29 December 2023

15 Awesome Text Effects Created with CSS

By usamerica_us

Do you want your design to stand out? Well, beautiful text or typography can make all the difference. Luckily, CSS is here to help. CSS allows you to apply various effects and animations to text, bringing it to life.

To show you the power of CSS, I’ve gathered a collection of 15 breathtaking text effects that are all made possible using CSS (with a little assistance from some JavaScript codes).

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Elastic Stroke Animation

SVG Glitch

Are you interested in creating visual effects that resemble a broken analog TV? Dirk Weber has come up with an incredible glitch effect using CSS and SVG filters. You can check it out on CodePen.

I also wanted to mention the Shop Talk logo, which was completely recreated using only CSS by Hugo. The logo looks remarkably similar to the original, complete with the right texture.

Another fascinating effect is the slashed effect by Robet Messerle. It gives the appearance of a knife slicing through the design, and the best part is that it’s done with less than 70 lines of CSS.

Juan Brujo has created an elegant shadow effect using CSS. It adds a long shadow to text, and out of the 4 effects he made, this one is definitely the most impressive.

If you’re into cinematic effects, you’ll love Andreas’ foggy text effect. It creates an awesome foggy atmosphere, but please note that it only works on Webkit browsers.

Lastly, there’s an intriguing SVG text mask that you should check out. It’s a creative way to apply masks to text and create unique designs.

I found this really cool design by Marco Barria that showcases an elegant text masking effect over a captivating background image. Check it out!

If you’re into awesome text animations, you’ve got to see what Yoann has created. It’s a mesmerizing ticker effect where the second word constantly switches between three different words.

Now, here’s a simple yet mind-blowing 3D effect by ThatGuySam. He cleverly plays with text-shadows to create an amazing visual.

Have you ever wondered how to incorporate a background image inside the text? Well, Jintos has you covered! Using a Webkit background clip, he’s come up with 16 incredible designs that achieve just that.

If you’re into cool visual effects, Moklik has something you’ll love. By adding a dimmed light effect to the text, he creates intermittent flashes that serve as a warning beacon from a distance.

Lastly, there’s an animated signing of a signature that you’ve got to see. It’s a fascinating display that captures the fluid motion of a handwritten signature.

Hey there! I want to tell you about some amazing creations I found. You won’t believe what these talented folks have come up with!

Signing Animation

Have you ever seen a real-time signing animation? It’s mind-blowing! Gary Hepting used a clever combination of Javascript and SVG path to bring still images to life.

Colorful Glitchy 404

Get ready for an immersive experience! With just a touch of CSS and Javascript, mistic100 has created a glitch effect that will make your head spin (in a good way!). It’s like hearing a sound and feeling a vibration right inside your head.


This logo is just out of this world! Not only is it elegant and inspiring, but it’s also perfect for anything related to “Cosmos.” The design captures the essence of orbits and space in a beautiful way.

See the Pen COSMOS by Patrick Brosset (@captainbrosset) on CodePen.


Need a cool loading effect for your website? Look no further! This simple yet impressive effect created by Ian Gloude involves the clever hiding and displaying of letters. It’s a great way to keep your visitors engaged while they wait for your page to load.

See the Pen ByVYZK by Ian Gloude (@igloude) on CodePen.

See the Pen ByVYZK by Ian Gloude (@igloude) on CodePen.