16 January 2024

FedEx Increases Shipping Rates, Following in UPS’s Footsteps

By Ronald Smith

I’ve got some news for you. FedEx, the company behind FedEx Express, the super fast delivery and shipping service you know and love, just announced that they will be raising their shipping rates. Starting on January 2, 2017, the prices for shipping within the United States, shipping outside of the United States, and shipping to the United States will go up by an average of 3.9 percent. But that’s not all! FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery will also be increasing their rates by an average of 4.9 percent. Just wanted to give you a heads up!

What’s Changing for FedEx Express

Let me break it down for you. Here’s what you need to know about the new FedEx shipping rates:

  • The rates for FedEx Express services within the United States, as well as shipping to and from the United States, will increase by an average of 3.9 percent.
  • The rates for FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery will increase by an average of 4.9 percent. Oh, and FedEx SmartPost rates will also be changing. So keep that in mind!

I have some important news to share with you regarding changes at FedEx. There are a couple of key updates that you should be aware of:

First, there will be a change in the dimensional weight advisor for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground U.S. domestic shipments. The current factor of 166 will be adjusted to 139. This means that how they calculate the weight of your package will be different, so it’s important to keep this in mind when planning your shipments.

Secondly, there will be an increase in FedEx Freight rates. On average, these rates will go up by 4.9 percent. It’s essential to be aware of this change, as it could affect the cost of shipping goods through FedEx Freight.

Please note that the pricing changes for FedEx SameDay City services in 2017 have not been announced yet. Stay tuned for more updates on this.

Now, let’s talk about surcharges. The newly announced FedEx increases are not the only thing to be aware of. For small businesses and individual consumers shipping items, there will also be a change in the FedEx Freight extreme length surcharge. Previously, this surcharge applied to shipments that were 15 feet or longer, but now it will be applied to shipments that are 12 feet or longer. Additionally, the surcharge amount will increase from $88 to $150. This is important to know if you often ship large or oversized items through FedEx Freight.

I understand that these changes may raise questions or concerns. If you have any further inquiries, please reach out to the FedEx customer service team for clarification. They will be happy to assist you.

Remember, FedEx is committed to delivering your packages efficiently and safely. These updates are part of their ongoing efforts to provide you with the best possible service. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

I’ve got some exciting news from FedEx Express for you. They’ve decided to do things a little differently when it comes to their fuel surcharge. Instead of making adjustments once a month with a two-month delay, they’ll now be making adjustments every week! How cool is that?

Why the change, you ask? Well, according to the official FedEx Newsroom blog, this new weekly adjustment will bring the lag time down from two months to just two weeks. This means that the fuel costs and the fuel surcharges will be more closely aligned at the time of shipment. Makes sense, right?

But wait, there’s more! FedEx isn’t the only shipping company making changes. United Parcel Service, Inc. (NYSE:UPS) has also announced plans to increase their shipping rates. Looks like both companies are trying to stay on top of things and keep up with the market.

What’s up with UPS?

I have some exciting news to share with you. UPS just announced some changes that will affect their shipping rates. Starting from December 26, 2016, there will be a 4.9 percent increase on average for all ground, air, and international shipments.

  • First, let’s talk about the daily rates for UPS U.S. Air and International services. These rates will be increasing by an average of 4.9 percent.
  • Next, we have the UPS Air Freight rates. These rates will also be going up by an average of 4.9 percent for shipments within and between the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. This change will also take effect on December 26, 2016.
  • Last but not least, UPS Freight will see an average net increase of 4.9 percent starting from September 19, 2016.

I want to share some important news with you. UPS recently announced that they will be adding an extra fee to packages that are larger than 48 inches on the longest side. This fee used to only apply to packages larger than 60 inches, so it’s a big change. The additional charge will be $0.35. They also mentioned that starting on January 8, 2017, there will be additional fees for UPS SurePost packages.

Shipping Costs are Going Up

It’s no secret that the cost of shipping has gotten more expensive over the years. According to Lojistic, a transportation software provider, the price of ground shipping for FedEx and UPS has increased by 79.2 percent in the past decade. Air shipping rates have grown by 95.5 percent. These higher prices are especially tough for small businesses and individuals, while big companies like Amazon can often find ways to work around the increased rates.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. While UPS is raising its rates, FedEx is not making the same increases. In fact, FedEx only raised prices by 3.9 percent for certain products, while UPS had an average increase of 4.9 percent. Plus, the minimum charge for FedEx Ground is lower than UPS at $7.25 compared to $7.32. This means that the two companies will have completely different published rates for the first time in a long time.