18 December 2023

10 Facebook Groups That Will Be Your Go-To for Management Advice

By Ronald Smith

Let me tell you about these awesome Facebook groups I’ve found. These groups are like your personal advisors when it comes to managing things. Trust me, they’ve got your back!

1. The Leaders Hub: This group is all about leadership. They’ve got discussions and tips that will help you become a successful manager. Join this group and unleash your leadership potential.

2. Managers United: Looking for advice on managing a team? This group is for you. They share practical strategies and ideas for effective team management. Get ready to become a pro!

3. Project Management Pros: Need help with project management? Look no further. This group is filled with experienced project managers who are always ready to lend a helping hand. They’ll guide you through every step of the way.

4. Entrepreneur’s Circle: Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or a small business owner? This group is your go-to for all things business-related. They discuss management strategies, marketing tips, and everything else you need to know to succeed.

5. The Creative’s Corner: If you’re in a creative field and are looking for management advice tailored to your industry, this group is perfect for you. They understand the unique challenges of managing creative teams and provide valuable insights.

6. Women in Leadership: Calling all female managers! This group is a supportive community where women can discuss their experiences and learn from each other. It’s a great place to connect with like-minded individuals and gain inspiration.

7. HR Insights: Human resources can be a tricky field to navigate. Luckily, this group is here to help. They share HR best practices and offer guidance on various management-related topics. Join this group to stay informed and make better decisions.

8. Virtual Team Tips: With remote work becoming more common, managing virtual teams has become a hot topic. This group specializes in remote team management and offers valuable tips and tricks for success in the virtual world.

9. Leadership Book Club: If you’re a bookworm and love diving into leadership and management books, this group is a must-join. They discuss different books, share summaries and key takeaways, and engage in thought-provoking conversations.

10. The Mindful Manager: Managing can be stressful, but this group focuses on mindful management techniques to help you find balance and peace. They emphasize self-care and personal growth, making it the perfect place to recharge.

So there you have it! These Facebook groups are your secret weapon for management advice. Join them, connect with others, and take your management skills to the next level. You’ve got this!

10 Facebook Groups That Will Be Your Go-To for Management Advice

It’s tough to find good information for startups. There’s so much noise out there. So, I wanted to find out who successful entrepreneurs listen to for the latest trends and techniques. I reached out to 10 Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) members and asked them this question:

Which Facebook groups or pages do you rely on for management advice and information?

The Top Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

Here’s what the YEC community members had to say:

1. Dreamers // Doers

Dreamers // Doers is an amazing resource for women who want to start their own businesses or have already started and need guidance. It’s not just about advice, but about getting the help you need to turn your dreams into reality. The community is incredibly supportive, and you’ll find women of all ages and backgrounds from all over the country who are willing to offer their time and resources.

2. The Startup Chat

If you’re looking for a Facebook group that can help you grow your business and manage your employees, look no further than The Startup Chat. This group was created by two entrepreneurs, Hiten Shah and Steli Efti, who have a lot of experience and success. It’s not just a good group, it’s also very active, so you’ll get a lot of helpful information without having to sift through a bunch of noise.

3. Entrepreneur Magazine

I really love the articles that Entrepreneur Magazine posts. They provide valuable surveys, links to reports, and research studies that help me gather more information and advice to make better decisions at work and in my career. – Cynthia Johnson, Ipseity Media

4. Mashable

What I like about Mashable is that it focuses on trends and technology, which is really helpful in my industry. It offers great advice and interesting feedback from other professionals, making reading all the information more engaging. I also enjoy the visual content they share. – Zach Binder, Ranklab

5. Quora

Quora is a fantastic platform with incredibly well-written and insightful answers. Whenever I have a question or face a challenge, I always turn to Quora to seek the wisdom of the crowd. – Adelyn Zhou, TOPBOTS

6. Gary Vaynerchuk

7. Business Adviser

I absolutely love the Business Adviser publication! It’s an amazing resource for finding the latest and most popular information on how to make your business thrive. Their Facebook page is packed with tutorials, blogs, events, and expert advice that’s all designed to help entrepreneurs like you grow your business using the newest and most effective tools and strategies. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this valuable resource! – Hillary Hobson, Highest Cash Offer

8. Simon Sinek

I’ve been finding myself using more and more of Simon Sinek’s leadership principles with my team, and it has made a big difference. His unique perspective has really helped me become a more effective manager, and as a result, I’ve seen my employees grow and improve over the past six months. One thing that stands out to me is his approach to engaging millennials and focusing on individuals rather than just financial numbers. It’s been invaluable.

~ Krish Chopra, United Medical Rotations

9. Fast Company

I really enjoy the Fast Company page because it has a great mix of links, videos, news items, and other business-related topics. It’s a fantastic place to connect with forward-thinking individuals. The main focus is on innovative business ideas, such as marketing strategies, raising capital, and managing startups. It’s a valuable resource for finding useful information and making connections.

~ Shawn Porat, Scorely

10. Harvard Business Review

I get emails from Harvard Business Review every day about different business subjects, like management tips and advice. They do a lot of research and it’s clear that they are experts when it comes to business. I also follow successful people in the industry who think outside the box and do things differently. They have really good ideas on how to stand out from the crowd. ~ Nicole Munoz, Start Ranking Now