29 November 2023

18 Awesome LinkedIn Headline Ideas

By Ronald Smith

Are you wondering how to create an attention-grabbing headline for your LinkedIn profile? Well, look no further! I’ve got you covered with these amazing headline examples that will make you stand out from the crowd. Let’s dive in!



I Help Businesses Grow with Creative Marketing Strategies

If you’re a marketing whiz, this headline shows that you have the skills to help companies succeed.


Passionate about Inspiring and Empowering Women in Tech

This headline tells everyone that you are committed to supporting women in the tech industry.


Solving Complex Problems through Innovative Engineering

If you’re an engineer, showcase your problem-solving abilities with this attention-grabbing headline.


Experienced Project Manager Leading Teams to Success

Highlight your leadership skills and project management expertise with this powerful headline.


Results-Driven Sales Professional Closing Deals and Exceeding Targets

This headline demonstrates your sales prowess and drive to achieve outstanding results.


Award-Winning Graphic Designer Creating Eye-Catching Visuals

Show off your creativity as a graphic designer with this headline that emphasizes your award-winning work.


Passionate About Helping Individuals Reach Their Fitness Goals

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, let others know that you’re dedicated to helping them achieve their fitness goals.


Expert Translator Bridging Language Barriers and Connecting Cultures

This headline showcases your language skills and ability to facilitate communication across cultures.


Experienced HR Professional Fostering Positive Work Environments

If you work in HR, let potential employers or clients know that you’re all about creating a positive workplace.


Passionate Educator Inspiring Young Minds to Love Learning

This headline highlights your dedication to education and your ability to inspire a love for learning in students.


Experienced Financial Advisor Helping Individuals Achieve Financial Success

Demonstrate your expertise as a financial advisor and your commitment to helping others achieve financial wellbeing.


Dynamic Event Planner Creating Unforgettable Experiences

If you’re an event planner, show off your skills in creating memorable and exceptional events.


Passionate About Environmental Sustainability and Saving Our Planet

Let others know that you’re committed to protecting the environment and working towards a sustainable future.


Experienced Software Developer Building Innovative Solutions

This headline highlights your expertise in software development and your ability to create cutting-edge solutions.


Results-Driven Customer Service Manager Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

If you excel in customer service, emphasize your commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction.


Passionate About Social Justice and Advocating for Equality

Show your dedication to social justice and equality, and let others know you’re actively involved in advocating for change.


Experienced Healthcare Professional Providing Compassionate Patient Care

If you work in the healthcare industry, showcase your commitment to providing compassionate care to patients.


Enthusiastic Content Creator Crafting Compelling Stories

Highlight your creativity and storytelling skills as a content creator with this engaging headline.

There you have it! Eighteen fantastic LinkedIn headline ideas to help you make a lasting impression. Choose the one that best represents you, and watch your profile attract attention and opportunities. Good luck!

18 Awesome LinkedIn Headline Ideas

So, you’re on LinkedIn, huh? Whether you’re kickstarting your career, looking for new opportunities, or just connecting with awesome professionals like yourself, it’s super important to have an attractive and captivating profile. And guess what? Your LinkedIn headline plays a big role in that! Not only is it one of the first things people see when they search on LinkedIn, but it’s also a key element that can make you stand out from the crowd.

But what exactly is a LinkedIn headline? And how do you make sure yours grabs attention and shines bright? Let’s dive in and find out!

So, What’s the Deal with a LinkedIn Headline?

On LinkedIn, a headline is like a little summary right under your name. Most people just put their job title there, but we can really make it count. If you’re looking for a job, you can use your headline to show off your skills and background. And if you’re in sales, you can throw in some keywords to attract more networking opportunities.

But here’s the thing: no matter who you are, whether you’re a LinkedIn star or a small business owner, you gotta choose a headline that makes people want to connect with you. So, what’s the most important thing you wanna tell other LinkedIn users about yourself?

What Makes a LinkedIn Headline Amazing

  • Who am I? Job titles or skills – Hi there! I want to make a strong impression and connect with other LinkedIn users. So, what should I say about myself? Well, it’s important to include my job title, background, and specific skills. But I have to keep it short because LinkedIn headlines only allow for 120 characters.
  • Getting noticed: Relevant keywords – If I want to show up in more LinkedIn searches, I need to think about LinkedIn SEO. This means including keywords that are relevant to the searches done by my target audience. Maybe I can even throw in some hashtags to make sure I catch their attention.
  • Be Clear – Don’t try to cram too much information into your LinkedIn headline. You want it to be easy for people to understand at a glance. If they have to think too hard to figure out what you’re trying to say, they’ll probably just move on.
  • Keep it Simple – Remember that most people on LinkedIn won’t spend a lot of time reading your headline. So, use plain and straightforward language. Keep your message short and to the point.

What NOT to Put in Your LinkedIn Headline

So, I want to talk about something really important – your LinkedIn headline. Trust me, it plays a big role in making a good impression. But here’s the thing: there are certain things you should definitely avoid if you want to make it better. Whether you’re creating a brand new LinkedIn profile or sprucing up your headline to make more connections, steer clear of the following stuff:

  • Using unprofessional language – Alright, listen up. LinkedIn is all about professionalism, especially if you’re seeking professional opportunities. So, it’s crucial to keep your profile classy. That means no inappropriate language, religious or political discussions, or any other controversial topics. If you wouldn’t say it during a job interview, then leave it out of your LinkedIn headline.

When it comes to boosting your LinkedIn search rankings and getting people to click on your profile, it’s important to keep your headline clear and simple. That means avoiding industry jargon that most people won’t understand.

Instead of using negative language, try to stay positive with your headline. Rather than saying you’re unemployed, use phrases like seeking opportunities. Focus on the positive aspects of your background and career and avoid negativity.

Remember, you only have 120 characters for your headline, and many people will only read a few. Don’t try to cram your entire resume into your headline. Choose two or three key things you want your target audience to know about you.

In summary, make sure your LinkedIn headline is free of confusing jargon, stays positive, and highlights the most important aspects of your professional life.

Hey there, fellow small business owners! When it comes to LinkedIn headlines, we wear many hats. Whether we want to attract clients, hire new employees, or connect with our fellow competitors and colleagues, our headline needs to be top-notch.

If you’re a newbie owner like me, or even if you’re a seasoned pro as a founder, CEO, or managing director, you’re probably wondering how to create the perfect LinkedIn headline. Well, I’ve got you covered.

1. Michal Eisikowitz, the Master of Efficient and Clear Headlines

18 Awesome LinkedIn Headline Ideas

In just a few words, Michal Eisikowitz, the founder of CopyTribe, tells us a lot about herself. Her LinkedIn headline quickly lets us know her job and skills, and she even mentions a free e-course she offers. It’s a great way to catch people’s attention and showcase what she has to offer.

2. Dave Jackson, Passionate Professional

18 Awesome LinkedIn Headline Ideas

When you visit Dave Jackson’s LinkedIn profile, you’ll quickly discover what he has to offer. Jackson’s headline neatly sums up his work experience and values in a straightforward way. Not only does he show his enthusiasm, but Jackson also mentions his noteworthy achievements.

3. Josh Turner, Headline: Clear and to the Point

18 Awesome LinkedIn Headline Ideas

Josh Turner is an impressive guy. In less than a second, I can tell he’s a popular writer and the creator of his own company just by looking at his LinkedIn headline. Turner knows how to express himself clearly, using powerful words to sum up his professional experience in a short and sweet way.

4. Laura Belgray, An Eye-Catching and Original Title

18 Awesome LinkedIn Headline Ideas

Do you know what makes small business owner Laura Belgray’s LinkedIn headline special? It grabs your attention with just one sentence. Instead of talking about her job title, skills, or business, Belgray intrigues viewers by highlighting her company newsletter. And if her goal is to get people interested in her newsletter, she definitely succeeded!

Examples of LinkedIn Headlines for Salespeople

Before salespeople can promote a brand, they need to promote themselves. When people are looking for products and services, they want to know who they’re dealing with. And a LinkedIn headline is a great way to introduce yourself. But for salespeople, the goal is different from someone who’s looking for a job. So their LinkedIn headline should include keywords that support their specific goals.

5. Ryan Reisert: Adding a Personal Touch

18 Awesome LinkedIn Headline Ideas

When it comes to standing out on LinkedIn, a good headline is key. Especially in the highly competitive sales world, it’s important to use engaging language that sets your profile apart. Ryan Reisert, a brand ambassador, knows this well and cleverly uses humor to describe his experience in his headline.

6. Sam Feldotto, Headline Focused on Keywords

18 Awesome LinkedIn Headline Ideas

Let me tell you about this awesome example from Sam Feldotto, a sales executive. He knows the importance of using the right keywords to describe himself. By doing this, he’s making it easier for LinkedIn’s search algorithm to find him, and people who visit his profile can quickly learn about his professional experience.

7. Meet Alex Boyd, the Straightforward and Professional Headline King!

18 Awesome LinkedIn Headline Ideas

My LinkedIn headline is simple, professional, and to the point. It includes my job title, the name of my company, and a brief statement about the services I offer. I believe this headline will catch the attention of both people on LinkedIn and the platform’s search engine.

8. Matt Macnamara, A Headline That Engages and Evokes Emotion

18 Awesome LinkedIn Headline Ideas

Have you ever seen a LinkedIn headline that’s so unique it catches your eye right away? I have, and I want to share one with you. Meet Matt Macnamara, a sales professional who knows how to engage LinkedIn users. He doesn’t just use emojis in his headline, but his entire headline is made up of intriguing questions that make you curious about his services.

Attention, HR Managers!

If you work in human resources, especially as a recruiter or HR manager, you use LinkedIn in a different way than most people. Your main goal is to find talented individuals to join your company, not to promote yourself. That’s why your headline should be unique and focused on keywords that appeal to potential candidates, rather than job seekers or salespeople.

Introducing Vanessa Castillo and Her Remarkable Skills

10. Discover Mandy Emory, the Expert in Clear and Concise Headlines

Hey there, I’m here to introduce you to an amazing individual named Mandy Emory. She is an absolute pro when it comes to creating headlines that are simple, straightforward, and capture your attention right away.

You know how sometimes you read a headline and it just leaves you feeling confused or unsure? Well, that’s where Mandy steps in. She has this extraordinary skill of taking complex ideas and boiling them down to their essence, so that even a fifth-grader would understand.

With her expertise, Mandy ensures that you never have to struggle to comprehend a headline again. She believes that every reader deserves clarity and completeness in the headlines they encounter. So, you can trust that when Mandy crafts a headline, it will be both informative and captivating.

You might wonder, how does she do it? Well, it’s a mixture of talent, experience, and a keen eye for what works. Mandy understands that simplicity is key, and that’s why her headlines stand out. She knows just how to grab your attention with a few carefully chosen words, without overwhelming you with unnecessary information.

When you encounter a headline by Mandy Emory, you can be confident that it will deliver exactly what it promises. She takes the time to ensure that her headlines are accurate, ensuring you won’t be misled or disappointed.

So, next time you stumble upon a headline that seems too complicated or confusing, think about Mandy Emory. She’s the expert who can transform convoluted concepts into clear and concise messages, making your reading experience a breeze.

Remember, Mandy Emory is the go-to person for headliners that are both straightforward and captivating. With her expertise, you can trust that every headline she creates will deliver the information you need in a way that’s easy to understand.

18 Awesome LinkedIn Headline Ideas

Did you know that using all 120 characters in your LinkedIn headline can be pretty awesome? Check out this example from HR professional Mandy Emory. She not only mentions her current job, but also shows off her professional values and experience.

11. Ariel LaChance, Keeping it Short and Sweet

18 Awesome LinkedIn Headline Ideas

Let me tell you something, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with saying what you want in your LinkedIn headline. Take it from me, an HR professional named Ariel LaChance. In fact, I want you to join my company’s team, so I openly invite you to connect with me.

Awesome LinkedIn Headlines for People Searching for Jobs

Listen up! LinkedIn is one of the coolest places to be if you’re actively looking for your next job. Believe me when I say that millions of people visit this social network regularly to find job opportunities. Now, here’s the thing: your headline on LinkedIn is super important because it’s the first thing recruiters and hiring managers see about you. Don’t you want to make a great first impression? Well, let me help you out with some fantastic examples of headlines that will make you stand out and secure more job offers from your LinkedIn profile.

12. Dana Trent, Straight to the Point in my Headline

18 Awesome LinkedIn Headline Ideas

I’m Dana Trent, and I’m on the hunt for job opportunities. I like to keep my options open, so I’m interested in office administration roles. Let’s see what the future holds!

13. Celest Worden, A Headline that Describes Simply

18 Awesome LinkedIn Headline Ideas

Hey there, it’s me, Celest Warden, and I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I’m a person who’s got loads of talent, creativity, and professionalism – all of which are super important in a job seeker like myself. But I’m not just gonna keep it a secret, oh no! I’ve made sure to let everyone on LinkedIn know that I’m on the hunt for a job. How? Well, by making my headline crystal clear about my goal.

18 Awesome LinkedIn Headline Ideas

I’m amazed by professionals who excel in multiple areas, and Sean Smith is definitely one of them. Just look at his LinkedIn headline! It’s like a powerhouse of keywords, highlighting all his different roles and also mentioning that he’s open to new opportunities.

15. Beka Romanies, Past and Present Headline

18 Awesome LinkedIn Headline Ideas

In my LinkedIn headline, I chose to showcase my previous job and indicate that I am actively seeking employment. But is that enough? Do I need to include more information?

Creating Effective Headlines on LinkedIn as a Recent Graduate

As a recent graduate, it is crucial to utilize LinkedIn as a platform for networking and impressing potential employers. While you may be at the beginning of your career journey and lack an extensive resume to catch the attention of recruiters, you can still make a strong impression with a compelling headline on your profile.

16. Montana White, Ready and Willing to Succeed

18 Awesome LinkedIn Headline Ideas

Let me tell you about Montana White, a student who knows the importance of being open to learning new things. She’s not just sitting around, though – she’s actively seeking out opportunities to grow and develop. And you know what? This proactive approach increases her chances of catching the attention of recruiters. So, let’s hear it for Montana White!

17. Forrest Harrell III, Geographic Headline

18 Awesome LinkedIn Headline Ideas

If you want to find job opportunities in a specific area, make sure to mention it in your LinkedIn headline, just like Forrest Harrell, III did on his profile. Including this important information will not only save Harrell and recruiters from other regions time, but it will also increase the chances of his profile showing up in more local searches.

18. Natalie Garner, Headline for Recent Graduate

18 Awesome LinkedIn Headline Ideas

If I recently graduated from school, it’s totally okay to showcase my accomplishment in my LinkedIn headline. Take a look at Natalie Garner’s headline as an example. She highlights her education, industry, and the fact that she’s currently looking for a job.

Let These Examples Inspire Your LinkedIn Headline

The examples above can give you some ideas on how to create an effective LinkedIn headline. But don’t forget to add your own unique touch. Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for a great headline on LinkedIn. Use these examples and other tips for your LinkedIn profile to create a headline that suits your goals.