23 October 2023

20 Fascinating Facts About the New 140-Second Video on Vine and Twitter

By Ronald Smith

Today, I want to share with you some incredible information about the exciting new 140-second video feature on Vine and Twitter. Get ready to be amazed by these mind-blowing facts!

1. Did you know that Vine and Twitter now allow you to create videos that are up to 140 seconds long? That’s more than double the previous time limit!

2. Are you wondering why they chose 140 seconds? Well, it turns out that Twitter’s original character limit was 140, so they decided to stick with that number for videos too. Pretty cool, right?

3. With this new feature, you can now showcase your talents, share your stories, or document your adventures with even more detail and creativity.

4. Want to capture the perfect moment? Not a problem! The longer video length means you have more time to make sure everything is just right.

5. Whether you’re a budding filmmaker or a social media enthusiast, this extended video time opens up a whole new world of possibilities for expressing yourself.

6. Oh, and here’s something really neat – Vine and Twitter have made it easier for you to edit your videos. You can now rearrange or remove any clips you’re not happy with before sharing them with the world.

7. Remember when I mentioned showcasing your talents? Well, now you can dazzle your friends with your mad dance moves or showcase your singing skills without feeling rushed.

8. Using the new video feature, you can tell a complete story from start to finish. It’s like having your own mini-movie right at your fingertips!

9. Have you ever wanted to give your followers a virtual tour of your favorite place? Now you can! The longer video length allows you to take them on an adventure and share every little detail.

10. But wait, there’s more! Vine and Twitter have also improved the video playback experience. You can now watch videos in high definition, making the viewing experience even more enjoyable.

11. If you’re a business owner, this extended video time can be a game-changer for you. You can now create longer promotional videos to engage with your audience and showcase your products or services.

12. Are you worried about the longer videos taking up too much storage on your phone? Well, fear not! Vine and Twitter have compressed the videos without compromising their quality, saving you space without sacrificing the viewing experience.

13. Are you someone who loves a good challenge? Well, with 140 seconds at your disposal, why not challenge yourself to create the most visually stunning and captivating videos you can imagine?

14. The longer video length also means you can now include more people in your videos. So gather your friends, family, or coworkers, and get ready to create some incredible memories together.

15. Have you ever wished you could rewind or fast-forward a video to that one amazing moment? Now you can! Vine and Twitter have added a handy bar that allows you to skip to the most exciting parts of a video.

16. Are you a fan of looping videos? Well, you’re in luck! The extended video time doesn’t mean the end of looping. You can still create those mesmerizing, never-ending loops that you love.

17. Maybe you’re a traveler who wants to share your adventures with friends and family back home. Thanks to the longer videos, you can take them on every step of your journey, no matter how far away you are.

18. With the ability to create longer videos, you can now dive deeper into your favorite topics. Share your insights, educate others, or simply entertain with extended content that keeps your audience engaged.

19. Just imagine all the amazing memories you can capture with 140 seconds of video! From birthdays to weddings and everything in between, you can now relive those special moments over and over again.

20. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone, get creative, and start exploring the endless possibilities of the new 140-second video feature on Vine and Twitter. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Remember, with this new video feature, the sky’s the limit. So go ahead and wow the world with your unique stories, talents, and adventures. I can’t wait to see what you’ll create with 140 seconds of video magic!

20 Fascinating Facts About the New 140-Second Video on Vine and Twitter

While big-shot companies in the online video world have been fighting for the top spot, Twitter and Vine have been doing some cool stuff quietly.

A little while ago, Twitter made an announcement that they were giving us more time to post videos on Vine and Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) – up to a whopping 140 seconds! There are some important things you should know about this longer video length.

20 Cool Facts About 140 Second Videos

Longer Videos on Both Platforms – No surprise there!

Before this update, videos on Twitter could only be 30 seconds long and Vine videos were limited to 6 seconds. But now, both platforms let you share longer, more detailed videos that go all the way up to 140 seconds.

A New Way to Watch Videos

I’ve got some exciting news to share with you. Now, you can dive right into a full-screen viewing experience on both Vine and Twitter. And guess what? You can film videos in both horizontal and vertical orientations. Just rotate your phone to enjoy a widescreen view.

Even longer videos for our special partners

We’re giving some of our selected Twitter partners even more video power! They can now post videos up to 10 minutes long. How awesome is that?

Easily show your love and appreciation

Want to express your love for the best parts of Vine videos? We’ve made it super easy for you. Just double tap on the video screen to flag your favorite moments. Spread the love!

Six-second format is still here

We know you love those short and sweet six-second Vine previews. Don’t worry, they’re still available. But now, with a simple click of the View More button, you can treat your audience to even more Vine goodness!

No need to go elsewhere

Guess what? Now you can enjoy longer videos right here on Vine and Twitter! You no longer have to go to another platform to watch the full video. How cool is that?

Introducing the Watch More Button

Wait, there’s more! Longer Vines now have a special watch more button. Just tap on it and you can watch the entire video. It’s so easy!

Discover Suggested Videos

Get ready to dive into a world of great videos and awesome Vine Tweets! Every video now has a section with suggested videos below it. It’s just like YouTube’s suggested videos feature. You’ll never run out of amazing content to watch!

Get Paid for Your Vine Content

Guess what? Vine has some exciting news for its most influential creators. They’re now giving you the chance to make some money! Yep, that’s right. You can use Twitter’s Amplify video ad program to show pre-roll ads alongside your awesome Vine videos. And here’s the best part – you get to keep 70 percent of the revenue, while Twitter/Vine takes the remaining 30 percent. It’s a win-win!

Tracking Your Twitter Video Stats Made Easy

Now, as a content creator, you might be curious to see how your Twitter videos are performing. Well, you’re in luck! With the social networking app Engage, you can easily keep tabs on your Twitter video analytics. You can also filter through all the mentions you receive on Twitter. Pretty cool, huh?

Find Trending Videos with Hashtags

Just like on Twitter, Vine lets you use hashtags to search for trending videos or subjects that catch your interest. So if you’re into something specific, you can quickly find all the videos related to it. It’s a nifty way to discover new and exciting content!

Discover Vines by Category

But wait, there’s more! Not only can you search for videos using hashtags, but you can also explore different categories on Vine. Whether you’re a fan of sports or prefer a good laugh, Vine has got you covered with a wide range of categories to choose from. There’s something for everyone!

The Power of Connecting

When you’re on Vine, you can easily invite your friends from your phone’s contact list, Twitter, or Facebook to join you and connect on the platform. It’s all about bringing people together!

Effortless Video Discovery

Unlike Twitter, where finding the right videos can be a bit tricky with hashtags and searching, Vine makes it simple. They have a dedicated search button that works like a charm, ensuring you find the videos you’re looking for quickly and easily.

Personalized Video Recommendations

Vine knows you well and suggests the most fitting videos just for you. These recommendations are conveniently located at the top of your Vine home screen, only a tap away. It’s like having your own personal video curator!

A Unique Web Address

Have you ever wondered why Vine’s official site is Vine.co? It’s because Vine.com is already taken by Amazon. So they found their own special corner on the web with the .co domain. Pretty cool, right?

Discover What’s Trending on Vine

If you’re tired of Twitter videos, Vine has something different to offer. With Vine, you can easily find the most popular and interesting videos by clicking on the Popular Now or On the Rise buttons.

Simple Profile Customization

Vine makes it easy for you to update and customize your profile settings right from their mobile app. You can watch your video posts and see how many likes you’ve received, all in one place.

Track Your Viewership

With Vine, you can keep track of how many people have watched your videos. This information is displayed as Loops right above your video.

Boost Your Brand Visibility

In addition to being able to post longer videos, Vine allows you to link your Twitter and Vine accounts. This means that your Twitter followers can easily find and follow your Vine profile, helping you grow your fan base.