15 February 2024

Top 20 Products Chinese Customers Can’t Get Enough Of

By Ronald Smith

Ah, the wonders of shopping! Today, I want to talk about a subject that’s got everyone buzzing: the top 20 products that Chinese customers simply can’t resist. Join me on this journey as we discover the items that are causing a frenzy among our friends from the East.

Let’s start with something that’s always on our minds – food! Chinese customers have developed quite the taste for imported snacks. Whether it’s the irresistible flavors of Western biscuits or the crispy goodness of potato chips, these treats are flying off the shelves.

Speaking of shelves, Chinese customers are also big fans of home organization products. From nifty storage bins to clever closet organizers, they know how important it is to keep everything neat and tidy. Keeping their homes spick and span has never been more stylish!

Now, let’s move on to gadgets – the tech-savvy Chinese customers can’t get enough of them. From the latest smartphones to sleek tablets, they want it all. These high-tech marvels not only keep them connected but also serve as a fashion statement. Who says technology can’t be trendy?

But it’s not all about technology. Chinese customers also have an eye for fashion – particularly luxury brands. From designer handbags to elegant watches, they have a knack for finding the finest pieces that elevate their style. Looking good and feeling confident is definitely a priority for these fashionable individuals.

And let’s not forget their love for health and wellness. Chinese customers are embracing the global wellness trend with open arms. They have a special interest in vitamins and supplements that help them maintain a balanced lifestyle. Staying fit and healthy is a journey they take seriously.

Traveling is another passion shared by Chinese customers. They love exploring new destinations and experiencing different cultures. And to capture these wonderful memories, they seek out top-of-the-line cameras and accessories. Every trip becomes a visual masterpiece!

When it comes to education, Chinese customers are devoted to providing the best learning opportunities for themselves and their children. They eagerly invest in educational toys, books, and online courses, believing that knowledge is the key to success.

Well, there you have it – the top 20 products that Chinese customers can’t get enough of. From tantalizing treats to cutting-edge technology, they have a diverse range of interests. So, whether you’re looking to satisfy your taste buds or stay in vogue, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant market. Happy shopping, my friends!

Top 20 Products Chinese Customers Can't Get Enough Of

I’ve got some exciting news for small businesses looking to sell products to Chinese consumers. With a middle class of 300 million people that keeps growing, there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you. But let me tell you, not all products are created equal when it comes to demand in China.

That’s why Alibaba, the online seller, organized the Gateway ’17 conference in Detroit. There, experts and business owners gathered to talk about the amazing opportunities to sell products in China, especially through Alibaba’s online marketplace Tmall.

So, what do Chinese consumers really want?

I was lucky enough to attend the Gateway ’17 event at Cobo Center on June 20 and 21, and let me tell you, I learned a lot. Here are 20 types of products that are super popular in China right now.


I always find it fascinating how fashion plays such a big role in what Chinese consumers choose to buy, especially when it comes to imported products. Amee Chande, the managing director of global strategy and operations for Alibaba Group, confirms that fashion is one of the top product categories for Chinese shoppers. They particularly love the styles offered by U.S. brands and the high quality of the clothes.

But it’s not just fashion that captures their attention. Shoes are also a popular choice for import products in China. Take a look at Stadium Goods, a successful business that sells shoes there. They’ve noticed that their collectible sneakers, which can’t be found in Chinese stores, are a big hit among shoppers.

Jewelry is yet another category that Chinese consumers are drawn to due to the quality and style of imported goods. One example is Jewelry.com, a well-known U.S. brand that has seen its profits soar after selling on Tmall in China.

And let’s not forget about makeup! It’s an essential part of many people’s daily routines, and Chinese consumers are no exception. They appreciate the variety and quality of imported makeup products that are available to them.

So, whether it’s fashion, shoes, jewelry, or makeup, Chinese consumers have a keen eye for imported products that offer unique styles, high quality, and a touch of glamor.

Let’s talk about what Chinese shoppers love when it comes to beauty products, especially on Tmall. Makeup is a big hit with them, and it’s no wonder why. We all want to feel beautiful, right?

Caring for Your Skin

Keeping the skin healthy is important to Chinese consumers too. They love skincare products like moisturizers and sunscreen. If you offer products made with natural ingredients, you’ve got a great chance of catching their attention. After all, they really care about their health.

Accessorize Your Beauty

In China, beauty accessories like makeup brushes are a big hit too. One popular U.S. brand, Real Techniques, has found great success by selling its products on Tmall in China. So, if you have some cool beauty accessories to offer, the Chinese shoppers are all ears.

Boost Your Health

Chinese consumers are becoming more health-conscious, and that’s great news. Vitamins and supplements are gaining popularity on platforms like Tmall. So, if you have some good health products to offer, they’ll definitely be interested.

Fresh and Juicy Produce

If you’re able to ship quickly to China, you can catch the attention of Chinese customers by offering them fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables.

Delicious Seafood

The demand for U.S. seafood is on the rise in China. People are concerned about the safety of local Chinese seafood, and the U.S. has access to unique seafood options that can’t be found in China.

Healthy and Convenient Packaged Foods

You can also attract Chinese consumers with convenient and healthy packaged foods. Think about snacks that contain nutritious ingredients like dried fruit and whole grains.

Trendy and Exciting Snacks

Chinese consumers, especially young people, are curious about the latest food trends. They’re interested in trying out new and exciting snacks like kale chips and superfoods. Sometimes these trendy treats are hard to find from local sellers in China.


Let’s talk about juice. It’s a really popular drink in China, especially for people who care about their health. Did you know that certain kinds of fruit juice, like cranberry juice, have only recently started becoming available in China? One brand that’s leading this trend is Ocean Spray. They’re making sure people in China get to enjoy the goodness of cranberry juice.


Now, let’s raise our glasses and talk about wine! In China, people love imported wines, especially those from famous wine regions like Napa Valley. So, if you’re a winery or a small wine brand, selling your wine in China can bring you lots of opportunities for growth. Chinese consumers appreciate the taste and quality of imported wines, so make sure to tap into this market.

Baby Food

Must-Have Products for Breastfeeding

When it comes to taking care of my new baby, I want to make sure I have the best products. That’s why I look for companies that offer breastfeeding accessories and other items. These companies understand the needs of new parents like me who want nothing but the best for our growing families.

Trendy Maternity Clothing

Clothing is always popular in China, but maternity wear has its own special appeal. With the increasing number of families in China, the demand for maternity clothing is on the rise. As an expectant mother, I want to look stylish and feel comfortable, and that’s why I’m drawn to brands that offer trendy maternity clothes.

Fun and Functional Baby Accessories

As a family-oriented consumer, I’m always on the lookout for the best baby accessories. From bottles and rattles to play sets, these items can make a big difference in my child’s development and enjoyment. I’m willing to invest in premium products that offer the best quality and value for my little ones.

Gentle and Safe Cleaning Products

Did you know that Chinese consumers love buying everyday products, like cleaning goods, online? It’s true! And guess what? As a U.S. business, you have a golden opportunity to sell cleaning products to them, especially those made with natural ingredients. This will really catch the attention of families and health-conscious consumers in China!

Sporting Goods – Game on!

Now, let’s talk about sporting goods. They are a big hit with Chinese consumers too! This category covers everything from outdoor gear to equipment for specific sports or workout activities. So, if you’re in the sporting goods business, there’s a huge market waiting for you in China – go get ’em!

Gadgets – The Tech Craze!

Ah, technology! It’s all the rage in China. Consumers there have access to a wide range of gadgets from various sources. But here’s the thing: if your company offers something unique that isn’t already flooding the Chinese market, you can definitely grab the attention of those tech-loving customers. So, show them what you’ve got and make a splash in China!