there’s no confusion about what you need to do next. Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled adventure!

18 Unique Ways Typography Enhances Video Games

A Quick Reminder

Hey there, just a little something to jog your memory…

Imagine this: you have this cool power, where reality itself is enhanced. All around you, everyday objects sprout little tags, each one containing valuable nuggets of information. These tags are like a peek into hidden possibilities – they show you what you can do with the items you encounter.

18 Unique Ways Typography Enhances Video Games

Max Payne 3

When I’m playing Max Payne 3, I notice something cool. You know those scenes where the characters are talking? Well, sometimes the words they say pop up on the screen! It’s like the game wants to make sure you don’t miss something important or really interesting. And it works! Seeing those words on the screen really grabs my attention and makes me pay closer attention to what the characters are saying. It’s a clever way to emphasize a specific point or character in the game.

18 Unique Ways Typography Enhances Video Games

The Beginning of Grand Theft Auto IV

As I start playing Grand Theft Auto IV, the game starts with an exciting cutscene. This cutscene is like a short movie that introduces me to the game’s story. In this opening scene, the credits appear on the screen, projected onto the scenery. It’s a cool effect that keeps me engaged while the scenes and dialogue unfold.

18 Unique Ways Typography Enhances Video Games

Device 6

I’m excited to tell you about a unique game called Device 6. It’s not just your average video game; it’s more like an interactive story that combines words and visuals in a really cool way.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Just like in the game Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon uses augmented reality to show you important information about the environment and your mission objectives. It’s like you’re wearing a special pair of glasses that overlay virtual elements onto the real world.

18 Unique Ways Typography Enhances Video Games


Imagine playing a video game that looks like a comic book come to life. That’s exactly what XIII does. It uses a special technique called cel shading to give it that comic book style. But it doesn’t stop there – XIII takes it a step further and adds cool onomatopoeic words right on the screen when things happen in the game. It’s like you’re right in the middle of an action-packed comic book!

18 Unique Ways Typography Enhances Video Games

Welcome to Devil May Cry

When you step into the world of Devil May Cry, you’ll encounter an environment that is like no other. It’s not just a backdrop; it’s a character in its own right. And it has a unique way of communicating with you, the player.

18 Unique Ways Typography Enhances Video Games

Far Cry 3

After completing a mission in the story, you’ll see quotes from the book Alice In Wonderland on the loading screen. These quotes are there to show how the main character is slowly losing their sanity.

18 Unique Ways Typography Enhances Video Games


Oh boy, do I have an awesome game to tell you about! It’s called Type:Rider, and it’s all about typography. But hold on, don’t think it’s just a boring history lesson. No way! Type:Rider is a game that uses letters and words to create a whole new world for you to explore.

18 Unique Ways Typography Enhances Video Games

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Imagine this: you’re thrust into a world where every decision you make has life-and-death consequences. Welcome to Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, a one-of-a-kind visual novel.

In this game, you find yourself trapped in a high school with a bizarre cast of characters. The only way out? To commit the perfect murder and get away with it. But here’s the catch: if you’re caught, you’ll face a deadly punishment. Talk about pressure!

But the real meat of the game lies in its thrilling trial setting. You’ll be thrown into these intense courtroom battles, where you’re not just defending yourself, but also attacking your opponents’ arguments.

Think of it as a cross-examination on steroids. Your mission? To dismantle their claims and shoot them down with your own counterarguments. It’s a clash of wits and words, where every statement can mean the difference between life and death.

So, you’ll need to use your noggin and piece together the truth from the fragments of evidence scattered throughout the game. And trust me, there are plenty of twists and turns along the way.

Are you up for the challenge?

18 Unique Ways Typography Enhances Video Games

Call Of Duty: World At War

Imagine diving headfirst into the chaos and intensity of World War II. That’s exactly what Call Of Duty: World At War offers. This incredible game takes you on an unforgettable journey through the darkest chapters of our history.

As you navigate through the game, you’ll experience mesmerizing cutscenes that bring the storyline to life. These scenes use unique kinetic typography, making every moment visually stunning and engaging. Instead of simply watching the story unfold, you become an active participant, absorbing the expositional material and immersing yourself in the gripping narrative.

From the bloody battlefields of the Pacific to the war-torn streets of Berlin, Call Of Duty: World At War thrusts you into the heart of combat. The game captures the true spirit and devastation of World War II, ensuring you’re never short on adrenaline-pumping action.

So, get ready to embark on an epic adventure, filled with danger, bravery, and unyielding determination. Grab your controller, steel your nerves, and prepare yourself for the fight of your life. I guarantee you won’t be able to put this game down. It’s time to answer the Call Of Duty: World At War.

18 Unique Ways Typography Enhances Video Games


In the game, just like in the comic books, you’ll notice that Deadpool has multiple personalities. And what’s interesting is that each of these personalities gets their own dedicated textbox, just for them.

18 Unique Ways Typography Enhances Video Games


Imagine this: you’re in a boss battle and your foe is none other than a formidable critic. This critic’s weapon of choice? Words. That’s right, they use their sharp tongue to harm you, raining down critical remarks like blows. It’s a battle of wits, where you must use your own mental prowess to navigate this verbal assault and come out on top.

18 Unique Ways Typography Enhances Video Games

Marvelous Showdown: Phoenix Wright vs. Capcom

When I first heard that Phoenix Wright was joining the fight, I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. How could a defense attorney hold his own against battle-tested warriors? But as it turns out, this quirky lawyer brings something truly unique to the arena – his infamous ‘Objection!’ shout.

18 Unique Ways Typography Enhances Video Games

Lollipop Chainsaw

When I played Lollipop Chainsaw, I encountered a particularly challenging adversary named Zed. He had a unique way of attacking me. Instead of physical punches or kicks, he used insults. These insults took the form of floating words that hurled towards my character, intending to cause harm.

18 Unique Ways Typography Enhances Video Games

Experience the Unforgettable Journey of Katawa Shoujo

Step into the incredible world of Katawa Shoujo, where emotions run high and the unexpected becomes the norm. In one memorable scene, I find myself caught in a whirlwind of uncertainty as I am presented with a daunting list of medication that I must take.

The game ingeniously employs kinetic typography to capture the overwhelming confusion coursing through my veins. The words on the screen come alive, dancing and twirling in a way that reflects the tumultuous storm brewing within me. It’s as if the typography itself holds the key to unlocking the maze of emotions that I find myself trapped in.

As the words swirl and loop across the screen, I cannot help but feel a sense of both wonder and anxiety. It’s a paradoxical blend of emotions, like being caught in a whirlpool while marveling at the beauty of the swirling waters. There is a certain magic in the way the words move, almost as if they have a secret language all their own.

The kinetic typography serves as a visual representation of the protagonist’s confusion, a tangible manifestation of the overwhelming burden he carries. The jumbled letters and erratic movements mirror the chaos in his mind, drawing you into his world and making you a part of his struggle.

With each passing moment, the typography becomes more complex, teasing the boundaries of comprehension. It challenges me to decipher its meaning, to unravel the twisted puzzle that lies before me. It’s a test of resilience and determination, a mirror of the character’s own journey towards finding clarity.

Yet, amidst the chaos and confusion, there is an undeniable beauty to be found. The kinetic typography is a visual symphony, a captivating dance that pulls at my heartstrings. It reminds me that amidst the darkest moments, there is always a glimmer of light, a ray of hope that guides us forward.

In that moment, as I stare at the screen, I am not just a passive observer. I am an active participant in the story, a witness to the protagonist’s struggle, and a part of his quest for understanding. The kinetic typography draws me in, enveloping me in its enchanting spell, and reminding me of the power of storytelling.

Katawa Shoujo is more than just a game; it’s an immersive experience that challenges us to question our own preconceptions and embrace the complexities of the human condition. Through its masterful use of kinetic typography, it takes storytelling to new heights, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of its players.