Read the Lyrics to Childish Gambino’s This Is America Now!

This Is America is a song by American rapper Eminem featuring vocals from American singer Beyonce. The song was released on July 29, 2018, as the lead single from Eminem’s ninth studio album, Kamikaze (2018).

The song is a protest song against American President Donald Trump and the policies of his administration. The lyrics detail Eminem’s anger over the state of the country and his concerns for the future.

"This Is America" was met with critical acclaim upon its release. The song was praised for its political lyrics and its powerful sound. It became Eminem’s seventh number-one single on the US Billboard Hot 100 and the fifth consecutive single from Kamikaze to reach number one. The song also reached the top spot in many other countries, including Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, and the UK.

This Is America Lyrics

The lyrics to Childish Gambino’s "This Is America" are powerful and thought-provoking. The words are masterfully written to bring attention to the state of our country and its issues. The song speaks to the violence, ignorance, and division that exist in our nation today. With lines like "This is America / Don’t catch you slippin’ up" and "Guns in my area / I got the strap," Gambino is highlighting the harsh realities of our society. He also touches on the social injustices Americans face due to racial and economic disparities. The song is not only an indictment of our nation, but a call to action for everyone to work together to make it better.

Overview of the Meaning behind the Song

When it comes to understanding the meaning behind Childish Gambino’s 2018 hit single “This Is America”, the task is complex and multi-layered. The song, released in May of that year, is a powerful response to the state of the world and the American culture of violence, racism, and exploitation. With its politically charged lyrics and visuals, “This Is America” is an unapologetic critique of our society.

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The song begins with the lines, “We just wanna party/Party just for you/We just want the money/Money just for you”, which serve as a juxtaposition between the joyousness of the music and the harsh realities of life. Gambino is pointing out that while people may be living it up, they are ultimately just trying to make ends meet in a society that fails to recognize their struggle.

The chorus of the song, “This is America/Don’t catch you slippin’ up”, is a warning to those who are unaware of the dangers of life in America. The lyrics are a reminder that violence and injustice can strike at any moment, and that those who are not paying close attention may be vulnerable to it.

The music video for “This Is America” is a visually stunning and powerful visual representation of the song’s meaning. The video, which is filled with imagery of police brutality, gun violence, and racism, is a haunting reminder of the reality of life in America. The contrast between the joyous music and the bleak visuals is a powerful reminder of the duality of life in America.

The song and video of “This Is America” are a powerful statement on the state of our society. With its politically charged lyrics and visuals, Childish Gambino is making it clear that America is in desperate need of change. In a world filled with violence and injustice, “This Is America” is a reminder that no one is safe and that we must remain vigilant in order to create a better future.

Analysis of the Lyrics

Read the Lyrics to Childish Gambino's This Is America Now!

The Grammy-winning single “This Is America” by Childish Gambino has become a social and cultural phenomenon since its release in 2018. The song is a multi-layered exploration of the complex realities of life in America. It examines the issues of racism, gun violence, economic inequality, mental health, and more. Through its haunting lyrics and powerful imagery, the song paints a vivid portrait of what life is like in the United States today.

The song opens with an ominous chant of “We just wanna party”, reflecting the desire of many Americans to simply forget their problems and have a good time. The first verse speaks of a “big ol’ city” and the “money and power” that come with it. It also mentions the violence and danger that lurk in the shadows, as well as the racial tension and discrimination that exists in America.

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The chorus of “This Is America” speaks of the need to be aware of the issues facing the country and to take action. The lyrics are a plea for Americans to “wake up” and to be aware of the problems in their society. The chorus also makes a call for unity and action, asking listeners to “run for the hills” and to “run away” from the problems that plague the nation.

The second verse explores the mental health crisis in America, with the lyrics “We just want some peace and quiet / We don’t want no trouble”. Childish Gambino speaks to the need for mental health resources and the stigma that is often associated with mental illness. The song also touches on the issue of gun violence, with the lyrics “This is a celly, that’s a tool”, a reference to the prevalence of guns in America.

The bridge of “This Is America” speaks to the need to push for change in the country. The lyrics “Gotta see it for yourself now” are a call to action, to take a stand and to demand a better future. Childish Gambino speaks to the need to take responsibility and to stand up for what

Impact of the Music Video

The music video for Childish Gambino’s song "This Is America" has created a massive impact on the music industry and beyond. The video, which was released in May 2018, has been viewed more than 330 million times on YouTube and has become the most viewed music video of the year.

The video, directed by Hiro Murai, features Gambino’s character dancing and singing while a variety of chaotic and violent scenes occur around him. The song addresses a variety of issues including gun violence, police brutality, and the black experience in America. The video employs symbolism and imagery to bring these issues to life and to make a powerful statement about the state of the country.

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The video has been praised for its artistry and its powerful message. Critics have said it is one of the most important music videos of the year, with some even calling it a “masterpiece.” The video has sparked conversations about the issues that it addresses, including gun violence and police brutality. It has also sparked discussions about the power of art to bring about social change.

In addition to its impact on the music industry, the video has also had a major impact on social media. It has been shared millions of times and has been used to start conversations about the issues that it addresses. It has also been used to create a variety of memes and parodies.

The impact of the video on the music industry and beyond is undeniable. It has sparked conversations about important topics, it has been praised for its artistry, and it has become one of the most viewed music videos of the year. The video has also been used to create a variety of memes and parodies, and it has been shared millions of times on social media. It is clear that the impact of the video has been far-reaching, and it has certainly made a lasting impression.



The lyrics of "This Is America" by Childish Gambino are an exploration of the complexities of race, identity, and violence in modern America. The song paints an uncomfortable yet powerful portrait of a society that is deeply divided and struggling to come to terms with its past. In the song, Gambino speaks to the violence, racism, and inequalities that African Americans have faced and continue to face. He also speaks to the culture of silence and apathy that often surrounds these issues. The song has become a powerful anthem for a generation that is looking for a way to confront and address the injustices in their society. Ultimately, the song serves as a call to action, urging us to take a stand and create a better America for everyone.