28 February 2024

Get Ready for the Future by Reading The Athena Doctrine

By Ronald Smith

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Whenever I’m in a group of business women, we always end up talking about women taking charge of the world.

We talk about how a woman’s way of doing business and managing things could have an impact on the future of the world. Eventually, the conversation dies down and we either stop talking about it or dismiss the idea as something that may never happen, and if it does, we won’t be alive to witness it.

But it seems like we might have been mistaken. About a month ago, I received an early copy of an intriguing book called The Athena Doctrine: How Women (and the Men Who Think Like Them) Will Shape the Future, written by John Gerzema (@johngerzema) and Michael D’Antonio.

So, picture this: a group of really smart researchers and writers got together and did a massive research project. Then, they wrote a book about what they found. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of these kinds of books. Maybe it’s because I have a background in research, or maybe it’s just because I can imagine myself taking over the world. Who knows?

Either way, I genuinely believe that both guys and gals will enjoy reading this book and discovering how our global culture is changing and embracing new values and behaviors.

But first, let’s talk numbers

The book kicks off with some interesting facts and figures. I’m going to share them with you because once you see them, you’re going to want to delve deeper into the story behind them.

  • Did you know that 86% of people agree that large institutions and corporations have too much power? That’s a lot!
  • 76% of us don’t think our country cares more for its people than it used to.
  • 74% of us don’t believe the world is becoming fairer.
  • 51% of us don’t think our children will have a better life.

Those are just the big numbers. But what’s really interesting is that both women and men are answering this way. And this trend is happening all around the world.

Something is Changing

The experts say that there’s definitely a shift happening worldwide towards qualities that have traditionally been seen as feminine. This doesn’t mean that men don’t have these qualities – it means that people think of these qualities as feminine.

So, here’s the thing: this study found that the organizations and countries that have these characteristics are the ones who seem to be doing better and feeling happier. Interesting, right?

Now, let’s talk about the people behind this study. I gotta say, these authors are pretty brave – but in a kind of cheeky way. All they did was ask people some questions and then write about the answers. But a small part of me thinks that if this book gets really famous, it might cause a big uproar all over the world. Imagine the debates it could spark among couples and coworkers!

One of the authors, John Gerzema, is a real trailblazer when it comes to using data to understand how society is changing and helping businesses adjust to those changes. You may have heard of him before because he wrote some other books like The Brand Bubble and Spend Shift. The other author, Michael D’Antonio, won a Pulitzer Prize and also co-wrote Spend Shift with Gerzema. They make quite a team, don’t you think?

Is This Book Worth Your Time? Seriously?

Let me tell you something: if I’m taking the time to read this and talk to you about it, then heck yeah, it’s worth reading!

But it’s way more than that. I truly believe that The Athena Doctrine has some seriously important research that we all need to pay attention to. It’s not just for fancy strategic planning and big decisions, but also for picking the right people for your team and understanding what your customers really want.

Trust me, reading The Athena Doctrine is like getting a sneak peek into the future of business.

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