22 January 2024

Get Ready to Make and Sell 40 Unique Christmas Ornaments!

By Ronald Smith

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to get crafty and make some awesome Christmas ornaments. Not only will you have fun creating these beauties, but you can even sell them and make some extra holiday cash. How cool is that?

Now, let me show you 40 incredible ornaments that you can make and sell. From traditional to quirky, there’s something for everyone. And trust me, people will be lining up to get their hands on these one-of-a-kind decorations.

1. Sparkling Snowflake Wreath: This elegant wreath will add a touch of winter wonder to any tree.

2. Santa’s Elf: Craft your own adorable little elf with some felt and a sprinkle of magic.

3. Reindeer Clothespin: Turn a simple clothespin into Rudolph by adding some googly eyes and a red pom-pom.

4. Paper Quilled Angel: Create an angelic ornament with colorful strips of paper intricately rolled into a stunning design.

5. Gingerbread Man: These cute little fellas are a must-have for any Christmas tree.

6. Popsicle Stick Sled: Build a tiny sled using popsicle sticks and decorate it with ribbons and beads.

7. Miniature Snow Globe: Capture the magic of a snow globe in a tiny ornament using a clear plastic ball.

8. Felt Christmas Tree: Kids will love decorating their own mini Christmas tree with felt ornaments.

9. Mason Jar Lid Ornament: Repurpose those Mason jar lids into beautiful rustic ornaments.

10. Button Snowman: Gather some colorful buttons and create a jolly snowman with a top hat.

11. Cinnamon Stick Star: Assemble cinnamon sticks into a star shape and add a festive touch to your tree.

12. Pom-Pom Snowball: Fluffy white pom-poms will make your tree look like a winter wonderland.

13. Sequin Baubles: These sparkly beauties will shine bright on any Christmas tree.

14. Pinecone Elves: Transform pinecones into adorable little elves with pipe cleaners and felt.

15. Beaded Icicle: Create stunning icicles using wire and beads in various colors.

16. Scrabble Tile Ornament: Spell out festive words using Scrabble tiles and attach them to a ribbon.

17. Glittery Salt Dough Ornaments: Mix flour, salt, and water to make dough, cut out shapes, and add glitter for a touch of glam.

18. Felt Stocking: Craft tiny stockings and fill them with candy or little surprises.

19. Wine Cork Reindeer: Give those wine corks a new life by turning them into cute reindeer with googly eyes and pipe cleaners.

20. Ribbon Christmas Tree: Layer different colored ribbons to create a unique and vibrant tree ornament.

21. Miniature House Ornament: Build a cozy little house using popsicle sticks and paint it in festive colors.

22. Paper Star Lantern: Fold and cut paper to make an exquisite star-shaped lantern.

23. Snowy Pinecone Ball: Glue pinecones onto a foam ball and sprinkle some faux snow for a winter wonderland centerpiece.

24. Yarn-Wrapped Star: Wrap colorful yarn around a wire star frame and add a bow for a charming ornament.

25. Jingle Bell Wreath: Attach jingle bells to a wire wreath frame for a merry and musical decoration.

26. Popcorn Garland: String popcorn together to make a classic and festive garland.

27. Felt Mitten: Create cute mittens using felt and add a touch of embroidery for extra detail.

28. Paper Quilled Snowflake: Make a delicate snowflake using quilling paper and display it proudly on your tree.

29. Sock Snowman: Turn old socks into lovable snowmen by stuffing them and adding embellishments.

30. Button Wreath: Glue buttons onto a wire wreath frame for a colorful and playful decoration.

31. Glittery Pinecone: Dust pinecones with glitter and watch them sparkle on your tree.

32. Paper Fan Angel: Fold and glue paper fans together to create a heavenly angel ornament.

33. Candy Cane Reindeer: Tuck googly eyes and pipe cleaners onto a candy cane for an adorable reindeer.

34. Beaded Snowflake: Thread beads onto wire in a snowflake pattern and hang it up to add a touch of frost.

35. Clothespin Nutcracker: Paint clothespins like nutcracker soldiers and create a festive little army.

36. Ribbon Candy: Transform ribbons into cute and colorful pieces of candy to hang on your tree.

37. Snowman Light Bulb: Paint a burnt-out light bulb to resemble a snowman and bring some charm to your tree.

38. Popsicle Stick Starburst: Arrange popsicle sticks in a starburst pattern and add some glitter for a dazzling effect.

39. Cinnamon Stick Reindeer: Attach googly eyes and pipe cleaners to cinnamon sticks for some festive reindeer friends.

40. Button Bauble: Sew buttons together into a spherical shape and hang it up to add a burst of color to your tree.

There you have it, my friend! 40 amazing Christmas ornaments that you can make and sell. Get your creative juices flowing, grab your crafting supplies, and let the holiday magic begin. Happy crafting, and may your ornaments bring joy to many!

Get Ready to Make and Sell 40 Unique Christmas Ornaments!

Are you looking for Christmas ornaments to make and sell? The holiday season is coming soon, and you’ll start seeing all kinds of holiday decorations for sale in stores and online. People love unique ornaments for their Christmas trees, so there’s a big demand for homemade ones. This is a great opportunity for creative people like you to make and sell your own ornaments.


Why should you sell handmade Christmas ornaments?

There are so many reasons why selling handmade Christmas ornaments can be a good idea. It can be a profitable small business, and there are lots of benefits to doing it, like:

    I love it when I can turn my hobbies into something more. Making crafts is one of my favorite things to do, and I’ve discovered that I can actually make money from it by creating and selling Christmas ornaments. It’s amazing how something I enjoy doing can become a thriving small business.

    Even if you’re not a super skilled craftsperson, don’t worry! You can still make and sell Christmas ornaments. There are plenty of tutorials available online that can teach you new skills and techniques. It’s a great opportunity to learn something new and expand your horizons.

    One of the best things about making and selling Christmas ornaments is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need a fancy storefront or a big workshop. All you need is a creative space in your house where you can work on your crafts. Being able to run your own business from home is something to be proud of.

    And let’s not forget about the money! Making and selling Christmas ornaments is a fantastic way to earn extra cash. It can start as a side gig, bringing in some extra income, and who knows? It might even become a full-time job. The possibilities are endless.

    So, if you’re looking for a fun and profitable venture, why not give making and selling Christmas ornaments a try? It’s a great way to enjoy your hobby, learn new skills, work from home, and earn some extra cash. Get your creative juices flowing and let your imagination run wild!

  • Support a cause – Some entrepreneurs like me use our small businesses to make and sell Christmas ornaments and also to support a cause. We donate a portion of our profits to a charitable organization because we want to make a positive impact.

Where Can You Sell DIY Christmas Ornaments?

If you enjoy making complex or easy Christmas ornaments like me, you have a lot of options for selling them. People love buying Christmas ornaments and other crafts, especially during the holiday season.

Not sure where to sell the Christmas ornaments that you make? Well, you’re in luck! I’m going to give you some ideas for where you can sell your amazing DIY Christmas ornaments:

  • Holiday craft fairs
  • Local craft stores
  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Amazon Handmade

Awesome DIY Ornaments to Sell!

Looking for awesome Christmas ornament ideas to make and sell? Well, I’ve got you covered! Get ready to discover some absolutely adorable ornaments that will make your customers’ holiday season extra special.

Get Ready to Make and Sell 40 Unique Christmas Ornaments!

1. Fancy Glass Ornaments

All you need to make beautiful holiday decorations are clear glass ornaments, which you can easily find at any craft store. With a little creativity, you can transform these ornaments into unique and stunning pieces. Simply add glitter or paint on the outside, or fill them up with paper, beads, or other holiday-themed items. These ornaments will definitely be a hit!

2. Homemade Dough Ornaments

Get Ready to Make and Sell 40 Unique Christmas Ornaments!

Salt dough ornaments are a super popular choice for people who want to make and sell Christmas ornaments. You can shape them into all kinds of Christmassy shapes using cookie cutters, and the recipe to make them is so simple. All you need is flour, salt, and water. It’s such an easy craft that even kids can get involved and have fun.

Next up, we have hand-painted Christmas ornaments. These ones always sell really well, especially if you’re a talented artist. They might be a bit trickier to make and sell, but all you need to do is start with a plain ball ornament or another shape and put your own personal touch on it by painting unique designs.

And finally, we have photo frame ornaments. These are a great idea if you want to add a personal touch to your Christmas tree. Just find a plain ornament and add a little frame to it where you can put a picture of your loved ones. It’s a lovely way to make your tree extra special.

There you have it, three great ideas for making and selling Christmas ornaments. Get creative and have fun!

Hey there, are you ready to create a fantastic Christmas ornament that your customers will adore? Let’s dive into the world of photo frame ornaments, a popular choice for showcasing cherished Christmas memories.

Now, while some ornaments can be made using frame kits, I’m here to tell you that the possibilities are endless! You can make beautiful keepsake ornaments using all sorts of materials, in different shapes, and sizes. Trust me, it’s a lot of fun!

5. Bundle up with Cinnamon Sticks Ornaments!

Get Ready to Make and Sell 40 Unique Christmas Ornaments!

Let me share with you a fun and easy DIY Christmas ornament idea using just a cinnamon stick. All I need to do is gather a few cinnamon stick cuttings and tie them together with some twine or ribbon or embroidery floss. These adorable ornaments not only look great hanging on a Christmas tree, but they also smell amazing!

6. Christmas Bell Ornaments

Now, let’s get creative with some jingle bells from a craft store. You can keep them in their original color or paint a few with white acrylic paint. Then, all you have to do is tie a ribbon loop to each bell, and voila! Your ornament is ready to be hung on a Christmas tree.

7. Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree

Here’s another fantastic idea for homemade Christmas ornaments using plastic spoons. Start by getting a paper mache Christmas tree form from a craft store. Then, let your imagination run wild as you decorate the tree with the spoons. The possibilities are endless!

Let me share a fun and crafty idea for the holiday season. How about making your own unique Christmas tree using cheap plastic spoons? It’s super easy and the result is simply beautiful.

1. Spoon Branches

So, here’s the deal. Get a bunch of those cheap plastic spoons and cut off the tops. Then, paint those tops in different colors to add a touch of festive cheer. With these painted spoon tops, you can create gorgeous branches on your handmade Christmas tree.

2. Rustic Wooden Signs

Now, let’s move on to another great idea that’s sure to be a hit. Rustic wooden signs with holiday messages! These signs can be a top seller for small businesses that specialize in making and selling Christmas ornaments.

You have a couple of options here. If you want a simple and affordable version, you can buy blank wood signs from a craft store and decorate them yourself. But if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can use a wood slice, pallet wood, or leftover timber offcuts to make your own custom signs. Crafty folks can use paint to create their designs, while more skilled entrepreneurs can try their hand at using a woodburning kit to etch beautiful patterns and messages into the wood.

More Christmas Ornament Ideas

9. Get Ready for the Magic of Christmas with Candle Holders

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Not only do these candle holders add beauty and charm to your holiday decor, but they also make wonderful gifts for your loved ones. Spread the joy of the season by giving them the gift of a cozy and magical ambiance. They’ll be grateful for your thoughtfulness and think of you every time they light their candles.

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Get Ready to Make and Sell 40 Unique Christmas Ornaments!

Hey there, holiday shoppers! I know how much you all enjoy those wonderful festive candles that brighten up your homes and fill them with cozy, heartwarming scents. But you know what’s missing? A gorgeous candle holder! No worries, though. I’ve got you covered!

You can easily find plain candle holders at your local craft store or online. Once you have one, it’s time to unleash your creativity! Grab some holiday-themed colors and designs and get painting. Go wild with your imagination and make it truly unique. And to add that extra touch of holiday cheer, tie a brightly-colored ribbon around your creation. Voila!

10. Jingle Bell Candy Cane Ornaments

Now, how about combining two beloved Christmas symbols to create a delightful ornament? I’m talking about candy canes and jingle bells! Trust me when I say your customers will adore these.

All you need are some red and white jingle bells (or you can paint the gold and silver ones if you prefer). Thread the bells through a sturdy wire, and then bend the wire into a classic candy cane shape. And to complete the look, tie a red and white ribbon to the top. Hang these jingle bell candy cane ornaments on your Christmas tree, and let the festive vibes fill the air!

11. Christmas Wooden Ornament

If you’re looking to create a Christmas tree with a natural or woodland theme, why not try making your own wooden ornaments? It’s simple to do! Start by getting some wooden balls and drilling holes through their centers. Then, you can get creative and paint holiday designs on them. Finally, tie some embroidery thread through the holes to hang your unique and handmade Christmas decorations. It’s a fun and festive way to add a personal touch to your tree!

12. Create Your Own Holiday Yule Logs

Did you know that ornaments aren’t the only popular holiday decorations during Christmas? Traditional home decor, like holiday yule logs, can also be a big hit. And the best part is, you can make them yourself! All you need are some old scraps of wood, pine cones, ivy, and other natural materials associated with Christmas. With a little creativity, you can craft beautiful and rustic yule logs that will impress your family and friends.

13. Craft a Snow Globe Picture Christmas Ornament

Get Ready to Make and Sell 40 Unique Christmas Ornaments!

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to sell one-of-a-kind Christmas crafts, I have a fun idea for you! You can create snow globe photo Christmas ornaments. It’s easy to get started – all you need is a clear glass or plastic ornament and some fake snow. You can even add little holiday-themed decorations like miniature reindeer. And the best part? Your customers can personalize the ornaments by inserting their favorite holiday photos! How cool is that?

14. Wooden Snowmen Holiday Decor

Wooden snowmen are always a hit when it comes to Christmas ornaments. And the good news is, they’re super easy to make and sell. Just grab some scraps of wood and cut out snowman shapes. After that, paint them white and get creative with the decorations. Add a cute hat, a cozy scarf, and some eyes. And let’s not forget the famous carrot nose! You can even use brown pipe cleaners for arms. These adorable snowmen will be flying off your shelves in no time!

15. Santa Pom Pom Ornaments

Looking to create some one-of-a-kind Santa Christmas ornaments to sell? I’ve got just the idea for you! Grab a bag of colorful pom poms and let’s get started. We’ll make these adorable Santa ornaments by adding a red felt hat, some tiny spectacles, and a cute little red nose. Trust me, people will love these unique decorations during the holiday season!

16. Sugar Cookie Ornaments

Oh, I’ve got another fantastic idea for you that’ll be a hit with the kids! How about making and selling sugar cookie ornaments? It’s super fun! Just use some cookie cutters to shape your homemade dough into Christmas trees, stars, candy canes, and other festive shapes. And don’t forget to add a delightful touch of red and green frosting on top. Yum!

17. Rustic Pine Cone Ornaments

Pine cones are a special gift from nature just for holiday decorators like you and me. To make them even more festive, simply tie a ribbon or string to the top of the pine cone and add a little glitter or white paint to make it look like snow. For an extra special touch, you can also add some artificial berries or small decorations.

Now, let’s move on to the next idea for decorating your tree. How about making sequin ball ornaments? These ornaments will add a beautiful sparkle to your tree. Start with a foam or plastic ornament base and glue sequins all over it until it’s completely covered. You can mix and match different colors or go for a more uniform look with just one color. Either way, the result will be absolutely dazzling!

Next up, we have twine and bead ornaments. These ornaments have a rustic yet elegant feel and can be a chic addition to any tree. Take a foam or plastic ball and wrap it with twine or hemp string, securing it with glue as you go. You can also add some colorful beads or even bells to make them even more interesting.

Finally, let’s talk about burlap ribbon ornaments. These ornaments have a lovely, natural look that can really enhance the beauty of your tree. Simply take a burlap ribbon and tie it around a foam or plastic ball. You can experiment with different colors and textures of burlap to create a unique look.

So there you have it, four creative and festive ornament ideas to make your holiday tree extra special. Have fun decorating!

21. Making Cute Felt Animal Ornaments

Let’s get crafty and create some adorable animal-shaped ornaments using felt. You can use patterns or make your own designs. How about making reindeers, bears, or birds? Personalize them by adding little details like eyes, beaks, or antlers using contrasting felt or embroidery thread. Let your creativity run wild!

22. Repurposing Vintage Buttons into Ornaments

Do you have a collection of old buttons lying around? Don’t let them go to waste! Gather your buttons and transform them into unique ornaments. String them together to form fun shapes or simply stack them up. The different colors and textures of the buttons will give your ornaments a vintage and nostalgic vibe. It’s a great way to give new life to old buttons!

23. Create Delicate Crochet Star Ornaments

If you’re skilled with a crochet hook, why not try making some beautiful star-shaped ornaments? There are plenty of simple star patterns available that can add a touch of elegance to your Christmas tree. Choose festive colors for a merry look or go for a more neutral palette for versatility. You’ll be amazed at the intricate and delicate designs you can create!

24. Crafty Ornaments from Fabric Scraps

If you’ve got some extra fabric scraps, especially the ones with fun patterns, why not turn them into ornaments? You can wrap them around foam or plastic bases, or even sew them into little pouches filled with lavender for a nice scent.

Let’s talk about paper quilling ornaments. It’s a cool art technique where you create intricate designs using strips of paper. You can make all sorts of shapes, like snowflakes or angels. It’s like making a delicate masterpiece!

Now, let’s move on to origami ornaments. Origami is all about folding paper, and there are so many possibilities. You can make stars, birds, or even little boxes. Using festive paper, you can fold your way into beautiful ornaments that will really catch people’s attention.

How about knitting mini Christmas sweaters? These tiny sweaters can be hung on the tree, or you can use them as unique gift tags. You can even add holiday motifs to make them extra festive. They’ll definitely add a special touch to your decorations.

Lastly, let’s talk about holiday-themed mason jar lids. You can decorate mason jar lids with holiday designs and use them as ornaments. They’re easy to make and will make your tree look really unique.

Want to add some holiday cheer to your decorations? I’ve got some fun and easy ornament ideas for you to try. Let’s get started!

29. Beaded Snowflake Ornaments

Get ready to dazzle with these beautiful snowflake ornaments! All you need is some wire and beads. Create intricate designs, and watch them sparkle on your tree.

30. Clay Cookie Ornaments

How about some cookie-shaped ornaments that won’t crumble? Grab some oven-bake clay and shape them like gingerbread cookies. Paint them with icing patterns, and you’ll have a sweet and long-lasting decoration.

31. Wood Slice Animal Ornaments

Add a touch of nature to your tree with these rustic-inspired ornaments. Simply paint or wood-burn animal silhouettes onto wood slices. You can choose reindeer, bears, birds, or any other animal you love.

32. Felt Christmas Light Ornaments

Let’s get creative and make some colorful felt light bulb ornaments. Cut out light bulb shapes from different colors of felt, and then attach them to a string. These adorable ornaments are perfect for families with young children or pets because they are unbreakable.

33. Tiny Stocking Ornaments

Why not try knitting or crocheting miniature stockings? You can decorate them with small bells or pom-poms for an extra festive touch. These tiny stockings can even hold small gifts or candy, adding an exciting surprise to your Christmas tree.

34. Decorative Cardboard Ornaments

Get some sturdy cardboard and cut out various shapes. Then, grab a needle and thread and start creating beautiful embroidered designs. Whether you prefer simple or intricate patterns, it all depends on your skill level. Have fun exploring your creativity!

35. Personalized Chalkboard Ornaments

For a unique twist, paint wooden shapes or slices with chalkboard paint. This allows customers, like you, to write their own messages or countdown the number of days until Christmas. Get ready to add an extra personal touch to your tree!

36. Festive Sun Catchers

So, I’ve got some awesome ideas for making and selling Christmas ornaments. Let me walk you through them!

37. Transparent Plastic or Glass Suncatchers

You can make suncatchers with holiday designs using transparent plastic or glass. Hang them in your windows to catch the beautiful winter light.

38. Recycled CD Ornaments

Got any old CDs lying around? Well, cut them into shapes, decorate them, and voila! You’ve got yourself some ornaments that reflect light and look stunning. Plus, they’re great for customers who care about the environment.

39. Tea Light Snowman Ornaments

If you’ve got white-painted tea lights, stack them up to create a cute snowman figure. Add a felt hat and scarf, and you’ve got yourself an adorable and easy-to-make ornament.

40. Mini Wreath Ornaments

Grab some green pipe cleaners and create small wreaths. Add some miniature bows and berries for extra flair. And guess what? These can also work as festive napkin rings. Double the use, double the fun!

41. Paper Mache Santa Ornaments

Now, here’s a crafty one. Use paper mache techniques to create Santa figures. Give them a vintage feel by painting and decorating them with fabric. They’ll look like precious handmade treasures.

Summary: Christmas Ornaments to Make and Sell

Which Christmas Crafts Are the Most Popular?

The holiday season is here, and people are excited to celebrate by buying special handmade gifts for their loved ones. On Etsy, a popular online marketplace, the best-selling Christmas crafts in 2021 were personalized jewelry, wooden puzzles, and handmade ornaments that can be customized.

How Can You Create Easy Christmas Ornaments?

If you’re looking to make your own DIY Christmas ornaments, there are plenty of ideas to explore. Start by finding inspiration for ornaments that are easy to make and sell. Look for projects that come with simple instructions and use materials that are readily available, or even repurpose items you already have at home. Armed with clear instructions, you’ll be able to create beautiful Christmas ornaments that customers will be eager to purchase.

Is Etsy a Good Place to Sell Christmas Ornaments?