14 December 2023

10 Websites to Beautify Your Code Online

By Ronald Smith

When I create a website, it’s important to me that the code is well-formatted. That way, it’s easier for me to work on it in the future. And if I’m working with a team, code formatting becomes even more crucial. It ensures that our code is easy to understand when we need to make changes or edits later on.

Thankfully, there are code beautifier tools that can help with this. These tools are designed to make our code more readable for other programmers. And the best part? They can beautify our code in just a few seconds!

Below, I’ve listed some code beautifier tools that will make your code look fantastic:

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1. Prettier

10 Websites to Beautify Your Code Online

If you’re looking for an easy way to make your code look great, then Prettier is the perfect tool for you. It’s a code formatter that takes all of your code and makes it look consistent and stylish. Prettier will format your code to match its predefined styles, ensuring that it follows the right patterns.

The best part about Prettier is that you don’t have to do anything extra. Just paste your unformatted code, and Prettier will automatically format it on the spot. No need to click buttons or wait for anything to load.

To get started with Prettier, simply choose one of the supported languages like JavaScript, TypeScript, JSX, Angular, Vue, CSS, HTML, JSON, GraphQL, and many more.

2. Beautify Converter

10 Websites to Beautify Your Code Online

Welcome to Beautify Converter, a handy online tool for tidying up your code! Whether you’re working with programming languages like CSV or PDF, or any other file format, our free code beautifier has got you covered.

It’s super easy to use. Just paste your code directly into the text box, or upload a file or URL. Once you’ve added your code, you can choose to beautify it and/or minify it to make it cleaner and more organized.

When you’re done, simply copy the beautified code from the box. If you want to save it as a file, no worries! Just use our convenient download feature.

Here’s another great option: the Digital Inspiration Beautifier.

10 Websites to Beautify Your Code Online

Hey there! Are you struggling with messy source code that’s hard to read and understand? Well, fret no more! I’ve got just the solution for you. Introducing Source Code Beautifier: the ultimate tool for printing and highlighting source code in various programming languages.

Whether you’re working with JavaScript, Google Apps Script, HTML, JSON, Python, CSS, PHP, or any other programming language, the Source Code Beautifier has got you covered. It can even handle minified JavaScript source code by de-obfuscating and re-formatting it for your convenience.

Getting started is a breeze. Just copy and paste your source code into the beautifier, and like magic, it will be transformed into clean, organized code with beautiful syntax highlighting. No more squinting at messy code or struggling to find errors. With the Source Code Beautifier, your code will be as pretty as can be.

Code Beautifier

10 Websites to Beautify Your Code Online

Welcome! I’m here to introduce you to Code Beautifier, which is built on the powerful open-source CSS parser and optimizer called CSS Tidy. With this tool, you can easily clean up your CSS code and make it more efficient.

Using Code Beautifier is simple. Just copy and paste your CSS code into the text box, or you can even input a URL to retrieve the code. Once you’re ready, the tool will optimize your code and show you the changes it made. You can then copy the updated code to your clipboard or save it to a file for future use.

But wait, there’s more! Code Beautifier offers a wide range of options to customize the output according to your preferences. For example, you can choose from five different compression levels, from low to high compression. You can also opt for sorting, various types of compression, or even the removal of unnecessary elements.

One of the many fantastic features of Code Beautifier is the Unminify tool. This tool takes your minified CSS code and expands it back to its original, human-readable form. So you no longer have to scratch your head when trying to decipher compressed code!

10 Websites to Beautify Your Code Online

Hey there! Have you ever come across a jumble of JavaScript, CSS, or HTML code that looks like an indecipherable mess? Well, fear not! I have just the solution for you!

Introducing Unminify – the amazing online tool that can instantly transform that tangled web of code into something readable and beautiful. And the best part? It’s absolutely free and super easy to use!

Here’s how it works: all you need to do is paste your CSS code into the tool, and with a simple click of the UNMINIFY button, you’ll witness the magic unfold. Your code will be un-minified, unpacked, and de-obfuscated, revealing its true beauty.

Once the formatting process is complete, you have two options. You can either copy the formatted code directly to your clipboard for later use or download the file by clicking on the convenient icon located in the bottom right corner.

But wait, there’s more! – DirtyMarkup Beautifier

10 Websites to Beautify Your Code Online

Welcome to DirtyMarkup Beautifier! I’m here to help you tidy up your messy code. Whether you’re dealing with HTML, CSS, or Javascript, this free tool can format it, adjust line lengths, and improve indentation. Our site and API have successfully beautified over a billion lines of code, making them the go-to choice for millions of users around the globe. And now, with our new REST API, you can clean up your code programmatically. How cool is that?

7. BeautifyTools

10 Websites to Beautify Your Code Online

Hello there! Have you ever come across code that’s just too messy and hard to read? Well, I’ve got great news for you! This awesome online tool can take that messy code and transform it into beautiful, well-formatted code that’s super easy to understand.

Don’t you worry, because it’s really simple to use. You just need to paste your code into the tool, and it will take care of the rest. It’ll add the perfect indentation, create new lines where needed, and even add spaces to make everything nice and neat.

But wait, there’s more! You can also customize this beautifier to suit your own preferences. You can choose to add just one level of indentation, make sure that your script and style end with a new line, or even keep the indentation of an array. The possibilities are endless!

So, what are you waiting for? Give CodeBeautify a try and transform your messy code into a work of art!

10 Websites to Beautify Your Code Online

When it comes to cleaning up your code, Codebeautify is the cream of the crop. It offers a wide range of tools and functionalities that can be customized to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re working with Javascript, Java, Python, C, C++, HTML, CSS, SQL, or any other programming language, Codebeautify has got you covered. However, I must admit that its user interface can be a bit overwhelming at first.

But fear not, for beautifying your code is a breeze. Simply choose your programming language, paste in your source code, and voila! Your code will be transformed into a thing of beauty.

9. JavaScript Beautifier

10 Websites to Beautify Your Code Online

I want to introduce you to a fantastic tool called the Online JavaScript Beautifier! It’s super easy to use and will make your JavaScript code much easier to understand. One of the best parts about it is that it automatically adds indentation, structured formatting, and loops to your code, even though you won’t see those options listed in the interface.

To use this tool, all you need to do is copy and paste your source code into the designated area. Then, just click the Beautify button, and voila! Your code will be transformed into a more organized and readable format. It’s like magic!

Now, let me show you another cool tool called Free Formatter. You’re gonna love this one too!

10 Websites to Beautify Your Code Online

Hey there! I’m here to introduce you to a fantastic tool called Free Formatter. It’s an awesome online tool that lets you easily format your CSS, JSON, HTML, XML, and SQL code. How cool is that?

With Free Formatter, you have two options to format your code. First, you can simply copy and paste your code into the tool’s interface. Easy, right? Alternatively, you can upload a file containing your code. Free Formatter’s got your back no matter how you prefer to work.

But wait, there’s more! Free Formatter allows you to customize your formatting experience. You can set the indent level and even choose the break style. It’s all about giving you complete control.

After you’ve submitted your code, the formatted result will be displayed in a neat little text field. You can even open it in a new window if that’s more your style. And if you want to have a sneak peek at your beautiful code before copying it, Free Formatter also provides a preview. It’s all about making your life easier.

So, are you ready to give Free Formatter a try? Go ahead and make your code shine!