25 January 2024

Discover the Top 50 Cities for Opening Your Dream Restaurant

By Ronald Smith

Hey there, fellow food enthusiasts! Today, I want to share with you a list of the best cities that I’ve found for opening your very own restaurant. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a cozy café or a trendy burger joint, this is for you.

Now, let me walk you through the top 50 cities where your culinary dreams can thrive. Whether you’re a master chef or a brilliant baker, these cities offer a perfect blend of opportunity, creativity, and hungry customers.

1. New York City, NY – The Big Apple guarantees a bustling food scene and diverse customer base to satisfy any palate.

2. San Francisco, CA – Known for its foodie culture, San Francisco welcomes innovative culinary ventures.

3. Chicago, IL – The Windy City is famous for its deep-dish pizza and offers a vibrant dining scene.

4. Los Angeles, CA – L.A. is a haven for delicious eateries, where long summers and celebrity culture make it an ideal food destination.

5. Austin, TX – With its thriving food truck culture and Tex-Mex delights, Austin is a hotspot for aspiring restaurateurs.

6. Portland, OR – Portland’s quirky vibe and farm-to-table ethos create an ideal environment for culinary entrepreneurs.

7. Seattle, WA – Surrounded by amazing seafood and a love for coffee, Seattle is a prime destination for food enthusiasts.

8. Charleston, SC – Known for its Southern charm and decadent cuisine, Charleston offers a unique culinary experience.

9. New Orleans, LA – Experience the magic of Cajun and Creole flavors in the vibrant city of New Orleans.

10. Nashville, TN – The birthplace of country music and hot chicken, Nashville is a lively city with a dynamic food scene.

11. Denver, CO – With its stunning mountain backdrop and thriving beer culture, Denver attracts foodies from far and wide.

12. Asheville, NC – This charming mountain town is a hub for artisanal foods and craft breweries.

13. Boston, MA – Rich in history and diverse in cuisine, Boston is a city that knows its way around good food.

14. Philadelphia, PA – Home of the cheesesteak and vibrant food markets, Philadelphia is a haven for culinary exploration.

15. Miami, FL – Find a fusion of Latin American flavors and fresh seafood in this vibrant, tropical city.

16. San Diego, CA – Known for its beautiful beaches and laid-back vibe, San Diego offers a diverse and tasty food scene.

17. Minneapolis, MN – This city’s appreciation for international cuisine and local ingredients makes it a food lover’s paradise.

18. Portland, ME – With its seafood-loving locals and charming coastal atmosphere, Portland is a gem for seafood restaurants.

19. Kansas City, MO – Kansas City-style barbecue and a passion for meat make this city a BBQ lover’s dream.

20. Houston, TX – The multicultural hub of Houston offers a melting pot of flavors and an ever-growing dining scene.

21. Phoenix, AZ – Experience the flavors of the Southwest in Phoenix, where Mexican and Native American cuisine shine.

22. San Antonio, TX – Immerse yourself in the rich culinary traditions of Texas with a visit to San Antonio.

23. Louisville, KY – Known for bourbon and fried chicken, Louisville provides a tempting blend of Southern comfort food.

24. Atlanta, GA – Atlanta’s vibrant culture and diverse population contribute to its thriving food scene.

25. Raleigh, NC – This charming southern city offers a mix of traditional Southern dishes and innovative eateries.

26. Boulder, CO – Nestled against the picturesque Rocky Mountains, Boulder is a nature-inspired culinary haven.

27. Santa Fe, NM – Discover the unique flavors of New Mexican cuisine and the artistic charm of Santa Fe.

28. Providence, RI – Home to top-notch seafood and a lively culinary scene, Providence is a hidden gem for food enthusiasts.

29. Baltimore, MD – Known for its crabs and famous seafood markets, Baltimore is a seafood lover’s paradise.

30. Detroit, MI – A revitalized city with a thriving food scene, Detroit offers a mix of classic and contemporary dishes.

31. Austin, TX – Austin’s creative energy and love for all things weird make it a foodie’s paradise.

32. Oakland, CA – Oakland’s diverse and vibrant communities create a melting pot of flavors and culinary experiences.

33. Santa Barbara, CA – Experience breathtaking ocean views and fresh seafood in the charming city of Santa Barbara.

34. Burlington, VT – This cozy New England town is beloved for its farm-to-table cuisine and locavore movement.

35. Santa Monica, CA – Discover the fusion of health-conscious dining and California coastal vibes in Santa Monica.

36. Honolulu, HI – Embrace the tropical flavors and Aloha spirit in Honolulu’s vibrant dining scene.

37. Madison, WI – Home to world-class cheese and a strong farm-to-table ethos, Madison is a food lover’s dream.

38. Tampa, FL – Sunshine and delicious seafood await you in Tampa, a city with a passion for Gulf Coast cuisine.

39. Salt Lake City, UT – Don’t let its reputation fool you; Salt Lake City boasts a surprising and thriving food scene.

40. Savannah, GA – This charming Southern city is famous for its Southern hospitality and delectable comfort food.

41. Indianapolis, IN – Known for its Indy 500 race, Indianapolis also offers a growing food scene that’s worth exploring.

42. Santa Cruz, CA – Quaint and quirky, Santa Cruz boasts a vibrant food culture inspired by its beautiful coastal setting.

43. Kansas City, KS – On the Kansas side of Kansas City, you’ll find mouthwatering barbecue joints and laid-back dining experiences.

44. Oakland, CA – As a diverse and culturally rich city, Oakland offers a plethora of flavors and culinary delights.

45. Greenville, SC – With its revitalized downtown and thriving food scene, Greenville is quickly becoming a foodie destination.

46. Lexington, KY – Known for its love of bourbon and horse racing, Lexington offers a taste of the Southern culinary tradition.

47. Burlington, VT – Burlington’s progressive spirit and commitment to sustainability make it a hotspot for food enthusiasts.

48. Durham, NC – Home to a vibrant culinary scene and a thriving food culture, Durham is a dynamic city for food lovers.

49. Anchorage, AK – Embark on a unique culinary adventure in Anchorage, where you can sample fresh Alaskan seafood.

50. St. Louis, MO – Known for its iconic Gateway Arch and St. Louis-style pizza, this city is a food lover’s paradise.

So, whether you’re dreaming of opening a trendy bistro or a cozy little bakery, these top 50 cities have got you covered. Get ready to mix your passion for food with the perfect location and make your culinary dreams come true. Good luck, and happy cooking!

Discover the Top 50 Cities for Opening Your Dream Restaurant

If you’re thinking about opening a restaurant in a new place, I’ve got some useful information for you. Bid-on-Equipment just released a report with all the data you need to make a smart decision.

They took a close look at 236 cities all across the United States, including the 150 most populated ones. From that analysis, they came up with a list of the top 50 cities that are perfect for opening a restaurant.

Restaurants come in all shapes and sizes, and budgets can vary quite a bit. That’s why it’s important to consider the location carefully. Bid-on-Equipment took into account several different factors to determine the top 50 cities for restaurant openings.

When I looked at the report, I couldn’t believe what I saw. They assessed four different things and gave them points, totaling up to 100. They looked at how much money restaurants made per person each year (50 points), how many restaurants there were per person (25 points), how many people were employed in the restaurant industry per person (10 points), and how much money people made in each city (15 points). Using this information, they figured out the best cities to open a restaurant in the US.

The report got its data on restaurant sales, restaurants per person, and the workforce from the U.S. Census Bureau. They used the American Community Survey to find out about the median income.

Places to Start a Restaurant

If someone told you that Arlington, VA; Ann Arbor, MI; and Washington, D.C. were the best cities to start a restaurant, you might want more proof before you believed them. But according to the report, these cities really did come out on top.

Wow, Arlington, VA really knocked it out of the park with $4,556 in sales per person and a whopping 377 restaurants! It’s no wonder they raked in a total income of $108,706 with all those hardworking folks.

Speaking of impressive numbers, Ann Arbor, MI held its own with some decent stats. Their median income may not have matched Arlington’s, but $57,697 is nothing to sneeze at.

Now, let’s switch gears to the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. They may have had a higher median income of $117,614, but their restaurant scene didn’t quite measure up. With only 292 eateries per person, they couldn’t compete with Arlington’s restaurant frenzy.

Next up is the fabulous San Francisco, CA, snagging the fourth spot on our list. Their median income of $104,879 is definitely impressive.

But let’s not forget about Atlanta, GA, rounding up our top five with an income of $77,382. They may not have reached the same heights as Arlington, but they’re still holding their own.

The rest of our top 10 cities bring their own unique flavors to the table. Cambridge, MA takes the sixth spot, followed closely by Boston, MA. Plano, TX is next, followed by the dynamic duo of Seattle, WA and Bellevue, WA.

Wow, you won’t believe what I just found out from this report. It’s so interesting! Guess what? The top 10 cities for restaurants in the US aren’t the ones you would expect. I mean, seriously, who would have thought?

It turns out that the real stars of the restaurant industry are these small cities that you probably haven’t even heard of. Yeah, I know, mind-blowing! These little towns are the ones that are crushing it in the restaurant game. Who needs New York or Los Angeles when you have these hidden gems?

All About the Restaurant Industry

Let me drop some knowledge on you. According to the National Restaurant Association, there were over 1 million restaurants in the US back in 2018. Can you believe that? That’s a whole lot of places to eat! And get this, those restaurants employed a whopping 15.1 million people. That’s like 10% of the entire workforce in the country. It’s crazy!

Did you know that this industry made a whopping $825 billion in 2018? It’s a goldmine for first-time entrepreneurs like me! I read that 8 out of 10 restaurant owners actually started from the bottom, working in entry-level positions. It’s inspiring!

Where to Set Up Shop

Running a restaurant is tough, let me tell you. It’s a fierce and competitive world out there. And you know what? Location is key. Some cities are heaven for food lovers, with delicious options everywhere you turn. Others, well, they have their work cut out for them if they want to be a foodie’s dream.

Of course, the kind of restaurant you want to open will also influence where you should be. But you know what really matters at the end of the day? The food you serve. Trust me, people will be talking about it for years to come!

You know how sometimes we stumble upon a tiny restaurant in a sketchy area? And despite its less-than-ideal location, there’s always a long line outside because the food is just that good? Well, guess what? You don’t actually need a prime spot to thrive in the restaurant business.

So here’s the scoop – I’ve got a list of the top 50 cities that are buzzing with food lovers.