6 December 2023

Discover 4 Powerful Techniques to Boost Your Marketing Communications Strategy

By Ronald Smith

Today, I’m going to share with you four amazing methods that will help you enhance your marketing communications strategy. Are you ready? Let’s dive right in!

1. Master the Art of Storytelling

Imagine this: you’re seated around a cozy campfire, captivated by a master storyteller. The way they weave words together keeps you on the edge of your seat, eager to hear more.

Well, in marketing, storytelling works its magic in much the same way. By sharing compelling stories, you create an emotional connection with your audience. Draw on your experiences and weave them into your message to make it unforgettable.

Whether you’re writing a blog post, creating a video, or crafting a social media campaign, remember that stories have the power to captivate and hold your audience’s attention. So, unleash your creativity and let your stories work their wonders!

2. Embrace the Power of Visuals

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and boy, are they right! Visual content has the ability to convey complex ideas and concepts in an instant, leaving a lasting impact on your audience.

Nowadays, you have an array of options when it comes to visual content. You can create stunning infographics, engaging videos, or eye-catching images. Just remember to choose visuals that align with your brand and effectively communicate your message.

So, instead of drowning your audience in a sea of text, spice up your marketing materials with attention-grabbing visuals. Not only will they make your message more exciting, but they’ll also leave a lasting impression on your audience.

3. Personalize Your Approach

When I receive a marketing message that feels like it was tailor-made for me, it piques my interest. It shows me that the sender understands my needs and wants. And you know what? I’m more likely to engage with that message.

That’s why personalization is key in marketing communications. Collect data about your audience’s preferences and behaviors, and use that information to create targeted and customized messages for them.

By speaking directly to your audience, you’ll make them feel seen and understood. So, take the time to personalize your approach and watch as your engagement and conversions soar!

4. Listen and Respond

Marketing is a two-way street, my friend. It’s not just about shouting your message from the rooftops; it’s also about listening to what your audience has to say and responding to their needs.

Active listening is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. Pay attention to the feedback and comments you receive from your audience. Then, take the time to respond thoughtfully and compassionately.

Show your audience that you care about their opinions and value their input. By fostering a genuine connection, you’ll build trust and loyalty, ensuring a fruitful relationship with your customers.

So, there you have it – four incredible ways to elevate your marketing communications strategy. Remember, every great marketing campaign starts with effective communication. Now go forth and conquer the marketing world with these powerful techniques!

Discover 4 Powerful Techniques to Boost Your Marketing Communications Strategy

But guess what? Most people won’t even know about it… unless you put in the time, money, and effort to market your product.


Improve Your Marketing Strategy with These Tips



  1. Save time and money by writing articles for relevant websites.
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  3. Create amazing content that people will love.
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  5. Boost your SEO to get more online visibility.
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  7. Send great emails to both your current customers and potential new customers.
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These are techniques that anyone can learn and start using right away. The more you practice, the better you’ll get. So why not start now? Dedicate at least 30 minutes every work day to one or more of these activities.


Ready? Let’s get started!


1. Write Guest Posts for the Right Websites with Awesome Content

Have you ever heard of guest blogging? It’s when I write an article for another website. But lately, it’s gotten a bad reputation. See, a lot of businesses have been using it to get more links to their own site.

But here’s the thing: we need to focus on something different. Instead of trying to get a bunch of links, we should focus on making really good content. This means writing something that people will love to read.

If we create high-quality content, our readers will naturally want to know more about us. They’ll find our website through our author bio on the other publication and they might even become customers!

  1. First, we need to build a strong reputation in our industry. That means showing people that we know what we’re talking about.
  2. Next, we can increase traffic to our website by putting a link in our author bio.
  3. Finally, we’ll boost brand awareness by getting our name out there and showing people what we’re all about.

Here’s what you need to do:

Follow these steps:

  • I can start by finding the perfect publication. If I have a sales text software app, I should look for sales blogs. And if I have a nut butter company, I should search for a health and wellness blog.
  • Once I’ve found the right publication, it’s important to create content that will grab the attention of the readers. My content should match the publication’s guidelines and topics. To get a better idea of what they’re looking for, I can check out the last 10 articles they published. This will give me an idea of the type of content they like. It’s also a good idea to see if they have an editorial calendar that specifies the topics they want.
  • After creating my content, it’s time to promote it. I want to get the word out there and make sure people see what I’ve written.

I’ve got a great tip for you on how to promote the articles you write for other publications. See, the publication will do their part and promote the article themselves, but it’s always a good idea for you to look for ways to promote it too. Now, here’s a cool trick you can try: find broken links to similar articles and ask the website owners to fix the links and point them to your article instead.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you wrote an awesome article about sales management and got it published on Startup Nation. Well, here’s what you can do: use a tool like Ahrefs. It’s super handy! Just type in the URL of a popular sales management blog (because that’s what your article is about), and Ahrefs will show you all the broken links on that blog and related topics. Cool, right?

Discover 4 Powerful Techniques to Boost Your Marketing Communications Strategy

Did you know that with JustReachOut, you can easily find broken links on various blogs and even get the email addresses to reach out to them? It’s super simple!

Discover 4 Powerful Techniques to Boost Your Marketing Communications Strategy

Hey there, you can send this email pitch to ask them to replace the broken link with your comprehensive post:

2. Use Text Messages to Turn Your Leads into Customers

Creating content is a great first step to get more people to visit your site. Once you have some visitors, you want to turn them into potential customers.

Most businesses use email and phone to follow up and try to sell to their potential customers. But guess what? There’s a even better way to do it.

SMS text messages have an amazing 85% response rate from potential customers, while email and phone only get about 35% at best. That’s what Chris Brisson from SalesMsg found out. His company sends millions of text messages every day, and they’re an official partner with HubSpot for business text messaging.

Discover 4 Powerful Techniques to Boost Your Marketing Communications Strategy

Did you know that you can use SMS to create a direct path from capturing potential customers to showcasing your sales demos and following up with them to make the actual sale?

The trick to making this strategy work is to effectively manage your sales team and get everyone on board to close deals, develop scripts, and interact with potential customers.

Combining SMS with a Multichannel Marketing Approach

If you want to get the most out of SMS texting, you should incorporate it into a larger multichannel marketing strategy. This means making sure your customers receive consistent messages across different platforms, like email, social media, and SMS. By having a unified marketing plan, you can enhance the customer experience and reinforce your brand message.

Tracking and Analyzing SMS Performance: When it comes to your SMS campaigns, it’s important to keep track of how they’re performing. By using analytics tools, you can monitor things like open rates, response rates, and conversion rates. This data is really valuable because it helps you improve your SMS strategy and shows you how it works alongside other marketing methods.

3. Create Custom Landing Pages

If you already have a brand, reputation, and loyal customers, it’s a good idea to create a custom landing page to drive your customers towards.

A landing page is different from your regular website because it’s specifically designed for your PR campaign. It might be used to create awareness about a new product, boost sales for that product, or gather email addresses.

Landing pages are effective at boosting sales because they minimize distractions and keep the message focused and targeted.

    Discover 4 Powerful Techniques to Boost Your Marketing Communications Strategy

    If you look at this landing page, you’ll notice that it’s been customized specifically for plumbers. They’ve included testimonials from other plumbers, highlighted their plumbing community, and even added blog posts that are relevant to plumbers. By targeting plumbers directly and not just any service professional, it feels more personal and relevant. This personal touch helps increase conversions and sales.

    Let’s talk about how to optimize landing pages for conversion. One important factor to consider is the user experience and design. A good landing page should be easy to use and visually appealing. It should provide a seamless experience with easy navigation and a clean design. Use high-quality images, interesting writing, and clear call-to-action buttons to guide users towards the action you want them to take, whether it’s making a purchase, signing up, or downloading a resource.

    Make it Personal with A/B Testing: When it comes to making your landing pages more effective, personalization is key. By analyzing user behavior and preferences, we can tailor the content to their needs. We can also use A/B testing to try out different variations, like headlines, images, and CTAs, to see what works best and drives conversions.

    4. Improve Your Email Game

    In 2018, people sent and received a whopping 281.1 billion emails worldwide. And that number jumped to 293.6 billion in 2019. So, if you want your emails to get noticed and read, you need to step up your game. It’s all about optimization.

    That’s why, when it comes to marketing a brand new product, we strongly recommend sending top-notch emails to your existing customers. It’s a great way to keep them engaged and interested.

    If you’re new to business and don’t have any customers, you can think about making a landing page that collects email addresses.

    A landing page can help you start relationships with potential customers, and emails can help you build those connections.

    So How Can You Send Better Emails?

    Send Welcome or Activation Emails Right Away

    Immediate welcome emails have a higher chance of being opened, about 50%! That means they’re 86% more effective than regular newsletters.

    While many companies send welcome emails right away, we really like what Invision does with their ‘Thanks for subscribing email.’ Not only do they send it immediately, but they also give subscribers a free UI kit as an extra bonus.

    Discover 4 Powerful Techniques to Boost Your Marketing Communications Strategy

    When I send activation emails, I always start off with a friendly greeting to welcome people. Take a look at this example from RightInbox:

    As I promised, here’s… – this greeting feels natural and helps me connect with my audience.

    Don’t Forget to Say Thank You!

    Who doesn’t love receiving a polite thank you? It’s important to send these emails after someone subscribes, buys a product, or refers a friend. Thank you emails not only increase engagement but also strengthen the relationship between my company and our customers.

    Here’s a great example from Grammarly, showing their appreciation towards their users.

    Discover 4 Powerful Techniques to Boost Your Marketing Communications Strategy

    Just like Grammarly, using humor and personalization can really amp up your brand image and help you connect with your loyal customers. How cool is that?

    Sending Fun and Informative Emails to Engage Customers and Users

    Newsletters are like the lifeblood of your brand and business. Instead of bombarding people with a bunch of boring stuff like how to 10X your traffic, why not share bite-sized and helpful tidbits of information to help your customers scale their businesses? It’s way more digestible and fun!

  • A catchy header image
  • An attention-grabbing headline
  • An engaging body copy
  • A compelling call to action

If you’re sending newsletters on a regular basis, it’s important to stick to the same structure. This keeps things consistent and allows your recipients, whether they’re on their phones or computers, to easily navigate through the email and find the content that tickles their fancy. They can quickly jump back to the sections they really want to read. Easy-peasy!

Take a Peek at How HubSpot Approaches Emails

Let me share with you how Jordan Pritkin, the Head of Email Marketing at HubSpot CRM, describes this particular email:

The Grow Better Letter is a bi-weekly email newsletter that we send to our valuable HubSpot CRM users. It’s our way of assisting salespeople and marketers by providing them with useful content to learn and grow. Additionally, we use this email to inform our users about upcoming events and product updates, and give them a direct line to connect with our team.

Subject Line: Marketing Email and Ads, now available for free in the HubSpot CRM

Goal: Encourage people to read and engage with the email

Performance: Open Rate: 40% Click Through Rate: 20%

Insights and Key Points

  • When creating newsletter emails, it’s crucial to maintain a consistent design. Make sure to provide recipients with a brief summary of the content and a clear call-to-action so they can easily access the information they need.
  • Using the word ‘free’ in email and web page calls-to-action can dramatically increase the number of people who click on the link. In fact, some studies have shown that using the word ‘free’ can increase click-through rates by as much as 30%. So, when we were creating this newsletter, we decided to take advantage of this knowledge and use the word ‘free’ in the subject line. And it worked! This newsletter had the highest open rate of the year, with 40% of the recipients opening it.
  • If you consistently provide your prospects with valuable and helpful information, they will keep opening your emails. When you stay on their mind, they will think of you when they want to learn more about your company. It’s a win-win situation for both of us!

Creating Engaging Email Campaigns

Branding and Stories Go Hand in Hand: When you send emails, it’s important to make sure they have a consistent style and tone that matches your brand. Think of it like telling a story. By sharing stories about your brand’s journey, the experiences your customers have had, or how your products and services make a difference, you can create a strong connection with your audience and build loyalty.

Improving Your Press Releases

Press releases are a great way to keep your customers and potential new customers in the loop.

But here’s the problem: most press releases are really boring. They sound like they were written a long, long time ago.

Instead of sending out another snooze-fest that nobody reads, try following a specific, consistent format for your press releases.

This will give you a better chance of getting journalists to publish your press release and sharing it with their readers.

    Attention-Grabbing Headline: Get ready for a game-changing event!

    • Location: Get the scoop on where it’s all going down!
    • Lead: Let me give you the lowdown on the most important info right off the bat.
    • Body: Now, let’s dive deeper into all the nitty-gritty details.
    • Boilerplate: Here’s a quick summary of what our company is all about, in just a couple of neat sentences.
    • Press Contacts: If you need to get in touch, here’s the name and contact details of the right person at our company.


    Selling new products can be a tough nut to crack.

    That’s why it’s crucial to establish your credibility by sharing valuable insights with readers on relevant platforms, creating top-notch content to boost your website’s visibility, designing customized landing pages, and crafting stellar emails that wow your customers and potential buyers.

    No need to hurry and push your product right away.

    If you do these four things I’m about to tell you, it will help you get noticed online, grow a group of people who like what you do, and form a good bond with the people who might become your customers.

    First, figure out who your ideal customers are. Then, interact with them. And most importantly, build trust with the people who might buy from you.

    If you do all of this, you’ll start making a lot of sales really quickly!