Mexicobased Nowports Fundann Azevedotechcrunch: Investing in Latin America

Nowports, a Mexico-based startup that operates a port logistics platform, has raised $13 million in a Series B funding round led by Accel Partners, with participation from Fundann and Azevedo.

This latest injection of cash takes the total amount raised by the company to $20 million since it was founded in 2015, and it comes as Nowports looks to expand its reach into Latin America.

Nowports’ platform is designed to streamline the process of shipping goods into and out of Mexico, and it currently works with around 200 clients, including major brands such as Walmart, Samsung, and Nike.

The new funding will be used to help Nowports accelerate its expansion plans, with a particular focus on Brazil, where it sees a lot of potential for growth.

This latest round of funding is a vote of confidence in the company, and it will no doubt be welcomed by the startup as it looks to solidify its position in the Mexican market and make inroads into other countries in Latin America.

Mexicobased Nowports Fundann Azevedotechcrunch Latin America

Nowports Fundann Azevedo is a Mexico-based venture capital firm that invests in startups in Latin America. The firm is an early stage investor, focusing on tech and media startups. They provide capital and guidance to help companies grow and develop. Nowports Fundann Azevedo is actively involved in the Latin American startup ecosystem, providing mentorship, investments, and other resources to help startups succeed. Additionally, their portfolio companies have been featured in publications such as TechCrunch and other leading media outlets. Nowports Fundann Azevedo’s mission is to help create a vibrant and thriving startup ecosystem in Latin America and beyond.

Background: History of Nowports, its growth and impact on the Latin American market

Since its inception in 2016, Nowports Fundann Azevedo has become a major player in the Latin American market. Founded by Mexican entrepreneur and angel investor, José Antonio Azevedo, Nowports has made a significant impact on the Latin American startup ecosystem.

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The company was founded with a mission to support Latin American startups and entrepreneurs. Nowports provides venture capital and advisory services to startups, as well as offering mentorship and support to entrepreneurs. They have invested in over 50 startups, ranging from early stage to series A and B investments, and have a portfolio of companies that are making a real impact in the region.

Nowports’ portfolio of investments includes some of the leading names in Latin America’s tech scene. They have invested in companies such as Rappi, the on-demand delivery service; Fintech unicorn Nubank; and, more recently, the Mexico-based e-commerce platform, MercadoLibre. These investments have helped to drive innovation and growth in the region.

Nowports has also been a major player in tech M&A in Latin America. They have advised on mergers and acquisitions for companies such as the Latin American electronic payments company, Conekta, and the Mexico-based food delivery platform, SinDelantal.

Nowports’ success has been a major boon for Latin American entrepreneurs. The company has provided capital, mentorship and access to international markets to many promising startups. This has helped to create a supportive environment for innovation in the region.

Nowports’ success has also resulted in increased interest from international investors. The company has been able to attract some of the world’s leading venture capital firms, including Sequoia Capital, General Atlantic, and Tiger Global. This has opened the door for Latin American entrepreneurs to access global capital and partnerships, accelerating the growth of the region’s tech ecosystem.

Nowports Fundann Azevedo has become a major player in the Latin American market, driving innovation and growth in the region. Their success has increased investor interest and opened the door to international markets for Latin American startups. With their continued success, Nowports is sure

Details: Overview of the technology used by Nowports and the strategies implemented by Fundann Azevedo to help the company grow

Fundann Azevedo is a renowned entrepreneur who has recently taken the helm of the Latin American-based logistics company, Nowports. With her leadership, the company has seen tremendous growth in the past year. She credits her success to her innovative strategies and the technology she has implemented.

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Nowports leverages a combination of modern technology and traditional logistics operations to provide customers with a streamlined shipping experience. The company uses an innovative cloud-based platform that allows customers to track their shipments in real-time, provides notifications regarding the status of their delivery, and offers detailed insights into their supply chain. In addition, they utilize the latest GPS and RFID technology to monitor shipments and provide customers with detailed information about the location of their cargo.

In order to keep up with the ever-evolving logistics industry, Fundann Azevedo has implemented a number of strategies to help Nowports stay competitive. She has developed a comprehensive customer service program and hired a team of experts to ensure that customers are always satisfied with their experience. Additionally, she has implemented a number of cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to automate processes and reduce costs.

Overall, Fundann Azevedo has helped Nowports achieve tremendous success by leveraging innovative technology and implementing strategic plans. Her leadership and vision have helped the company become a leader in the Latin American logistics industry, and her strategies have positioned Nowports for continued growth in the future.

Benefits: Outline the advantages of Nowports and how it has helped Latin American businesses

Nowports Fundann Azevedotechcrunch is a Mexico-based venture capital platform that has revolutionized the way Latin American businesses access capital. By leveraging technology, Nowports has found new ways to decrease the cost of capital, increase access to capital, and dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes for businesses to secure funding.

The key advantage of Nowports is that it provides Latin American businesses with access to the global venture capital market, which has traditionally been difficult for them to access. By utilizing its technology, Nowports can quickly and efficiently match businesses with the most suitable venture capital firm or individual investor. This greatly reduces the amount of time and money businesses need to spend on finding the right capital partner.

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In addition to providing businesses with access to global venture capital, Nowports also offers a range of services tailored to meet the needs of Latin American businesses. These include investment advice, market research, deal structuring, and post-investment support. This enables businesses to access the best capital and advice to ensure their investments are successful.

The platform also allows businesses to compare different investment options, so they can make informed decisions about which capital partner is best suited to their needs. This helps businesses to reduce the risk of their investments and maximizes their potential returns.

Finally, Nowports makes it easy for businesses to access capital quickly and efficiently. This eliminates the need for businesses to wait for months or even years to secure capital. This makes it much easier for businesses to take advantage of opportunities as soon as they arise, allowing them to grow and scale faster.

Overall, Nowports Fundann Azevedotechcrunch has revolutionized the way Latin American businesses access capital. By providing them with access to the global venture capital market, offering tailored services, and allowing them to access capital quickly, it has helped businesses to reach their potential and maximize their returns.



Mexicobased Nowports has been a driving force in the Latin American tech scene for many years. The company has been a major player in the development of the region’s startup ecosystem and has been a key player in the growth of the Latin American tech sector. The company’s recent investment in AzevedoTech is a clear indication of its continued commitment to the region’s tech sector. This is a significant investment that will help AzevedoTech scale its operations and continue to grow its customer base. This is a big win for Latin American startups and will help to further solidify the region’s position as a leading destination for tech investment.