13 December 2023

10 Ways to Keep Your Mobile Data Usage in Check

By Ronald Smith

These days, more and more people are using their smartphones to surf the internet. Whether it’s through Wi-Fi or using mobile data, staying connected on the go has become a necessity. However, it’s important to be mindful of your data usage because your internet service provider (ISP) sets a limit on how much data you can use each month. If you go over this limit, your browsing experience can slow down or you may face additional charges. It’s crucial to stay within your data quota to avoid these issues. But how can you do that? Here are 10 tips to help you keep your mobile data usage in check:

If you love surfing the internet or need to stay connected for work or school, you might want to consider getting a mobile plan with a higher data limit, if it fits within your budget. However, you can also make the most of your current data plan by managing your usage wisely. Here are 10 tips to help you make your monthly mobile data plan last.

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1. Stay Mindful of Your Data Usage

When it comes to having a limited amount of mobile data, the first thing you should do is keep an eye on how much data you’re using. Specifically, you need to monitor which apps are using the most data and how much they’re using. The more you know about where your data is going, the easier it will be for you to manage your data limit.

Android devices have a built-in feature that allows you to monitor your data usage. However, if you prefer, you can also use apps to help you with this task.

10 Ways to Keep Your Mobile Data Usage in Check

2. Stay Aware of Your Data Usage Limits with Notifications

When you’re out and about, it’s easy to forget about keeping track of how much data you’re using. That’s why it’s important to have a way to be alerted when you’re close to exceeding your data limit. Luckily, there are apps available that can help you with this!

For iOS users, I recommend downloading a handy app called “My Data Manager”. This app will keep an eye on your phone’s data usage and allow you to set a specific limit for your data quota. You can also customize when and how it alerts you about your usage. It’s a great tool to help you stay within your limits and avoid any unexpected charges.

If you’re an Android user, you’re in luck! Android devices come with a built-in data manager that can be accessed through your device’s settings menu. Look for the “Data Usage” option. From there, you can set your data usage cycle and your mobile data limit. The data manager will even show you which apps are consuming the most data, so you can make informed decisions about how to manage your usage. You can also enable an automatic data cutoff feature that will turn off your mobile data when you reach your limit, ensuring you don’t go over your quota.

10 Ways to Keep Your Mobile Data Usage in Check

3. Reduce the Size of Your Data

Did you know that there are ways to make the data you receive take up less space? That means you won’t have to worry about using too much of your data plan. It’s pretty neat, if you ask me.

One way to do this is by using a nifty little app called Onavo Extend. It’s available for Android, and it works kind of like a VPN. Basically, before the data gets to your phone or tablet, it goes through Onavo’s servers. They compress the data, so it takes up less space on your device. Clever, right?

But here’s something even cooler. You can also do this with some web browsers. Take Chrome for Android and iOS, for example. It lets you send your data to Google first, and they compress it for you. That way, you can use less data and still get all the good stuff from the web. There’s also Opera Mini, which has had this feature for a while now, even before smartphones were a thing.

10 Ways to Keep Your Mobile Data Usage in Check

Step 4: Get Ahead of the Game

When it comes to conserving your precious mobile data, one strategy reigns supreme: planning ahead. If you have access to unlimited Wi-Fi at your office, home, or university, take full advantage by preload as much content as you can for offline use. This simple trick will help you avoid dipping into your data plan unnecessarily.

Instead of streaming content on the go, consider downloading your favorite music and videos onto your device beforehand. This small adjustment can make a world of difference in preserving your mobile data. And don’t forget to check if your go-to apps have the option to preload their content using Wi-Fi only – it’s a game-changer.

Step 5: Offline Access Made Easy

Whether you’re embarking on a long flight or setting off on a remote vacation where internet access is scarce, there are apps that can come to your rescue. These specialized apps allow you to access websites offline, providing a way for you to stay connected even when you’re off the grid. So go ahead and explore the world without worrying about losing touch with your digital oasis.

10 Ways to Keep Your Mobile Data Usage in Check

5. Take Advantage of a Slower Internet Connection

The faster your internet speeds are, the more time you’ll spend online. This means you’ll end up using more data. Even if you’re not actively using the internet, there are background processes that may still use up your data without you knowing, and you’ll suddenly realize halfway through the month that you’ve run out of data.

Whenever you can, switch to a slower connection like 3G or better yet, Edge. Slower speeds mean less usage for both you and your device. You’ll be amazed at how much data you can save simply by using this handy trick.

10 Ways to Keep Your Mobile Data Usage in Check

6. Stop Push Notifications or Reduce their Use

Push notifications are pretty handy. They help you stay up to date with emails, social media, and messaging apps. But here’s the thing: these little notifications actually use up your data. The more you rely on push notifications, the more data they consume.

So, it’s a good idea to limit the number of push notifications your device sends out. Only enable them for the apps that are truly important to you. Take a moment and think: do you really need constant updates from your social media accounts or email app every 5 minutes? Maybe getting updates every hour is enough.

10 Ways to Keep Your Mobile Data Usage in Check

Step 7: Stop Background Processes

When you think you’ve closed an app, it might not actually be fully closed. There are often a few background processes that keep running for various reasons. One reason is that the app might still be connected to the internet, finishing up downloads.

To make absolutely sure that an app is closed, you can use your device’s task manager. On iOS, double-click the Home button to see a list of all the apps currently running, then swipe up to force quit the app. On Android, you can either try to stop the current download within the app, or if that’s not possible, force stop the app by going to Settings > Apps and selecting the app you want to stop.

10 Ways to Keep Your Mobile Data Usage in Check

8. Stop Using Mobile Data for Specific Apps

Have you ever noticed that even when you close or force quit an app, it somehow manages to come back to life and keeps using up your precious mobile data? If you’re tired of this happening with a particular app, there’s a way to completely prevent it from using your mobile data.

If you’re using an iPhone, just follow these simple steps: go to Settings, then tap on Cellular. Find the app that’s causing the trouble and turn off the switch next to it. This will stop the app from using your mobile data ever again.

If you’re using an Android phone, the process is slightly different. Here’s what you need to do: go to Settings, then tap on Data Usage. Find the app that’s giving you a hard time and select it. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and check the box that says Restrict background data. This will prevent the app from using your mobile data in the background, saving you valuable data for more important things.

10 Ways to Keep Your Mobile Data Usage in Check

9. Stop Apps from Updating Automatically Using Cellular Data

Did you know that both iOS and Android have a nifty feature that allows your apps to update automatically? It can be super convenient, but there are times when you might want to turn it off, especially when you’re using your cellular data. Lucky for you, there’s an easy way to disable this feature on both operating systems.

If you’re an iOS user, follow these simple steps: Go to your device’s Settings and tap on iTunes & App Store. Then, switch off the Use Cellular Data option.

Are you an Android user instead? No worries, I’ve got you covered! Just open up your trusty Play Store app, access the Settings, and look for the magical Auto-update apps option. Once you find it, simply check the box that says Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.

10 Ways to Keep Your Mobile Data Usage in Check

Tip 10: Save Data by Turning Off When Not In Use

Okay, here’s a last resort option. If you’re getting dangerously close to using up all your mobile data, you can always switch off your cellular data when you don’t absolutely need it. Just toggle it back on when you want to go online.

But let me be clear, this isn’t for everyone. If you go this route, you won’t get any messages, emails, or updates in real-time. It takes a lot of self-control for those who constantly check their social accounts every ten minutes. However, if you have an incredibly small data limit and no other choice, consider giving this tip a try.