22 January 2024

The Top 25 Spots to Find Awesome WordPress Themes

By Ronald Smith

I’ve got some fantastic news for all you WordPress enthusiasts out there. I’ve put together a list of the 25 absolute best places where you can find amazing WordPress themes – and get paid for them too!

1. ThemeForest: This is the ultimate marketplace for WordPress themes, with a huge selection and tons of options to choose from. You can find themes for all kinds of websites, so you’re sure to find something that suits your needs.

2. Elegant Themes: If you’re looking for sleek and stylish themes, look no further. Elegant Themes offers a beautiful collection of premium themes that will make your website stand out from the crowd.

3. StudioPress: Known for their high-quality and SEO-friendly themes, StudioPress is a popular choice among WordPress users. Their themes are well-designed and have a professional look and feel.

4. ThemeIsle: With a variety of themes for different niches, ThemeIsle has something for everyone. Whether you’re starting a blog or setting up an online store, you’ll find a theme that fits your vision.

5. Mojo Marketplace: This vibrant marketplace offers a wide range of premium WordPress themes and templates. It’s a great place to find unique and eye-catching designs.

6. Themify: If you want a theme that’s fully customizable, Themify is the place to go. Their drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to create your dream website without any coding skills.

7. MyThemeShop: Offering both free and premium themes, MyThemeShop has a reputation for creating fast and user-friendly designs. Their themes are optimized for speed and performance.

8. CSSIgniter: With their extensive collection of themes, CSSIgniter has options for various industries and purposes. Their themes are easy to use and come with helpful documentation.

9. TeslaThemes: If you’re after modern and stylish themes, TeslaThemes won’t disappoint. They offer beautiful designs with a focus on responsiveness and user experience.

10. TemplateMonster: With over 26,000 premium themes to choose from, TemplateMonster has something for every website owner. They offer both ready-made themes and custom designs.

11. ThemeGrill: With their beginner-friendly themes, ThemeGrill makes it easy to create a professional-looking website. Their themes are highly customizable and compatible with popular plugins.

12. Colorlib: Colorlib offers a wide range of free and premium WordPress themes that are perfect for bloggers and businesses alike. Their designs are clean, modern, and easy to navigate.

13. Astra: Astra is a fast and lightweight theme that’s suitable for any kind of website. It’s highly customizable and compatible with popular page builders.

14. ThemeFuse: If you want a theme that’s packed with features, ThemeFuse is the way to go. They offer visually stunning designs that are both functional and stylish.

15. Theme-Junkie: Theme-Junkie specializes in user-friendly themes that are perfect for beginners. Their themes are easy to set up and customize.

16. WPZOOM: WPZOOM offers professional and stylish themes that are ideal for businesses and portfolios. Their themes are highly customizable and mobile-friendly.

17. CyberChimps: CyberChimps offers both free and premium themes that are perfect for bloggers and small businesses. Their themes are responsive and easy to use.

18. iThemes: iThemes is known for their robust and feature-packed themes. They offer a variety of themes for different industries, and their designs are both functional and beautiful.

19. TemplateToaster: If you want to design your own WordPress theme, TemplateToaster is the perfect software for you. It allows you to create stunning designs without any coding knowledge.

20. ThemeHunk: With their user-friendly and SEO-friendly themes, ThemeHunk makes it easy to create a professional website. Their themes are fully responsive and compatible with popular plugins.

21. VWThemes: VWThemes offers clean and elegant themes for bloggers, businesses, and e-commerce websites. Their themes are easy to customize and come with helpful support.

22. ThemeBeans: ThemeBeans offers minimalist and modern themes that are perfect for creative professionals. Their themes are easy to set up and customize.

23. Organized Themes: Organized Themes specializes in clean and organized designs that are perfect for businesses and nonprofits. Their themes are easy to navigate and fully responsive.

24. Themetry: Themetry offers sleek and minimalistic themes that are perfect for writers and bloggers. Their themes are easy to use and come with powerful customization options.

25. ThemeFusion: ThemeFusion is the creator of the popular Avada theme, which is known for its versatility and flexibility. With Avada, you can create any kind of website you can imagine.

So there you have it – the top 25 places to find awesome WordPress themes. Whether you’re a blogger, a business owner, or a creative professional, you’re sure to find the perfect theme for your website. Happy theme hunting!

The Top 25 Spots to Find Awesome WordPress Themes

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When I look for the best places to buy WordPress themes online, I quickly realize that the popularity of this blogging and site-building platform has created its own industry for theme builders.

WordPress is known for being affordable, easy to use, and full of powerful features. One of its most exciting features is that you can completely change the design and layout of your website just by switching to a different theme. But with thousands of themes to choose from, it can also be quite challenging.

To help you navigate this challenge and find the perfect theme for your website, I’ve put together a list of the top 25 places to find premium WordPress themes online. But before we dive into the list, let’s go over a couple of important points:

Themes: Paid or Free?

While this list focuses on paid themes, there are also plenty of free themes available for you to choose from. It’s perfectly fine to use a free theme for your website, but it’s important to understand the differences between paid and free options.

Design and Layout Choices

Paid themes often come with stunning designs and layouts that can be easily customized without any coding knowledge. On the other hand, free themes may feel a bit outdated and offer fewer built-in options for design and layout control.


One advantage of paid themes is that they often come with enhanced security features. These features can help protect your website from potential threats and keep your content safe and secure. With free themes, you may need to take additional steps to ensure the security of your site.

So now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive into the exciting part – the list of the best places to find paid WordPress themes online!

When it comes to using a free WordPress theme, it’s important to trust its source. There’s a chance that the theme might have code that could harm your customers and your business. For instance, there could be a hidden program that steals credit card information and sends it to an identity thief whenever someone makes a purchase on your website.

Getting Support and Updates

Usually, creators of paid themes offer support, which is not common among free themes.

Additionally, WordPress frequently releases new features and bug fixes. To keep up with these updates and prevent your theme from breaking, theme creators need to develop and release updates for their themes as well. Paid theme creators are more likely to do this regularly compared to creators of free themes.

WordPress: Hosted vs. Self-Hosted

WordPress has two versions:


When you make your WordPress site on wordpress.com, you’re using the hosted option. It’s not as customizable as the self-hosted option, but it’s perfect if you want to start quickly.

There are currently more than 140 paid templates available for hosted sites, although that’s less than the number for self-hosted WordPress sites.


If you choose to create your WordPress website with a hosting company, you’re using the self-hosted option. It’s customizable in every way, with thousands of themes available. Now, let’s dive into the best places to find paid WordPress themes.

The Top Spots for Paid WordPress Themes

I’ve divided our awesome list of the best places to find paid WordPress themes into four sections:


  • They have a ton of design and layout options for you to choose from.
  • If you need help, they provide great support.
  • They offer free updates to improve features and fix any bugs.
  • And the best part? Their themes are responsive! That means they’ll look great on any device. If having a website that looks good on all devices is important to you, remember to select the responsive option when searching for a theme on one of the sites in this section. You can even preview how the theme will look on different devices. Here, we’re checking out a website using a phone in landscape mode.

The Top 25 Spots to Find Awesome WordPress Themes

Did you know that many of these websites also have a special club option? It’s pretty cool because it gives you access to all of their themes for a really low price. This is not only awesome for designers and developers, but also for people who like having lots of options to choose from. You can get a bunch of different themes without breaking the bank!

The Top 25 Spots to Find Awesome WordPress Themes

Last but not least, many of these sites have themes with custom shortcodes. These special blocks of text, as shown in the example below, add cool design and helpful features to your site’s posts and pages.


These sites offer themes that are built on top of a framework, which itself is built on top of WordPress. Using a framework can give your site extra features and functionality. However, it can also make it more difficult to switch to a theme that is not built on that framework. Before you make your decision, be sure to consider the pros and cons.


These themes come with specific features right out of the box. They can be really handy if you want to quickly set up a certain type of site.

A la’ Carte

  • The theme’s compatibility with different versions of WordPress,

Whether your questions are being answered and your issues are being resolved,

How often the theme is updated (does it keep up with WordPress updates?), and

The ratings and reviews of past customers.

Best Places to Get Paid WordPress Themes: Full-Serve

Themes Kingdom:

When it comes to themes, Themes Kingdom has a good-sized collection. They have neatly organized their themes into categories, making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

Organic Themes:

If you’re looking for unique and interesting designs, Organic Themes has a small but impressive selection of themes that you might be interested in.

Elegant Themes:

At Elegant Themes, you’ll find a great selection of themes at an amazing price. They also have a theme filter that allows you to easily find responsive web designs.


So, let me tell you about FrogsThemes. These guys are all about creating websites for small businesses that specialize in specific areas like accounting, plumbing, or floristry. They’ve got this cool club membership program that’s really affordable. And check it out, they even have some extra stuff you can add on to make getting your website up and running super easy.

The Top 25 Spots to Find Awesome WordPress Themes


This website has themes that are not too expensive and look really nice. Do you know what’s even better? You can try out the theme before you buy it. That’s a pretty great deal, if you ask me.


If you want themes that work well on different devices, SoloStream has got you covered. They have a wide variety of responsive themes for you to choose from, so it’s definitely worth checking them out.


Obox is the place to go if you’re looking for unique and creative designs. Their themes are unlike anything you’ve seen before, making it a must-visit destination when you’re in search of a new theme.


MyThemeShop has a huge selection of themes that are not only affordable, but also packed with extra features. They offer Google fonts, custom post types, testimonials, and more. You won’t be disappointed with what they have to offer.

Template Monster

Let me tell you about this amazing website. It’s like a huge treasure trove of themes – seriously, it’s a monster! Not only that, but they also have some cool extra features to help you set up your site faster. And guess what? They even let you use the really cool stock photos they have on their site previews. How awesome is that?

Now, here’s something really special. If you want to be the only business rocking a particular theme, they’ve got you covered. You can buy an exclusive license, which means no one else can use that theme but you. You’ll be one-of-a-kind!

The Top 25 Spots to Find Awesome WordPress Themes

WooThemes – The Masters of Online Stores

Have you heard of the amazing WooCommerce plugin? Well, it’s the superstar creation of WooThemes! They are famous for it and offer a whole bunch of fantastic themes that work like a charm with WooCommerce. And guess what? You won’t even need to do any coding to customize their Canvas theme!

Press75 – Clear and Fresh Themes at a Great Price

Press75 is the place to go if you’re looking for themes that are clean, spacious, and won’t break the bank. They have a wonderful selection available, so there’s something for everyone!

cssigniter – Beautiful and Purposeful Themes

If you have a specific idea in mind for your website, cssigniter has got you covered. They offer a wide range of stunning themes designed for different purposes. Whether you’re showcasing your portfolio, running a travel guide site, or managing a hotel site, they have the perfect theme for you!

Swift Ideas – Small but Mighty Themes

Even though Swift Ideas may have a smaller collection of themes, they have a huge following of satisfied customers. Their themes are solid, versatile, and definitely worth checking out. You won’t be disappointed!

InkThemes – Unleash Your Creative Genius

Let me tell you about some awesome places where you can find really cool website themes. They’ve got a whole bunch of different ones for you to choose from.


The Gabfire collection is all about beautiful themes that catch your eye and work well on any device. They’ve made it super easy for you to customize your theme without needing any coding skills. Their control panel has got you covered for pretty much any change you want to make.


TeslaThemes is definitely the coolest-named site in the bunch! They’ve got clean and responsive themes that are packed with all sorts of features and functionality. You really need to check them out!

MH Themes

While MH Themes mainly focuses on news and editorial-style themes, they also have a small selection of other themes available. If you’re looking for a theme for a news or editorial website, this is definitely the place to go.


If you like websites that are simple and effective, then you need to check out these words right away.


Out of all the choices listed here, ThemeTrust offers a ton of great WordPress themes that are well-made and visually appealing. If you’re looking for something unique, this is the place to be.

The Best Websites to Find WordPress Themes and Get Paid:


When it comes to frameworks, StudioPress is the place to go. They have Genesis, a popular and beautifully designed framework with lots of awesome features. Plus, they have a large selection of themes that will impress you.


When it comes to website themes, Headway stands out as the easiest one to use. With just a simple drag and drop, you can change the layout of your site. And if you want to add new features, like a gallery or an online community, all you need to do is pay to upgrade your Headway account – no coding required!

The Coolest Places to Get Awesome WordPress Themes: App


If you’re looking to create a job-posting site, a classified site, or a business directory, AppThemes has got you covered. You can get all of these features and more at a reasonable price, right on this website.

The Top 25 Spots to Find Awesome WordPress Themes


I’ve got something exciting to share with you. These awesome peeps at Templatic have got you covered with fully functional themes specially designed for e-commerce. Whether you’re looking to sell classified ads, tickets for an event, or real estate, this is the place to be. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this!

The Coolest Spots to Get Awesome WordPress Themes: A la’ Carte


Looking for a wide variety of options? Well, my friend, ThemeForest is the ultimate destination for you. They’ve got over 5,000 WordPress themes up for grabs, so there’s definitely something that’ll catch your eye. It’s like a treasure trove of themes for every taste!

MOJO Themes

Hold onto your hats because MOJO Themes is another biggie in the market. They’ve got themes catering to all types of businesses and purposes, be it restaurants or portfolios. No matter what you’re looking for, they’ve got you covered. It’s a haven for all your theme needs!