17 January 2024

How to Bring Back Dislike Count on YouTube

By Ronald Smith

Back in November 2021, YouTube made an update and decided to hide the dislike count on videos. They did this to discourage people from organizing hate campaigns, where they purposely downvote certain creators or their videos.

Even though you can still dislike a video, you won’t be able to see the total number of dislikes unless you’re the creator of that video.

However, if you’re curious to know how many dislikes a video has received, there are a few tricks you can use on YouTube to find out. In this post, I’ll share some of those tricks with you.

1. Restore the Dislike Count on YouTube

How to Bring Back Dislike Count on YouTube

Have you ever visited a YouTube video and wondered how many dislikes it has? I know I have. Sometimes, it’s interesting to see the balance between likes and dislikes on a video, to get a sense of what people think. But have you noticed that YouTube no longer displays the dislike count? It’s true! And that’s where Return YouTube Dislike comes in.

Return YouTube Dislike is an incredible Chrome extension that brings back the dislike count on YouTube videos. Now you can see how many dislikes a video has with just a few simple steps. All you have to do is install the extension on your Chrome browser, visit any YouTube video, and voila! The dislikes count magically appears.

How to Bring Back Dislike Count on YouTube

Hey there! Just wanted to give you a heads up – this plugin is not only compatible with Chrome but also works on Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Brave. Cool, right?

About the accuracy of the data…

Now, here’s the thing: the Return YouTube Dislike extension doesn’t provide you with 100% accurate dislike counts. Instead, it estimates the number of dislikes based on cached or previous data and the behavior of all the users who have the extension installed.

So, while the estimate might not be completely accurate, the overall ratio could still be in the ballpark. It’s like taking an educated guess.

But here’s something to consider: since all the users contribute to deriving the dislike ratio, the developers behind the Return YouTube Dislike extension collect data on your video views. So, if you’re concerned about data privacy, you might want to think twice before installing it.

2. YouTube Dislike Viewer – No installation needed!

Here’s another option for you. You can check out the “YouTube Dislike Viewer” website. It allows you to see the dislike count of any YouTube video without having to install anything. How convenient is that?

Hey there! Want to find out how many dislikes a YouTube video has? It’s super easy. Just copy and paste the video’s URL into the box, click the Get button, and I’ll show you the number of dislikes. Simple, right?

How to Bring Back Dislike Count on YouTube

Just so you know, the results you see on this site are only estimates. They might not be accurate for certain YouTube videos because of their settings.

3. Wikipedia

If you’re simply curious to find out which videos have the most dislikes of all time, you can check out this Wikipedia page. It shows a list of the top 50 most disliked videos on YouTube (according to estimates).

How to Bring Back Dislike Count on YouTube