5 December 2023

15 Clever Examples of Interactive Packaging Design

By Ronald Smith

Have you ever noticed how packaging has changed over time? Nowadays, it’s all about being creative and thinking outside the box. We want something different, something that stands out and catches our attention.

That’s where interactive packaging comes into play. This type of packaging not only looks great, but it also serves a purpose. Whether it’s for entertainment or functionality, interactive packaging makes a statement. It’s like a cool bonus that you get when you buy a product.

Although not every company is doing it yet, interactive packaging is becoming more and more popular. Designers and consumers both love it because it’s fun and unique. Here are a few examples that we think are really cool:

Awesome and Quirky Packaging Designs

Back in 1035, I stumbled upon a bustling market in Cairo during my travels. The vibrant stalls were overflowing with a rich variety of vegetables and spices, captivating my senses and sparking my curiosity. It was a sight to behold, and I couldn’t help but marvel at the abundance of flavors and aromas that filled the air.

Now, let me introduce you to an innovative creation in the world of wine – Zube Squeezable wine. This remarkable invention is a true game-changer for wine enthusiasts like you and me. With Zube, you can savor every last drop of your beloved wine and have a blast while doing it.

15 Clever Examples of Interactive Packaging Design

Fantastic Fun with Philips Hue Lamp

I just have to tell you about this amazing packaging for the Philips Hue Lamp. It’s so cool and totally appeals to the kid in all of us! When you get this lamp, all you have to do is spin the wheel on the side, and voila! The color of the light bulb changes right before your eyes. It’s like magic!

What I love about the Philips Hue Lamp packaging is that it’s not just any ordinary box. It’s designed to be interactive and engaging. When you spin the wheel, it’s not only entertaining, but it also gives you a glimpse of what the lamp can do. It’s like a little preview of the awesomeness that’s waiting for you inside.

With this packaging, Philips has really nailed it when it comes to advertising their product. They’ve taken something as simple as changing the color of a light bulb and turned it into a fun and captivating experience. It’s like they’re saying, “Hey, look how cool this lamp is! You can change the color of the light with just a spin of the wheel! How awesome is that?” And you can’t help but be intrigued.

So if you’re looking for a lamp that’s not only functional but also a whole lot of fun, look no further than the Philips Hue Lamp. You won’t be disappointed. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the thrill of spinning the wheel and seeing the colors change every time you turn on the light. It’s a small but delightful moment of wonder in your everyday life.

15 Clever Examples of Interactive Packaging Design

3. Chalk Coffee and Tea

Don’t you just love doodling? I know I do! That’s why Delilah came up with an awesome idea – coffee and tea packaging that looks just like a chalkboard. Now, you can have your own unique doodles on your favorite tea packaging!

15 Clever Examples of Interactive Packaging Design

4. Grab and Go Lunch Bundle

I’m really excited to tell you about this awesome lunch package created by ASDA. It’s called the Grab and Go Lunch Bundle, and it’s an absolute game-changer!

When you open the box, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a handy plate cleverly tucked inside. Yes, a plate! It’s like having your own personal dining surface wherever you go.

With the Grab and Go Lunch Bundle, you don’t have to worry about finding a clean spot to enjoy your meal. It’s all right there, ready for you to dig in and savor every delicious bite.

Imagine the convenience of having a plate readily available to hold your sandwich and sides, without the need for extra dishes or even a table. It’s a brilliant solution for those busy days when you’re on the move but still want to enjoy a tasty lunch.

The Grab and Go Lunch Bundle truly embodies the perfect combination of functionality and innovation. It’s not just a regular lunch package – it’s a complete dining experience in a box.

Next time you’re in a rush or need a quick meal on the go, remember the Grab and Go Lunch Bundle from ASDA. It’s packed with everything you need for a satisfying lunch, all neatly arranged in one convenient box.

So go ahead, treat yourself to this amazing lunch package and make your mealtimes even more enjoyable. You deserve it!

15 Clever Examples of Interactive Packaging Design

5. Tea with a Twist of Mad Libs

There’s nothing quite like the joy and nostalgia that comes with playing mad libs. It’s a timeless game that has brought laughter to people for generations. And now, thanks to Mood Garden, you can enjoy the same delightful experience during tea time.

15 Clever Examples of Interactive Packaging Design

6. Wishbone Wine Label

Hey there! Let me tell you about this super cool wine label called Wishbone. It’s got a really fun feature that makes drinking wine even more exciting.

Remember how fun it was to break the wishbone when you were eating chicken? Well, Wishbone’s wine label lets you experience that same joy, but with wine instead!

Here’s how it works: on each end of the wine label, there’s a little tab. When you’re ready to enjoy your wine, you can simply hold onto these tabs and give them a gentle pull. The label will break apart just like a wishbone, and you’ll feel that satisfying snap.

It’s a timeless competition that you can now enjoy while sipping on your favorite wine. So go ahead, grab a bottle of Wishbone and have some fun breaking the label. Cheers!

15 Clever Examples of Interactive Packaging Design

7. Box of Fun: Board Game Jam Packaging!

Hey there! Are you ready for a super exciting cereal upgrade? Well, get ready to dive into a box of fun with Kissan’s interactive board game packaging! It’s not just any ordinary box – it’s a whole new way to play and learn while munching on your favorite cereal.

15 Clever Examples of Interactive Packaging Design

8. The Amazing Origami Beer Bottle

Believe it or not, origami and beer can actually be a perfect match! This incredible packaging combines the art of origami with the joy of enjoying a bottle of beer, creating an experience that is as refined as it is captivating.

15 Clever Examples of Interactive Packaging Design

9. The Amazing Coffee Cup that Changes Faces

Imagine this: you’re sipping your coffee from a cup, and as you drink, the cup’s face changes to match your mood. Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, that’s exactly what the face-changing coffee cup is all about!

When I saw this mind-blowing creation, I couldn’t help but be amazed. The designers at Gawatt take-away coffee-shop really hit the nail on the head with this one. They combined quirky humor with clever packaging, resulting in a truly unique experience.

Just think about it: wherever you go, this enchanting coffee cup boldly expresses your emotions for everyone to see. It’s like wearing your heart on your sleeve, but with a cup!

Whether you’re feeling happy, sad, or somewhere in between, this cup transforms to reflect your current mood. It’s as if it has a mind of its own, responding to your innermost feelings.

I don’t know about you, but the thought of sipping my morning coffee from a cup that changes faces is enough to make me jump out of bed with excitement. It adds a touch of magic to an everyday activity and turns it into a whimsical adventure.

So, the next time you swing by Gawatt for your favorite take-away coffee, keep an eye out for the face-changing coffee cup. It’s more than just a cup; it’s a mini work of art that brings joy and wonder to your morning routine.

15 Clever Examples of Interactive Packaging Design

10. Create Your Very Own Bag!

Check out this awesome new packaging idea created specifically for Kokoa Hut. It’s super cool and lets you design your own shopping bag! How amazing is that? Now, when you go shopping, you can have a bag that’s totally unique and special, just like you!

15 Clever Examples of Interactive Packaging Design

11. Corona’s Beer Packaging: A Fun Twist for College Drinking Games

Hey, guess what? Corona just upped the ante on college frat parties with their genius idea: beer packaging that doubles as a game board! That’s right, when you crack open a Corona box, you’re not just getting beer, you’re getting a whole new level of party fun.

Picture this: you and your buddies are gathered around, ready to hang out and have a good time. You open up the beer box, and voila! The inside reveals a game board waiting to be played. It’s like a secret surprise, just for you.

Now, here comes the really cool part. Those bottle caps that would usually end up in the trash? They become your game tokens. Who knew that little piece of metal could bring so much joy?

So, let’s recap: you get your favorite Corona beers, a built-in game board, and game tokens that are basically free. With Corona’s game board beer packaging, the party never stops, and the fun never ends.

15 Clever Examples of Interactive Packaging Design

12. Black Water Packaging

This cool example of interactive packaging fits perfectly with the brand’s message. When you drink the black water, you’ll discover a secret message: “embrace the dark side.”

15 Clever Examples of Interactive Packaging Design

13. Mask Confectionery Packaging

Imagine this: You have a delicious treat in your hands, a freshly baked good that’s already amazing on its own. But wait, there’s something more! This unique packaging takes it to a whole new level. Picture this: the packaging itself can magically transform into an animal mask!

15 Clever Examples of Interactive Packaging Design

14. The Amazing Puzzle Wine Packaging

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love puzzles. There’s just something so satisfying about putting all the pieces together and seeing the bigger picture emerge. And you know what else I love? Wine. So, imagine my delight when I discovered a wine packaging that not only holds a fine bottle of vino but also doubles as an entertaining puzzle game!

Picture this – you’re at a gathering with friends, and the conversation is flowing, but you’re looking for a way to add some excitement to the evening. That’s when you spot the puzzle wine packaging. It immediately catches your eye with its sleek design and promises of fun. You can’t resist picking it up.

As you examine the packaging, you realize it’s not your ordinary wine holder. It’s actually a cleverly crafted puzzle, designed to challenge your brain and test your problem-solving skills. And let me tell you, it does not disappoint.

With each piece you fit into place, you can feel your confidence growing. You start to see the solution taking shape, and you can’t help but become more and more determined to solve it. It’s like a race against time and your own limitations.

But it’s not just about the challenge. This puzzle wine packaging also adds an air of sophistication and class to any occasion. It’s a conversation starter, a unique centerpiece that sparks curiosity and intrigue.

And when you finally crack the code and unlock the bottle within, it’s a moment of triumph. You can proudly pour yourself a glass of wine, knowing that you’ve conquered the puzzle and earned this reward.

So, the next time you’re looking for a gift or simply want to treat yourself, consider the puzzle wine packaging. It’s an experience like no other, blending the joy of puzzles with the elegance of wine. Trust me, you won’t be able to resist its allure.

15 Clever Examples of Interactive Packaging Design

15. Wine “Glasses” Packaging

Who knew the wine industry could be so innovative? They have taken the lead in the world of interactive packaging. Just take a look at this unique wine package. Instead of the usual boring labeling, it features printed wine glasses right on the bottle. How fun is that?!

15 Clever Examples of Interactive Packaging Design

Wrapping it Up!

Interactive packaging is a really cool new trend for packaging designers, manufacturers, brands, and all of us who use their products. When brands come up with clever ways to make their packaging interactive, it helps them stand out from the rest and gives us a whole new way to connect with their products.

Coming up with these kinds of complex designs can be tough, but the results are totally worth it. When you use the latest packaging innovations, your imagination is the only limit, and you can create packaging that really makes a statement.