25 January 2024

Say Goodbye to Elevator Pitches, Use the Power of Storytelling Instead

By Ronald Smith

If you’re having a hard time connecting with your customers, it may not be because of your Tweets or landing page. It could be your storytelling skills. Sell with a Story: How to Grab Attention, Build Trust, and Seal the Deal is a guide filled with valuable insights for salespeople who want to create stronger connections but struggle to turn words into sales. Sell with a Story will teach you exactly how to do what the title suggests.

Say Goodbye to Elevator Pitches, Use the Power of Storytelling Instead

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How can you connect with strangers and turn them into customers? Businesses have many ways to communicate with customers (email, phone, social media, mail), but are they truly connecting? Maybe businesses don’t need new technology, but rather a fresh story.

Sell with a Story: How to Capture Attention, Build Trust, and Close the Sale explores this idea and explains why stories are essential to your sales techniques. This book offers a wealth of sales stories and storytelling methods to help everyone in the office make use of the stories that surround them.

What is Sell With a Story About?

Let me tell you a story about the power of stories. It all began when I went to an art event, not really expecting to find anything that caught my eye. But then, I came across a picture of a baby pig swimming in the ocean. Now, you might wonder why I would buy a picture of a pig swimming. And truth be told, it wasn’t the picture itself that fascinated me, but rather the backstory behind it.

You see, that baby pig came from a long line of pigs who had actually learned to swim. They had figured out that they could find food by diving into the ocean and scavenging the leftovers dumped by passing ships. Can you imagine that? Pigs swimming and hunting for food in the vast ocean!

When I heard this incredible tale, I was hooked. I couldn’t resist buying the picture, because it represented so much more than just a cute pig. It reminded me of the power of determination and adaptability, of how even the most unlikely creatures can find a way to survive and thrive.

So, you see, stories have a way of capturing our imagination and touching our hearts. They have the power to make us see things in a new light and inspire us to think differently. Just like that picture of the baby pig swimming in the ocean, stories have the ability to captivate us and make us believe in the extraordinary. And that’s why I always say, never underestimate the power of a good story.

The book’s main message is about the importance of creating an emotional connection with your customer through storytelling. Stories have a powerful ability to connect with others on a deeper level than just presenting facts and numbers. Recent scientific research has confirmed this notion. Scientists have discovered that the human brain is much better at remembering stories about your product compared to plain data. This could be because our brains process stories differently from how they process data. While data is processed in the higher thought part of the brain (the neocortex), stories are processed in a different area (the limbic system) that deals with emotions. To put it simply, our brains can remember facts, but they form emotional connections with stories.

I want to tell you something important. Creating stories is not about following a script. It’s about being flexible and adaptable. A story is not a magic trick to make instant sales. It should be a natural part of how your business communicates its value. This book explores the storytelling process and teaches you how to refine it to achieve your sales goals.

The author of this book, Paul Smith, is an expert in storytelling for businesses. He has a wealth of experience as a Proctor and Gamble executive and now works as a storytelling consultant, keynote speaker, and trainer. He is the managing partner of StoryMakers LLC and Principal of ThoughtLEADERS LLC.

What Makes Sell With a Story Stand Out?

I want to talk about the great thing about Sell with a Story: it has so much content! Smith goes beyond the usual advice of simply adding a story to your PowerPoint. This book is all about adapting storytelling to your specific needs. It delves into the details that other books overlook, such as ethics, tailoring stories for different audiences and time constraints, and even collecting stories.

In short, Smith really knows his stuff when it comes to storytelling in a business setting, and he showcases that knowledge throughout the entire book.

Alternative Approaches

When I read Sell With a Story, I noticed that the author didn’t give enough attention to training frontline sales staff. Sure, the book has a lot of useful information for training, but it doesn’t give all the specific details. It left me wondering, what if I’m a retail store manager who really believes in this book’s message? How should I create a training program for my customer service representatives based on the book’s principles? Where do I even begin?

Why should you read Sell With a Story?

If you have the word sales in your job description, whether officially or unofficially, then Sell with a Story is a book you should definitely consider reading. It’s not like other books that simply tell you to use stories to promote your brand. This book is filled with stories specifically tailored for sales professionals like you. But it’s not just a collection of fixed stories or templates. It’s a complete guide that will teach you the art of storytelling and equip you with strategies to connect with your customers’ minds faster than your competitors.

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