25 December 2023

11 Ways to Make Google Chrome Faster

By usamerica_us

Hey there! I know how frustrating it can be when Google Chrome gets slow. But don’t worry, I’ve got your back. There are some nifty tricks and hacks that can speed up your browsing experience and make Chrome lightning fast. Let’s dive in!

5 Awesome Tips for Developers

If you’re a developer, you’re in luck! Google Chrome has some amazing tools called DevTools that can make your life a whole lot easier. These tools are like magic for web development. Seriously, they’re that good. Want to learn more? Keep reading!

Get Rid of the Stuff You Don’t Need

Hey there! I’m here to share some awesome tips and tricks for speeding up your Chrome browser. By disabling certain unnecessary features, we can make those web pages load faster than ever. So let’s get started!

1. Time to Say Goodbye to Extensions

You know those cool tools in Chrome that make your browsing experience even better? Well, some of them might actually be slowing you down. You see, extensions work in the background, doing all sorts of things like filtering web pages and loading extra data from the Internet.

But here’s the thing: not all extensions are created equal. Some are more helpful than others. And to boost your browser’s speed and overall performance, it’s a good idea to disable or even delete the ones you don’t really need.

Here’s how you can disable those unnecessary extensions:

11 Ways to Make Google Chrome Faster

  1. First, open up your Chrome browser.
  2. Next, type “chrome://extensions” into the address bar at the top of the page. If you prefer, you can also access this by going to Chrome’s options, then selecting “More tools,” and finally clicking on “Extensions.”
  3. Once you’re on the extensions page, you can disable any extensions you no longer want by unchecking the “Enabled” box. If you want to completely remove an extension, just click on the trash icon next to it.
2. Disable Unnecessary Plugins

Plugins are a lot like extensions. They add extra features and functionality to your browser. Chrome comes with a few built-in plugins from Google, such as the Chrome PDF Viewer and Native Client. You might also have plugins from other software you’ve installed on your computer. However, plugins can slow down your browser and take up valuable memory and network resources.

If you want to disable plugins you don’t need:

11 Ways to Make Google Chrome Faster

Type “chrome://plugins” in Chrome’s address bar. Then, disable any plugins you no longer need. Remember, plugins are like little programs that add extra functionality to your browser. Sometimes you might install a plugin for a specific task, but then find that you no longer use it. In that case, it’s a good idea to disable and remove it, freeing up space and improving performance.

3. Let’s talk about web apps. Did you know that Google Chrome can run web apps just like a regular application? These apps are built using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, and they can be installed and run right from your browser. However, if you have web apps that you no longer need or use, it’s a good idea to get rid of them. They can take up space and resources, slowing down your browser.

To remove unnecessary web apps, follow these steps:

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Click on the three dots in the top-right corner of the browser window to open the menu.

3. Select “More tools” from the menu, and then click on “Extensions.”

4. In the Extensions tab, you’ll see a list of all the web apps you have installed. Look for the apps you want to remove and click on the trash can icon next to them.

5. Confirm that you want to remove the app by clicking “Remove” in the pop-up window.

By removing unnecessary plugins and web apps, you can keep your browser clean and running smoothly. It’s a simple way to optimize your browsing experience and make sure you only have what you need.

11 Ways to Make Google Chrome Faster

  1. To remove an app from Chrome, follow these steps:

Type “chrome://apps” in the address bar or click “Apps” on the Bookmarks bar in Chrome.

Right-click on the app you want to remove, choose “Remove from Chrome…”, and click “Remove” to confirm.

  • For a faster browsing experience, you can enable the prefetch resources feature in Chrome. This feature predicts the pages or links you are likely to open next and loads them in the background before you actually open them.
  • 4. Enable Prefetch Resources

    If you want to enable the prefetch feature in Chrome, here’s what you need to do:

    11 Ways to Make Google Chrome Faster

    So, here’s what you do: Go to Chrome’s Options > Settings > Show advanced settingsā€¦

  • Look for the option that says “Prefetch resources to load pages more quickly” and check the box.

  • Get Ready for Some Secret Hacks!

    Did you know that Google Chrome has a bunch of secret and experimental features hidden away? These are like cool tricks that the Chrome developers have come up with. Some of them might be a bit advanced or not work on all devices, so you’ve got to be careful. But luckily, there are a few experiments that can really make your browser load pages faster and work even better.

    11 Ways to Make Google Chrome Faster

    Once again, some of these might not work on certain devices. If you find yourself in that situation, don’t worry, just undo the hack and everything will go back to normal.

    5. Cool Canvas Stuff

    With cool canvas stuff, Chrome can use fancy canvases to make things load faster and work better.

    Here’s how to turn on cool canvas stuff:

    11 Ways to Make Google Chrome Faster

    1. To access the experimental canvas features, you need to go to the page “chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-canvas-features”.
    2. Once you’re there, click on the “Enable” button and then hit “Relaunch Now” to apply the changes.
    Faster Closing of Tabs/Windows

    The Fast Tab/Window Close option makes it quicker for you to close tabs or windows in your browser. When you enable this feature, it allows the browser to close tabs or windows faster by running a tab’s onUnload.js handler independently of the graphical interface, which speeds up the closing process.

    To enable the fast tab/window close feature:

    11 Ways to Make Google Chrome Faster

    1. To activate a nifty Chrome feature that allows for faster unloading of pages, type “chrome://flags/#enable-fast-unload” in the address bar.
    2. Once there, click on the “Enable” option and then hit the “Relaunch Now” button to make sure the changes take effect.
    7. Get Ready for Some Magic

    The Scroll Prediction feature is like having a fortune teller for your fingers. With this feature on, Chrome can predict where your finger is headed when you’re scrolling, and it can get the page ready before you even move your finger again.

    Here’s how you can enable Scroll Prediction:

    11 Ways to Make Google Chrome Faster

    1. Open Chrome and go to the location bar.
    2. Type in “chrome://flags/#enable-scroll-prediction”.
    3. Press Enter to search.
    4. Click on the option that says Enable.
    5. Once enabled, click on Relaunch Now to restart Chrome.
    8. More Tiles for Your Interests

    Maximum Tiles controls how many tiles Chrome displays in the interest area. By increasing the maximum number of tiles, you’ll see more websites based on your interests or browsing history. This means you can quickly open new websites from the interest area.

    To increase the number of Maximum Tiles:

    11 Ways to Make Google Chrome Faster

    1. To start, I’m going to open my browser and go to “chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area”.
    2. Next, I’ll choose the option “512” from the dropdown menu.
    3. After that, I’ll click on “Relaunch Now” to apply the changes.
    9. Raster Threads

    Raster Threads play an important role in how images are displayed in Chrome. By increasing the number of raster threads, we can improve the time it takes for images to load, ultimately speeding up the page loading process.

    Here’s how to increase the number of raster threads:

    11 Ways to Make Google Chrome Faster

    Okay, let’s give this a shot:

      I’m going to show you how to make some changes in Chrome that will make it work faster. First, open a new tab and type in “chrome://flags/#num-raster-threads” in the address bar. When the page loads, you’ll see a dropdown menu. Click on it and select the number 4. After that, click the “Relaunch Now” button and you’re all set! Chrome will restart and the changes will take effect.

    10. Answers in Suggest

    Now I’m going to show you another cool trick in Chrome. It’s called “Answers in Suggest” and it will make your life a lot easier. Here’s how to enable it: First, type “chrome://flags/#answers-in-suggest” into the address bar. When the page loads, you’ll see a dropdown menu. Click on it and select “Enabled”. Then, click the “Relaunch Now” button and you’re all set! Chrome will restart and the feature will be turned on.

    11. Simple Cache for HTTP

    Here’s how you can enable Simple Cache:

    To get started, go to “chrome://flags/#enable-simple-cache-backend” in your browser.

    1. Once there, select “Enabled” from the dropdown menu.
    2. Finally, click the “Relaunch Now” button to apply the changes.

    That’s it!

    Now you’re all set. How’s your browsing experience using Chrome after following these tips and tricks? Do you have any more tips, tricks, or hacks to speed up Google Chrome?

    Please let us know in the comments!