14 December 2023

20 Awesome Alternatives to Airbnb

By Ronald Smith

Did you know that Airbnb is dominating the online vacation rental world? It’s true! They’ve got a whopping 4.72% of desktop traffic for travel and tourism as of May 2022. Pretty impressive, right? They’re at the top of their game for a reason – offering incredible, authentic experiences in local areas. It’s no wonder travelers love them.

But here’s the thing – if you’re planning a trip and want to explore some other options, there are plenty of Airbnb competitors out there. These platforms cater to specific needs and preferences, making your search for the perfect place even easier.

Whether you’re traveling with a small group, craving local entertainment, or in need of restaurant recommendations, these alternatives have got you covered. And guess what? They’re not just limited to far-off destinations. You can find amazing experiences right in your own backyard, from Europe to Singapore and beyond.

Are you searching for vacation rental properties without using Airbnb? Or maybe you want to list your own property? Well, did you know there are other online travel agencies (OTAs) available too?

The Exciting Vacation Rental Industry in 2023

Guess what? The vacation rental industry is booming all over the world! In fact, in 2022, the revenue from vacation rentals was expected to reach a whopping $83.76B! And get this, it’s estimated that by 2027, the market volume will soar to a staggering $107.70B!

By that same year, a whopping 75% of the total revenue, including short-term rentals, will be generated online. I mean, can you believe it? This industry just keeps on growing and growing with no signs of slowing down!

20 Awesome Alternatives to Airbnb

Airbnb: Taking Over the Vacation Rental Industry

Did you know that Airbnb is worth a whopping $113 billion? It’s a big player in the vacation rental world, holding over 20% of the market share. With a global network boasting 4 million hosts, it’s no wonder why more and more people are choosing Airbnb. And the numbers keep growing, with 14,000 new hosts joining every month this year. Talk about popularity!

Discovering the Perfect Vacation Spot

When it comes to finding the ideal vacation rental, why not turn to Airbnb? It’s not just for business travelers; anyone can benefit from its offerings, including cozy beach houses and stylish apartments. Rest assured, all rentals are safe and verified. Airbnb has honed its process over the years, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience for everyone.

When you make a payment on Airbnb, you can trust that it’s all done through their system. And if you’re someone who loves to go camping but wants the reassurance that the place you’re booking looks just like the pictures, the verified photos on Airbnb will come in handy for you.

Hey, if you’re thinking of becoming a host, here’s something important to remember: Airbnb doesn’t charge you an annual subscription fee. Instead, they work on a commission basis, which means they take a percentage of each booking. And guess what? As a host, you also get a special perk called AirCover for Hosts – free insurance! Now, isn’t that a nice bonus?

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right vacation rental platform, and trust me, there’s a ton of competition out there too.

Discovering the Best Alternatives to Airbnb in the Vacation Rental Market

If you’re on the lookout for a more exciting vacation experience, exploring alternatives to Airbnb can be a great idea. Some people turn to other platforms like the Expedia Group when Airbnb properties are all booked up during busy times.

If you’re searching for a place to stay in Central America or the South Pacific, I’ve got some great alternatives to Airbnb for you. Some of these options even use services like Rentals United as a way to manage their rental properties. It’s pretty cool because hosts get valuable data insights and their listings get showcased on excellent platforms.

1. Vrbo

Vrbo is a big competitor of Airbnb in the vacation rental market. The main thing that sets them apart is their search function. With Vrbo, you can easily filter user reviews based on their ratings. It’s a helpful feature for finding the perfect place.

When it comes to the number of listings, though, Airbnb takes the crown. They have an impressive 7 million listings, while Vrbo has around 2 million. So, if quantity is more important to you, Airbnb might be the better choice.

2. Glamping Hub

If you’re looking for a unique and nature-focused experience, Glamping Hub is a great option. They offer alternative accommodations that cater to nature lovers, like tiny houses, huts, and even tree houses. It’s an opportunity to have a one-of-a-kind stay surrounded by natural beauty.

Hey there, property managers! You’re in luck with this one. Here, the commission is just 4%! And guess what? They show you exactly how much you’ll save right on their website, so you can plan your next trip with ease.

3. Booking.com

This awesome online travel agency focuses on hotel accommodations, but now they’re expanding into vacation rentals too. At the moment, they have over 6 million listings for apartments and homes. Booking.com actually started as a search engine for hotels, so they know their stuff. They’re definitely one of the top competitors to Airbnb.

Here’s the cool thing: unlike Airbnb, Booking.com only lists private vacation rental properties. No shared spaces here, folks!

4. Misterbb

If you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community and planning a trip to North America or France, this one’s for you. Misterbb is the go-to choice for the community, with over 250,000 hosts who are all gay-friendly. Just like Airbnb, they charge a commission. However, their commission rate is lower at 4.5%, while an Airbnb host pays 14-16%.

5. TravelStaytion

6. Hopper

Let me tell you about Hopper. It’s a newer website that’s really easy to use, especially on your phone. You can find lots of different places to stay for your next trip. One thing I love about Hopper is that it shows you how much money you can save right on the website! It’s a great choice, and even though it just started in 2022, it already has 2 million listings.

7. Holidu

Now, Holidu is a bit different from other vacation rental sites like Airbnb. It actually brings together listings from lots of other websites. It’s kind of like a search engine just for vacation rentals, and it’s really popular in Europe.

8. Trip.com

If you want to get noticed by travelers from Asia, Trip.com is the place to be. It’s the number one online travel agency in China. When you list your property there, people from all over Asia can see it and book a stay.

9. Hipcamp

Looking for something different? Hipcamp is a cool platform for booking camping trips. You can find all kinds of unique options, like renting a yurt. It’s a great choice for adventurous travelers who want more than just a regular hotel room.

10. Google

It might seem a little odd to find me listed alongside big companies like Airbnb, but let me tell you, vacation rentals are making their way onto Google maps. Cool, right? And the best part is, Google doesn’t charge a commission when they send you to a direct booking page.

Now, here’s the thing: property managers still have to pay for Airbnb listings. Bummer, I know.

Check out these other awesome platforms for vacation rentals!

So, there are actually other competitors in the vacation rental game. Some of them are like niche websites, while others are online travel agencies that bring all the info together for you.

11. Wimdu

If you’re looking for villas in Spain or studio apartments in France, Wimdu is your go-to. They have a whopping 350,000 rentals in their inventory. Impressive!

12. Agoda

Based in Singapore, Agoda has over two million listings. However, keep in mind that their commissions are a bit higher than Airbnb’s.

13. PegiPegi

This awesome website in Indonesia has a whopping 25,000 hotels to choose from! It’s perfect when you’re searching for serviced apartments, guest houses, or cozy cottages.

14. Tripadvisor

If you thought it was only a competition between Airbnb and Vrbo, think again! This site is a popular choice among 490 million travelers every month. Tripadvisor is not just any ordinary vacation marketplace like Airbnb or Vrbo; it’s an online travel agency (OTA).

For property managers, this means you won’t just be competing with other rentals. You’ll also be competing with hotels. But hey, that’s not necessarily a bad thing! If you have a unique experience to offer and keep your costs low, you can still make it big.

15. Expedia

Expedia is no small player. It has an even larger customer base than Airbnb! They don’t just offer vacation homes; you can find all sorts of accommodation options on their platform, from hotels to resorts and everything in between. And that’s not all – Expedia also provides car rentals, flights, cruises, and more!

Property owners will be charged a slightly higher commission of 15-22%. But with the wide exposure and range of options you’ll get, it’s definitely worth considering.

Welcome to this awesome site that specializes in fancy rentals. Now, let me tell you what sets Plum Guide apart from Airbnb – it’s all about the customers, my friend. Plum Guide is all about catering to a high-end crowd. When you check out their listings, you’ll notice they go for that classy look with elegant interiors and stylish furniture. Pretty snazzy, right?

17. Rakuten

Now, here’s a cool choice that offers a mix of things. It’s called Rakuten Travel Xchange, but you can just call it Rakuten for short. These guys are some serious tech wizards. They use the latest and greatest technology to bring you the best hotel options. Talk about cutting-edge stuff!

18. Anyplace

Have you heard of Airbnb? Well, Anyplace is kind of like that. They’re all about letting you rent local spaces for an authentic and unique experience. But here’s the scoop – Anyplace is shifting their focus to the remote worker market. They’re all about those snazzy apartments now. Pretty cool, huh?

19. eDreams

Hold on tight, because eDreams is quite the globetrotter. They operate in a whopping 40 different countries. And guess what? They serve a mind-blowing 18 million customers all across Europe. That’s a whole lot of happy travelers!

20. HomeToGo

Let me tell you about this awesome company I found. They have this amazing search engine for vacation rentals, and get this, it’s the biggest one in the world! It’s like a super search engine that can find listings from all these other websites. So you can compare all these different options and find the perfect place for your vacation.

But you know what makes them really stand out?

They have over 7 million places available to rent! Can you believe that? That means they have so many unique options for you to choose from. They have everything from rooms in apartments to whole houses. So no matter what kind of vacation you’re looking for, they’ve got you covered.

Now, let’s talk about listing your vacation rental on different platforms.

Here’s the thing, you can totally list your property on multiple rental sites. You can even list the same property on different platforms. But there’s one thing you gotta be careful about – payment policies, cleaning protocols, and cancellation policies can all vary from site to site. So make sure you read the fine print so you know what you’re getting into. And watch out for double bookings, because that can mess up your search results. Nobody wants that!

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering who Airbnb’s biggest competitor is, right?

Looking for something other than Airbnb for your next travel adventure? Well, you’re in luck! There are plenty of options that compete with Airbnb, such as travel metasearch sites, online travel agencies (OTAs), and other specialized rental companies. How cool is that?

But let me tell you, Airbnb’s biggest rival is none other than Vrbo. Keep in mind, though, Airbnb still has the upper hand when it comes to the number of listings available. I mean, they’ve got options galore!

So, which short-term rental site reigns supreme?

Now, both hosts and business travelers like you and me are always on the hunt for the best short-term rental accommodations. Lucky for us, this blog has all the deets on places that offer unique accommodations and a variety of property choices. Talk about options!

Not only that, but we’ll also delve into stuff like booking fees and cool features like instant booking. After weighing everything, including the service fee, between the top two contenders, Airbnb and Vrbo, Airbnb stands tall as the winner. It’s got it all, my friend!

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