11 January 2024

Instagram Takes Away Like Counts, So What Should You Do as a Marketer?

By Ronald Smith

So, Instagram has made a pretty big change – they’re gettin’ rid of those like counts. Yeah, I know, it’s kinda surprising. But no need to panic! I’ll help you navigate this new territory as a marketer.

First things first, why did Instagram do this? Well, they want to shift the focus away from popularity contests and more towards the content itself. They believe this will create a healthier environment for users, where the emphasis is on sharing meaningful experiences rather than the number of likes.

Now, what does this mean for you as a marketer? Well, it means you need to adjust your strategy a bit. Instead of relying solely on like counts to measure success, you’ll have to dig deeper. Look at other metrics like engagement rates, comments, and shares to get a better understanding of how your content is resonating with your audience.

But hey, this change can actually work in your favor! Without the pressure of likes, you can focus more on creating quality content that truly connects with your followers. It’s all about building real relationships and fostering engagement.

Now, here’s a tip for ya – use Instagram Stories to your advantage. Stories are still visible for 24 hours, and they have features like polls, questions, and swipe-ups that encourage interaction. Plus, they’re an awesome way to show behind-the-scenes moments and give your audience a glimpse into your brand’s personality.

Another thing you can do is collaborate with influencers. Even though like counts are hidden, influencers still have a strong impact on their followers. Partnering up with them can help you reach a wider audience and gain credibility.

Remember, the key is to adapt and be flexible. Keep experimenting with different types of content and strategies to see what works best for you. And most importantly, stay authentic and true to your brand. People can sense when something isn’t genuine, so always strive to provide value and connect with your audience on a personal level.

So, there you have it – Instagram’s like counts may be gone, but as a marketer, you have plenty of other ways to gauge your success and make an impact. Embrace the change, get creative, and keep on rockin’ those Insta marketing skills!

Instagram Takes Away Like Counts, So What Should You Do as a Marketer?

Did you know that Instagram is running a test to see what would happen if they got rid of likes? It all started in Canada, but now they’ve expanded it to six more countries. Unfortunately, the U.S. isn’t part of the test yet.

The Impact of Removing Like Counts on Instagram

I reached out to Dr. Dustin York, who is an assistant professor of communications and the director of undergraduate and graduate communications programs at Maryville University. I wanted to find out what this change could mean for small businesses and their advertising efforts.

So, what’s this all about?

According to Dr. York, this change has already been put into action in other countries like Australia and Canada. Instagram’s reasoning behind it is that they want users to focus more on the content itself and not get too caught up in the number of likes. They also mentioned that they hope this change will support better mental health.

The reason for this move is partly to discourage marketers from selling fake influence. It will also have a negative impact on the influencer marketing industry, especially if it becomes a permanent change.

Why this is important

Small businesses heavily rely on social media, particularly platforms like Instagram, which have the highest conversion rates for buyers, according to York.

Depending on the target market, Instagram can be the most crucial tool for businesses. Twicsy states that Instagram’s top users in the U.S. are typically between 13 and 29 years old, well-educated, earning over $30,000 a year, and living in cities.

York emphasizes that depending on the target market, Instagram can be the most important tool for businesses.

What will happen

Businesses might need to adapt to new strategies. York warns against solely relying on what has worked in the past.

I’ve always believed that being open to change is crucial, I say. Especially now, with how rapidly things evolve in the business world.

The Evolution of Digital Marketing

For small businesses, the focus might shift towards Facebook pages and blogging. It might also be important to gain a deeper understanding of their target audience through tools like Google Analytics.

But there’s another option to consider, I mention.

I point to the influencers who have built successful careers and made a fortune on platforms like Instagram, without charging anything in return. This change could be a way for businesses to invest less in influencers and more in sponsored posts on Instagram.

Although Instagram may not admit it, it’s reasonable to think that this change aligns with their business goals, I state.

Actions Small and Medium-sized Businesses Should Take

I’ve got some great tips for small businesses like yours on how to adapt to changes. First things first, let me tell you about an all-time favorite strategy.

The Power of Good Content

Forget about all the fancy tricks. Nothing beats having amazing content. Trust me, no shortcut can ever surpass the power of great content, says York.

And when I say great content, I mean creating blogs and social media posts packed with interesting and useful information for your readers. Stay away from salesy writing, though.

Dealing with Influencers

Sure, someone with only two thousand followers may not seem like a big influencer, explains York. But let me tell you, those followers could be the majority of 16-year-olds in your local high school. Working with that micro-influencer could do wonders for a car dealership like yours.

I have some valuable advice for you when it comes to targeting local customers for your products and services. Don’t forget to add geographical tags to your keywords for an extra SEO boost.

How to Test the Waters

Here’s a suggestion that might work for you. Why not try a compromise?

When the time comes to make a change, test out a portion of the budget you were using for influencers on sponsored posts instead. Then, compare the traffic, engagement, and metrics of your influencer budget with that of your sponsored post budget, says our expert.

Lastly, our expert predicts where this trend is heading. They believe that comments will become the new likes for influencers.

Influencers will encourage their followers (even more than they do now) to leave comments on their posts. The number of comments a post receives will still be visible to the public, they explain.