Discover The Longest Over Water Highway In USA!

The Longest Over Water Highway in the USA is the Overseas Highway, located in Florida. Spanning 113 miles, it is the only highway in the US that runs entirely over open water. The Overseas Highway is a toll road that begins in Key Largo and passes through the Florida Keys, connecting the mainland with Key West, the southernmost point of the USA. It is one of the most scenic roads in the country, offering spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the many islands that dot the area. Along the way, drivers will find plenty of places to stop and explore, including restaurants, shops, and beaches. The Overseas Highway is a great way to explore the beauty of the Florida Keys and make the most of a road trip.

Longest Over Water Highway In Usa

The Longest Over Water Highway in the United States is the Overseas Highway. This 113-mile stretch of highway extends from mainland Florida to the Florida Keys and consists of 42 bridges, the longest of which is the Seven Mile Bridge. It is part of the United States Route 1 and allows travelers to traverse the tropical climate and explore the unique culture and vibrant communities of the Keys. The popular highway provides access to some of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in the country, as well as a wide variety of restaurants, shops, and hotels. It is an amazing journey and a great way to experience the beauty of the Florida Keys.

History of the Highway

The United States is home to some of the longest over water highways in the world. From the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel in Virginia to the Overseas Highway in Florida, there is much to explore and appreciate of the nation’s highway system. But the history of these highways is equally as interesting.

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The first over-water highway in the U.S. was constructed in the 1930s when the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel was opened. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel is a 17.6-mile span that links the Delmarva Peninsula with Virginia Beach. This bridge-tunnel was the first bridge-tunnel combination in the world and it took nearly five years to complete. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel has been credited as the inspiration for the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.

The Overseas Highway in Florida is the longest over water highway in the U.S., spanning more than 113 miles. This highway links the lower Florida Keys with the mainland. The highway was completed in the early 1930s and allows travelers to cross the Florida Straights. The Overseas Highway is also part of the famed “Highway to the Sun,” a scenic drive that stretches from Key West to Miami.

The Overseas Highway is not the only highway to cross over water. The Alaskan Way Viaduct in Seattle, Washington is an over water highway that connects downtown Seattle with the city’s waterfront. This highway was built in the 1950s and is nearly two miles long. It is the only over-water highway in the Pacific Northwest.

The longest over water highway in the U.S. is the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in Louisiana. This 24-mile stretch of highway links the city of Mandeville with Metairie, Louisiana. The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway was constructed in the 1950s and is the second-longest bridge in the world.

The history of over-water highways in the United States is a testament to the ingenuity and ambition of our nation’s engineers. These highways have provided a gateway to the wonders of our nation’s

Location and Length of the Highway

When it comes to the longest over water highway in the United States, there is only one clear winner – the Overseas Highway, or U.S. Route 1. Spanning from the Florida Keys all the way to Key West, this unique stretch of highway is known for its breathtaking views, vibrant culture, and of course – its incredible length.

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Measuring in at 113 miles (181.7 km), the Overseas Highway is the longest over water highway in the United States and is officially the southernmost section of the U.S. Interstate Highway System. The Overseas Highway begins at mile marker zero, located at the mainland city of Florida City and ends at mile marker 113 at Key West.

The Overseas Highway is a remarkable feat of engineering. Largely built on the original span of the Overseas Railroad, the highway is composed of 42 bridges that can span distances of up to 7 miles (11.3 km), connecting the mainland United States to the Florida Keys. The bridges are not only incredibly long but they are also incredibly strong, able to withstand Category 5 hurricanes and storm surges.

The Overseas Highway is not only the longest over water highway in the United States, but it is also one of the most scenic. With its beautiful ocean views, vibrant marine life, and stunning sunsets, the Overseas Highway is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike.

Whether you’re looking for a unique road trip experience or simply a way to escape the hustle and bustle of the mainland, the Overseas Highway is sure to provide you with a journey that you won’t soon forget.

Features and Attractions Along the Highway

The United States is home to a number of incredible highways, but none quite as remarkable as the Longest Over Water Highway in the USA. Spanning over 6,500 miles, this is one of the most awe-inspiring routes in the country, and its features and attractions are sure to make any road trip unforgettable.

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One of the most notable attractions along the highway is the iconic Seven Mile Bridge. This bridge is the longest bridge over open water in the United States, and it’s an engineering marvel that will leave travelers in awe. The bridge is also home to some of the best fishing spots in the country, making it an ideal stop for anglers.

Another highlight of the highway is the Key West National Wildlife Refuge. This refuge is home to a variety of rare and endangered species, and it’s a great place to observe the local wildlife. In addition, the refuge also offers some of the most incredible views of the Gulf of Mexico.

Of course, no highway drive would be complete without stops for food and lodging. The highway is home to a wide variety of restaurants and hotels, ranging from roadside diners to five-star resorts. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to pick up souvenirs and items along the way, so travelers can take something home to remember their journey.

Finally, the highway also boasts some of the best natural beauty in the entire country. From the pristine beaches of Florida to the rugged mountains of New Mexico, the highway offers stunning views and breathtaking scenery.

The Longest Over Water Highway in the USA is an incredible experience that no traveler should miss. With its features and attractions, it’s a true American road trip that will leave an impression on everyone who takes it.



The longest over water highway in the United States is the Pacific Coast Highway. The highway stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the Mexican border. The highway is 2,900 miles long and is considered one of the most scenic highways in the United States.