13 February 2024

12 Examples of Sales Pitches That Seal the Deal

By Ronald Smith

Closing a deal is like a skill. It takes practice and training to become really good at it. You want to be an excellent salesperson? Well, one of the best ways to learn is by checking out successful sales pitch examples. When you see or read a powerful sales or marketing pitch, you can learn valuable lessons and use similar strategies when creating your own persuasive presentations.

Are you working on a major sales pitch right now? Or do you simply want to improve your sales skills? Either way, keep reading for tips and examples of successful sales pitches from other business owners. These can come in handy when you craft your next big sales presentation.

So, What Exactly is a Sales Pitch?

Let’s talk about sales pitches, shall we? A sales pitch is like a fancy presentation that’s meant to convince you to buy something or use a service. But guess what? It can also be used to persuade investors or partners to support a company. Pretty cool, right?

Now, here’s the thing. Sales reps can give these pitches to just one person, or to a big group of people. They can even do it over the phone, through emails, or online. So many options!

But here’s where things get interesting. Every sales pitch is different. They come in all shapes and sizes. But the best ones are short and sweet. They get straight to the point and tell you what you need to know. They also have a special thing called a call to action, which is just a fancy way of saying they tell you what to do next. These pitches are so convincing that they make you want to take action right away!

Oh, and did I mention that good sales pitches also have questions or talking points? These are super handy because they help to start a conversation once the main part of the pitch is over. It’s kind of like a conversation starter for sales. Clever, huh?

So, How Can You Write a Great Sales Pitch?

You wanna know how to write a killer sales pitch? Well, let me tell ya, it’s all about being convincing, straight to the point, and keeping it short and sweet. See, prospects don’t have a lot of time or attention span, so you gotta make every second count. That means you need to highlight what makes your product or service special. What sets you apart from the rest? What can someone only get from you?

When you want to make a strong impression, it’s important to think about how your sales pitch will resonate with your customers. Instead of talking about your company, let’s put ourselves in the shoes of your customers. We can start by identifying a problem that many of your customers face, and then show them how your product or service can solve that problem. This approach helps your potential customers see the benefits of purchasing from you, rather than just hearing a bunch of facts and features.

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Check out these Sales Pitch Examples

Scrub Daddy

The founder of Scrub Daddy, Aaron Krause, appeared on Shark Tank a few years ago to present his sales pitch for a special scrubbing tool. What set his pitch apart was not just his ability to explain how his product solves cleaning problems at home, but also his live demonstration. He showed how the tool changes texture based on water temperature. To keep the audience engaged and entertained, he even included some humor and fun moments in his speech and demonstrations.

Not all products need this level of showcasing. But for those that offer something unique that may be hard to understand, extra visuals can really help. And the real-life situations he talks about throughout the presentation are very relatable, which makes this sales pitch example really impactful for a lot of people.


In this sales pitch example, Matt Macnamara from Formcraft immediately engages the audience by asking them to imagine their ideal office space. Since the company provides architectural and design services for businesses, this introduction serves to both identify their target customers and highlight a potential issue, even if it’s not a typical problem. Then he goes on to explain exactly how his company can assist business owners in turning their visions into reality.

When I craft a pitch, I like to make it personal. I believe that by tapping into someone’s desires and aspirations, I can convince them to take action and buy a product or service that will help them achieve their goals. It’s all about getting them to visualize how this offering can have a real impact on their work.

Introducing the Healthy Hearts Institute

Let me tell you about a talk I saw. This guy was talking about how we can make our communities better through health initiatives. And you know what? He explained it all in a simple and quick way, so you won’t get bored.

Introducing Hoist

Now, let me tell you about this cool company called Hoist. Well, actually, they changed their name to Podio, but that’s not important. Anyway, they provide software that helps businesses work together and communicate better. You know, like a project manager for a whole team.

Let me tell you about this guy, Hulthin, who knows how to grab attention right from the start. He’s got this sales pitch thing down. You know how he does it? He starts by asking a few questions. It’s genius! That way, he gets the audience all pumped up and shows them just how big of a problem communicating through email really is. And let me tell you, he keeps that excitement going throughout the whole presentation. He’s got the art of engagement figured out!


I want to tell you about TruckIn, a company that’s all about making life easier for trucking companies and shippers. They’ve got this awesome fleet management solution that helps improve efficiency. But here’s the thing, they know that their service might be a little hard to wrap your head around since it’s kind of new and innovative. So, what do they do? They compare themselves to other cool companies in the sharing economy. That way, you can understand exactly what they’re offering and how it can help you. Smart move, right?

In order to really emphasize the importance of our business, let me provide you with some clear data about the trucking industry. Investors or those in the industry who may not be aware of the extent of trucking waste will quickly see and understand why our offering is so beneficial.

Introducing Goodybag

Goodybag is a catering service that specializes in serving offices. It may not seem like a groundbreaking idea, but there are a few key facts about our company that set us apart from similar services. That’s why, in this pitch example, I’ll take the time to explain what Goodybag is NOT. This will help clarify exactly what our business offers and what makes our value proposition unique.

I wanted to share this cool elevator pitch with you. But before we start, let me explain what an elevator pitch is. Imagine you step into an elevator, and the doors close. You have a brief ride with someone important, like a potential investor. In that short time, you have to convince them why your idea is worth their attention and investment. It’s a challenge, but if you do it right, you might secure some valuable support.

Let me introduce you to CupAd

Now, the pitch I’m about to tell you is specifically aimed at investors. So, the points I’ll mention will focus on the financial benefits rather than the features. It’s crucial to understand your audience and tailor your information accordingly – just like our contest winner did in this pitch.

By the way, this pitch was actually part of a contest held by Utah State University. So you know it’s gotta be good! Now, let’s dive into it.

So, what’s CupAd all about? Well, imagine an advertising service that spreads messages on coffee cups. It’s genius, right? Coffee cups are something people use all the time, and they tend to pay attention to what’s written on them. That’s where CupAd comes in.

Mama, I Want to Write

Let me tell you about Mama I Want to Write, a startup that I’m really excited about. It all started when I realized that so many people want to write, but they just don’t have the time or focus to do it. That’s where Mama I Want to Write comes in.

In just under a minute, I could explain the problem and how our company solves it. We offer services that help people unleash their creativity by providing them with the time and support they need to write. Whether you’re a busy professional, a stay-at-home parent, or a student, Mama I Want to Write is here to help you turn your ideas into stories.


I want to introduce you to Shake-N-Bait, an innovative startup idea that I believe will revolutionize fishing. You see, as a fisherman, it can be frustrating to have to buy new equipment for each type of fish you want to catch.

That’s where Shake-N-Bait comes in. We’ve created a universal fishing lure that works for all types of fish. With Shake-N-Bait, you don’t need to spend extra money on different lures anymore. It’s a one-size-fits-all solution that saves you time, money, and the hassle of carrying around a bunch of different gear. With Shake-N-Bait, you can focus on what really matters – catching fish and enjoying the thrill of fishing.

Let me start by sharing some simple facts about the fishing industry. You see, the industry faces certain challenges that make it difficult for fishermen to thrive. But I have come up with a product idea that will revolutionize the way things are done, benefiting fishermen in a big way. Allow me to show you what sets this idea apart from anything else you can find on the market.

The Muse

Have you ever struggled to find the right job? Well, The Muse is here to help. Our platform is like no other job search website out there. We understand the frustrations that job seekers face and we have designed our offering to solve those problems. Let me paint a picture of how we can help you navigate those challenges and find your dream career.

When you’re selling something that already exists, it’s crucial to set yourself apart. Explaining why the other options aren’t as appealing can make your unique new product or service sound fresh and exciting.

Welcome to Lazarus 3D!

Here at Lazarus 3D, we specialize in creating technology specifically for medical facilities. In this sales pitch, I want to share with you who our product is made for and how it solves important problems for medical facilities, doctors, and their patients. To help you understand the concept, I’ll also provide real-world examples and incorporate visuals into our presentation.

So, at the end of this whole thing, I want to ask you a question that will really make you ponder about the power that comes with what I’m offering here. No matter how you’re presenting it – be it online, via email, or in person – throwing a question at your audience after a sales pitch is a great way to keep the conversation going and make them think about how they might use your product or service in the future.

Welcome to London Print Brokers

This example of a sales pitch for London Print Brokers is pretty straightforward. But there are a couple of techniques it uses really well. First and foremost, it’s super short and right off the bat, the speaker tells you just how long it’s going to be. This is handy for people who don’t have much time to spare.

Next, I want to tell you about another smart move he makes. Instead of starting from the beginning and explaining everything about his business, he saves time by comparing it to other commercial printers. This way, people can easily understand what his business is all about. But he doesn’t stop there. He also makes it crystal clear how his business is different. This way, he can stand out from the competition in a short and sweet way.

Now, let me explain how he does this. He gives specific reasons why his business operates with lower costs. This means he can save his customers money. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love saving money? That’s the big selling point for his service.

The End Result

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If you want to learn more, check out these awesome strategies and tips for small business sales!