28 December 2023

15 Awesome Google Drive Hacks to Boost Your Productivity (Part II)

By Ronald Smith

When it comes to cloud storage services, Google Drive is definitely a top contender. I’ve compared it to other popular options like Dropbox and OneDrive, and each one has its own unique features and limitations. But if you’re set on using Google Drive, I’ve got some fantastic tips to help you make the most of it.

The great thing about Google Drive is that it’s connected to your Gmail account, and you even get 5 GB of free storage space. Plus, you can do basic document editing right in your web browser.

Now, let’s dive into 15 awesome tips and tricks to supercharge your Google Drive experience.

Unlock the Power of Google Drive (Part III)

Google Drive is an incredibly useful tool that you should definitely have in your toolbox. I mean, seriously, it’s amazing!

How to Add Google Drive Files to Your Gmail

So, because Google Drive is connected to your Google account, you can easily attach files that are stored in Google Drive to your emails in Gmail.

It’s way better than the traditional way of attaching files, where you have to go through the whole process of uploading the file as an attachment. With Google Drive, you don’t have to do that anymore!

Oh, and did I mention that there’s no filesize limit? Yep, you heard that right. You can attach files of any size, and the person receiving the email can simply download the file using the link provided. It couldn’t be easier!

15 Awesome Google Drive Hacks to Boost Your Productivity (Part II)

Keyboard shortcuts

Did you know that you can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate Google Drive right from your web browser? It’s pretty cool! Take a look at these shortcuts and start boosting your productivity.

S Star or unstar the item you have currently highlighted
X Select or deselect the item you have currently highlighted
. Share the item you have currently highlighted
J or K Navigate to the previous or next item in the list without selecting it
Up Arrow or Down Arrow Select the previous or next item in the list
Shift + Up Arrow or Down Arrow Select multiple previous or next items
Shift + A Select all items
Shift + N Deselect all items
Shift + T Create a new text document
Shift + P Create a new presentation
Shift + S Create a new spreadsheet
Shift + D Create a new drawing
Shift + F Create a new folder
Ctrl + Alt + G Open the Revision History in files

Collect Data with Forms

Hey there! Did you know that you can easily gather important information using forms? It’s super cool! Whenever someone fills out a form, all that juicy data will be automatically organized and neatly compiled into a Spreadsheet document. Isn’t that neat?

Creating a form is a breeze. Just click on the “Create” button and select “Form.” Easy peasy!

15 Awesome Google Drive Hacks to Boost Your Productivity (Part II)

You’ve got so many ways to gather information! There are textboxes, checkboxes, multiple-choice questions, lists, scales, and grids.

Once you’ve made your form, sharing it with others is a breeze. You can simply give them a direct link or send it to their email!

15 Awesome Google Drive Hacks to Boost Your Productivity (Part II)

When you fill out the form, it automatically puts together all the information in a spreadsheet. You can think of the spreadsheet as a type of program, like Microsoft Excel. With it, you can do calculations and use math formulas to help you out.

15 Awesome Google Drive Hacks to Boost Your Productivity (Part II)

If you want to stay organized, I can show you how to view it in a list. Just follow these simple steps: First, click on the “View” option. Then, select “List” from the dropdown menu that appears. By doing this, you can easily organize your information in a more manageable way.

15 Awesome Google Drive Hacks to Boost Your Productivity (Part II)

When you finish collecting data, the next step is to view a neater version of it.

Storing website images in Google Drive

If you’d like to save images, documents, HTML5 audio, and videos straight to your Google Drive, you can achieve this by adding the Save to Google Drive Chrome extension.

Once the extension is installed, you’ll have the ability to directly save an image or link to your Google Drive by simply right-clicking on it.

15 Awesome Google Drive Hacks to Boost Your Productivity (Part II)

Edit Your Images on Google Drive

If you want to make your pictures look even better, I have a great solution for you. By installing the Pixlr Editor on your Chrome web browser, you’ll be able to edit your photos right from your Google Drive. It’s super convenient!

Once you have Pixlr Editor up and running, simply right-click on any of your pictures and choose to open it with Pixlr Editor. This amazing tool offers a wide range of basic tools, just like Photoshop. It’s perfect for all your editing needs, whether you’re adjusting colors, cropping, or adding special effects. You’ll have everything you need at your fingertips!

15 Awesome Google Drive Hacks to Boost Your Productivity (Part II)

Enhance your photos with stylish filters

Ever wanted to give your Google Drive photos that Instagram touch? Look no further than Pixlr Express. With just a few clicks, you can transform your images right in your browser.

To get started, make sure you’re using Google Chrome. Then, simply right-click on any photo in your Google Drive and select “Open with Pixlr Express.” From there, a world of creative possibilities awaits.

With Pixlr Express, you have access to a wide range of filters, borders, fonts, and tilt-shift effects. Whether you want to add a vintage vibe, a pop of color, or a cinematic feel, there’s something for everyone.

So, why settle for plain, unedited photos? Unleash your creativity and make your images stand out with Pixlr Express – the ultimate photo editing tool.

15 Awesome Google Drive Hacks to Boost Your Productivity (Part II)

Enjoy your music

Did you know you can do more than just download music files from Google Drive? With Drive Music, a Google Chrome extension, you can listen to your favorite tunes right within your browser.

Once you’ve installed Drive Music, simply click on any music file, and a new tab will open with a sleek music player. It has all the basic features you’d expect, allowing you to play, pause, skip, and adjust the volume to your liking.

Create your own videos

Are you ready to become a video editing maestro? With the Pixorial Video extension for Google Chrome, you can unleash your creativity and work wonders with your videos stored in Google Drive.

Launching Pixorial Video library within Google Drive opens up a world of possibilities. You can seamlessly merge different video clips, trim them down, and even add captivating titles, music, and smooth transitions. Not to mention, it’s all incredibly simple to use!

15 Awesome Google Drive Hacks to Boost Your Productivity (Part II)

Make Mind Maps with Ease

MindMeister, an app designed for Google Chrome, lets you effortlessly create mind maps directly in your web browser. With MindMeister, you can easily organize your thoughts and ideas in a visual and intuitive way. Plus, the best part is, you can save your mind maps to your Google Drive, making them accessible for editing and viewing whenever you want.

15 Awesome Google Drive Hacks to Boost Your Productivity (Part II)

How to Easily Add Google Drive to Your Windows ‘Send To’ Menu

Don’t you find it annoying that you have to open Google Drive every time you want to add something to it? I know I do. Luckily, there’s a simple solution – you can add Google Drive directly to your Windows ‘Send To’ menu! Here’s how:

15 Awesome Google Drive Hacks to Boost Your Productivity (Part II)

To start, you should install the program. Once that’s done, follow these steps:
Users > [yourusername] > AppData > Roaming > Microsoft > Windows > SendTo.

To add Google Drive to the SendTo folder, use your mouse to right-click on the Google Drive icon in the Favorites panel. Then, drag it to the SendTo folder and release the right-click. A menu will pop up, so just click on Copy here.

15 Awesome Google Drive Hacks to Boost Your Productivity (Part II)

Hey there! Did you know that you can now move files from your computer’s desktop straight to Google Drive? Yup, it’s super easy. Just right-click on the file, choose Send to, and then click on Google Drive.

Add Google Drive to the Quick Access Menu in File Explorer

To make things even quicker, you can pin the Google Drive folder to the file explorer’s quick access menu. Here’s how:

All you have to do is drag and drop the Google Drive folder onto the file explorer icon on your taskbar. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to find it easily by right-clicking on the file explorer icon and selecting “Google Drive.”

Keep track of changes with Revision History

If you ever delete a file on Google Drive by mistake, don’t worry! You have 30 days to retrieve it before it’s gone forever. For individual files, you can easily restore a previous version.

To do this, just open the Google Drive website and select the file you want to restore. Then, press Ctrl + Alt + G and a panel will appear on the right side of your screen. This panel will show you all the changes you’ve made to the file in the past. From there, you can choose the version you want to bring back.

So, no need to panic if you accidentally delete something on Google Drive. Just follow these steps and you’ll have your file back in no time!

15 Awesome Google Drive Hacks to Boost Your Productivity (Part II)

Stop Google Drive from Deleting Previous File Versions Automatically

Did you know that Google Drive lets you go back to 100 different versions of your files? Pretty neat, right? But, here’s the thing – having all those versions takes up storage space. If you want to keep as many revisions as you want, though, you can. Just follow these simple steps.

To stop automatic deletion, all you have to do is right-click on a file when you’re on the Google Drive website. Then, choose the option that says “Manage revisions.” That’s it! It’s super easy and you’ll never have to worry about losing previous versions of your files. No more storage sacrifices for you.

15 Awesome Google Drive Hacks to Boost Your Productivity (Part II)

When you click on the button, a new window will appear. In this window, you can choose the file revisions that you want to keep and not have deleted. If you have many revisions stored in Google Drive, the list will be longer.

15 Awesome Google Drive Hacks to Boost Your Productivity (Part II)

I know Google Drive is great, but did you know there are even more cool things you can do with it? Let me show you how to install some awesome apps just for Google Chrome!

Remember those extensions we talked about earlier? Well, you’ll be happy to know there are a bunch of other apps that you can use with Google Drive on your Chrome browser. Sounds pretty cool, right? Take a look at the Google Drive apps collection and find something that suits your needs.