15 December 2023

The Top 10 WordPress Themes Everyone is Talking About

By Ronald Smith

I’ve got some exciting news for you all about the most popular WordPress themes out there. These themes are all the rage right now, and trust me, you don’t want to miss out on them!


The Classic

This theme is a timeless favorite. It’s clean, simple, and perfect for anyone who wants a sleek and professional website.


The Adventure

For those of you seeking a more adventurous look, this theme is for you. It’s bold, exciting, and will make your site stand out from the crowd.


The Minimalist

Less is more with this theme. It’s all about simplicity and elegance, allowing your content to shine without any distractions.


The Creative

If you’re an artist or a creative soul, this theme will speak to you. It’s designed to showcase your work in the most beautiful and unique way possible.


The Business

For all you entrepreneurs out there, this theme is perfect for showcasing your brand and attracting customers. It’s sleek, professional, and will make your business shine.


The Magazine

Are you a blogger or a content creator? Look no further, because this theme is all about displaying your articles and photos in a stylish and organized manner.


The E-commerce

If you’re looking to start an online store, this theme is a must-have. It’s designed specifically for selling products and will make your shopping experience seamless.


The Mobile-Friendly

In today’s mobile-dominated world, having a theme that looks great on any device is crucial. This theme is optimized for mobile and will ensure your site looks amazing on smartphones and tablets.


The Photographer

Photographers, rejoice! This theme is tailored for showcasing your beautiful photos in a stunning and captivating way. Get ready to impress your audience!


The Personal Blog

Last but not least, we have the theme for all the bloggers out there. This one is perfect for sharing your thoughts, experiences, and stories with the world.

So there you have it, the top 10 WordPress themes that everyone is buzzing about. Each theme has its own unique style and purpose, so go ahead and find the one that speaks to you. Happy creating!

The Top 10 WordPress Themes Everyone is Talking About

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Did you know that WordPress is used by 27.5 percent of all websites? That’s right, it’s the king of the World Wide Web and one of the best website builders for small businesses.

One thing that makes WordPress so great is the wide range of themes you can use. These themes allow you to change the look and feel of your website in an instant. But not all themes are created equal, some are way more popular than others.

What Makes the Most Popular WordPress Themes Stand Out?

  • Content: They offer custom post types like portfolio items and testimonials.
  • Display: They provide custom widgets, shortcodes, and color palettes.

When it comes to your website, there are a few important things to consider. First, let’s talk about the layout. You can choose from different options like text columns, image sliders, and page/post layouts. These features allow you to customize your site and make it look just the way you want, without needing any help from a web developer or designer. It’s easy and hassle-free!

Now, let’s talk about popular WordPress themes. You might think that all of them come with a framework, but that’s not always the case. Some of the top 10 themes are popular simply because they come with WordPress by default. So, it’s good to be aware of that when making your choice.

If you’re curious about which WordPress themes are the most popular right now, you can visit a website called builtwith.com. They have a live view of the current popular themes. It’s interesting to see which ones are trending and getting the most attention. So, go ahead and explore to find the perfect theme for your website!

The Top 10 WordPress Themes Everyone is Talking About

10 Most Popular WordPress Themes: A Closer Look

Alright, let’s dig deeper into each of the top 10 WordPress themes that are currently ruling the online world.

Genesis Framework

The Genesis Framework is something special. It was created by Brian Clark, the mastermind behind Copyblogger – a site that bloggers, content marketers, and copywriters can’t get enough of. So, it’s no wonder that those who have learned the art of blogging from Brian choose to use the very tool he designed.

The Top 10 WordPress Themes Everyone is Talking About

Welcome to Genesis! We’ve got tons of great stuff in store for you. With Genesis, you can easily change the appearance of your website, personalize your header, and even add custom widgets.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to the basic look and feel we just showed you, you also have the option to purchase child themes that work seamlessly with the Genesis Framework. These themes not only add a unique touch to your site, but they also offer extra features and functionalities like custom post types and layouts. This means you have endless possibilities to customize your site and truly make it your own.

Introducing Divi

Prepare to be blown away by Divi! It’s the ultimate drag-and-drop WordPress theme that takes customization to a whole new level. With Divi, you can easily design your website exactly how you want it. No coding required!

The Top 10 WordPress Themes Everyone is Talking About

Divi is packed with tons of cool stuff. You can begin with their 20+ templates or start fresh. This theme is all about giving you a what-you-see-is-what-you-get experience. You work directly on your site’s pages, skipping the usual WordPress editing options. This lets you see exactly how your page will look before you hit that publish button, which is really helpful for people who aren’t super tech-savvy.


If you enjoy playing around with the design and style of your website, then you should definitely check out the Avada theme.

The Top 10 WordPress Themes Everyone is Talking About

Avada has got you covered with its 22 pre-designed themes, and you don’t need to know any code to make them your own. Whether you want a stunning portfolio, a dynamic blog, or a collection of useful shortcodes, Avada has it all.


WooFramework is brought to you by the same team behind the incredibly popular WooCommerce platform.

The Top 10 WordPress Themes Everyone is Talking About

Let’s talk about themes for your website. Sure, you can buy pre-made themes like the one mentioned above, but let me tell you about a special one called WooFramework. It’s known for its fantastic ecommerce storefront themes that work perfectly with the WooCommerce platform. So, if you’re looking to set up an online store quickly, this is the theme you should definitely consider.

Introducing Foodie Pro!

Out of all the Genesis child themes, the only one that made it to the top 10 most popular WordPress themes list is Foodie Pro:

The Top 10 WordPress Themes Everyone is Talking About

Take a look at the design above – pretty neat, right? It has a sleek and polished appearance that makes it stand out. And here’s the cool part: even though it’s called a theme, you can actually use it for any kind of small business you have in mind. It’s incredibly versatile, and that’s definitely one of the reasons why it’s so popular!

Let’s Talk About Enfold

Now, let me tell you about the Enfold theme. It’s just as impressive as the one we talked about earlier. Like I mentioned before, it’s super-flexible, which means it can adapt to any small business out there. So no matter what industry you’re in or what your specific needs are, Enfold has got you covered!

The Top 10 WordPress Themes Everyone is Talking About

I’ve got to tell you about Enfold, it’s got some great stuff! They’ve got 25 templates that are perfect for different types of small businesses. They’ve got templates for spas, restaurants, photographers, and even generic startups. It’s pretty cool, right?

Now let’s talk about the default WordPress themes

So, every year since 2010, the WordPress team releases a new default theme. It’s like a tradition or something. The four themes I’m about to mention are part of that tradition.

Now, these themes don’t come with a bunch of fancy features. They mainly just control how your website looks and feels. But you know what? Sometimes simplicity is a good thing.