19 February 2024

Discover 30+ Amazing Ways to Make the Most of YouTube!

By Ronald Smith

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Discover 30+ Amazing Ways to Make the Most of YouTube!

Hey, did you know that YouTube is like a hidden treasure in the world of online marketing? It’s pretty awesome because it gives small business owners like you and me a chance to compete with those big brands. But I totally get it if the idea of creating and promoting videos feels overwhelming.

Now, there’s this super cool thing called the YouTube Partner Program. It was started back in 2007, and it’s been a game-changer for business owners who wonder if making videos is worth their time. And get this, there are now over a million creators making money from their videos through this program. There are even thousands of channels that make six figures a year!

  • Did you know that more than 1 billion people visit YouTube each month? That’s like, a whole bunch of people!
  • And get this, people spend over 6 billion hours watching videos on YouTube every month. That’s almost an hour for every person on Earth! Plus, it’s 50% more than last year.
  • Oh, and did I mention that 100 hours of video get uploaded to YouTube every minute? That’s a ton of content!
  • What’s really cool is that 80% of the people watching YouTube videos are from outside the U.S. It’s a worldwide platform!

I’m here to tell you about some cool stuff I learned about YouTube! Did you know that almost 40% of all the time people spend watching videos on YouTube comes from mobile devices? It’s true! So, if you want to make the most of YouTube for your small business, I’ve got over 30 tips and resources that can help you out.

First off, let me tell you about this awesome website called Lynda.com. They have a ton of expert instructors who teach all kinds of things that small business owners like us would find interesting. It does cost money to join, but trust me, it’s totally worth it if you want to learn a lot in a short amount of time. I did a search for YouTube courses on Lynda and found 4 courses with a total of 109 lessons. Pretty cool, right?

If you’re not sure where to start with YouTube, I recommend checking out The Small Business Guide to YouTube. They have lots of helpful information to answer all your YouTube questions. Just click on the No answers and you’ll find links to articles and videos that will give you all the answers you need.

So go ahead and dive into the wonderful world of YouTube. With these tips and resources, you’ll be a video marketing pro in no time!

Let me tell you about how you can make the most of YouTube for your business. It’s a great platform to improve your business and reach more people. Here are a few tips to get you started:

First, let’s dive into Using YouTube for Your Business. In this video, I’ll give you an overview of different ways you can use YouTube to make your business better.

Next up, we have How to Use YouTube for Effective Marketing. In this video, you’ll get some awesome ideas on how to use YouTube to market your business and get more customers.

TIP: To make sure your videos are effective, keep them short and sweet. Write a script, practice it, and then hit record. After that, give it a watch yourself and show it to your friends or colleagues to get their feedback.

Ways to Incorporate Video into Your Business is another video you should check out. It’ll help you find new platforms to add video content to your business, so you can reach a wider audience.

Lastly, here’s a list of 34 Ways To Use YouTube For Business from Gigaom. It’s a bit old, from 2009, but still filled with amazing ideas that you can try out.

TIP: If you’re not up for creating a full video, you can use slides from your presentations and combine them with some music and a bit of recorded commentary. It’s a great way to share your knowledge and connect with your audience.

Want some cool ideas to spice up your small business using web videos? I’ve got you covered! Here are 4 innovative ways to engage your customers with videos that won’t break the bank.

First off, why not run a contest? It’s a great way to get your customers involved and excited. Offer them a prize for submitting a video that shows how they use your product or service. You can even upload the winning entry to YouTube for everyone to see. Just make sure you get the proper permissions and releases as part of your contest.

Now, let’s talk about setting up your very own YouTube channel. Don’t let the term channel confuse you – it’s basically like having a Facebook page or a Pinterest profile. It’s your customized space on YouTube where you can publish all your awesome videos.

So there you have it, some simple and cost-effective ways to use web videos for your small business. Get creative, engage your customers, and show the world what you’ve got!

9) I found this awesome infographic at Digital Sherpa that breaks down the key elements for creating great video content.

10) Before you hit the record button, make sure to watch this Video Marketing Slideshow. It will give you a step-by-step guide on how to make successful videos that people will want to watch.

11) Want your video to look as professional as your business? Check out these 5 Tips for Making Professional Looking Videos.

PRO TIP: Don’t forget about the sound quality in your videos. It’s easy for the wind to drown out your voice if you’re recording outside. Try doing some quick test recordings and listen to the results.

12) Don’t miss out on Ten Tips for a GREAT Corporate Video. This video has some basic advice that will keep your audience engaged with your visual content.

13) I’ve got a great resource for you: The DIY Marketers Guide to Marketing with Video. It’s packed with awesome tools that can help you create amazing videos!

TIP: I’ve found some incredible editing tools on USamerica.US. They’re super useful and easy to use. My personal favorites are Pinnacle and Adobe Premiere Elements.

14) Are you searching for stock videos to make your business video even better? You can find low-cost, royalty-free ones at Videohive. And if you need video, image, sound, illustration, or special effects, pond5 has them all!

15) Here’s another option: iStock. They offer low-cost, royalty-free videos too. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to purchase credit packs to buy these videos.

TIP: Here’s my advice: use stock content to complement what you’re already doing, rather than relying on it for your entire video. Use it sparingly!

Let me tell you about Flixpress, a super cool service that can help you make awesome intros for your videos online. They have tons of templates for you to choose from, and you can customize them to make them your own. How cool is that? On a fun note, this service is kind of like those stock video and photo services you might have heard of, but with a twist!

Now, if you’re more interested in doing a screencast instead of filming a regular video, I’ve got something for you too! There’s an article called 5 Free Tools for Creating a Screencast that suggests some really great tools you can use to create video content using screenshots from your computer. It’s super handy!

HEY, LISTEN UP: If you wanna teach people how to use your software or service, I got a killer suggestion for ya – make a screencast! Seriously, I love these things! But here’s the deal, before you hit that record button, you gotta have a plan. Script it out, my friend. Keep it snappy, no longer than two minutes.

18) Wanna switch up your blogging game? Check out this article on videoblogging for business. It’s all about adding some visual flair to your online presence.

19) Got a small business and wanna make it shine on YouTube? Well, my friend, I’ve got you covered. Take a look at these 10 YouTube tips specifically designed for you. They’ll help you polish your content and create an awesome channel.

20) So, you’ve put some serious resources into creating a video for your business. Now what? You gotta get people to watch it! Luckily, I’ve got some simple YouTube tips right here that’ll help you attract new viewers and build up your audience.

TIP: When saving a video file, avoid using the default file name like 04012014_0345abdc. Instead, use key terms or your company name to improve your chances of being noticed by search engines. Remember, search engines sometimes display the file title in search results. So, give yourself every opportunity to stand out, but don’t go overboard.

21) Ways to Make Your Videos Viral provides valuable insights into why customers share videos with their friends.

22) Additionally, to keep your expectations realistic, it’s important to avoid these 5 YouTube Marketing Mistakes.

Hey, here’s a tip: Did you know that YouTube is a part of the social media craze? People love to be entertained and share things that are funny, heartwarming, or exciting. So, don’t just stick to boring commercials. Not everything has to be a hard sales pitch. Take a look at videos like Will It Blend or the viral sensation World’s Toughest Job to see how others combine fun with marketing messages.

23) When it comes to using YouTube or any social media for marketing, it’s important to think long-term. Check out these 4 tips for marketing your business on YouTube. They’ll give you some things to consider when developing your YouTube marketing strategy.

24) Want to learn how other small businesses have made YouTube work for them? Take a look at these 3 YouTube success stories that I wrote for American Express OPEN Forum. They’ll inspire you and give you some ideas for your own YouTube marketing.

Pro Tip: Check out some of the most popular videos created by your competitors and peers. I always like to see how many views a video has – some YouTubers hide this information, but you can usually still see those stats if you click the link that shows how many videos that channel has. In that gallery view, you can often find the view count for each video. Sort by popularity, then watch and learn what others are doing to achieve that success.

25) YouTube has its own Keyword Tool to assist you in finding keywords for your video content.

Pro Tip: This is a great way to help the YouTube search engine (and Google by extension) discover your video content. It ties into my later tip about naming your video file with keywords.

26) If you’re looking to boost your YouTube Channel and get more people to see your awesome content, I’ve got some tips for you. These YouTube Marketing Tips can really help you maximize YouTube’s Marketing Potential!

27) Want to build up your audience and make your YouTube videos more popular? Check out these 5 awesome Ways to Promote Your YouTube Video. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your channel can grow!

28) Curious if your videos are making an impact? Well, wonder no more! Take a look at this super helpful YouTube Analytics Tutorial. It’ll show you how to use YouTube analytics to figure out what’s working and what you might need to change in your video strategy.

29) Have you heard of Pixibility Inc.? They have a whole YouTube channel that’s all about YouTube marketing. They’re promoting their marketing software, but they also have lots of videos with really helpful tips. I actually checked out their service and wrote a review about it on USamerica.US. You should definitely give it a read!

30) Even if you’re not ready to use YouTube for posting videos for your business yet, you can still follow channels that provide content specifically for helping small businesses, like the U.S. Small Business Administration Channel. This channel is dedicated to keeping you informed about government information for small businesses.

TIP: If you use YouTube to educate yourself on different topics, you can save those videos into playlists or subscriptions – and share them with your customers and prospects as valuable content. I would do this if I wasn’t ready to create my own videos yet, but still wanted to be part of the YouTube platform.

31) You don’t have to go to college to get some really great advice. The Harvard Business Review has a channel full of videos that cover everything you need to know about business.

TIP: You can also check out these other educational channels to get ideas for your own videos. Sometimes, when I watch a video, I get inspired and think of ways to use that information for my own video. For example, while I was watching a marketing video from the Harvard Business Review, I had an idea for…

32) The Google Business Channel is all about using Google products to grow your business. And the best part is, most of these strategies don’t cost a thing.

33) I’m here to tell you about a cool trick that can help you reach more people and get your videos noticed. It’s all about creating a video transcript.

Now, you might be wondering, what’s a transcript? Well, it’s basically a written version of everything that’s said in your video. And let me tell you, it’s super important! Why? Because it makes your content easier for search engines to find. That means more people can discover your awesome videos!

So, how do you create a video transcript? Well, Jan Bear has a great post on her Market Your Book blog that can guide you through the process. You can also find helpful explanations in YouTube’s support section. Trust me, it’s worth checking out!

TIP: Now, here’s a little tip for you. When you write your transcript, you can also include extra messages and ideas that you didn’t have time to talk about in the video itself. Pretty cool, right? Just be careful not to go overboard with the sales pitch. The description section of your video is a great place to add additional content, like links. Just remember to include the full URL, with the http:// at the beginning, so it shows up as a clickable link.

Did you know that you can upload or share your YouTube videos on your Facebook page? It’s super easy – just click the Share button below the YouTube video you’re watching and click on the Facebook icon. If you’re logged in, it will take you to your Facebook page where you can add a comment and post it.

Here’s a tip for you: instead of sharing only your own videos, why not share ones that your customers or allies have made as well? After all, YouTube is a social platform, so use it not just to help yourself, but to help others too.

And here’s one last tip for you: always include a call to action at the end of your video. One way to do this is by adding a slide that lists your website. My friend Jay Baer has written a great blog post about this on his Convince and Convert blog called 4 Ways to Include Calls to Action on Video. You should check it out!