11 December 2023

10 Tools That Make Animated Videos a Breeze

By Ronald Smith

Hey there, folks! You know how everyone’s going crazy over YouTube these days? Well, it turns out people are also nuts about video tutorials. Whether it’s for housework, school, or any other topic under the sun, it seems like everybody’s jumping on the tutorial bandwagon. And guess what? If you have a special skill or knowledge to share, you can totally get in on the action by making your very own training or explainer videos. Pretty cool, huh?

But here’s the thing: it’s not just about what you know. Nope, there’s more to it than that. You see, the way you present your video plays a big role in its success. Trust me, it’s not all about the content – the way you style and structure your video can make a world of difference.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Making a killer video is easier said than done!” And guess what? You’re absolutely right. Those traditional video editors like Adobe Premiere or iMovie can be a real headache to use. Well, fear not, my friend, because I’ve got some good news for you. There’s a solution out there that’s specifically designed to make your life easier: video creator tools. These bad boys are all about creating animated, explainer videos, and let me tell you, they’re a total game-changer.

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Have you ever wanted to create your own videos but felt overwhelmed by complex video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final? Don’t worry, I’ve got just the solution for you! Enter: the mobile video editor.

Now, I know what you might be thinking. Can a mobile video editor really compare to the heavyweights of the industry? Well, while it may not have all the bells and whistles, a mobile video editor can still pack a punch when it comes to creating explainer or training videos. Plus, it offers a simple drag-and-drop interface that makes the process a breeze.

But that’s not all! These mobile video editors also come with a plethora of customization features, including the ability to add video clips, photos, and more. So your videos can truly reflect your unique style.

Ready to dive in? Let’s take a closer look at some of the best video creators out there that can help you bring your vision to life.

1. Powtoon

Powtoon is a powerhouse when it comes to generating captivating videos that grab viewers’ attention. What sets it apart is its intuitive interface that doesn’t require you to be a pro. With Powtoon, anyone can create professional-looking videos without breaking a sweat.

One of the highlights of Powtoon is its ability to condense complex ideas into short, animated videos. Trust me, this technique has been proven to be more effective than others. So if you have a message to deliver or a concept to explain, Powtoon has got your back.

10 Tools That Make Animated Videos a Breeze

With the power of technology, you can make your own amazing instructional videos in no time at all. Powtoon has a special feature that lets you easily create these videos using templates that you can simply drag and drop. In just an hour, you’ll have a professional-looking video ready to go.

But that’s not all! Powtoon also lets you include charts and graphs in your videos. This means you can provide analytics and statistics about your products and services right in your video. It’s a great way to showcase the benefits and features of what you’re offering.

And the best part? You can download your videos in high-definition quality. That means you can share them online, send them to your customers, or use them in presentations. And if you prefer, you can even export your videos to PDF or PowerPoint format.

10 Tools That Make Animated Videos a Breeze

I’m excited to tell you about this awesome online tool called Powtoon! It’s a fantastic resource that allows you to create amazing videos with ease. What’s even better is that you can use their unlimited selection of royalty-free music as background music for your creations. Isn’t that cool?

With Powtoon, you can make videos for both commercial and marketing purposes without having to pay a dime. That’s right, it’s completely free! Of course, if you want to access some additional features, you can upgrade to the pro version, which ranges from $19 to $59 per month. But the basic features are absolutely free!

Another great option is Animaker. It’s a tool that lets you create videos in various styles, including handcraft, infographic, typography, 2D, and 2.5D. The best part is that it offers a simple drag-and-drop feature, making it super easy to select and add images and sounds to your videos. It’s faster than ever before!

With Animaker, you can create videos that are up to 30 minutes long and in different quality modes like full HD, HD, and SD. This means you can create videos of any length and quality you desire!

10 Tools That Make Animated Videos a Breeze

Let me tell you about Animaker, an incredible tool that lets you add all sorts of fancy elements to your videos. I’m talking about graphs, maps, statistics, and infographics. Pretty impressive, right? But wait, there’s so much more! Animaker also gives you access to custom fonts, premium templates, and cool text effects. And let’s not forget about the wide range of sound effects you can choose from to really make your videos pop. Oh, and did I mention that you can easily import images and audio files from your computer? With Animaker, the possibilities are endless!

10 Tools That Make Animated Videos a Breeze

Let me tell you about two incredible tools that can help you create amazing animations and boost your business. One of my favorite go-to tools is Animaker. With Animaker, you can easily create short animated videos that will catch your audience’s attention and improve your business’s conversion rates.

And the best part is, starting with Animaker is super easy. You don’t need any special skills or experience. Animaker provides all the features you need to create awesome animations. It’s like having a professional animator at your fingertips!

Now, let’s talk about the price. Animaker offers both free and pro features. So, if you’re just getting started, you can use the basic features for free. But if you want access to more advanced features, you can subscribe to a pro plan, which starts at just $12 per month. It’s a small investment that can make a big difference in your business.

Another tool that I highly recommend is Biteable. Biteable claims to be the simplest animated video creator, and I completely agree. It’s a gorgeous tool that allows you to customize your videos with text, photos, colors, and sound. And the best part is, you can do it all in a drag-and-drop timeline. No technical skills required!

Biteable offers a wide range of scenes, including animation, live action, and photo. You can choose from numerous styles and even use their ready-made templates. It’s like having a professional video editor at your disposal.

So, whether you choose Animaker or Biteable, you can’t go wrong. Both tools are designed to make your life easier and help you create stunning animated videos. So go ahead and give them a try. You’ll be amazed at what you can create.

10 Tools That Make Animated Videos a Breeze

Biteable is a really cool tool that lets you do all sorts of fun things with your videos. With Biteable, you can bring your logo to life and make it animate, create professional-looking presentations or put together a super awesome slideshow. The best part is that Biteable has a massive library of over 85,000 video clips for you to choose from. If you can’t find the perfect clip, no worries! You can also upload your own footage to use in your video. Once you’ve finished creating your masterpiece, you can easily share it on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. And if that’s not enough, you can even embed your video on your own website. There are so many possibilities with Biteable – let your creativity run wild!

10 Tools That Make Animated Videos a Breeze

Price: The basic features are available for free. However, if you want to enjoy the pro features, you will need to pay $99 per year. Learn more

4. Wideo

Wideo allows you to easily create animated videos by using its drag-and-drop visual elements. It provides you with simple customization options that let you edit your logo, add text, change colors, and more. One of the things I really like about Wideo is its collection of ready-made templates, which allow you to create an animated video in just a few minutes. Additionally, you can also include background music and transition effects to enhance your videos.

10 Tools That Make Animated Videos a Breeze

I’m excited to tell you about this awesome tool that lets you make videos without any time restrictions. Plus, it has a whole bunch of cool backgrounds you can use to make your videos look amazing! And get this: it comes with over 50 incredible soundtracks that you can add to your videos to give them the perfect sound. How cool is that? Oh, and did I mention that it also lets you store and organize all your videos in the cloud? And if you want to show off your videos as a slideshow, this tool has got you covered too. It’s really a jack of all trades!

10 Tools That Make Animated Videos a Breeze

In my experience, I’ve found that Wideo is a great tool for marketers, trainers, and designers. It allows you to easily create videos using its unique artwork and soundtracks. With Wideo, you can make cool videos for your social media campaigns to generate more leads or improve the click-through rate on your email marketing.

Price: $59 – $199 per month

5. GoAnimate

When it comes to premium video makers, GoAnimate is one of the best. It offers powerful drag and drop tools that make it easy to add characters, change backgrounds, or create scenes in your videos. One of the features that really impressed me is the automatic lip-sync, which synchronizes the character’s mouth movements with the chosen voice track.

10 Tools That Make Animated Videos a Breeze

Let me tell you about this really cool thing called the character creator tool. With this tool, you can make your very own animated character. You can even use your brand’s logo and add in other stuff like audio files, images, and videos that are saved on your computer. It’s a super handy tool that lets you make unlimited videos with a totally unique look and feel.

10 Tools That Make Animated Videos a Breeze

If you’re looking to add some pizzazz to your videos, GoAnimate and Animatron have got you covered!

With GoAnimate, you have the power to create amazing videos and easily share them on YouTube and other social networks. Not only that, but you can also download your creations in full-HD resolution or as a GIF. Plus, embedding your videos on your website is a breeze. And the best part? GoAnimate offers a treasure trove of premium tracks, video loops, backgrounds, props, and characters for you to choose from – over 100 in fact! So you’ll never run out of creative options.

Price-wise, GoAnimate offers flexible plans ranging from $39 to $159 per month, depending on your needs. If you want more details, just click the link provided.

Next up, we have Animatron. This fantastic tool is all about bringing your story to life through animation. Whether you need animated characters, props, or backgrounds, Animatron has you covered with its extensive library. They even let you import images, audio files, and fonts to make your videos even more personalized. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can even create and animate your own graphics!

Why should you consider using Animatron? Well, it’s simple – it helps you grab your audience’s attention and boost your website’s conversion rate. And who doesn’t want that?

10 Tools That Make Animated Videos a Breeze

Imagine this: with just a few clicks, you can make all kinds of amazing videos using this incredible tool. It’s got everything you need to create something truly special. First of all, you’ve got access to a huge library of audio and video clips, photos, and even animated objects and characters. And the best part? They’re all royalty-free, so you don’t have to worry about any copyright issues. If you’re not feeling particularly creative, you can also import ready-made market content and add it to your videos. It couldn’t be easier! And when you’re done, you can export your videos in GIF format, as well as HTML5 and a bunch of other video formats. The possibilities are endless!

10 Tools That Make Animated Videos a Breeze

What’s really great about this service is that the final video can easily be embedded on your own websites and blogs. Not only that, but you can also share it on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. I have to say, it’s a pretty powerful tool that’s accessible to everyone, even if you’re just starting out.

Now let’s talk about the prices. The basic features are completely free, which is awesome. But if you want to unlock the pro features, you’ll have to pay between $30 and $60 per month.

7. RawShorts

Welcome to RawShorts, the ultimate drag and drop whiteboard animation tool!

Have you ever wanted to create your own interactive videos? Well, look no further! With RawShorts, it’s a breeze to bring your ideas to life. Whether you’re looking to make an educational video, a presentation, or simply entertain your audience, we’ve got you covered.

Creating videos has never been easier. All you have to do is select from our vast collection of professionally-designed templates. Add your own text, media, audio, and effects to truly personalize your video and make it stand out.

We know how important visuals are, which is why RawShorts provides you with thousands of graphics, characters, and built-in charts to choose from. You can truly unleash your creativity and make your videos visually stunning.

So, if you’re ready to dive in and start creating amazing videos, sign up for RawShorts today! We can’t wait to see what you’ll create.

10 Tools That Make Animated Videos a Breeze

When you create a video with RawShorts, you have several options for sharing it. You can easily promote your video on YouTube or share it on Facebook and other platforms. What’s more, you can also download your video in MP4 format, giving you even more flexibility in how you share it.

One of the great things about RawShorts is that it’s not just for professionals. It’s a tool that can be incredibly useful for marketers, trainers, and educators. It allows you to take complex ideas and present them in a clear and easy-to-understand format, even if you don’t have any animation skills. This accessibility makes it a valuable tool for anyone who wants to create compelling videos.

10 Tools That Make Animated Videos a Breeze

Price: The basic features of mysimpleshow are absolutely free. However, if you want to access the pro features, such as more advanced functionality and additional resources, you will need to subscribe at a cost ranging from $8 to $20 per export. But hey, that’s a small price to pay for the amazing benefits! Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Introducing mysimpleshow: Your Guide to Creating Captivating Videos

Are you ready to take the world by storm with your own explainer videos? Look no further than mysimpleshow, your one-stop solution for crafting engaging content. With a range of pre-designed storyline templates and an extensive library of simpleshow illustrations, this tool makes the process a breeze.

But wait, there’s more! We understand that writing the perfect script can be a challenge, which is why mysimpleshow provides helpful tips and guidance to ensure your video hits all the right notes. And the best part? Our explainer engine automatically generates a storyboard for you, saving you time and effort.

Once you have your script and storyboard in place, it’s time to bring your video to life. With mysimpleshow, you have full control over the speed of your video. Whether you want a fast-paced, energetic vibe or a slower, more deliberate approach, the choice is yours.

Finally, when your masterpiece is complete, mysimpleshow makes it easy to share your video with the world. Simply publish it on YouTube, sit back, and watch the views roll in.

So what are you waiting for? Join millions of creators around the world and start using mysimpleshow today. Your audience will thank you.

10 Tools That Make Animated Videos a Breeze

Guess what? This awesome tool lets you do all sorts of cool things. You can upload your very own logo and images, and even add your own text. And get this – you can even use your own voice as a narration! The tool magically syncs up your voice with the story. How cool is that? And when you’re done, you can download your video as an MP4 file. But here’s the catch – the free version doesn’t let you add colors. So, if you’re on a tight budget, I wouldn’t recommend this tool.

10 Tools That Make Animated Videos a Breeze

Price: The basic features of VideoScribe are available for free, while the pro features range from $5.99 to $499 per month. Learn more

9. VideoScribe

VideoScribe allows me to create amazing whiteboard videos with ease. All I have to do is add my media, choose my animation options, record my voiceover or choose a soundtrack, and then personalize the video to my liking. What’s even better is that VideoScribe provides a vast library of free media content, including audio clips and images, for me to use! It’s like having a world of creativity at my fingertips.

10 Tools That Make Animated Videos a Breeze

You have the power to make the video exactly how you want it. You can choose the size or resolution, and even remove the tool’s logo from the videos. The videos are created in high-definition quality and can be downloaded in MOV, WMV, and AVI formats, which is not possible with other video creators. Additionally, you can save the final video to your own cloud or easily share it on social networks like Facebook and YouTube.

The price for all these amazing features is just $29 per month. If you want more information, I can provide you with the details.

Now, let’s talk about the tenth video creation tool on our list – Moovly Studio.

Hey there! Let me introduce you to Moovly Studio, a truly amazing video maker and editor. With Moovly, you have access to a bunch of ready-to-use media objects that you can easily customize to create your own awesome videos!

What makes Moovly Studio so special is its super powerful editor. It works perfectly on any browser, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. Plus, you’ll have access to over 500,000 royalty-free media objects to make your videos even more exciting!

I’ve used a lot of video tools in the past, but let me tell you, Moovly Studio is by far the most powerful drag-and-drop tool I’ve come across. It’s perfect for creating explainer videos that really grab your audience’s attention.

10 Tools That Make Animated Videos a Breeze

When it comes to creating videos, Moovly is here to make your life easier. The first thing you’ll notice is the brand-new interface, designed with you in mind. And that’s not all – they’re always working on adding exciting new features, so you can expect something fresh every two weeks!

With Moovly, there’s no need to worry about video length – you can make them as long as you want! And the best part? You can download your creations in stunning HD quality. That means your videos will look crisp and clear, no matter where you share them.

Speaking of sharing, Moovly has got you covered. You have the option to publish your videos in the Moovly gallery, where others can discover and enjoy your work. Or, if you prefer, you can easily embed them on your website or share them on your favorite social media platforms. The possibilities are endless!

But that’s not all – Moovly also allows you to remove their watermark from your videos, giving them an even more professional touch. And if that’s not enough, you can even import your own custom media to truly make your videos one-of-a-kind.

10 Tools That Make Animated Videos a Breeze

Price: Only $5 per month!

Discover More Video Creation Tools

Let me show you a few more tools that are worth checking out:


Video creation tools have completely transformed the way videos are made. They have made it easier than ever to create explainer or training videos that effectively communicate complex ideas, strategies, or topics. As a result, these tools have helped businesses generate more leads and empowered students to learn more effectively.

If you ask me, my absolute favorite video creation tool is Powtoon. It’s incredibly user-friendly interface allows me to quickly and easily create videos while adding a touch of fun to them. While there are other great options out there, I highly recommend trying them out to find the best fit for your needs.