20 December 2023

How to Add Icons to Your WordPress Menu Using a WordPress Plugin

By Ronald Smith

Icons are a fantastic addition to any design. They have the power to convey universal meaning and can be understood by people regardless of the language they speak. Just think about the restroom signs you see at airports – even if you don’t speak the local language, you can easily determine which restroom is for men and which one is for women based on the icons displayed on the doors.

The same concept applies to websites. By incorporating icons into your website, you can enhance the user experience and give your site a more visually appealing look.

However, adding icons to a content management system like WordPress can be a bit challenging. If your website is built on WordPress, don’t worry – I’m here to show you the simplest way to add icons to your WordPress menu.

Let’s Get Started!

Adding an icon to your WordPress site is super easy with the help of a plugin called Menu Icons. The first thing you need to do is install and activate this plugin.

Now we’re all set to add those icons!

Time to Add an Icon

For this example, I’m going to use TwentyTwelve, a really nice and clean WordPress theme. I’ve also created a few pages that I want to include in my menu.

To begin, let’s create a brand new menu by going to Appearance > Menus. Don’t forget to assign the menu a location, or else it won’t show up anywhere on your website.

How to Add Icons to Your WordPress Menu Using a WordPress Plugin

First, I will show you how to add an icon to each item. Let’s start by expanding one of the menu items. You’ll see a link that says Icon: Select icon. Click on it to begin selecting your icon. A window will appear, similar to the WordPress media library.

As of now, this plugin includes three font icon libraries: Dashicons, Genericons, and FontAwesome.

However, it’s best to choose icons from one library to ensure consistency. Each library has its own unique characteristics, such as size and style. So, if you decide to use FontAwesome, stick with it for the entire website. This will give your website a more unified and polished look.

How to Add Icons to Your WordPress Menu Using a WordPress Plugin

When you click on the icon, you’ll see a preview on the right side. In that panel, you can make some changes. You can choose to put the icon before or after the menu, adjust the font size, and set the vertical alignment. Once you’re satisfied with the settings, click on “Select” to save them and then add an icon for the other items in the menu.

Final Thought

Menu Icons is a really useful plugin for adding icons to your menu. It works well with the WordPress design, making it easy to use. The developer also has some cool new features planned for future versions, like adding more icon libraries and the ability to upload custom icons.

I hope you enjoy using this tip and find it helpful. Go ahead and give the plugin a try!