15 February 2024

20 Tips to Successfully Market Your Law Practice

By Ronald Smith

Tip 1: Start with a solid online presence. A website that showcases your expertise and provides valuable information helps you establish credibility in the legal field. Consider including a bio, testimonials, and educational resources.

Tip 2: Utilize search engine optimization (SEO). By incorporating relevant keywords into your website content, you can improve your rankings on search engine result pages. This will make it easier for potential clients to find you.

Tip 3: Engage with clients on social media platforms. Connect with your audience by creating profiles on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Share informative content, answer questions, and demonstrate your expertise.

Tip 4: Leverage the power of online reviews. Encourage satisfied clients to leave reviews on platforms like Google or Yelp. Positive reviews can increase your credibility and attract new clients.

Tip 5: Develop a referral network. Establish relationships with other professionals, such as accountants or financial advisors, who can refer potential clients to you. Offer to reciprocate, and support each other’s businesses.

Tip 6: Stay active in professional organizations. Attending and participating in industry events allows you to network with colleagues and potential clients. Consider joining local bar associations or legal societies.

Tip 7: Publish articles and blog posts. Sharing your knowledge through writing can establish you as an authority in your practice area. Submit articles to legal publications or maintain a blog on your website.

Tip 8: Offer free consultations. Providing initial consultations at no cost can attract potential clients who can then decide to hire you based on your expertise and advice.

Tip 9: Attend speaking engagements. Offer to speak at conferences, seminars, or webinars. Sharing your expertise with an audience can generate publicity and attract new clients.

Tip 10: Utilize email marketing. Build a mailing list and send out periodic newsletters or updates to your clients and contacts. This can keep you top of mind and remind people of your services.

Tip 11: Create video content. Consider creating informative videos about legal topics or frequently asked questions. Videos can be shared on your website, social media, and YouTube to reach a wider audience.

Tip 12: Optimize your online directories. Ensure that your law firm is listed in relevant online directories, such as Yellow Pages or Legal Directories. This increases your online visibility and makes it easier for potential clients to find you.

Tip 13: Collaborate with non-competing businesses. Partnering with other local businesses can boost your visibility and attract new clients. Consider co-hosting events or cross-promoting each other’s services.

Tip 14: Be active in your community. Volunteering or sponsoring local events allows you to contribute to your community while also increasing your visibility. People are more likely to remember and hire attorneys they see as community-minded.

Tip 15: Offer educational workshops. Host workshops or webinars to educate potential clients about legal topics. This positions you as an authority and can generate leads for your law practice.

Tip 16: Provide exceptional customer service. Treat each client with respect and go the extra mile to exceed their expectations. Satisfied clients are more likely to refer you to others.

Tip 17: Use targeted online advertising. Consider running online ads on platforms like Google Ads or social media to reach a specific audience in need of legal services. Be strategic and monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Tip 18: Collect and utilize client testimonials. Ask satisfied clients to provide testimonials that highlight their positive experiences working with you. Use these testimonials on your website and in marketing materials.

Tip 19: Stay up-to-date with industry trends. Continuously educate yourself about changes and developments in your practice area. This allows you to provide current and relevant advice to your clients.

Tip 20: Monitor and adjust your marketing strategies. Regularly review your marketing efforts to determine what is working and what needs improvement. Adapt your strategies based on feedback and analytics for optimal results.

20 Tips to Successfully Market Your Law Practice

Do you know what separates a financially successful attorney from one who struggles financially? It’s not just their track record or legal knowledge. More often than not, it’s their ability to market their services to potential clients.

But marketing a law practice isn’t the same as marketing other businesses. That’s why I reached out to David M. Ward, Esq. of The Attorney Marketing Center, to get some targeted marketing tips specifically for lawyers. In an email interview with USamerica.US, he shared 20 of his top suggestions.

How to Promote Your Law Practice

Select a Specific Area of Law

Instead of being a general practitioner, you can set yourself apart by focusing on one specific area of law.

Let me give you an example. You can choose to specialize in tax or trademark issues. When someone is searching for a lawyer, they usually have a specific problem in mind. That’s why they are more likely to find and trust a lawyer who focuses on that particular area of law, instead of one who handles multiple specialties.

And you know what? Lawyers who specialize in a specific type of law tend to earn more than those who don’t, according to Ward.

Go One Step Further

Now that you’ve chosen a specialty, let’s take it a step further. To make your services stand out even more, choose a niche within your area of expertise.

Let me give you an example. If you’re a business lawyer, instead of trying to cover every aspect of business law, it’s better to specialize in a specific area like retail or manufacturing. The same goes for immigration attorneys – you can focus on clients from a particular country or region. By doing this, you let your customers know that you’re an expert in that niche. You should mention it on your website or in your promotional materials, so people are aware of your specialization. Once you’ve established yourself, you can concentrate on expanding your client base within that community of businesses or individual clients, mainly through referrals.

Growing Your Client Base Over Time

I learned that many lawyers make a common marketing mistake – they try to do everything at once, instead of focusing on one thing at a time. According to Ward, this is not the best approach. It’s better to build your list of clients and referrers gradually. Take your time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

Let me give you an example. When I was a new lawyer, I thought it would be a good idea to reach out to every possible client and law firm in my community all at once. But the truth is, not everyone is in need of legal services at the same time. So, all that effort of contacting everyone may end up being a waste of time.

Instead, I learned a better approach. I started by making a list of potential clients and law firms who could refer clients to me. This list naturally grew as I went about my regular work. Rather than immediately reaching out to everyone on the list, I kept it in the back of my mind during my daily activities. This helped me build a bigger network of referrals and steadily grow my business in a more sustainable way.

Build an Informative Website

When starting a new business, one of the first things I recommend is creating a website. It’s important for your website to clearly showcase what you do and what makes you unique. If you provide different services within your specific field, make sure to highlight them.

However, your website shouldn’t just be about self-promotion. It’s also valuable to offer helpful resources to potential clients. This could be in the form of a free ebook or a list of useful links related to your expertise.

By providing these resources, you can attract more visitors to your website. And since these visitors are already seeking information on similar topics, they are more likely to eventually require your services.

Share Free Resources with Your Community

I want to share a great way to build connections and trust in your brand – by providing free information and resources for people in your area. It’s a win-win situation!

According to Ward, a smart move is to create a super helpful how to report in your area of expertise and give it away. Make it so amazing that influencers in your target market or community will happily promote it to their audiences and thank you for putting it out there.

Get to know Local Businesses by Lending a Helping Hand

Another way to expand your network is by helping out other business owners in your community. You never know who these owners might be connected to!

When you lend a hand to others, they’re more likely to refer potential clients to you in the future. To network in your community, you can ask for business cards to keep in your office or even offer referrals to other local businesses. It’s all about supporting each other!

Why You Should Consider Building a Social Media Presence

Social media can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool for any kind of business.

If you enjoy using social media, I encourage you to sign up for an account or multiple accounts. Then, start connecting with your clients and referrals, as well as people in your community. By doing this, you can use these platforms to share information about your business and other helpful resources. You might consider offering a free ebook or providing links to relevant websites.

But Remember, Social Media Isn’t Everything

According to Ward, having a strong social media presence isn’t absolutely necessary for law practices:

Contrary to what most people think, you don’t have to do social media marketing. If you don’t enjoy it, you don’t have to do it. There are other ways to market your legal services.

If you want to use social media, it can be a helpful and cheap tool. But if you don’t have the time to build up a following, it’s not necessary. You could spend your time better by focusing on referrals or your website.

Make it easy for others to connect

Even if you decide that social media isn’t your thing, you should still have one or two accounts. Facebook, in particular, has become a very popular place for people to connect with businesses. So even if you don’t have much time for social media, you can reserve your business name on Facebook and/or Twitter. You don’t need to post too often or promote your accounts heavily. Just update them with important information for those who want to follow you.

Let others share your content

Add share buttons to your website so it’s super easy for people to share links to your blog posts or ebooks on their social networks. You can even encourage folks to share your awesome content. That way, even if you’re not able to post on social media yourself, you’re giving others a chance to do it for you.

You Can Also Find Resources on Social Media

Social media is a great way to find resources and connect with experts. You can use it to discover bloggers for guest posts, experts to interview for your newsletter, or even professionals you can network with.

To make this happen, just create personal accounts on social media platforms and start following people in your industry. Reach out and connect with them, ask if they’d be interested in collaborating with you. It’s all about building connections and finding opportunities.

Start Small with Advertising

When it comes to getting more people interested in what you have to offer, advertising can be a real game-changer. But, I gotta warn you, if you don’t do it right, it could end up costing you a pretty penny. That’s why I recommend starting small.

Here’s the deal: find a targeted outlet that really speaks to your specific audience. Let’s say you’re a business attorney who specializes in helping local retailers. In that case, consider advertising in a trade publication that also focuses on local retailers.

By starting with a small publication, you can keep your advertising budget under control while you see how it performs. Ask your new clients how they found out about your services, and you’ll get a good sense of how well your ads are working.

If You Need Help, Call in the Pros

When you’re a busy law firm owner, finding time for marketing and advertising can be challenging. But don’t worry, there are professionals out there who understand your needs and can help take some of this responsibility off your plate. They have the expertise to promote your firm effectively, saving you from trial and error.

If It’s Effective, Invest More

If your ads are generating positive results, it might be a good idea to increase your advertising budget. Investing in more advertising can further accelerate your firm’s growth, especially when you already have proof that it works.

If you have an advertising professional, it’s a good idea to consult with them. They can help you make decisions about where and how to advertise your business. You might also want to try different types of advertising to see what works best for you. It’s important to keep track of how clients find you through advertising so you know what’s effective and what’s not.

If It Doesn’t Work, Move On

However, if you’re not seeing positive results from a particular advertising outlet, it’s time to cut your losses. There’s no point in continuing to invest in something that’s not working. Instead, try looking for a different type of advertising that might be more successful. Keep measuring the results to see what brings in new clients, and don’t be afraid to admit when something isn’t working and try something else.

Rely on Referrals

While advertising and social media can be helpful, referrals are incredibly important for marketing a law practice, according to Ward.

Focus on Making Customers Happy

If I want to get more people to learn about me, I need to make sure that the people I already work with are really happy with my service. It might seem strange, but providing excellent customer service is actually a way to promote myself.

To make sure my clients are satisfied, I need to be very clear about what they can expect from me when they hire me. And of course, I have to keep my promises and do a great job.

Help Others and They’ll Help You

I can also try getting referrals from people who aren’t even my clients. To do this, I have to find ways to connect with them.

I can connect with people on social media, at events, or just in my community. Once I’ve made a connection, I can gain their trust by helping them out. For example, I can refer them to others, promote their website, or even interview them for my newsletter.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

But there’s actually a simpler way to get more people to recommend your business. See, I’ve learned that you can increase the number of referrals you get by just asking for them.

So, what you can do is ask your happy clients if they know anyone else who might need the same kind of help you offer. Let them know that you’re always ready to take on new clients. You might even want to consider giving them a discount or special bonus if they refer someone to you. And hey, you can also give out extra business cards or other materials that make it easy for clients and others to share your information.

Another Way to Get Referrals

But hey, if you don’t want to directly ask people for referrals, there are other ways to get your name out there.

Do you offer any other cool stuff like ebooks or legal seminars? If you do, why not ask people to share those goodies with others? This way, they’ll still remember your name and what you’re an expert in, without you having to feel like you’re begging for clients.

So, you’ve put in all that effort to start a new firm or practice, right? Well, make sure you also put in the effort to let people know about it. Marketing is super important if you want your practice to grow. Give it the time and energy it deserves!