5 December 2023

10 Things I’m Giving Up This Year

By Ronald Smith

When I say “giving up,” I don’t mean abandoning everything and starting from scratch in the wake of 2020. No, that’s too simple. This post isn’t about taking the easy way out.

Instead, it’s a fresh spin on your typical New Year’s resolutions. It’s a collection of changes you might want to consider making in your life over the next year. Take them to heart, and you might just create something unforgettable in 2019. So if you’re ready to take your list of goals for the new year to the next level, let’s dive in.

1. Let Go of Overwhelming To-Do Lists

First things first, do yourself a favor and create a list of only five or fewer goals to start with.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: narrowing down your list can actually be a good thing. By forcing yourself to pick just a few key things, you’re really honing in on what matters most to you. Plus, it makes your goals much more attainable. Let’s face it, if you have a super long list, it’s going to be pretty tough to achieve everything on there. Trust me, focusing on a select few things will give you a much better shot at success.

10 Things I'm Giving Up This Year

But hey, once you’ve managed to check off a bunch (or maybe even all) of the things on your list, why not go ahead and throw in some more? That’s right – keep pushing the boundaries while holding onto the confidence that comes from accomplishing your previous goals.

What Should You Do in 2020?

Create short to-do lists and tackle them head-on. And don’t forget to add more items as you go. It’s all about the rinse and repeat.

2. Lighten Up!

I’m not saying we should take life less seriously, but let’s all admit that a good sense of humor goes a long way. Take those moments when you’re having a heated conversation with someone – why not lighten the mood with a little laughter? Of course, use your judgment and make sure your jokes are respectful and considerate, avoiding anything that could be offensive or hurtful to the other person (like making jokes about someone’s race or religion).

10 Things I'm Giving Up This Year

The easiest way around this is to poke fun at myself instead of others. And here’s something else I’ve learned – it’s important to be able to laugh at my own mistakes and not beat myself up over them. We all make blunders, so give yourself a break. Sure, reflect on what went wrong, but always mix in a little humor.

What should we do in 2020?

Life becomes so much easier when we start seeing the funny side of things, even if it means laughing at ourselves.

3. Stop Excusing Bad Behavior

We’re bound to encounter people who don’t truly care about us even if they seem like they do. These people could be family, neighbors, friends, coworkers, classmates – anyone in our life, really.

Have you ever encountered those people who just drain all the energy out of you? They leave you feeling worse off after each interaction. They’re like energy vampires, sucking the life out of you.

Well, I have a suggestion for the new year – distance yourself from these people. If you can’t completely get rid of them, at least try to limit their influence on you moving forward.

Let me give you an example. Imagine someone always wants you to accompany them for something that’s unnecessary and time-consuming. If you feel like they’re crossing your personal boundaries, it’s important to firmly tell them that you can’t make it. And if that’s too difficult, try softening the blow by asking them how things went in your absence afterwards.

By being tactful and respecting myself, I can create a better social life for myself that will ultimately make me happier and more comfortable.

What to do in 2020

Forgive and forget when necessary, but don’t let others consistently disrespect you or cross your personal boundaries.

4. Stop Half-Hearted Efforts

Starting to work towards a goal is one thing; having the dedication to see it through to the end is something entirely different.

Have you ever noticed that when you start something new, you’re usually super excited? But as time goes on, that excitement tends to fade away. Or maybe you weren’t even interested in it to begin with, and you were only doing it because someone else wanted you to.

10 Things I'm Giving Up This Year

In order to take care of yourself, it’s important to avoid taking on tasks or responsibilities that you aren’t truly motivated by. This applies to all areas of life, including choosing a career path. If you have the opportunity to make a living doing something you’re skilled at and genuinely enjoy, why not pursue that instead of staying in a job you despise just because you have prior experience or qualifications in it?

What to focus on in 2020

When you commit to something, give it your all. Otherwise, it’s better to not commit at all.

5. Embrace Organization

When it comes to physical disorder, it really affects me mentally and emotionally. I don’t know about you, but having a messy workspace is a big problem for me. It’s hard to focus and get anything done when I can’t find what I need or when there’s no space on my desk because it’s filled with junk.

But being organized is about more than just keeping your physical things in order. It also applies to how you approach your work, studies, errands, and everything else you do.

10 Things I'm Giving Up This Year

When you take the time to plan, like figuring out the best order for running errands to save time, it’s definitely worth the extra effort. The same goes for studying as a student – instead of reading a whole chapter and forgetting it, focus on the review questions at the end. They’ll guide you on what to pay attention to.

What to do in 2020

Simplify your life. It’ll improve your health and sanity. There’s always a better, more organized way to do things. Just take a moment to find it.

6. Be Yourself, Not What Others Expect

Do you ever notice how we tend to put people in boxes or label them? I guess we do that to try and understand the world better. It gives us a sense of control, don’t you think? We feel like we know someone or something if we can slap a label on it.

10 Things I'm Giving Up This Year

Let’s say someone assumes that just because you’re a girl, you wouldn’t be interested in a career in programming or engineering. But here’s the thing: stereotypes like that put all this pressure on you to fit into a certain mold. And you don’t have to give in to that. People can call you whatever they want and try to tell you who to be, but you should be your own person in your own way. Carve out your own path and be true to yourself.

What to do in 2020

This year, take control of who you are and how you want to be seen. Don’t pay attention to those labels that others try to put on you.

7. Stop Doubting Yourself (Or Being Too Cocky)

There will be times when you may feel unsure of yourself, but don’t let that become a regular occurrence. Remember, no matter what you do, approach it with confidence.

Having confidence doesn’t guarantee success every time, but it does mean that you should have a positive view of yourself and not let things like failure or rejection easily discourage you.

10 Things I'm Giving Up This Year

But hey, one thing I want to remind you is to be careful not to let your ego go through the roof. It’s so irritating to deal with someone who thinks they’re the bee’s knees and can do no wrong. Trust me, that’s a surefire way to turn off a lot of folks.

So, what I suggest is finding that sweet spot, where you can balance your self-confidence and humility. Embrace your talents and skills, but also stay grounded. And if the right opportunity comes along, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there in a classy way.

What should we aim for this year?

We should strive to have a healthy self-image, and truly understand our strengths and weaknesses based on our past achievements and failures. It’s about finding that equilibrium.

8. Time to Ditch the Cynicism

As we grow older, our chances of turning into a cynical creature increase. I suppose it’s because we believe we have all the answers after experiencing similar situations in the past.

However, cynicism doesn’t benefit anyone, especially not ourselves. It extinguishes qualities like creativity and enthusiasm for living. Additionally, a constant stream of negativity pushes others away from us.

10 Things I'm Giving Up This Year

If you’ve been leaning toward the cynical side of life, it’s time for a change in 2019. Let’s decide to approach things with a more open mind and speak and think more positively. It also helps to surround ourselves with optimistic people. Another idea is to spend time with younger folks, like children, and let their innocence and wonder influence us.

What to do in 2020

Cultivate an open mind and a positive attitude, even if you think you’ve seen it all before.

9. Stop Being Bored

Sometimes, I find myself complaining about being bored. But you know what? That doesn’t really help me at all. Instead of moping around, I’ve realized that I just need to get out there and try something new. It’s amazing how a little change in my life can make such a big difference. If you’re feeling stuck, I encourage you to do the same. Who knows? Maybe it’ll completely reinvigorate you.

There are also simple, creative ways to make everyday activities more enjoyable. You don’t need to do anything fancy or extravagant. Sometimes, it’s the little things that can make a mundane task feel fresh and exciting again. Take a different route on your way to work and see what new things you discover. Or try cooking something new for dinner and give your taste buds an adventure.

What can you do in 2020

Sometimes, it’s important to push ourselves and try new things to make life more interesting. I’ve found that one way to do this is by stepping out of my comfort zone and exploring the world. When I travel, it’s not just a vacation or a break from my usual routine. It’s an opportunity to see the world from a different perspective, to experience new cultures and places that I never knew existed.

10. Don’t Stay in One Place

One of the best ways to break out of your routine is to travel. Not only does travel give you a chance to visit new places, it also opens your eyes to the vastness of the world. There’s so much more out there beyond your everyday surroundings

10 Things I'm Giving Up This Year

To make the most of your travels, forget about tour packages and take the time to personalize your trip. Be deliberate about where you want to go and why. Whenever you can, make an effort to engage with the locals in the places you visit.

This approach has several benefits. Not only do you end up at your desired destination, but you also learn and grow along the way as you figure out how to get there.

In 2020, make it a priority to find a reason to travel. Any reason will do. Just pack your bags and go. You’ll be grateful you did in the long run.

That’s all for now. Safe travels!

So, here are ten things you can stop doing to make 2019 great. These steps are practical and easy to achieve once you decide to do them.

I suggest starting on them as soon as the New Year begins. You never know what pleasant surprises life will bring as a result!

And if you try any of these suggestions, come back and leave a comment to let us know how it went. We’d love to hear from you.